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  1. Moyo.....

    I wasn't there myself but I'm asking someone else who wasn't at the game how they seem to know he had a great game 
  2. Moyo.....

    What makes you think he had a 'great' game today??
  3. Carlisle match

    UTS that viking index please 
  4. Captain

  5. Bratfud City

    I don't understand why we can't ever host a decent friendly. Crowds won't be massive but I want to see teams like sheff weds Leeds hudds Bradford etc and to play a friendly infront of a few thousand instead of 800
  6. Kevin Roberts

    Who is this replacement then? 
  7. Bratfud City

    Only friendly that Me and quite a few others were going to attend and then to top it off Roberts leaving. Rubbish 
  8. Kevin Roberts

    Big loss that is, alot bigger loss than losing sinnott. Hope we get a replacement as for me moyo isn't good enough to be first choice 
  9. Jake Hibbs

    No not true. He has underperformed since coming to us and as others have seen my point is that if Clarke is getting a chance then so should hibbs. I don't think hibbs is good enough for a starting position but he should be given a chance in pre season as others are 
  10. Jake Hibbs

    Silly how... please do explain 
  11. Jake Hibbs

    If poor average players like Clarke can get a game then hibbs should be able to or at least have a chance to show his worth through pre season 
  12. Jake Hibbs

    Not saying hibbs is the best player but he is better than Danny Clarke however obviously his face fits with Billy but jakes doesn't. 
  13. Gainsborough (a)

    No hes showed he can come back for set pieces to head away.  However serious lack of pace, timing a tackle etc I can't see him doing well with 
  14. Gainsborough (a)

    Just because he's good in the air does not mean he will be a good defender
  15. Signings for next season

    Jordan hulme has left Salford. Good player and a goalscorer. Not sure why he's left