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  1. gone full time

    Wait until you are retired greg45, you never get a day off.
  2. Leicester City

    Must be Fav. because the Chairman says NP is not in the running.
  3. Town v Torquay Utd

    Town 2-0 Morgan Kossy 1677
  4. gone full time

    Happen we will finally sign Jake Lawlor shaymanjoe! (Joke....)
  5. Leicester City

    As long as Mr. Vardy goes for 30,000,000 plus in Jan I dont care.
  6. Barrow

    More likely to come after BH.
  7. Leicester City

      Whither goest thou, very posh kit
  8. A stroll across Beacon Hill

    You just wanted a LONG thread Blueblood
  9. Leicester City

    Manager Sacked...What now Mr. Vardy?
  10. Tranmere today

    royals everybody improves when they come to the Shay!!!!!
  11. FA Cup Draw Monday?

    Matty Gs illustrious career was at an end whoever came in.
  12. FA Cup Draw Monday?

    Christ I think I will commit suicide me and G-H agree...............
  13. No new signings ?.

    Say what you think Whistler,,,
  14. Tranmere today

    Yup you would be 1 short
  15. FA Cup Draw Monday?

    Or the BOD from Jan onwards.