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  1. 19/20 player rumours

    Just brought Johnny Hough (RIP) to mind who I think just played one game when we had a last minute emergency for a goalkeeper. I am pretty sure he kept a clean sheet so a 100% record! Played for Halifax Irish in the same team as Phil Baker and John Hendrick, both top players. I think Hendrick may also have played for us but not certain. Probably one of the best local Halifax league teams I have seen and played against.
  2. Shay Hotel?

    To be fair they didn't do anything illegal but they made sure there were no opportunities for public discussion or opposition and kept it out of the newspaper. Given the nature of the school no one was prepared to question anything as it would not be 'politically correct' so to do. The original DOC was set up by Patons & Baldwins with responsibility passing over to a Plc who have no local connections and were bound to agree to a new DOC given that they could potentially benefit financially from it. The cabinet includes Mr & Mrs Swift which tells you all you need to know about the calibre of people involved. Sport is a very low priority with the council unable to maintain even basic facilities at an acceptable level. I think the next stage of the Spring Hall development will be to move the rest of the school from Skircoat Green there and sell off the old site for house building.
  3. Shay Hotel?

    Indeed. The original deed of covenant that protected Spring Hall from development was revoked and a new DOC put In place which now allows development of the Estate. The wishes of the original donors were totally disregarded including their written statement that they did not want the Estate to be 'snaffled' by the council which ultimately is what has happened! By the way the company that took over the original donors now stands to benefit financially depending on the nature of the development so it is hardly surprising that they were happy to go along with the idea! Nothing against the school itself but the way in which the matter was handled by the council was a disgrace and, as mentioned above, done behind closed doors without any publicity or public consultation. Sums up the way the council is now being run by senior council officers and a small clique of a cabinet with no real opposition or scrutiny.
  4. Today’s game Hartlepool

    If only we had had Rodney for a full season!. Not a cat in hell's chance of us signing him unless DB abandons his financial prudence.
  5. Shay Hotel?

    Most of the land was gently sloping and available to the public for casual activities. It was also available as a spectator area on Sports Days etc. Half of Spring Hall which was classed as an Open Space is now fenced off. Nothing has been done for the benefit of the local community who were not consulted on the development. It would have been a good idea to convert the remainder of the tennis courts into a community garden but now it is an unsightly derelict area in a Conservation Area. I doubt that a private developer would have been allowed to carry out a development using similar materials and design and leaving the remaining area in such a poor state.  
  6. Well Done To The Lads

    Agreed. Unless you drop lucky quality costs money. I think the days of hidden talent waiting to be discovered are probably over and with every player at all half-decent levels having agents then there will be few bargains to be had. It's all about player power and money which is a sad indictment of the modern gams. If we sign players on a premium contract will the other players in the team accept it or do we end up with player unrest?
  7. Leyton Orient match.

    Great game to watch on Saturday. Went with three mates, who are not regular supporters, for the weekend and all enjoyed it. Maybe Bosomworth will throw the kitchen sink at it next season in a last role of the dice to go for promotion. Succeed and all will be well, fail and he will move on leaving us with no debts but no cash either. I think the alternative is a slow death of mid-table mediocrity with the odd flirtation with relegation. Very hard to be promoted from this league without a backer or large fan base, neither of which we have. (OK there has been the odd exception). It really is tiresome reading these threads with constant petty personal battles and it's time for people to grow up and simply post their opinions with sensible discussions agreeing or disagreeing, I have been quite negative this season having witnessed some of the worst and least entertaining performances for a very long time with hardly any attempts on goal which at home games naturally results in negative comments. Unfortunately the attackers recruited before the season failed for a variety of reasons with Rodney and Duku showing what has been lacking. Very impressed with Rodney and it will tell us a lot if we sign him in terms of ambition for next season. Not sure who was responsible for recruiting them on loan so I still have doubts over JF's recruitment of players with all the nonsense about how meticulous he is given that some of his close season recruitment simply wasn't good enough although he has the small budget excuse to fall back on. For once let's just go for it rather than just plodding along and basically going nowhere. It's unlikely we will have the same windfalls as in the past so Bosomworth's job to balance the books looks nigh on impossible to sustain us at this level so give it a real go next season! As good as it is to be in the Conference National sometimes you just have to accept where our natural level is without a backer or windfalls which is somewhere between Conference National and North.
  8. Leyton Orient

    Found it now. Thank you!
  9. Leyton Orient

    Are you sure Leyton Underground station is closed? Not listed as such on TFL website.
  10. DB's Interview In't Courier

    It makes me wonder if the final payments have come in from the sales of Vardy and Gregory which were previously owing to us, so now we have a lump of cash in the bank account. It would be interesting to know what loss has been budgeted for next season as without unexpected bonuses from player sales and cup ties it seems inevitable cash will gradually drain away. On a more positive note I will probably buy a season ticket for the first time in at least 40 years which will save me money but cost the club as I pay on the gate for more than 10 games!
  11. Maidenhead today

    Garbage today. Fullarton's tactics just drain the life out of the game and the fans. One effort saved by their keeper today in the second half which raised an ironic cheer, not even sure it was a shot. Just awful to watch. No entertainment value whatsoever.
  12. Today’s Game Eastleigh

    Not sure if anyone has already posted this Vanarama National team of the week: James Ferry (Midfield) Matty Brown (Sub) Jamie Fullarton (Manager) Let's hope the award isn't another kiss of death for Fullarton after his August manager of the month award! From the highlights it looked as if we had more ideas going forward but could be harder if Barnet park the bus and we sit too deep as per usual.
  13. Today’s game: Havant

    Played at number 9 for Featherstone Rovers today! There can't be two Cameron Kings.
  14. Lack of challenging media

    It's a shame the Supporters Club is unable to be more effective in holding the BOD to account. The only communication would appear to be the annual handing over of a cheque. Bosomworth must be pissing himself laughing! If he had an ounce of decency he would pay Fullarton off out of his own pocket having been totally responsible for his appointment then perhaps he would be more careful with the next appointment. I wouldn't mind so much if he had stuck with the criteria he laid down to be met in appointing a new manager but he totally ignored it in making the new appointment. It was akin to appointing an apprentice just out of school to head of sales at his car dealership. Total madness. It's about time he stood up and accepted responsibility and he might even gain some respect which is fast dwindling away.
  15. The best Team for Maidstone

    As would 2 wins from the previous two games but it didn't happen. It has reached the point where we are just grasping at straws. I really hope we win both but just can't see where any goals will come from. I think we are going for some sort of record for the lowest ever combined total for goals for and against which is a reflection of the most boring football I have ever watched.