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  1. Salford

    Nicky Butt accused of attacking women, Scholes accused of 140 football bets, Halos slipping
  2. Retained list for next season

    Yes Solihull managed by ex England keeper Tim Flowers (sorry I previously put his dads name Ron).
  3. Retained list for next season

    ALLELUJAH someone agrees with me & Ron Flowers
  4. Season Tickets

    It´s like facts & figures Shayman2008 you can bend that saying anyway you like, I can say for instance I was there in Sept. 1949 if you was not then you are not a true supporter, the fact the other fan was not born is immaterial.
  5. Hartlepool v Town 19/4/19

    Hart. 0-1 FCHT Rodney 3623
  6. Random image of the day

    Nice family all together. RIP Dennis.
  7. Random image of the day

    Didn´t he had passed he must have been young. Think he was the year above me at school.
  8. Random image of the day

  9. Sincerely hope you are right.
  10. Alarming

    you got that wrong as well Jmc 36885, 14/Feb/1953 v Spurs Halifax AFC 0-3 Spurs.
  11. Alarming

    100% correct Che.
  12. Alarming

    Don´t get me wrong Nick I believe this season ticket deal is fantastic. 2) That´s how we should sign players, up and coming, If not heard of and have to look up history of them all the better. If JF goes and signs say 3 more CB it would be a disaster. 3) Last seasons ticket pricing was a mistake on a gigantic scale and do believe we lost some fans wh will not readily return unfortunately. We are in the region of 400 fans light at the moment.
  13. Alarming

    You are wrong Nick they are supporters and many have been for a long long time but unfortunately I believe that is what will happen. Every fan has their opinion on football some players they like more than others that does not make anyone right or wrong or if they have a different thought to you it does not make them any less of a supporter.
  14. Alarming

    I see fax only got 728 for their game Thurs night against London Broncos.
  15. Alarming

    I just cannot see us having many, I have been looking at attendances for the last 3 seasons and we must be in the region of 400 light this season and fear for the take up of season tickets (even at the fantastic price) until fans see an incoming of better players.