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  1. The club tweets about lack of signings

    Why cant we go public though? Im sure with some players we cant yet but every player we've signed? Not even 1 is able to be announced?
  2. Lynch footy aid

    "We cant afford his wages" 
  3. The club tweets about lack of signings

    Have we? Seems to be last few seasons we announce signings later than most clubs. Just cant understand why its mid june and we havent announced at least 1
  4. The club tweets about lack of signings

    Why are we the only club that seems to not announce signings until as late as possible every season though? Is it because we havent signed anyone? Because we are waiting for the player to  choose? Or is it because we are waiting for a certain date when the players contract ends? 
  5. Jordan Nobbs

    Was hoping this was our first signing
  6. Buzz Effect

    Some people setttle for mediocrity. Some will be happy to see Edward's and southwell up top because we have a team to support. Some say we cant afford a player like Rodney. Some people are like Nick, dont be like Nick.
  7. Away shirts

    No new players yet but at Least we have sponsors signing up ..
  8. Duku For Torquay?

    Southwell wont get us towards the playoffs, a rodney type player would
  9. Duku For Torquay?

    Least we've got southwell and Edwards then .. 
  10. 19/20 player rumours

    Not a true supporter ... no my life doesnt revolve around football every saturday. Didnt get a season ticket this season and very glad i didnt, pick and choose which games to attend, alot better things to do with my children than take them to the Shay to watch the dross served up. However this season i will be buying season tickets for me and the kids and hoping for a better season. Not expecting miracles but the majority realise that having edwards/southwell up front isnt going to push us towards the top ten as a rodney/duku possibly could
  11. 19/20 player rumours

    Because people want to see who we are signing, the quality of players we are bringing in. Plus the odd signing of say a Rodney from Salford would help shift a few more season tickets. A strikeforce of Edwards and southwell wont convince me and others to buy a season ticket 
  12. Halifax Gala..

    Ive never bought a season ticket,  always paid for the games i attened. Attended less and less over the years but definitely getting 1 this year with the 2 under 12s for the kids. Also know of at least 4 people who have bought theirs along with under 12s tickets who have never bought 1 before
  13. Ryan Sellars article

    Any player that leaves any club will say the same about that club... like every interview is the same after a game, "fans were excellent" etc
  14. Cliff Moyo

    Why... because they've signed moyo and peniket? 
  15. Matty Brown

    Money talks, if Bradford came knocking he would be off