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  1. Good Luck England

    Are you blind? No creativity? We had 18 shots to there 6. 8 on target to there 1. 60% possession against a team that just sat back and defended. A poor Tunisian side that hasnt lost a qualifier. Germany lost,brazil drew,argentina drew, spain drew. Im happy we have 3 points. Deluded and im sure you post constant sh**e just for reactions 
  2. Good Luck England

    Henderson a 4??!!! Spraying balls all over. Great range of passing. One of our better players along with Maguire and trippier. How have you given alli a better rating than henderson
  3. Good Luck England

    Deluded you are. We absolutely battered them ALL game. 1 team wanted to win. Thats the way tunisia play.  Took spain 85 mins to break them down. Great performance by a young England side just a lack of composure infront of goal. Many many positives.  Get in!!!
  4. Michael Collins

    When and what time will you be doing this?
  5. Michael Collins

    Got told ages ago he wasn't staying, not sure why its taken so long to be revealed.  He was with us as we were part time and could combine playing and coaching at Bradford.  Great player and big loss but in jamie we trust 
  6. Scott Garner

    Yeah like vardy,roberts,gardner,kosylo etc that came from a lower level 
  7. Scott Garner

    Leaves and joins Guiseley. Was excellent in the north for us but struggled last season.  All the best Scott 
  8. Jamie’s jalfrezi

    Just like we wont get in the playoffs next season but still got to bw positive.  Quarter finals would be a good tournament for this young England side
  9. Jamie’s jalfrezi

    Are you English? Because you're so negative against the England football team
  10. Peniket Alfreton

    True this 
  11. Random FCHT player: Matt Plummer

    Never heard of him
  12. What is your "Golden Era" of watching Town?

    Definitely the wilder years for me. Passed my driving test as a 18year old in 2005 therefore for the next few years me and my mates spent every weekend up and down the country from weymouth to exeter etc. Good times with a good manager and good players,killeen,bushell,foster,forrest etc
  13. Peniket Alfreton

    Couldnt care less how 'well respected' heath is by other players. Aslong as the man and his minions he brought with him are long gone from this club then that's great.  Luckily we got rid in time to consolidate our position in this league
  14. Jake Hibbs

    Yet gave Danny Clarke chance after chance after chance 
  15. Thank you Steve Lumb

    As ive said many times people like to talk to others with a foul mouth and with abuse on here yet if seen them at a game or anywhere else they wouldn't say boo to a goose. Its easy insulting people hiding behind a computer/phone screen