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  1. Ebbsfleet at Home

    I dont think most are opposed to Maher being in the is when there are two or three holding players that seems to get peoples back up when we are at home to the likes of Braintree for example
  2. Ebbsfleet at Home

    Having studied Ebbsfleet he needs to change formation....I’m thinking we should play 3 and a quarter, 4 and a half and 2 and a quarter and put them under as much blind pressure as possible so us fans can go through the pyramid of emotions before coming out with a 2-0 win.  In all seriousness though, really hope Duku is fit, Quigley just doesn’t seem mobile enough in comparison and throws himself to the ground all the time. Wouldn’t be opposed to playing king instead of Berrett/Staunton/Maher but I’m sure the manager will pick the team he sees as best to get a result.  Come on Shaymen! 
  3. Dover game

    I sense the relationship with JF and DB might not be great considering how often he refers to the constraints at the club when referring to signings etc. In all fairness, he must have known about the constraints prior to signing his contract and so can’t moan about them when things go well.  I’m not here to dig the manager out at all when things in general seem to be improving, I just find it tedious hearing it over and over again. 
  4. The pitch

    Forking ‘el
  5. Meeting with Mr B

    1) Yes 2) Yes, Scot 3) Myself, ahem I mean that Scot fella Im surprised he expected a top 10 finish to be honest given our restraints financially but fair play. 
  6. Meeting with Mr B

    Thanks Mr Bentos an excellent summary that DB hoped for a top 7 / 10 finished or expected one? We can all hope but I would be interested to know what he actually expected this season.  It’s ok saying we are not interested in 30 somethings but if Clarke wasn’t with us this season I think we may be much closer to the relegation zone than we are. Also, if we are going to buy players to sell (most likely younger players) think you do need some older heads to bring them through. 
  7. Meeting with Mr B

    Carry on Janis......
  8. Meeting with Mr B

    Any feedback from tonight’s meeting if it went ahead? 
  9. Finnaces

    I know as much as you my friend......nothing. Maybe we did, maybe we didn’t I was merely putting a name there of someone successful in our league (not instantly may I add which is what our fans demand so much) who was available. 
  10. Finnaces

    Come on long as he been there?  Port Vale also different to Town in many ways. Macclesfield very similar to us in terms of size and structure etc that was the point I was getting at. 
  11. Finnaces

    Apologies I’m not saying we are still paying heath but we have tried the manager successful below option and it worked and then didn’t work. We changed manager, that worked but now hasn’t worked apparently. So we get rid and go through the same process again???  Unfortunately there is no guarantees under any manager, look at Mourinho at Man Utd. 
  12. Finnaces

    And then when we get rid of the new manager after 12 months and get a new new manager so we have 3 managers ‘on the books’.  I am by no means JFs biggest fan but if we get rid who do we get without going through the same process again. Likelihood is we get someone that has been sacked recently (for not doing a good enough job) or someone who has been successful lower down the Pyramid (such as Heath) with Aspirations to move to a bigger club we’ve tried that and it didn’t work.  I feel Askey would have been ideal at the time he was available and where we were at the time but the board have missed the boat now. 
  13. Scot, Scot, where are thousest Scot.

    When he took it I thought there was an injured player and he booted it out of play as a show of sportsmanship
  14. Scot, Scot, where are thousest Scot.

    Funny you should mention that, statistics actually show that you are more likely to score on the break from defending a corner than you are from attacking a corner
  15. Unanimous

    Agree they would get ripped apart down the channels but have been immense as a 2. If play a 3 would have to be one of those and Staunton and Maher either side imo.