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  1. Michael Collins

    Hanley was impressive if looking a little raw at times. My point is players like Collins playing in a disciplined defensive role allows players like Hanley to focus on the offensive side of the game and not worry as much defensively.  Mcdonald under Heath did a lot of defensive work probably to the detriment of himself but to help the team by following the managers instructions. 
  2. Michael Collins

    How do you know that Fullarton didn’t tell him to play deep as a defensive 2 protecting the back 4 so the 3-1 in front have the licence to attack rather than defend too deep as they did under Heath, for example wingers under Heath played too deep but didn’t last night. 
  3. Michael Collins

    Are you for real fella? Shocking in what way.....
  4. Tube Victory Dance!

    I know I said it niggles me!!
  5. Tube Victory Dance!

    And not many of those have been seen down the shay this season.  Its a little gripe I have and it niggles away at me....the people who go to Wembley and the play off final tell everyone they are town fans of many years and through and through (I know many people like this personally)....comes to a season like this and they are asking you on a Wednesday morning what score the town game was last night  gggggrrrrrr
  6. Worrying comments from Bosomworth

    It is circa £4K a month for the ground excluding match day operating costs such as stewarding etc. To re-iterate what Angus says above, this comes out of our ‘budget’ where other teams who own their ground don’t suffer the rent element but obviously do the match day costs. Comparing clubs based on crowd numbers doesn’t really work on this basis and I agree to extent we are probably at our level now in the national. Other clubs are moving forward such as Salford so it may get harder for us in the near future as going full time doesn’t guarantee promotion however it is now the norm in this division. 
  7. Leyton Orient (H)

    Collins not just there to protect the back 4 though is he, he provides experience that we don’t have within the team and coordinates others around him. Plus he is the best passer in our team without doubt. 
  8. Leyton Orient (H)

    Brown looks to play it out from the back more often than not (Garner being the worst for knocking it long) and I think his aimless punts are due to the fact that some of our midfielders turn their back and don't want to receive the ball from him or assume he is going to knock it long. Collins is someone who is happy to show for the ball as he is someone who has a confidence in possession and in his ability and we should look to utilise this as it will bring the opposition out a bit to close him down thus creating space for our attack minded players if we can the ball to them. Couldn't agree more to AFC's proposed team, I really like the look of that team but I am not so sure it is a game where Billy will gamble on what would be a relatively new formation in what I see as a must win game. Anyway, looking forward to the game. Lets remember we are there to support the team and not immediately get on the managers back if we go one nil down. Come on Shaymen.
  9. Leyton Orient (H)

    Johnson Duckworth - Brown - Garner - Wilde Josh - Collins - Hibbs or Clarke - Kosylo Denton - Tuton
  10. FA Trophy

    Heath can lose tonight.....if we win 5-0 the haters will say we should have lost on purpose and the trophy is just a distraction....and if we lose they will say we needed to win for the momentum!
  11. FA Trophy

    Going to set a question here that even I cant answer myself: If you had the choice of Relegation and FA Trophy Final win or staying up this season which would most people choose?
  12. Breaking news

    Excellent signing, loads of experience with a lot still to give!!
  13. Breaking news

    Not on loan!
  14. Breaking news

    New signing and a good one too!!! 
  15. This week was the perfect time for Heath to go

    How exactly is he ruining the club? He got us promoted for god sake. Yes we are in a bad run of form but we are Halifax Town that is going to happen at some point irrespective of who is in charge. Dropping crowds has happened before and will happen again even when Billy is no longer with us.  We need to realise that given the part-time status and budget that we have to work with in comparison to most of the clubs in the league will likely see us finish in the mid to lower end of the Conference national barring anything exceptional happening.