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  1. 1952/53 season.
  2. Leeds

    Both finished with 10 men and umpteen yellow cards shown.
  3. Leeds

    Full time 2-4 Derby through.
  4. Sheff Utd....

    Sam Graham who we had on loan back end of 2017/18 and started on loan at Oldham this season but hardly started is now on loan at a team in Australia. It seems that Julian Banton is still at Sheffield Utd. Both looked to have a good future in the game on their showing for us.
  5. Playoffs

    Things appear far from rosy at Ebsfleet according to todays NLP. The players still not had Aprils wages and the chairman has refused to meet them.
  6. Pitch Renovation

    It doesn't help with the South Stand blocking the sunlight. There is little problem with the end in front of the North Stand that gets full sunlight.

    Most of these Salford players will be replaced next season. It is like Rushden and Diamonds when we won. Their star players had it easy in the conference and weren't good enough to go into the league. Salford will splash the cash and those they can't release will be loaned out or left to rot in the reserves.
  8. Kevin Roberts

    It wouldn't surprise me to see Stockport move for him.
  9. Clarke

    You would hope we have targets but getting them signed is  another matter. Playing football is not a long career and you can't blame the likes of Duckworth hanging on for the best offer available. It might be a bit unpalatable but  some players will not fall over themselves to sign for us. Who we want and who we can afford are two very different matters.
  10. Thinking Back - Thanks

    Wasn't he the lad they nicknamed Teflon because nothing ever stuck.
  11. Kevin Keegan

    Didn't David Bairstow play against us for Bradford City.
  12. Thinking Back - Thanks

    Is that Geoff Hutt nearest the keeper. Could also be Harris (5) and Dunleavey (2).
  13. Lee Gregory

    Vardy was at Sheff Weds but I thought he was at Utd. According to wikepedia he started off at Sheff Utd Academy.
  14. The Shay & The council

    Don't Know just seen the scaffolding and the metalwork round the side and back looks very rusty.
  15. The Shay & The council

    There's been scaffolding up at the side of the South Stand for a few weeks now, it looks like they are doing some painting.
  16. Random image of the day

    Isn't he the manager at Trafford.
  17. Thinking Back

    Archie Taylor and Dennis Fiddler, what a pair to have on the wings.
  18. Squad 2019/20

    His history when he came was either centre back or full back, he has now added another string to his bow as a very good defensive midfield man. His job is to stop attacks getting through the centre from midfield and that job although vital can be missed by fans. Jon Brown was a vital cog in the team that won promotion to the league (was voted players player of the season) but came in for some real stick from some sections of the crowd.
  19. Lee Gregory

    Wasn't he a junior at Sheff Utd before he went to Mansfield, there does not seem many that play for both Sheff clubs.
  20. 19/20 player rumours

    I would say Peter Downsborough was as good if not better that Smith, he had the height that Smith lacked that stopped him from having a long career higher up. Another great keeper for us was Terry Gennnoe.
  21. Players Relased

    He didn't play all that much under Heath, it was only when JF took over that he got regular game time.
  22. Random image of the day

    Wasn't it Barry White who played a game at centre half once when we had an injury crisis.
  23. Brighouse Town

    Thinking of going to that one.
  24. Sheff Utd....

    This was after one of the Leeds players (Bamford) had thrown himself to the floor and got a Villa player sent off. Even then one of the Leeds players tried to prevent them scoring. The rest of the Leeds players and manager did not appear happy with the player who tried to stop the walk through goal.
  25. Areas you'd improve for Next season??

    If Born to Moan was given a free season ticket and £10.00 at the turnstile when he bothered to attend he would still moan that he wasn't given the £10.00 when he didn't bother to turn up.