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  1. commentary

    I wonder what sort of a ban Rooney will get, I remember James Dean being sent off after the final whistle at Guiseley and then grabbing the ref's arm . He got 3 games for the red and a long ban for touching the ref.

    I thought at the time that he was already on nine so that would be a two game ban. Brown must be close as well.
  3. Happy St. Patrick's Day

    Think it was working it's way through his system when he was with us because he was always talking out of his a@se.
  4. Dagenham Tuesday.

    An interesting point, had the ref booked Fondop ( one or two we've had would have done) when he went back to shake his hand and sent him off would the game against Guiseley count as his one game ban even though he can't play against them as his parent club.
  5. Cliff Moyo

    It's a good job we don't all show that sort of support for our players.
  6. Woking Thread

    Don't know about Tuton, but Josh still coming back after injury. I can't see Josh not having a part to play when fit.
  7. Dagenham Tuesday.

    I think the point he is making is that Barrow would not have been voted out if Radford had not scored that goal for Hereford.
  8. On this day in 1991

    Kelly did enough damage to virtually ensure we were relegated.
  9. On this day in 1991

    Was that the same Kelly who thought we played well at Grimsby when they slaughtered us 7-0 and eased of in the end or it would have been a lot more.
  10. Come on Chester

    Wrexham manager Keats still moaning about the goal we scored against them, Gareth Seddon doing summary.
  11. Woking Thread

    I remember someone talking about winning at sport (forgot who it was) who said he could tolerate someone being a bad loser because it showed they cared about winning or losing, what he couldn't do with was a bad winner, it just showed a total lack of class.
  12. Sutton

    If I remember correctly we didn't exactly bust a gut in the game at Northwich, it had been a long hard season and it was job done at Kidderminster.
  13. Tonight's Games

    All 3 lost.
  14. Today`s only Game

     Oh I'm sorry  I didn't realise you had memory problems, I suppose that explains a lot of what you post on here I thought it was just selective memory you suffered from.
  15. British Pie Week

    Was that George Holt from Southoram the former town player?.