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  1. Dartford 1-2 Town 14th Dec 2013

    I disagree. The two games against leyton orient and aldershot were two of the most entertaining games I have ever been to, but don't let this stop you from your hatred of the current "regime!"  And your been a bit rude to Royal but don't let that get in the way of the Heath lovers abuse to your lot.
  2. New Manager or New Forward?

    Unless there is the Crowley quadruplets were never going to see them down the shay!
  3. Today game aldershot

    Your kidding? With the best midfielder in the world in it (hibbs) i VERY much doubt it!!!!
  4. Today game aldershot

    He's crap! and full of his own self importants!
  5. A League of their Own

    Not going to watch it. I know the ending!
  6. Breaking news

    Please let it be that this forum is blown up put in a bag and buried in the Mariana Trench. And replaced by a new one were only nice people post!!!!
  7. Aldershot Away

    Because some of use support fc Halifax town! Try it one day.
  8. David Bosomworth.

    Yes I think the money will be invested in TRYING to strengthening the squad but sometimes it doesn't work out. Ie aspin signing burrows or Bowden good players before they came to us but didn't work out. Some are expecting miracles but sometimes miracles (Jamie vardy) don't happen.
  9. David Bosomworth.

    I'll take the cash anytime. Because and I'm sorry to bring it to you guys but that is the club we are! We get good players and we move them on for money. Because we need money to carry on as a club. Full time or part time.
  10. His last game in charge

    Until he wins promotion through the playoffs I'll agree with you.
  11. His last game in charge

    Gary mills who got York relegated! Richard money who couldn't hack it at Solihull!  Mark bower who was poor at guiseley and isn't pulling up trees at bpa!  Billy Barr I kinda agree but would you like to tarnish a local Halifax town fan if it all wen tits up!!  So your favourite is a guy who is doing really well at a conference north team and his only connections are to a north east teams.     Billy Heath anyone?
  12. His last game in charge

    Name some!
  13. His last game in charge

    Bigger catchment area of better players.
  14. Hartlepool team

    Is it pay on the gate tonight or do I have to get a ticket?
  15. What’s the score ?

    What about a draw and draw? lose tonight win Saturday? win tonight lose Saturday? a draw tonight lose Saturday? a lose tonight draw Saturday? i just think we need to know what will happen after all results just because it means so dam much to some people on here!!!!! oh forgot one. win tonight win Saturday!!!!