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  1. Season Ticket

    Is it possible to buy a ticket for cash at the Shay? If so when and where? The advert on the website says the club office doesn't sell them.
  2. Mbi Sponsorship

    Amazing how businesses are allowed to not pay CMBC. Free advertising for Mbi for a couple of years. No wonder the pitch is in a poor state with no money to spend on it. The actual agreement is 44 pages long so not uploaded it. Freedom of Information Act 2000.docx
  3. Fullarton Gone!!

    To be fair he kept us in the National League but what we had to endure could not be classed as entertainment in any shape or form other than the start and end of the season. Even at the start we rode our luck and relied on set pieces. The only away match I went to was at Leyton Orient which was a great team performance but sadly they were few and far between. What we don't know is how much responsibility for last season was down to the board not backing him until we needed to bring in loan players to ensure our survival. It would appear that at the start of this season either our budget isn't big enough to pay for quality players or the board decided not to back him. Time will tell when a new manager is appointed and if he has the same issues in signing players.
  4. Available managers

    I agree with you there but we aren't a top team so the manager needs to have the communication skills to be able to keep the fans onside when the going gets tough.
  5. Available managers

    Whoever it is I will be amazed if they fit the job description. None of our recent managers have and therein lies the problem that we are unable to attract anyone of real quality. Nowhere in the description does it mention being able to interact with the supporter base which, like it or not, in the social media age it's part of his job to bring the fans onside so the club and fans are as one. I am not saying he should go online on forums such as this but he needs to be able to communicate and have the fans behind the team. People will support the team if they are kept informed and understand what is happening. JF was very poor on this front but I had sympathy with him when he explained that his tactics were partly down to players being out injured and he had to work with what he had which was basically a defence orientated team. Apart from the beginning and end, last season was truly appalling to watch and I would hope will never be repeated. I think this was largely why we have the season ticket offer for this season so not being able to improve the team during the course of last season, apart from the loan signings at the end, will cost us money this season. That is where short-term decisions get you. All we can hope for is the new manager isn't a repeat of the Fullarton / Kelly type of appointment but then again who will want to come to us who has a good track record? It does look like we need an experienced manager but whether he is successful or not here is down to pot luck. At the moment Moore, Aspin or similar or someone we haven't heard of who has had success lower down the pyramid look like the most likely options.
  6. Pitch now Foocked

    Time the council used some 'prudential borrowing' that they are keen to do for other projects to install a Desso pitch. At least it would also generate some extra revenue. No doubt too late for this season but has to be done for next season (if we still have a club!)
  7. MBI & Northern Powerhouse Developments

    Quite so. Amazing that CMBC have actually done something. You have to wonder if sponsoring a stadium is really a good way for a business to advertise itself. How many people would mbi have signed up to one of their schemes through it? Hopefully very few!
  8. MBI & Northern Powerhouse Developments

    Amazingly mbi has been removed from the stadium signage. We are now the 'Shay Stadium' again. Who next for the kiss of death?!
  9. MBI & Northern Powerhouse Developments

    I seem to remember a company called Transline Recruitment sponsoring us that also went bust. So long as they pay upfront it's ok, as to whether the reputation of a company sponsoring us matters or not it depends where you draw the line. I don't think either Transline or Mbi have covered themselves in glory and have been involved in dubious business practices. It would be interesting to know how much mbi owe CMBC and if they haven't paid what was contractually due, why hasn't their name been removed and reverted back to just the Shay?
  10. MBI & Northern Powerhouse Developments

    Oh dear. Looks like CMBC only received payment for the first year of a three year deal. Shay Scrutiny.pdf
  11. Signs

    I can't think of any player who has come back from the injury he had and still been the same player. It often seems to recur again as well. Hope he has recovered but the odds are against him.
  12. Signs

    Try Hanson on right side of midfield?
  13. 19/20 player rumours

    Just brought Johnny Hough (RIP) to mind who I think just played one game when we had a last minute emergency for a goalkeeper. I am pretty sure he kept a clean sheet so a 100% record! Played for Halifax Irish in the same team as Phil Baker and John Hendrick, both top players. I think Hendrick may also have played for us but not certain. Probably one of the best local Halifax league teams I have seen and played against.
  14. Shay Hotel?

    To be fair they didn't do anything illegal but they made sure there were no opportunities for public discussion or opposition and kept it out of the newspaper. Given the nature of the school no one was prepared to question anything as it would not be 'politically correct' so to do. The original DOC was set up by Patons & Baldwins with responsibility passing over to a Plc who have no local connections and were bound to agree to a new DOC given that they could potentially benefit financially from it. The cabinet includes Mr & Mrs Swift which tells you all you need to know about the calibre of people involved. Sport is a very low priority with the council unable to maintain even basic facilities at an acceptable level. I think the next stage of the Spring Hall development will be to move the rest of the school from Skircoat Green there and sell off the old site for house building.
  15. Shay Hotel?

    Indeed. The original deed of covenant that protected Spring Hall from development was revoked and a new DOC put In place which now allows development of the Estate. The wishes of the original donors were totally disregarded including their written statement that they did not want the Estate to be 'snaffled' by the council which ultimately is what has happened! By the way the company that took over the original donors now stands to benefit financially depending on the nature of the development so it is hardly surprising that they were happy to go along with the idea! Nothing against the school itself but the way in which the matter was handled by the council was a disgrace and, as mentioned above, done behind closed doors without any publicity or public consultation. Sums up the way the council is now being run by senior council officers and a small clique of a cabinet with no real opposition or scrutiny.