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  1. Dagenham Today’s game

    Wears his heart on his sleeve....just above the Halifax bathrooms logo!!! Sorry!!!! In all fairness I don’t think the players are behind the manager. That’s just my opinion. Even with Heath, the ability might not have been there in a lot of players but rarely could you say they didn’t ‘put a shift in’ so to speak.  Anyway, on to the game.....come on town. 
  2. Dagenham Today’s game

    Hate being that one....apologies 
  3. Dagenham Today’s game

    Northern Powerhouse Commercials.......Yorkshire Timber? 
  4. Michael Collins situation

    Plenty of players have left the club for better opportunities....were they uncomitted or just making a good decision for their family and themselves? No one can question how committed Collins was when playing for us, and I know how proud he was to play for his hometown club. 
  5. Michael Collins situation

    So if Kosylo or Brown get a more lucrative offer from a club and they took it for the benefit of their family are they uncommitted? Players aren’t fans. Collins wanted to play for town this season which was stopped by Jamie Fullarton. Fine if things are going well but even stevie wonder can see what we are lacking. 
  6. Michael Collins situation

    You are a bell end....who would turn down the Bradford city job if in the same position he was. He didn’t apply it was put in front of him. 
  7. Michael Collins situation

    Thanks Jamie Fullarton.....get out of our club. Football decision Collins comes back unfortunately JF has his own agenda to the detriment of our club.  
  8. Michael Collins situation

    Following Orients relegation Collins was offered a chance to coach at Bradford. He took this opportunity but regretted retiring not long after as he could still offer something playing wise. Billy offered him the opportunity to play with his hometown club that would allow him to keep coaching at Bradford (at the age of 30 naturally you are looking at the longer term and he is a clever lad too). He signed and basically pulled us out of the **** imo as we became less of a long ball team and a team that began to play a bit of football.  Then he was offered the Bradford City Head Coach (not manager) role. Who in their right mind would turn that opportunity down (if anyone says they would then they have little ambition in their life). He accepted and then was unfairly sacked imo after no time whatsoever. Maybe after that experience he wants to continue playing as long as he can before he returns to a coaching or management role. 
  9. Chesterfield

    Greygoose.....i dont know who you are.....but EVERYTHING you have said here is true!
  10. Chesterfield

    Haha haha 
  11. Chesterfield

    Hadn’t kicked a ball in 7 months before aldershot game and was our best player by a mile from then on. Mark my words when he begins playing for his next club there will be some raised eyebrows at to why he’s ended up there. 
  12. Realistic Expectations.

    If this is true it’s criminal.....JF putting his own interests before the clubs and fans
  13. Realistic Expectations.

    Was Collins offered a full time contract? 
  14. Realistic Expectations.

    Scot, he was already the under 18’s head coach / manager when he signed for town last season wasn’t he? a role he could combine with playing and training with us. 
  15. Realistic Expectations.

    That’s the side of the job that goes unseen without a doubt.  Out of curiosity Scot do you know if JF has spoken to Collins or vice versa about a possible return? It’s an area we are weak in and given his time with the club last year seems bizarre if there hasn’t been any contact unless something else has happened behind the scenes.