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  1. Connor Thomson

    Posh then....North stand for me no shelter from the p!ssing rain.
  2. Signings so far?.

    Training starts on Monday so the secret camera men get ready to capture all the players we have sign but not announced yet.
  3. Getting worried

    Not if the terms of the contract are changed. 
  4. Good Luck England

    Well Halifax nearly got to the Wrld cup, Sub for Tunisia K. Halifa.
  5. Optimism for the new season is increasing

    I´m exuberantly optimistic erik 
  6. Michael Collins

    Last two signings took an age to come through so I am sure things are happening....maybe something to do with the Secretary leaving.
  7. Squad 2018/19

    Josh Mac injured out until Xmas.
  8. Good Luck England

    I will openly admit over the last few years I have had no interest in the England games ,I think due to established out of form players being picked etc, but I am actually looking forwards to tonights game. C'mon the young lions.
  9. Michael Collins

    Thanks for everything Mike and the best of luck, hope you are a great success.
  10. Just Keeps Getting Better

    next Monday.
  11. Josh MacDonald

    Believe he is injured out until Xmas
  12. Signings so far?.

    totally agree. Hows the sun????
  13. Signings so far?.

    Don't think you can put much hope on Josh Mac as I believe he is injured and will not play this side of Xmas.
  14. Signings so far?.

    Well pre season training starts next week so should be a flurry of signings this week.
  15. Club Secretary

    Bad back, dodgey knees,memory loss, rheumatism in knuckles knees back, Mrs has a list of jobs longer than I have ever is a memory.....Can´t think of anything RoR.