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  1. Getting worried

    But why would the club want him part of the team when he can only turn up on a Tuesday and Saturday match day and have no other interaction with the 17 or so other members of the squad. 
  2. Getting worried

    So he will train on a Tuesday and Thursday evening on his own and turn up on Saturday having missed the game preparation that all the squad have been involved with on a Monday Tuesday and Thursday AM?  Think logically.  If he can’t commit to the model we have moved to JF will want him off the wage bill to bring someone in who can commit. 
  3. Getting worried

    Was trying to put my point in terms of how we as people with ‘normal’ jobs and contracts could understand. 
  4. Getting worried

    I want them to keep him but I think the club saying he is contracted doesn’t stand for anything when we have changed to FT. I think JF would prefer him off the wage bill and would let him go for nothing rather than have a PT player in a FT squad. Kosylo holds all the cards I think as the club have got to offer something of interest to get him to sign a FT contract 
  5. Getting worried

    Yes and the model was disruptive to the club as stated by Danny Lowe who was one of the PT players. As I said Kosylo could stay on as part time but then not train on the Monday, Tuesday, Thursday mornings that the other players will be in....doesn’t sound appealing for the manager....he’s good but not that good. 
  6. Getting worried

    Ok then, I for a fact know we got no fee for Collins. 
  7. Getting worried

    John, you don’t like people knowing more than you that’s all. I’m fine with that.  Hopefully Kosylo agrees to stay on a reasonable wage as I’m sure that’s what we all want. 
  8. Getting worried

    100% we got no fee for Collins, as soon as the club chose to go full time and he couldn’t his contract became null and void. Hence my worry with Kosylo. 
  9. Getting worried

    But we didn’t change to full time did we so it’s irrelevant. 
  10. Getting worried

    Right so he can leave then if he chooses for no fee as the club have tried to chancge the terms of the contract he did have which he does no longer.  Dont want to get involved in any tittle tattle here, we are all fans of the club and me as a fan wants Kosylo to stay. The club haven’t been very clear other than stating he is under contract....they stated Collins was under contract in the website on Saturday evening and then Sunday he had left for no fee at all. Kosylo is the one with all the cards here if the club want him to stay but if people believe that because the club have changed to full time he MUST follow them they are very naive. 
  11. Getting worried

    Exactly my point hence the per se....most PT players have two contracts....why does the football one take precedence? 
  12. Getting worried

    I did not and I am completely guessing all of this. 
  13. Getting worried

    Yes and Kosylo has an employment contract with his employer per se
  14. Getting worried

    If he wanted to stay on his current terms he could as a part time player but will not be able to train with the squad as it clashes with his FT job.  Collins didn’t have a clause and we didn’t get a fee. 
  15. Getting worried

    We wouldn’t get a fee...his PT becomes void with the move to FT.  We will get the same fee we got for Collins who was contracted the same as Kosylo.....£0.