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  1. I see Specsavers are our latest pitch Partners, maybe they should have asked them to sponsor the referees facilities.
  2. Maher was seen limping at the game.
  3. How many teams have got 7 joint leading scorers.
  4. On another day a couple of their yellows could have been red.
  5. It seemed ok the first half but as it got dark it was not easy to spot who was who at the other end of the pitch and once or twice I mistook the ref for a player.
  6. Do we know the final total yet.
  7. They had lots of possession in places that could not do any harm but apart from the deflected shot that hit the bar and a couple of balls across the goalmouth that we dealt with they did not threaten. possession is not everything.
  8. townmad

    Josh Mac

    I think Wild hinted at it when he said he needed game time, at the moment it does not look like he will get it here.
  9. Last time I went to Oldham was when John Farley played for us on loan, in fact I think that is the only time I have been there.
  10. Just been looking to see how you go about ordering a shirt, I can't see anywhere that it says anything about supporters club discount and they are wanting to charge postage when I would want to go and collect it. Anyone have any news when they will be on sale without having to pre order.
  11. townmad


    Hogan couldn't get a look in with Vardy and Gregory in front of him and it was his choice to go.
  12. He left very suddenly and I got the impression it was something to do with the interviews. JF did seem very difficult to interview.
  13. townmad


    Only goal in a 1-0 pre season win. A real scorcher from well outside the box.
  14. It's promising that the trialists who played Saturday turned up again. Could be they really want to play for us or just desperate to get a club. Cue people putting spin on it from both directions. If England had the sort of spin on Sunday we get on here we would not have needed the golden over to decide the match.
  15. A new owner can't sell the ground (it's council owned ). Abbott tried and got nowhere due to the vigilance of town fans.
  16. Isn't Kitrick at Telford now?.
  17. I had a letter last year threatening me because I had not payed that months tax. The only thing was, I had payed it two days before it was due and when I rang to complain the guy on the phone started to argue with me saying I hadn't paid. I had printed off the acknowledgement from the council saying thank you for the payment and was sat looking at the page on my laptop with the payment going out of my bank. Eventually he accepted I had paid when I offered to take the relevant paperwork to him and he could stick it where the sun doesn't shine. He then tried to lecture me on the merits of paying it off in full when the bill arrives or paying by direct debit. I asked to be transferred to a superior, the phone went dead and I am still waiting for an explanation and a apology. So nothing this council does surprises me.
  18. Nobody has mentioned his assistant, has he walked as well or is he still with the club.
  19. Isn't Phil Brown working on his tan somewhere on the other side of the world.
  20. Paul Cox has been mentioned, isn't he the guy who signed about 40 players for Guiseley the season they got relegated. Made a mess of things at Barrow as well. ?
  21. What about all the costs incurred putting the game on, if you were to agree to pay the costs I'm sure they would agree to let people in for free.
  22. The total silence from JF is a puzzle, No interviews from him on the player since the Bromley game last season and no comments about any of the new players.?
  23. townmad


    looked a good player for us pre season but went downhill fast.
  24. I could never understand the way Nicky Gray was abused by some people, it seems someone has to be the fall guy every season. Maher got it for most of last season until the penny dropped with most about the job he was doing. I can remember the abuse Jon Brown got in the conference winning season and ended up getting the players player of the year award.
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