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  1. Random image of the day

    Unused sub for Curzon yesterday.
  2. The Shayman who won the Victoria Cross

    The portrait was at one time displayed in the Yorkshire Rider Club and it is possibly now in the Banksfield Museum.
  3. Welcome to Huddersfield - EX premier league town

    John Crowther was the guy who went round teams cap in hand canvasing for votes to keep us in the league and also went to the meetings where the votes were cast and he said on more than one occasion that Huddersfield never voted for us to stay in.
  4. Duku and Rodney

    I watched Harrogate v Salford on BT Sport last night and I would rather have Rodney to any of their strikers. Redmond and Gaffney didn't look anything special. Green was a late sub and Rooney didn't get off the bench. No sign at all of Lloyd who seems to have only been on the bench recently. 
  5. Duku and Rodney

    I wonder if we have tried to get their loans extended or are they going back after tonight. I would have thought we would have more chance of keeping Duku a bit longer of the two. Perhaps their clubs would allow an extension with a 24 hour recall clause.
  6. Ebbsfleet at Home

    I don't know what some people watch during the games, Maher is like Jon Brown used to be. He does the covering and breaking up of other teams attacks. Most of the season he has stopped players with pace getting the run on Brown and Clark. It was noticeable on Saturday what the value of that role is. Sollihull didn't have anyone in that role and they were exposed to our pace up front for both the goals.
  7. Scotty McManus

    He was already having trouble travelling and it was stated training during the day would have added to his problems.
  8. Ebbsfleet at Home

    It may be a game for king to come back in. It was horses for courses on Saturday and it worked perfectly.
  9. Mekhi McLeod

     I've just watched a clip on youtube from his time at Hartlepool and he scored some very good goals and set up quite a few. 
  10. Mekhi McLeod

    Now playing for Coggeshall Town in the Bostik North league. Signed for Welling when he left us so there is something wrong for him to drop so low so soon. He looked to have the ability so effort and attitude has to be questioned.
  11. Did anyone spot this earlier?

    If you put one of them on the shoulders of the other they would be about the same height as Duku or Rodney. Now they were a good pairing for the short period it lasted.
  12. Solihull Thread

    A good all round display. Fullarton got his tactics spot on. After 3 games against them this season he knew they would try to bully us and although it looked an odd line up it worked. It seemed strange leaving King out but they would have probably have targeted him and he was not the player for that sort of game. Their tactic of trying to crowd big Sam at corners was stamped on early by the referee plus the protection our big lads gave took away a lot of threat by a team who play for throw ins, corners and set pieces. All round a satisfying game.
  13. Random image of the day

    You are right of course.
  14. Random image of the day

    That was Ossett Town, last game of the season the year after. The game pictured was the win that virtually clinched promotion to Conference North after we had beaten Garforth, Lancaster and Curzon.
  15. Dover game

    It would not make any sense not to offer him a contract after we have kept him so long while he has been injured.