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  1. Football Only

    I agree but its all down to the manager isn't it. I didnt rate Tomlinson at all but this season he has been fantastic and long may it continue
  2. Football Only

    So you didn't want to start a thread about his negative history but you wanted to start a thread to slate the lad about his football ability instead... leave the lad alone for abit hes 2 games into his stay with us. The answer as to why he is playing is because the manager wants to start him!
  3. Chorley

    Thats what happens sometimes when change manager, just like us and Billy Heath 
  4. FC Halifax v Dagenham Match Thread

    A win is a win. Too many people saying we were "lucky" to get the win, so what... im sure there are going to be a few times where we are unlucky not to get the win. What a great start we have had so far, lets enjoy it whilst it lasts. 
  5. FC Halifax v Dagenham Match Thread

    Big 3 points!!!
  6. Two new signings

    Melt... haha what a complete idiot you are
  7. FC Halifax v Dagenham Match Thread

    Easy option to criticise. Hopefully all perform today and get the 3 points 
  8. Two new signings

    I doubt they will have any convictions however i never knew lenighan had done anything wrong in the past until tuesday night, i dont have any interest in the past histories of players 
  9. Two new signings

    Have you done a full CRB check on both to make sure they meet your demands for players that sign for us?
  10. Club statement regarding lenighan signing

    Some right babies on here. Cant understand why anyone would go watch football elsewhere due to a signing they dont agree with. Lad is here to play football nothing else. Judge him on the pitch because none of us know hardly anything about him off the pitch at all
  11. Tyrell Robinson

    Good player would definitely have him in our team
  12. 666th Goal

    Scored more than we have scored?
  13. From the Highlights vs Salford.....

    Apart from Rooney and Lloyd i wouldn't say their team is amazing at all. Some good players who I'd take in our team like Maynard 
  14. Club statement regarding lenighan signing

    Serial killers totally different but if they get us promoted out of the league then maybe i wouldn't mind... however we arent talking about serial killers in our team
  15. Club statement regarding lenighan signing

    The lad is here to play football and provide for his family. He's made a mistake but time moves on. He's done nothing to effect me or the football team i support. If he plays and performs well contributing to us getting 3 points then im happy, if he doesnt perform then JF wont pick him