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  1. Ask Away................

    Actually draw ever game from now till the end of the season. We will be at least on 50 we won't be relegated! So your the moron
  2. Ask Away................

    How to waffle on. 
  3. Ask Away................

    Takes one to know one!
  4. Ask Away................

    And if you don't expect that from any manager in football then your a idiot.
  5. Fullarton In or Out?

    In for me.
  6. Anymore signings ?

    That's me!!!!!! Play crap play well I'd be well happy with a draw. I don't want this manager sacked in the long run he will be good for us I feel it in my bones.
  7. Moderators.

    Dear moderates: can we please as well as the like button may we have a serious/not serious button because I just can't work out sarcasm through text.
  8. Selby Town

    Why put it then?
  9. Selby Town

    Don't be a tit it's the west riding cup. Probably filled with youth and players that aren't getting a game. If some first team players played and got injured you would be blaming jamie for playing them. You may claim jgn is a bad egg but your just as bad if not worse. Have a look at yourself!
  10. Fullarton In

    Out of interest, if you had got your and other persons wishes of a fans run club where would you have predicted us to be at this point in time?
  11. Barrow

    I very much doubt it
  12. Solihull Replay

    And the ABH kosy had to put up with last night was a horrendous. How one of there players was not booked for some of the challenges I'll never know. If Solihull have all that money buy the best players and the use them tactics then they can have it!
  13. Solihull Replay

    Should be one up if ref new what a penalty was. And his arse from his elbow!
  14. The Draw For The Next Round

    Monday. Maidstone away!
  15. Injuries Update

    Maybe he didn't want the opponents knowing a key player was available?