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  1. Danny Clarke

    Crying out for danny clarke .... danny clarke is the type of player you bring on to protect a lead for last 15 or so minutes. Hes not exactly likely to create a goal or score 1
  2. Ebsfleet

    To be honest you all moaned about morgan, now you moan about tuton. Plus tuton is striker so if he gets played as a striker we might see the best out of him
  3. Ebsfleet

    Didn't go today but same team as wrexham game and we played the better football out of both teams.  Got to perform Tuesday now against a side that hammered us 4-0 at theirs 
  4. Ebsfleet

    Losing 2-1
  5. Woking

    How much did we stake on this bet??
  6. Today's Game

    Its a good job he wasnt bothered by the fans opinion of him as he has said before and instead of ignoring critisicm he chose to direct his fingers to the heath out chants. Glad hes gone 
  7. Rugby

    Looks to be cutting up just during the warm up 
  8. Today's Game

    Anything to defend the man who has left. Glad hes gone as were many that decided to travel yesterday, saying if heath had been in charge they wouldn't have gone 
  9. Rugby

    Yes. Tweet at 11.03 that no pitch inspection planned 
  10. Today's Game

    Good performance. We played alot better football than them. Denton missed a sitter from 2 yards out to win the game.  Definitely take a point. Build on this now
  11. Today's Game

    Long ball wrexham
  12. Today's Game

    Embarrassing defending.  Schoolboy stuff 
  13. 2006/07 season

    Loved that team,loved the club in that era too, its not the same anymore. Players like killeen ,sugden,Forrest,bushell,foster,quinn, great team,never gave in 
  14. Accrington

    Best way of enticing kids to the shay is to make it free in. All under 16s should be free 
  15. York City

    Agree.  Loved wembley, wouldn't mind another day out watching us but to get into league football is key and the priority