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  1. Today’s game Hartlepool

    Well it wasn't working trying to pass a ball between two green shirts was it? Down to the players today in the second half they were just not up to it. And Hanson had his worst game in a town shirt!
  2. Bromley match thread

    You sound negative!
  3. Season Tickets

    What are the chances(and this is only a guess as I know f all about business) but did the board take the hit on the fans to go full time last year. And could there be less costs because we are now full time? Or maybe they thought we would have a s**t season and have to fork out on a payout and the cost of a new manager? I don't know just throwing things out there.
  4. Season Tickets

    It will be a bit shitter if people like you decide not to buy a season ticket and the budget gets reduced.............just saying.
  5. Ebbsfleet at Home

    It wasn't a leading question. In fact he slagged some of the false comments from fans that there was some unrest in the camp and went on to say how much he supported the manager. So your right he isn't going to say anything bad when there is nothing bad to say unless it's from people like you! 
  6. Ebbsfleet at Home

    Funny how our own club captain in his interview last night speaks VERY highly of our manager. I mean weirdly he things the exact opposite to what you say about him. Who do I believe? i know the person who leads this club and cares about this club and not someone like you whose definition of "support" is to slag the team off at every point when were not winning.
  7. Josh Macdonald

  8. Solihull Thread

    I disagree. He ran into empty spaces and made wrong passes.
  9. Solihull Thread

    But it's worked!
  10. Solihull Thread

    So what? We won
  11. Solihull Thread

    But he has used the fact we have a option of 12 loan players a season. Jf has used this option very well. And he could use it again next season.
  12. Solihull Thread

    He he he!
  13. Solihull Thread

    Is Joe skarz injured?
  14. Could be worse !

    No they can lose every game and still have a playoff to get in the euros because they finished in the top two of there nations league group! 
  15. Dover game

    Well kosy got booked for arguing the fact the goal should not have been given because of a high foot in the build up to the play. So I'm going to let him have that.