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  1. Rumour Mill

    Jon stead has had a automatic contract renewal for next season after playing a certain amount of games. So unless we're going to buy him? I doubt it! 
  2. Kosylo not sure where his future lies

    Who cares players come and go. Get some cash from him or keep him. The end
  3. Stewards

    Blame the council, not the bod. they are the ones that hire them and set the rules. 

    And ladies, sexist.
  5. U19's 2017/18

    Chester and Hastings 
  6. Woking Thread

    Believe what you want to believe my friend.
  7. Woking Thread

    I was stating a fact. And trust me my friend as a supporter who has been today I'm probably a tad more happy than you about the result than a fact based comment on a thread. But I was right we played one up front.
  8. Woking Thread

    Still playing one up front though! How do you like them apples?
  9. Adam Morgan

    Thomas crappers crappers were crapper!
  10. Adam Morgan

    And yet they still lose. Seems to like to play for crap teams where he is the main man.
  11. Hartlepool tonight

  12. Board

    I guessing people want bosomworth to spend his own money on promotion yet I doubt he has enough money to do this! Maybe we should up the entrance fee but I doubt people want to spend ther own money for this. Wired that isn't it.
  13. Board

    More than what? a pound or 1 million? What do you want him to spend?
  14. Board

    Your dam right fella lets spend some money and let us stay in the league. It's the only way! And next season if we stay up throw some more money at it. I doubt we spend 6 or 7 years stuck in this league like forest green hoping to get in the league I think we will get straight in at the first attempt. Why the hell wouldn't I! And when we're in the league let's throw more money at it and get a overdraft somewhere near the million mark how could it possibly go wrong. Up the shaymen 
  15. Play with Passion and Play for the Badge..

    Support the badge. Support or leave!