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  1. The Shay Sunday Market

    Was very busy while it lasted with a good variety of goods for sale, I got the impression that local shop keepers put pressure on the council to make life awkward for them.
  2. Boreham Wood Thread

    That's him out of the cup game against Tranmere then.
  3. Boreham Wood Thread

    Who is out of the squad to make way for King.
  4. Neil Aspin

    I think Nogan has gone with him to Vale.
  5. Wrexham game thread

    On paper the players they have signed should make them one of the favourites for the league, perhaps they were having an off night.
  6. Wrexham game thread

    Jennings got his booking because it was his second foul on Mac within a few minutes. the first foul was a booking every day of the week but it was so early the ref probably didn't want to start giving card out so early. He didn't really have a choice after the second.
  7. Gary Mills

    What on earth were the board thinking of appointing Billy Heath when we could have kept the man who helped to get us relegated and destroyed  Altrincham with signings like Simon Lenighan. If they had been a bit more careful in who they chose they could have picked a man who could get us promoted straight back up and put us 3 points behind the leaders with a quarter of the season gone.
  8. Fleet thread

    If we had not had such bad luck we would probably be top now. With two centerbacks and a rightback missing with Moyo not fully fit we are doing well to stay in the hunt. It's frustrating that we have not got anyone in but Heath has stated they have to be the right signings.
  9. Is stalybridge our nadir

    John Carroll was 57 when he died.
  10. Points watch

    Garner has two more matches out.
  11. David Brooks

    I think Williams played for the Welsh B team.
  12. resignations

    Why don't we agree to ground share with somebody and then the money from the sale of their ground could go towards improving the Shay. Oh wait a minute!
  13. We're off to meet the Fleet

    Was that the game when their ground staff just stood around at halftime watching the puddles develop making no effort to get rid of the surface water.
  14. Bromley Thread

    Laugh of the afternoon was the Bromley manager going mental when the useless lino on the nearside didn't spot a nick off a town player and gave us a throw. After he had got plenty wrong in favour of Bromley including missing "the goal" his one mistake in our favour brought a ridiculous reaction from him.
  15. Orient Away

    Who was fouled for the penalty, the updates said it was Tomlinson, the official site report said Denton and Morgan said it was him.