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  1. 1 game left

    Erm isnt that obvious and what we all want... but after witnessing the performance tonight it looks unlikely... the formation, line up, tactics, substitutions all wrong. I really like Denton and he grafted tonight, was our best player but doing it on his own. We get the ball and lump it to the big man hoping he does something effective but if he doesn't there is no threat. Woeful 
  2. Hartlepool team

    What irritates me is that watching morgan stood waiting to get on and heath is giving him instructions of what to do for the 10 or so minutes he will have. He comes on and is playing behind Denton not alongside him. STICK HIM UP TOP. He had one shot and forced a great save. When 2-0 down after 8 minutes and middleton going off its time to go to plan B but he doesnt he sticks clarke on... i really dont rate clarke BUT if winning a game 1-0 i would possibly bring him on but when 2-0 down he is NOT the man to bring on and neither is moyo. It could have being a lot worse than 4-0 tonight 
  3. Hartlepool team

    See you all next season 
  4. Hartlepool team

    Now he's bringing moyo on whilst morgan and Waring warm the bench 
  5. Hartlepool team

    Another yellow card. Mcmanus this time 
  6. Hartlepool team

    Could have been 5-0.  Johnson great save and they hit post with free kick. Only positive is wind behind us 2nd half but we have nobody off Denton anyway. Really really poor and unless we somehow get 3 goals and nick a point then nothing from this game will be a positive even if we win 2nd half 2-0. Game lost with team set up and shape before kick off
  7. Hartlepool team

    Embarrassing. Awful. Woeful. No shape. No confidence.  Only threat is Denton.  No passion.  Making them look world beaters. We are really really poor and now danny clarke is on.
  8. Sutton v Town game thread

    I think his Cv must say " will run around non stop for however long i get on the pitch in whatever position i get put in". Not a great tackler, not a great passer,not great in the air,cant shoot but he can run about
  9. Sutton v Town game thread

    Clarke is a lot of things, but he's not a wide player
  10. Sutton v Town game thread

    Just cant understand why he would bring Clarke on??! Hes a fit lad that is it. 
  11. Sutton v Town game thread

    Expected a defeat and expecting defeat Tuesday too
  12. Sutton v Town game thread

    It was scott garner not clarke. OBVIOUSLY 
  13. Sutton v Town game thread

    Well no hes not next to useless but hes good in the air and scored a header today. All he gives us is abit of a threat in the air
  14. Sutton v Town game thread

    Tomlinson off Clarke on..... 
  15. Woking

    But your main point is that just because they beat bury that its a good result.  So Guiseley beat Accrington makes our win over guiseley look fantastic...