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  1. Ambition at last!

    I assume Fullarton has what he asked for in going full time. Over to him now to find players within our budget and use his coaching ability to provide a competitive team at this level with a chance to progress further. I would also like to think as a bonus he may find the odd hidden gem to sell on which we realistically need to happen to help finance the club. No pressure Jamie!
  2. Eastleigh match thread

    Only 1:56 minutes of highlights on national league website probably reflects how poor the game must have been, Very rarely are highlights under 2:00 minutes! Looked to be a case of Sam making a couple of good saves and woeful finishing from them. Still a decent point but I expect much of the same for the rest of the season. Hanging on in there and just hope we can cling on and go again next season with a team of National standard players and not the North standard players we have been mostly stuck with this season.  

    Why do the BOD come up with a job specification and then almost completely ignore it when making an appointment? It suggests to me that there was a very limited number of applications which came even remotely close to what they were looking for.
  4. From the highlights vs Eastleigh.....

    Has anyone been able to find another game at Conference level or above where both goalkeepers were sent off? Surely it must have happened sometime before. Interesting that the first goal was not given as an own goal to Johnson. Adam Cheshire gave Johnson 4/10 in the NLP which must be one of the lowest marks he has ever given. However he gave Hibbs 9/10. Makes Heath look a total idiot for freezing him out for so long. Very poor man management. I wouldn't say Hibbs is a world beater but when you have a small squad you cannot afford to simply rule a player out altogether.  
  5. How long big Sam ?.

    The header tipped over the bar was top class, the ball was past him and a certain goal, Probably the best save I have seen at the Shay in recent times,
  6. Carlisle match

    A surprisingly promising performance. The final ball in to the penalty area wasn't good enough hence a lack of clear cut chances. We have players now who can play football as an alternative to the hoofball of last season. Johnson solid making a few good blocking saves. Looks hard to beat. I can see us being caught out at the back by teams with pacy forwards but looks solid. Oliver looks good on the ball and most of our best play went through him. Kosylo needs to improve his decision making when passing the ball but exciting with it at his feet. In general the midfield looked better than I expected with a variety of players with different attributes to choose from. Tomlinson held the ball well and laid it off well but is he going to get in to enough goal scoring positions? Morgan needs to be looking to get in to the central area of the penalty box where most goals are scored from as soon as we are on the attack. Although yet to have had the opportunity to consistently show it I think he is our only real hope of an out and out goalscorer unless Charles is pushed forward from his wider position. So for me my main concern at the moment is creating goal scoring opportunities and who is going to be there when they come around. I don't expect us to be in a relegation battle but maybe I am being overly optimistic!