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  1. Who cares ...

    Some dont like the people that fax had/have in charge etc which i understand but on the pitch there's so many local fax lads and a fax born coach which is great to see. 
  2. Who cares ...

    Great result for fax aswel beating Bradford 
  3. Jon Stead

    Love how many people say we cant afford this player, cant afford that player... like they know what the player gets paid and what we pay and are willing to pay
  4. Pitch Renovation

    Fax away at Bradford so 1 championship into semi final
  5. Salford City

    I know the fax supporters club do something similar. Not sure the ins and outs of what they do but shows it can be done
  6. Pitch Renovation

    As a fax fan i hope they do get a big team at home, i would expect a drubbing but a tv game and hopefully a good following from say st helens,wigan,warrington would be nice.  Hopefully dont end up with catalans or wakefield away
  7. Salford City

    I would definitely go to Wembley any time the shaymen got there even if it was for the fa trophy again.  Surely nobody is thinking that because we've already been there they wouldn't again 
  8. Salford City

    Why cant we ... its 1 players wages not signing 8 players on massive wages. Do you know what he earns and what we pay or are you assuming? 
  9. Leeds United

    Should only stop the play if the referee or linesman decides. 
  10. Abbie McManus

    Well done to her but definitely wont be watching womens football, cant get into it all
  11. Kevin Roberts

    The same Hanson that didnt get a look in towards the end of the season....
  12. Released List

    Players like rodney and duku are the quality we should be looking to sign yet some think Edward's deserve another chance   however some are happy just to settle for a place in this league season after season 
  13. 19/20 player rumours

    If everything was perfect he wouldn't be at this level with us. We have an excellent keeper for this level and there's not many others in this league i would swap him for 
  14. Players going

    Its a good start.  Others will also leave. We need to improve the quality of our midfield and attacking players.
  15. Johnson !!!!!

    Surely not. All the in the knows are dead certain he's off and someone at fylde told me he's already signed for Salford...