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  1. Bolton

    I think part of JFs remit is to utilise the loan market. There are plenty players in the higher leagues not getting game time and we could offer that at a fraction of what it would usually cost to pay their wages. Look at Sam Graham, was absolutely top drawer When with us. Same with Rodney. These players are out there. 
  2. Bolton

    Even worse then if we were to spend 1500/week on Rodney as quoted. 
  3. Bolton

    Someone mentioned 1100 as being our top earner....and then it was mentioned Rodney being on 1500.....these won’t be true I’m sure but let’s use them for the purpose of this.  Rodney signs on 1500 and Brown/Clarke are on 1100....i.e 36% more....if I were them I would be straight in to DB.  Obviously there has to be a top earner at any club and if the range is 900-1100 as previously quoted that would be fine but to then have someone on a standout 1500 would cause problems. all hypothetical as no one knows what our players might be on I was just saying it’s not as straight forward as saying give Rodney an enormous amount of money and all will be ok 
  4. Bolton

    All sounds cheap...but £300 a week over 40 weeks (not sure what we pay over a year) is another £12k to find. Then other current players come in knowing the club have bust their wage ceiling / structure demanding increases. It upsets the apple cart for sure.  I’m sure you were buzzing when we signed Quigley weren’t you....exactly what we needed....oh no another dud signed by guarantees Rodney’s going to carry on as he has done either.
  5. Bolton

    Do you know that they aren’t trying? 
  6. Bolton

    Bear in mind we are already operating at a loss last year and will be doing so this coming season. 
  7. Bolton

    And yet people still want owners at FC Halifax Town to show 'ambition' and spend more money than what the club could realistically afford...... This is what happens and will keep happening to clubs across the country. 
  8. Excuses started already

    Would have to believe that Odelusi and Macleod would have been a couple of the highest earners of last season given where they came from. I would be surprised is Odelusi is still here, same with Kosylo maybe. Hopefully the recruitment is good and we can have a good start and get the feel good factor back then kick on.  I really do think we have the basis of a good team, Johnson, Duckworth/Hanson, Clarke, Brown, Maher, Berrett, King....a few quality additions at LB, Winger and fingers crossed Rodney and we will go close to playoffs hopefully. 
  9. Excuses started already

    Agree with this fully....but the title is excuses started already rather than manager isn’t trying to sell season tickets
  10. Excuses started already

    The teams you mentioned, the players you mentioned are one -offs. Don’t happen on a regular basis. I am ambitious in my support of town but wouldn’t want the club to be put at jeopardy. Has JF said he isn’t looking for those types of So carrying on ‘assuming’ and telling a tale to match your own views. 
  11. Excuses started already

    Agree....but I think people want a massive influx of cash for the manager to sign whatever he wants. He understands the pool we are fishing in. With regards to the previous set up under aspin, with McClelland in tow we did unearth these gems. But let’s not think JF isn’t trying, he has signed some players who haven’t worked out but some also have. 
  12. Excuses started already

    What is ambition? DB throws loads of cash at it, we don’t get promoted, pulls out, we are left with players on a massive wage that we can’t get rid of, club goes bust, piss through evo stick again, get to conference then do same again? 
  13. Excuses started already

    We all want to win the league of course..... but let’s be realistic ffs
  14. Excuses started already

    Talk about overreaction....that’s his assessment of where we are at. He’s not necessarily moaning, if he had £100000 more he would probably want more, that’s natural for all of us. Most on here are just looking for a way to get at him. Maybe he’s trying to educate some of us who think we know everything and think that quality players just come running to sign for the mighty fc Halifax town. Part way through last season I thought the club didn’t have an option to but to get rid of him but they didn’t and we stayed up comfortably. Credit to the board for sticking by him.  Certain people who were anti heath wouldn’t have a good word said about him either.  I think he’s earned his chance to take us in to next season and I’m looking forward to seeing who stays and goes. 
  15. Where’s Wally Fullarton ?

    Maybe he thought if people can’t be bothered to spell my name correctly whilst slagging me off on the message board then I cant be bothered going to the end of season awards.  Who knows why he wasn’t there, maybe he had personal problems, maybe he didn’t want to go, maybe he was told not to say it’s disgusting without knowing why he didn’t attend is outrageous in itself. You’re assuming he couldn’t be bothered because that’s what you want to believe.