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  1. Gainsborough Chairman

    Ridiculous amount of money for conf north even National.
  2. Dover match thread

    You must be joking AFC..
  3. Dover match thread

    So very true.
  4. Dover match thread

    Hibbs given 3 year contract on age and was one of our better players in the season before plus a few clubs looking at him at the time. On that basis a better signing than King but for one reason and another it has not turned out.
  5. Dover match thread

    Thought he decided to retire.
  6. Dover match thread

    Totally agree but then several signing where of the same last season.
  7. Dover match thread

    King is on one of the best that is why NFU bauked at taking him back at the begining of the season.
  8. Dover match thread

    I would say Denton, King & Big Sam (worth it) are the biggest conracts.
  9. Dover match thread

    1.2 Dover
  10. Dover match thread

    Att 1486
  11. Dover notes

    My only problem with that is lack of game time to adjust his timing in tackles so if I was to play him it would most certainly be LB and move Wilde across.
  12. Dover notes

    He is injured according to BH will not make Tuesday.
  13. Try to beat the defending champion?

    Well it´s not me they won´t let me join
  14. Dover notes

    Kosylo out as well probably....
  15. Dover notes

    BH said in interview Duckworth & Kosylo will not make Tues, Riley I would think 3 week with that gnash & Moyo 2/3 week.