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  1. Game off

    BPA is quite open and the sun gets to all the pitch, also the decision as to if a game is played is down to the referee but don't let that get in the way of your totally unfair rant.
  2. Shaymen TV

    Although I listen to the interviews more often than not I subscribe mainly for the highlights so I think it's still worthwhile using the service.
  3. A League of their Own

    He's still the manager there.
  4. Richard Marshall

    Wholehearted player who always gave 100% effort and scored some great and important goals for us.
  5. Lets Not Get Carried Away

    Don't recall us having the guy for the trophy match before, he's called Mathew Dicicco.
  6. Lets Not Get Carried Away

    Most of them were a figment of theĀ refs imagination, how he could penalise someone who had two or three players hanging onto him was a complete mystery.
  7. Returning players

    Wasn't it in a cup game?.
  8. Salford City highlights

    I wonder if there is any way all the old highlights from past seasons can be viewed. I have enjoyed going back and watching some of the old footage. There were quite a few memorable games. Garforth, Lancaster and the demolition of Curzon Ashton in the first promotion season. The two wins against FC Utd in the second promotion and the second leg play off against Guiseley and the Brackley final. Those a just a few I enjoyed going back and viewing.
  9. Breaking news

    Give it a few games. If he's a shower of sh!te then he's signed by Heath, if he's good than it's anybody but Heath.
  10. Selby

    If you went down Mill Lane from Illingworth the Hare and Hounds was on the left, played darts and doms there loads of times but never went in the Crown and Anchor.
  11. Any news players Billy?

    Don't let the truth get in the way of someone using anything at hand to try and prove a point.
  12. Barrow

    One or two of them he had two or three defenders hanging onto him but it was still him who was penalised.
  13. Has he been sacked yet?

    I thought James went to Macc last season because they were full time?.
  14. Barrow

    I thought the deline for 5 booking was last week?.
  15. David Bosomworth.

    Didn't someone say Kossy's contract gives us an option for another 12 months.