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  1. "Bad Boys Eleven"

    We´ve had a lot of those at the Shay 
  2. What's going on?

    Only quoting BH-  
  3. What's going on?

    But what about the afternoon KO Roy?
  4. What's going on?

    Well we have no scouts and BH on holidays......pre season starts in just over a week and BH did state he wanted his team in place by then, alas I do not believe that will happen.
  5. Rumour mill

    You are right joe bit he was on FA out of contract players list.
  6. Shane Smeltz

    Must be as old as me 
  7. Rumour mill

    Another that may be worth a look is Ben Marlow CM  scored 8 goals last season (East Thurrock) only 21 but southern based wants to improve himself, attended V9 no offers as yet but certainly played better than Durrell.
  8. Rumour mill

    Contract finnishes 30/06/2017
  9. Rumour mill

    Still listed as free agent and nothing on Scunny site.
  10. Rumour mill

    You could well be right Greggs
  11. Rumour mill

    I see Antoni Sarcevic is out of contract and still only 27 He  was brilliant at this level when at Chester.
  12. Rumour mill

    Danny Hattersley moves to australia...
  13. I fear next season.

    You impersonating Cantona again WB?
  14. I fear next season.

    Of course he was btm, he is an old codger but there is a bit of trueth in his statement. I wish BH but mainly FCHT all the best for the coming season amid concern re lack of and quality of signings.
  15. Rumour mill

    No but he has his club for Tesco....