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  1. Bromley Thread

    Macca must have a knock..? Because as good as Wilde is macca is the better player defensively and offensively 
  2. Orient v Town match day thread.

    Fantastic result. Me being negative was saying i would be happy with a point from the orient and Dagenham games. Now is the time everyone needs to be together as one and realise we have a good team and good management and who knows what could happen. Up the shaymen!!!
  3. Town vs Maidenhead

    Also how annoying is that stupid tannoy announcement about green/yellow team leaders etc 
  4. Town vs Maidenhead

    Adam Morgan showed his class today. Work rate excellent too and the effort to chip the keeper so close to coming off. Thought Josh McDonald and kosylo both excellent. Still undecided about Oliver. Ref was very picky today with players challenging for headers and thought he was poor. Great win with 2 very tough games coming up 
  5. Highlight comments.....

  6. The Fylde form guide- get your bets on

  7. Adam Morgan

    Puts on Twitter that 5 years ago today he made his Liverpool first team debut. What has gone so wrong for him that a year or so ago he was at curzon Ashton in the conference north before signing for us. 5 years isn't a long time and premiership to conference north is a massive drop down 
  8. Something to mull over with your fish and chips.

    Your reply gets a score of 0.6 on my scale 
  9. Something to mull over with your fish and chips.

    Some great stats but as a fan, who really cares about all this information?! The size of opposition players doesn't affect any of us. You must have alot of spare time on your hands. Each to their own!
  10. Solihull game

    As far as I know Hotte is injured isn't he 
  11. Dover match thread

    Need to spend and take slight risks. I want to watch my team at a decent level and not just conference/conference north all my life. I'm not expecting miracles but I want to get back into the league at least!
  12. Team for Solihull and beyond

    Agree with everything apart from I feel Charles has to be in there possibly instead of Dixon or Tomlinson. Rest of team is spot on and 100% Agree about macca at left back. Not just because of what macca has done with us I just think he is one of the best left backs in the league defensively and offensively, Wilde has been excellent though. I asked Billy at the curry night if he had to choose between fully fit macca and Wilde at left back who would it be to which he replied no comment 
  13. Highlights vs Dover Athletic

    Josh is an excellent young talent. Start of last season was our best player with rumours of scouts from all over watching him however after a few bad games he seemed to lose confidence and ended up out of the managers plans 
  14. Dover match thread

    Correct. Nothing to do with where he came from. I'm no longer in the Heath out brigade but I was aftrr stalybridge last season and rightly so but he turned it round and deserves a chance in this league. I do think he is abit too loyal to certain players more than others though.  I hope fully can turn things round for us this season but he needs to stop being so stuck in his ways. Just because something worked at other clubs to gain success doesn't mean it will work in this league with us  
  15. Dover match thread

    Who? Another 6 foot plus beanpole to win headers?