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  1. FA Cup - Warrington Away

    #Reality It's what is being served up week in week out. Fullarton is some bizarre cross between Kelly and Heath. We have players in the team who are unable to control and pass a football and move into space. When you have to coach even the basics then good luck to him.
  2. FA Cup - Warrington Away

    I fully expect us to do what we have done all season which is defend deep and hope the other team doesn't score and we snatch a goal from a mistake. No Tomlinson set pieces and no footballing ability to create a goal. Ditto Chesterfield on Saturday and every other game to come. I can't wait for more of the same entertainment!
  3. JF Open to Question . . . Anytime soon?

    The frustrating thing is that we had a good start last season and a good start this season but both times have been unable to maintain or build on them down to lack of ambition or financial restraints. It is difficult to see what the way forward is for us, which means we will end up going backwards eventually.
  4. Fylde Tuesday

    Edwards and Southwell seem to spend a lot of time and energy trying to close down their defenders when they are bringing out the ball from defence. Whilst it may slightly delay the opposition from coming forward it is usually easy for the opposition to play through us because we defend so deep. It is as if the two of them are trying to play a pressing game but the rest of the team are not on the same wavelength. I would rather see them trying to find space and scoring positions on the rare occasions that we have the ball than what is effectively a waste of energy at the moment. Denton was unable to run around like a headless chicken but at least managed to make it into the penalty area where most goals are actually scored from. Southwell seems to be playing too deep for me and I would rather see him further forward giving their defenders more to think about.
  5. JF Open to Question . . . Anytime soon?

    Quite so, but it's almost like having the real thing!!
  6. JF Open to Question . . . Anytime soon?

    I was just about t say that we have Scot on here so no need for an open to question with JF!
  7. Cameron King

    Sounds a bit like Hibbs and Heath last season. Very poor management if any truth to it.
  8. Fylde Tuesday

    Becoming bored of watching this now. Fullarton's idea of always trying to win a game is to defend deep and hope to snatch a goal on a breakaway. It's the same formula every home match with little to excite the crowd. Unfortunately Edwards isn't good enough at holding the ball up so back it comes all the time. Very little fluid passing moves and even when there is it inevitably breaks down. Mid table mediocrity at best. Still at least we don't support Chesterfield who are falling like a stone.  
  9. Gateshead prices

    I'll be interested to know how they will appease season ticket holders for 'their fantastic support'. Personally I would want half my money back!
  10. HRLFC

    I'm not defending HRLFC but the reality is that our chances of promotion, without a large cash injection, is not much different. We are competing against teams with larger supporter bases and people willing to back them financially. The best we can do is flirt with the playoffs. We are more likely to be a yo-yo team between North and National than gaining promotion to the Promised Land.
  11. sutton and borehamwood

    I can remember, I think in the 70's, when teams from Arbroath and Morton came to play pre-season friendlies at the Shay. How times have changed!
  12. Today's poor attendance.

    Going to be demolished to widen the road as part of the A629 scheme.
  13. Football Only

    I wonder who Player Tek had covering most ground yesterday? Tomlinson or Southwell? As to whether they were where they should have been is a different matter. Noticed a few occasions when someone needed to come near post on crosses but no one did.
  14. Today's second goal - name the scorer

    Where's the own goal option?! Stood right behind the goal. Clarke header, slight deflection off the defender sticking his leg out took it away from the keeper. Edwards is having a laugh!
  15. FC Halifax v Dagenham Match Thread

    If we maintain our position close to the top the next five home games look a bit more attractive for the floating supporter to attend. I am probably the same as everyone else that when asked how much it is people are surprised although understanding when the reasons are explained to them. As always floaters will only attend on a more regular basis if we are still in contention towards the end of the season. In terms of value for money in respect of the quality of football £20 is too much but not easy to get the balance right. Just hope for a good FA Cup run! Blindingly obvious we need investment in central midfield. Hope Bradford keep losing!