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  1. Available managers

    It wont be long before......'Excellent Appointment by the board'......turns to 'outdated methods by an aging manager....sack him now'
  2. Available managers

    If it is Ronnie Moore, which most people on here seem to want and is deemed not a cheap option, can we all just get behind the board, manager and players and help th club move forward? If you haven't bought a season ticket and can afford one, buy one lets use the positivity that this appointment might generate. 
  3. Available managers

  4. Nathan Clarke applies for job.

    Clarke should not even be an option at this stage. We should try and prolong his playing career as much as possible. I would be getting him involved in a coaching role this season as last season he wasn’t training full throttle with the rest of the lads therefore he could maybe combine this with playing. Clarke really was immense last year and I would try and keep the pairing of him and brown together as much as possible in the coming year. Giving him a coaching role helps him ‘dip his toe into the water’ so to speak with a longer term view as being a potential future town manager. 
  5. Fullarton Gone!!

    Agree to an extent but then if i asked you after the first ten games of a season where we had lost them all whether you would deviate from your style a play for a win then i think you might change your mind. 
  6. Fullarton Gone!!

    Some on here seem to believe that the defence is our back 5. And because we didnt concede many goals last season the defence is good. Our attack was rubbish because we didnt score many by the same token. We have to look at the team as a collective. We didnt concede many goals because the TEAM (1-11) was set up not to concede. When Duku and Rodney came in and we started scoring more frequently, we also started conceding a few more too even with the same defensive unit. Playing more attacking football is going to leave the defence more exposed undoubtedly.   It is how the team is set up and instructed to play - not the defence in isolation nor the attackers in isolation. If we draw 0-0 general feeling is our defence was good but attack was rubbish. Not mentioning that our wide men and the attacking midfielder are always behind the ball in defensive positions. By main gripe with Fullarton was the persistence with two 'holding' midfielders playing braintree and the likes at home rather than try and be more expansive and get the crowd on the edge of their seats. 
  7. Fullarton Gone!!

    Managers are mostly 'gagged' as part of the severance agreement. Happens in nearly most cases when a manager leaves a club. 
  8. Fullarton Gone!!

    I don't think we will find out the real reasons here and if it is purely football then i suspect it is a budget / expectations trade off. The board have given him a budget to work with but then give him what they see as a realistic target of play-offs. He's realised that he can't get the players in to achieve this with the budget at his disposal, asked for the board backing on some bigger players and been knocked back and taken the decision to leave.  Hope something comes out so we get to know the true story but i doubt it.  In my opinion, his appointment kept us in the league 2017/18 (but could potentially have been anyone), last season was negative tactically in general but dont think that it was as bad as some make out on here.  On that note......Jamie....thanks for the errrrrrr memories?   
  9. Available managers

    Step forward @TJAshton !!!
  10. Jack Earing

    Haha I wasn’t being serious....(think TJ got it)!! Just how some think on here, relegation fodder. I think we could be in for a better season, Allen is a good signing. I don’t actually think we need much to be top half looking up at play offs. Hopefully Southwell plays up top with a partner as there is defo a player there. A good centre forward added and I’m happy ish. 
  11. Jack Earing

    I think that is JF's brief really with a view to potentially moving players on for a fee. Some will work and others don't but lets get behind them nonetheless. The article indicates that this lad doesnt believe in his own ability so if he can be nurtured to be able to express himself and hopefully we have a player on our hands. 
  12. Jack Earing

    Ive read the article and it sounds positive. However, one thing i have learned from stuff like that is take it with a pinch of salt. Hes been asked to do an interview for the courier about a player he knows....hes not really going to say anything bad is he? Just like when players come out and support a manager.... I know higher up the pyramid that prior to interviews players are prepped by a media manager/executive in what is likley to come up and what to respond if it does. Im looking forward to seeing him play and i will then make a judgement fwiw. But really....if he can play easily at league one level what is he doing at Halifax who are going to get relegated in to the Conf North at the end of the season? 
  13. Signing

    our lass got excited when I told her about towns signings so far....but she thought I’d said Something about silva earing ‘s
  14. What David did next

    Which friendly has been cancelled? 
  15. What David did next

    Haha I get it, well played! I have been a big advocate of this board however the current situation needs explaining ASAP.