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  1. 19/20 player rumours

    I don't think their being on holiday will stop the search for players.
  2. 19/20 player rumours

    .It says on the Harrogate website for Both Stead and the signing before him, subject to ratification by the F.A. and National league on1st July. So maybe we are not prepared to announce signings until the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed ?.
  3. 19/20 player rumours

    Call it what you like he still will not play for Macc against us in the league.
  4. 19/20 player rumours

    Not unless they send him out on loan, they are in division 2.
  5. Season Tickets.

    Didn't we sign Odelusi and McCleod early last season.
  6. So why keep blaming it on last season and the lack of signings.
  7. I don't think many who are intending to watch Town this season will not get a season ticket, it would not make sense to not have one. If as usual we have until the end of July (I got mine at the last home game against Wrexham). With nearly two months left their is plenty of time for both signings to be announced and for season tickets to be bought.
  8. 1952/53 season.
  9. Leeds

    Both finished with 10 men and umpteen yellow cards shown.
  10. Leeds

    Full time 2-4 Derby through.
  11. Sheff Utd....

    Sam Graham who we had on loan back end of 2017/18 and started on loan at Oldham this season but hardly started is now on loan at a team in Australia. It seems that Julian Banton is still at Sheffield Utd. Both looked to have a good future in the game on their showing for us.
  12. Playoffs

    Things appear far from rosy at Ebsfleet according to todays NLP. The players still not had Aprils wages and the chairman has refused to meet them.
  13. Pitch Renovation

    It doesn't help with the South Stand blocking the sunlight. There is little problem with the end in front of the North Stand that gets full sunlight.

    Most of these Salford players will be replaced next season. It is like Rushden and Diamonds when we won. Their star players had it easy in the conference and weren't good enough to go into the league. Salford will splash the cash and those they can't release will be loaned out or left to rot in the reserves.
  15. Kevin Roberts

    It wouldn't surprise me to see Stockport move for him.