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  1. Halifax Town, Huddersfield Town, Bradford City.

    As were Huddersfield 1973 to 1980 we w8 d5 l4.
  2. Now Is The Time To Go

    Acca was the university of life when I was growing up I´ll have you know.
  3. 22nd February 2016 - NLP TOTW

    Because the club dies a death in between games and it´s pretty boring at this point in time.
  4. Where did it all go wrong?

    Nevercommented on his off field antics...his footballing attribute was and still are crap. Very poor signing Abysmal extension. 
  5. Town v Havant 23/02/19

    FCHT 2-0 Havant Kossy-Quigley 1469
  6. 21st Feb 2019 - 1 year under JF

    George Kirby 1978 w10 D21 L15 =51 points Allan Ball       1976 w11 D13 L22 =46 points On todays 3 for win etc
  7. Unanimous

    Now that is very true
  8. Maidstone highlights

    Sterling has no need to stick his arse out it´s just BIG.
  9. Unanimous

    Believe what you like Eddies mate it´s a fact. 
  10. Unanimous

    I was posting on here to that effect from the Jan onwards.
  11. Unanimous

    Or perhaps that´s you eddies mate for having blind faith in a manager who could not be arsed as he new he was not going to be the manager the next season.
  12. Keep the faith or ditch the disaster?

    Whats wrong with the Polish?
  13. D B

    Scouts are the least expensive person in the football chain as a low basic and commission is paid.
  14. Brown and Clarke

    Yup looked it up Fred Pickering.
  15. Maidstone highlights

    Ref said a dive according to Kent comms.