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  1. Kids tonight

    My lad loved it. Well done to the club for organising it and thanks to the players and management for their involvement. 
  2. The pitch

    I've played on worse on the moor and give it a week its back to normal.  We dont have a home game for a few weeks and fax aren't at home until 7th April so all will be fine by our next home game
  3. The pitch

    Just as the shaymen playing Tuesday made the pitch worse from fax playing sunday. Always going to happen on a shared pitch with bad weather
  4. New Home Kit 19/20

    Very nice. Like both kits.  Anything is better than the awful green one we have now though 
  5. The pitch

    If what the ebbsfleet Secretary says is true then who actually said our pitch was in good condition when it clearly wasn't? If people knew it wasn't it good condition then why wasn't a pitch inspection organised earlier in the day? Also the rugby will probably play on it tomorrow which is perfectly fine as its a shared ground and if the pitch is suitable for rugby then game on whether we like it or not 
  6. Game off!

    Why 'should' it? Brighouse would hope it would. I know alot of people who either went home or into pubs in town rather than venture to brighouse 
  7. Game off!

    Under what circumstances?
  8. The pitch

    Get out of the clubs arse. Somebody knew that their was a possibility the game could get called off yet no supporters were informed this could happen. Apparently our groundsman said it wasn't playable at half 8 and it rained until 12ish...
  9. The pitch

    At least put a warning out so supporters know what is happening. Feel for their fans travelling all this way
  10. Johnson's save vs Barnet

    Awful penalty but well done big Sam 
  11. Barnet

    No matter what happens now JF was lucky to survive at this club, 2 wins in 26 or whatever it was isn't good enough at any club. Hopefully we have turned the corner with these loan signings but we have to sign permanent quality like these lads to continue to move forward 
  12. Barnet

    Great result. Great performance. As usual defence class. Shame it took JF so long to realise our problems, said all season we needed ball playing midfielders not maher and staunton in the middle. Few new faces and we have improved massively.  Sign these lads permanent,few more signings, get rid if the deadwood like odelusi,Edwards etc and hit the ground running next season then the manager will get everyone's full backing 
  13. its funny who you meet on a flight ?

    Ah if they said all that then it must be true then
  14. Today’s Game Eastleigh

    Impressive yes,As was the win at Harrogate but we can't go on a similar run after each victory we have, it's about time we put back to back wins together and more.  Hopefully end the season on a high.  
  15. Today’s Game Eastleigh

    Free tickets should be given out to every primary school in Halifax which may lead to children pestering a parent to take them to the match