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  1. Selby Town

    Be back to usual Saturday 
  2. Selby Town

    Great result. Scoring for fun.  Not conceding with 9 men. Take this into Saturday. 
  3. Sorry To Be So Repetitive

    Their job is to score goals though not just be full of running and its another game without a goal
  4. Barrow

    Excuses are already in place for the Jf lovers. " a point away from home anywhere is good ". Lose next week and it will be " we shouldn't be expecting anything from a game against Salford ". The pathetic run of lack of wins continues. 
  5. Barrow

    Poor. Strikers cant hit a barn door. Southwell Quigley Edwards worst strike force we've had. Prefer Denton or even Morgan 
  6. Solihull Replay

    Every game ive been to this season ive not seen clarke and brown up top when we are losing.  Ive said i didnt go last night, but majority of matches when losing we do the same substitutions, striker for striker,midfielder for midfielder and our win ratio isnt good enough.  I want the manager to succeed but this run cant keep continuing. Billy heath turned things round the season in the conf north and was then backed, hopefully jf does the same
  7. Solihull Replay

    Obviously its a results business you idiot. Won twice in 22 but we played well last night yet still lost so all is good ? 
  8. Solihull Replay

    Were they? Striker Edwards for striker quigley? Southwell and king off for berrett and preston? Seems like for like. Why not take a defender off  leave attacking players on? Stick matty brown up and lump some balls up to him like the days of Adam Quinn? Try something different 
  9. Solihull Replay

    Nah he's doing a good job according to  JGno1,positively shaymen etc. 2 wins in 22 or whatever it is, is acceptable to them
  10. Solihull Replay

    Couldn't care less about the fa trophy game tonight,  didnt think we would win anyway. However if we dont get a win in next couple of games he has to go. How can anyone keep defending this run we are on? The manager had a full pre season to get his own players in to suit his tactics and its clearly not paying off
  11. Barrow

    Doesnt mattet what you would go. Jf only knows one formation, 1 set up , same tactics.. but at least we beat Harrogate away 
  12. Solihull Replay

    I didnt go but as someone else said why not take a defender off and throw kitchen sink at them? Manager never has a plan B. Same substitutions week in week out
  13. Solihull Replay

    Clueless manager 
  14. Chorley

    Who's  bothered about josh wilson??
  15. The Draw For The Next Round

    Cant see us beating solihull