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  1. Seen it comment , not seen it don’t!

    It certainly does hunsworthhound and I do not believe anyone is knocking them but there are also others who film the games for their private collection, where they should or not is another matter.
  2. Seen it comment , not seen it don’t!

    So according to this thread a man called Walter (I do not know his sername) who has never seen a game in his life but writes in his local paper and on the footballs forum about every game should not do so. -seen-it-comment-not-seen-it-don’t. agreed? He just happens to be a season ticket holder of San Lorenzo and never misses a go unfortunately he is totally blind but his friend help him enjoy the game. Good on him is what I say. A forum is for fans far and wide some can get to games some cannot (for many reasons) I know life long fans who live in Halifax but cannot get to games, I might add they don´t come on here but I am in contact with them purely to discuss AFCHT.
  3. Seen it comment , not seen it don’t!

    A bloody long time ago (unfortunately) it is THE only thing I miss about the UK. Strangely I get to know more things about town now than I ever did stood on the north Bank.
  4. Seen it comment , not seen it don’t!

    Many people video the games and I can prove it by emails without telling you where from ask the people that have met me. But then if I wrote it was pissing down outside YOU would question it as you have done from day 1 of me being on here.
  5. Summer Recruitment

    It´s all about survival this season Scot then building for next season. JF is the type of manager we  need we can only hope that he is the right one, I personally have a gut feeling he is.
  6. Seen it comment , not seen it don’t!

    Your so far off the mark you are unbelievable dvds not from students. I also new JF had applied for the job, I new the 2nd interview applicants and I new he had the job before announcement as some on here know, did you? I find out more about the club living in Lanzarote than I ever did for varying reasons i.e. transfers in and out before announcement and can prove it if you would like to put your money where your mouth is. 
  7. Seen it comment , not seen it don’t!

    My 12 min  by the way are full DVD of 99% of games (some get lost In delivery) 
  8. Seen it comment , not seen it don’t!

    My first one was sept 1949 whenwas yours?
  9. Adam Morgan

    4-4-2 old fashioned it used to be 2-3-5. No subs got injured it was a bucket of iced cold water on you you know whats.

    Is that Kossy banned?  

    Don´t care it´s another point to safety, this season is now about surviving which I am sure we will.

    Is it your birthday dj or you just on the happy pills.  

    about 23 here and clear
  14. Neil young

    You just keep clog dancing
  15. Dagenham Tuesday.

    Edited for you AJS