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  1. Maidstone highlights

    I can't see how the challenge on Southwell could be anything but a penalty, even if the ref was unsighted the lino must have had a clear view, We looked to have a good shout for handball in the box and the only dispute over the Quigley incident should have been was it in the box or just outside.
  2. Cameron King.

    Just as well it's almost the end of the transfer window, a few more man of the match displays could alert league clubs. We only have to worry about the moneybags conference clubs for this season then.
  3. Lee Gregory

    When he is told to wind his neck in is it because he also tries to eat it whilst it is still in his pocket .
  4. Selby Town

    Players all prefer playing to training, so the ones from the bench and the stand from Saturday could keep up their fitness and it might give Quigley a chance to get a bit more match fitness and perhaps a goal or too to help his confidence in front of goal.
  5. Josh Macdonald in physio

    Ludden stepping up his physio by appearing on the BBC's greatest dancer programme on a Saturday night ( the nearest he would ever get to breaking sweat on a Saturday).
  6. Lee Gregory

    If they want to get something for him they will have to sell in this window or he will go on a free at the end of the season when he is out of contract.
  7. Josh Macdonald in physio

    Isn't Ross Clegg due back anytime now?.
  8. Quigley

    McDonald had done a lot of work on his strength and he wasn't knocked of the ball that easy last season, he also did a good job of working back and had improved his fitness. If he can regain the sort of form he was showing just before his injury he will be a real threat.
  9. Tony Flower

    I can't recall Flower  shoulder charging the keeper but I can remember Ian Lawther doing it at the bus sheds end, the keeper turned side onto him and the goal was given, in todays game it would probably be a yellow or red card and not a goal.
  10. 5th Jan 1980

    Mick Kennedy lived in West Vale and Dave Evans and Dave Harris both lived within doors of each other in Greetland.
  11. Kosy

    Kosy hasn't been the same player since he missed that chance to put us in front against Wimbledon.
  12. New Year's Day.

    Watching the highlights on the Vanarama site has made me realise that Harrogate scored a very similar goal against us in a !-0 win a couple of years ago. Both looked to be total flukes and meant to be crosses.
  13. Shag Mac

    Shaquille Mcdonald.
  14. Quigley signs!

    Quigley, and if he would be ok to play in the trophy.
  15. Shag Mac

    Looked useful but a bit lightweight, he's young enough to fill out a bit and still progress.