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  1. Boreham Wood Thread

    Gregory and Tuton caused macnulty for a bit but in the end it's the uther strikers that caused the more problems 
  2. Boreham Wood Thread

    Funny because every game I've seen this season the oppo have 6 ft 5 defenders so good luck with our 5 ft 3 strikers
  3. Boreham Wood Thread

    I'm telling you now we will conced goals while Denton is out. We will be out of the cup next week becaus were missing Denton but as long as Morgan is up front were going to win games. Can I come and live in your dream world please
  4. Boreham Wood Thread

    Well it was sensible to start with you third best striker today knowing your second best striker after Denton has played a lot of games and maybe better coming off the bench so in a way it worked!!
  5. Boreham Wood Thread

    Good argument! 
  6. Boreham Wood Thread

    Nah mate! Your a full weight idiot.
  7. 7th January 2017

    Bar Wembley the best think I've ever experienced!!
  8. why change?

    Would you have taken 1-0 at the start of of the game yes/no: if yes be happy. If no be sad
  9. BFG

    Barrow had two Tom dentons up front for them today yet some people want two little lads up front in a league that have 6"2" defenders in every team. Good luck with that. And he is the best defender at set pieces in our team. But yeah let's conceded 5 knowing our little lads will score two. If our strikers were better at reading head-ons we could be unbeatable. Just my opinion.
  10. 20 years ago....

    So we don't have to play anyone next season? And don't have to play full time teams with better greedy players on high wages! I will the team to win every week and out support "sometimes" is second to none. Mid table would be good no matter what, playoffs are a after thought.
  11. David lynch

    Bloody hero. End of
  12. Tickets for Saturday

    Sorry I apologise when I said "club" I ment the board of directors! But generally it works - if the board of directors fails the club fails! -
  13. Tickets for Saturday

    Maybe the club should sell a "big stick" with fc Halifax town down the side, and vinny could keep hitting the club with it? It might not turn up. but as always he lives in hope the club will fail!!
  14. Today's games

    Quality Moyo!
  15. Favourite players

    That's what we want players that I've not heard of and want to learn more