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  1. Do the maths

    Throwing money at a team in our league is no guarantee of getting promotion. 1st place gets it and this will be the best team over the season, places 2-7 are in with a shot with a couple of cup finals at the end of the season. I think we may be waiting a while for promotion but I think we have a shot of top 7 this season. Really happy with how the club/board as a whole are going about this without jeopardising the future of the club. 
  2. Michael Collins

    Yeh he left us for a club in a lower division???
  3. Michael Collins

    How do you know if you will or won’t make it unless you try? 
  4. Michael Collins

    Not many John Terry’s about these days at any level. We are merely a stepping stone...
  5. Michael Collins

    I suspect if our current players had the offer from a higher placed team on more money they would take it and we are effectively their back up plan....players are not supporters!!!!!  Collins best player I’ve seen at the shay in my time. 
  6. Tomlinson Interview - Courier

    Problem was we never really saw him under Heath. People saying he has played his best football under JF which is kind of correct however he didnt play ANY under Heath.  No one is mentioning the fact that he doesnt score goals now because the team as a collective is doing well and long may it continue. The lad has ability and always puts the graft in that some others don't.  Personally thought with the signings of Mcleod and Odelusi would leave him on the bench but well done to him for effectively making himself undroppable at the moment. His corners are on the money nearly every time and something Connor Oliver could only dream of. Appears to be a big influence behind the scenes too which when you have a relatively young team is valuable in itself. 
  7. Sinnott

    I cant see Sinnott fitting in our current team and dont think we will be in the market for him. Problem that Chesterfield have is moving a player on who they deem not good enough for them. Sinnott went from part time to full time on a 2 year deal i think his wage will be more than what most teams in our league would pay a player of his level. He is effectively just running his contract down, if he wanted to leave he can as Chesterfield have made him available on a free but he would have to reduce his wage demands i suspect and possibly go back to the Conf North. 
  8. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    Kieren o’regan doing a guest appearance at Acapulco this Friday....
  9. attendances

    Generally as you move down the leagues the more emphasis will be on ticket sales (%age will be higher) and shows why ticket pricing seems disproportionate to most when comparing say Hudds and Town or even Bradford and Town.....we really are pissing in to the wind.  Really good article though for future reference when someone on here says they can go and watch Huddersfield for less than town. One thing I do really believe tho is as you go down the leagues, a higher proportion of fans are real fans and not glory supporters so to speak. I think our attendances the last few years have shown our core support to be impressive in my eyes. 
  10. Sponsorship

    My son was mascot against Barrow and I feel the need to say how happy he was. It cost £195, and you get the full kit in that (£65). 2 adults and 1 child’s entrance and meals, programmes etc. As soon as we got there Ben took my son to the.dressing room to meet the players with photos etc.  Throughtout the night he kept checking that all was ok and it was, I couldn’t be happier and neither could my lad who begged for a photo with Kosylo who duly obliged later in the evening in the bar area.  I reallly couldn’t fault the whole thing. And would encourage parents to go for this whenever they can. 
  11. 5/4 Braintree win

    5/4 Braintree suggests 44% chance they win and 21/10 Town suggests 32%.  As negative as some people seem to be on here I am quietly confident this season. For who has been announced I think we have a strong (albeit young looking) starting 11 but may lack the depth in certain areas.  Rowley Ducky - brown - Clarke - sellars  maher - staunton mekhi - king - tommo  southwell (Kosylo can’t start imo although I would say he would be better in this formation than tommo) 
  12. Jamies Coffee Morning

    Peniket springs to my mind as being someone who was played out wide (out of natural position) but grafted his balls off for the team to the detriment of his own scoring ratio.  Oooo just remembered when Aspin played James dean out wide.....good times 
  13. Jamies Coffee Morning

    Agree with this if he plays wide. When played down middle against guiseley his finish was exquisite so he has it in his locker. Looks like he will play wide this season and I feel we have a good un in Southwell through middle so I am happy. 
  14. Tonight's Bod meeting

    They are commited to themselves as much as we don’t want to hear that that’s the reality of it. Matty brown came across as our most committed player last season but I’m sure if a league club came calling offering more money he would consider leaving and who could blame him. Players aren’t fans of the club they play for with a few exceptions of course 
  15. Tonight's Bod meeting

    He is - he asked why they don’t love him anymore