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  1. Solihull Moors FA trophy

    Only 10 players?
  2. Braintree

    A truly dreadful game of football today. Hard to know what the way forward is. Maybe we will stave off relegation but it is awful to watch. I was actually looking forward to the game today and a decent performance but yet again we failed to take the game to the opposition. They had one player up front who caused us problems in the first half and resulted in us standing off too deep inviting Braintree to come forward. Yet again second to the ball all over the pitch. I just don't think whatever Fullarton's tactics are that they are working. If he is unable to improve performances then he has to go. They are his players and his tactics so the responsibility lies with him. It's just so boring and dispiriting to watch regardless of what the results are. No idea how they will find any highlights to show apart from a few long range shots from Braintree and Quigley taking his eye off the ball with his only chance. Every week home support is drifting away and once gone it's hard to persuade people back. I'll keep going but there is little pleasure in doing so.
  3. Town Vs Braintree

    I don't disagree that generally he does well for us and pulls off some great saves but there seems to be no improvement in the areas of his game where it is obvious to all he could be better at. Hence why he is still playing for us and not in the Football League. We need our young players to improve whilst with us to generate transfer income to reinvest back into the club.
  4. Town Vs Braintree

    Johnson's lack of progress this season is one of this season's disappointments for me. Don't we have a goalkeeper coach now? Potentially one of our biggest assets but seems unable to up his game to another level.
  5. Main site

    I believe they are to be found in Corporate Hospitality where, to be fair, the quality of the tripe is apparently good and is better than having to watch the tripe on the pitch!
  6. Main site

    Personally I would refuse to pay £20 if I was served tripe in a restaurant but I have been expected to pay £20 up front to watch tripe on numerous occasions over the last 18 months. Unfortunately I support Halifax Town and continue going back for more in the vain hope it will improve. I don't think I would have the same loyalty to a restaurant!
  7. New Year's Day.

    The way I judge the quality of our football is to ask myself the question, would I persuade a mate to come to a match with me and spend £20? At the moment the answer to that question is NO as I would be embarrassed by the value for money of the entertainment on offer. To be fair there haven't been that many times in the last fifty years when the answer would be YES but the current prices only add to the difficulty. Until the answer to the question is MAYBE then there isn't a hope in hell of attendances starting to increase again. I only continue to attend simply because I am a lifelong supporter which Fullarton would call 'Blind Loyalty' so in a way I don't have much choice! Anyway a much needed new signing so maybe light at the end of the tunnel at long last. I think Fullarton made the classic mistake at the start of the season of over - promising which nearly always comes back to haunt you. It would have been a miracle to assemble a promotion chasing team playing pressing, entertaining, attacking football on our budget.
  8. Harrogate NYD

    We were poor all over the pitch today. It says it all when Edwards was our standout player when he came on. Rarely have I seen a team given so much space and time on the ball. Johnson slow on his feet to stop the goal. Belshaw had a similar cross to deal with in the second half and dealt with it. However he did stop a certain goal in the first minute with a good block. Distribution out of defence is really poor and as always we are slow to pick up second balls. Too many hoofs forward to no one in particular and players not making themselves available to receive passes. Kosylo has really gone off the boil and rarely seems able to beat a player and losses possession too easily. It would have been really hard to pick a man of the match for us today as no one deserved it. On a positive note we gained a point against a better team than us. I never thought I would say that about Harrogate Town but sums up the state of football today. We now have a bit of breathing space between us and the bottom four which we need to maintain and take the pressure off the team and manager. It really is painful to watch at the moment and up to the last ten minutes there was little to entertain us. In fact I almost missed the goal by making an early exit but the 'blind pressure' from us at the end paid dividends.
  9. Harrogate Away

    Plenty of entertainment to be had on Chesterfield's fans forum for anyone missing a post match meltdown! Having said that they seem resigned to their fate which is good news for us!
  10. Actually get rid !!

    Hopefully the termination provisions in his contract are such that he wouldn't be paid out for the full amount of the rest of his contract. Depends on how desperate DB was to recruit him!
  11. Actually get rid !!

    “There’s a pyramid of emotions where you go from anger to frustration to disappointment, which is higher up the pyramid, and that’s where I’m at.“I’m disappointed. That pyramid goes anger, frustration, disappointment and upset, and I’m at the top of that pyramid of emotion at the moment, because I’m bitterly disappointed, and touching on upset, because of today.”Read more at: https://www.halifaxcourier.co.uk/sport/football/fc-halifax-town/ebbsfleet-4-0-fc-halifax-town-fullarton-bitterly-disappointed-at-inept-performance-1-9460796 I suppose JF cares in his own way but he seems unable to get consistent performances from the players. A thrashing has been coming for some time given the way that we defend too deep. Only poor finishing and last ditch defending / good saves have saved us until now.
  12. Actually get rid !!

    The upcoming league fixtures aren't doing Fullarton any favours against play off teams and in form Dagenham. Next realistic chance of a win is against Braintree on 5/1/19 by which time it will be a relegation 6 pointer. Not looking good for him given our current form. Just a question of when the trigger will be pulled. Feel sorry for him but given his lack of experience should never have been appointed in the first place. He should have started in management at a lower level and gained actual experience. Coaching badges are all well and good but can never prepare you for the real world. Think DB is a bit of a softy so I think he will be given the next 6 league games culminating in a failure to beat Braintree and gone.
  13. Spend it wisely

    We missed the opportunity to push on after good starts to last season and this season. Maybe it is too late to try for the play offs this season but two quality players for the rest of the season would at least give us a chance. It would at least almost guarantee another season in this league and help turn around current form. That said, when you look at the league table and the resources of the clubs in the league, we are at the moment about where I would expect us to be.
  14. Morecambe

    Probably been asked elsewhere but where were the flags in the North Stand last night? Makes an empty stand look a bit better!
  15. Morecambe

    First time this season I have agreed with the starting eleven. No doubt disaster will ensue!