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  1. Town vs Macclesfield 16/12/17

    I forecast a postponement. Crowd nil.
  2. 3rd Qual for H2H King of National League 2017/18

    Att 1127

    comms for selby game, thought you may be interested.

  4. Final posting

    Please note I got the wrong name with Greygoose and I have sent him a pm and apologised which he has accepted.
  5. Final posting

    Final posting. As I have found myself dragged down in lowering my standards to answer to the likes of AFC,Greygoose and pliny I have desided to withdraw from this forum. The information I have provided over the last few seaons have been true and accurate and unlike chadders befliefs I do not have a mole in the club I can give you my sourses as none of you would be any the wiser. They have been obtained over many years mainly through my involvement with sponsoring Southamton youth and  Soton Ladies team in the late 70s as they used to want to involve you as a way of thanking sponsors, then the coaches & scouts have spread all over the country infact my god child works in the FA dealing with transfers others are with different clubs and my son and nephew deal with many accounts from football clubs. I also not only sponsored Chichester FC for 3 years but actually kept them going added to that before running my own companies I was MD for a national company and the chairman owned Luton fc in their hayday and the Financial director was the FD of Spurs so heavily involved with both of these clubs so contacts where made therefore anything cropping up about Halifax I am always notified, the only dealings I have not known anything about this season has been the 2 lads coming in from Hull which is something I have never been interested in (1 month loans.) AFC,Greygoose & pliny are not your true fans as a true fan will praise and criticise, AFC as for some reason just become just about the scum of the earth whilst G/goose & pliny are just arse lickers. Billy big Bollox, well I used to think he was good in the dressing room but having closely looked at his previous clubs and his behavier with us, I now believe he wants the clubs to be known as Billy big Bollox clubs not AFC etc. he has torn the heart out of our club behind the scenes and DB has got a hell of a job on his hands to rebuild it. that is if he still feels up to it.The next appointment of a manager has to be right (not an easy job) but the club has to be structured properly building from the scouting system. I will be reading the forum and anyone coming to Lanzarote will be most welcome to contact me and meeting  up for a drink or even taking in a game as we did this last week. Thank you to the civilised fans.
  6. Discipline

    Comms said Macca but not shown on updates
  7. Eastleigh thread

    Who was MOTM it did not say?  
  8. Eastleigh thread

    3-3 Batty
  9. Eastleigh thread

    3-3 Batty  
  10. Eastleigh thread

    Att 1407 (48)  
  11. Eastleigh thread

    Why not? as you say we did.
  12. Eastleigh thread

    Someone is usually pretty good I wouldn´t get too excited.
  13. Eastleigh thread

    2-3 Eastleigh keeper sent off Yellow Macca.
  14. Eastleigh thread

    Not if your BH....
  15. Eastleigh thread