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  1. FA Cup Draw

    Why would Carlisle away be good? Would be an awful draw imo
  2. Dayle Southwell

    What a awful night that was. Think it was 2-0 when a centre mid on loan got injured, bring a striker on we thought but no, bad night that was
  3. Reece Styche

    We paid money for Hattersley?!!
  4. Reece Styche

    When was the last time we bought a player? Vardy?
  5. Dayle Southwell

    Agree with majority of above but can anyone really aee king getting a start? I cant but he definitely deserves to. I doubt the manager will make any changes to Saturday's line up unless any injuries have been picked up
  6. Warrington on Saturday

    Shows where we currently are if we are considering Warrington to be a tough game... 3-0 to us Saturday. Full time players showing us they are much better than a part time team
  7. Spain v England

    Hoddie/johngrant... arent you bored of going on and on and on at eachother on this thread... could always PM eachother 
  8. Spain v England

  9. Spain v England

    People can play it down all they want but look at Spains stats and history at home etc. Excellent result.  Yes only a glorified friendly but an exciting young squad which will hopefully deliver us something in the future. Unlucky not to win on Friday too. 
  10. Warrington on Saturday

    If we cant beat Warrington then we seriously need to start worrying. Time the players rolled their sleeves up and showed us what they are capable of. 
  11. Chesterfield at Home

    Speculate to accumulate. Take a few risks, spend some cash. Im sure the board have taken a few risks by going full time but if we want to progress we have to take more or we will end up going stale in this awful league. We clearly lack quality in certain areas and need to address it sooner rather than later 
  12. Get Morgan Back

    We dont have a striker that will get us 15 goals, we have strikers that will run 15 miles, that is what JF seems happy with. Where's Ryan Sugden at?
  13. Denton

    Correct. Know many plasterers that get 150 a day minimum. I can easily see Denton on around 1400+ a week
  14. Nicky Wroe

    Think he thought he was better than he actually was , reminded me of Tom Kearney
  15. Why dont people just say who it is instead of all this bollocks guessing games, pathetic