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  1. King looks more of a playmaker than a holding mid, he looks really busy in the 10-15 yard area outside the opposition area.
  2. Bolton match thread

    Kossy played  left wing at Brighouse and didn't come on yesterday. Mcleod played right wing at Brighouse and left wing yesterday, he looks equally a handful on either side.
  3. Tonight’s big game

    I think it was said at the curry night that Cham had been given a contract.
  4. Tonight’s big game

    Much better than Saturday, a lot less trialists and played much more like a team. Odelusi and Preston much improved displays and nobody was really poor.
  5. New Signings

    Has he left yet, according to Chadders he was here for a few weeks yet.?
  6. Halifax Courier

    Has anybody else had trouble getting onto their site. It tells you to login and when you do it tells you the information you have submitted is incorrect and when you try to change details there is an overlay you cannot remove when you try to reset password.
  7. Mike fondom talom

    Over 50 pages on Wrexham forum about him, not a lot of happy people.
  8. Physio

    What has he done.
  9. Matty Pearson

    I thought the position Aspin had him playing in was his best position, he was very good at playing across the front of the defense breaking attacks up.
  10. Jake Hibbs

    A good lad who always gave 100% but if we are to progress we have to have better. New lad an attacking midfielder who has played for Scotland under 21s.
  11. July 7th

    That round is played on the Friday and Saturday so maybe if England get there and are playing Saturday we could switch to Friday night.
  12. Signings so far?.

    Nothing likely to happen today, the office is shut all day, it's the golf day.
  13. Connor Thomson

    Fullarton must have seen something in him, his first game or two he seemed ok then seemed to lose all confidence.
  14. Michael Collins

    City fans not happy with the talk of it being Collins.
  15. Josh MacDonald

    He was on crutches late on in the season, I think he picked up another injury after returning to training.