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  1. Ben Tomlinson

    It seems to be a thing with that sort of injury that they have to wait quite a while before they can assess the extent of the damage.
  2. 10th Nov 1998 Halifax Town vs Chester City

    That's what was being said at the time, he was said to have been less than complimentary about some of the players who had won promotion and Hulme waited his chance in a training game. Didn't Butler miss the first game at Peterborough through an injury picked up in training.
  3. Alfreton v Nuneaton

    They started to go downhill after Denton was sold.
  4. 10th Nov 1998 Halifax Town vs Chester City

    He stood down around that time as did Holland, it was never said who was responsible for the link up with Nationwide but it was strange that both Stockwell and Holland should go at the point of one of the clubs brightest points. It was going around at the time that them and George going was all to do with Peter Butler being brought in behind their backs.
  5. 25 years ago today - West Brom at home

    O'Regan didn't cover himself with glory but went on to be immense for us.
  6. 10th Nov 1998 Halifax Town vs Chester City

    I always liked Radcliffe as a player but lost all respect for him after he took that cheap shot at Hulme, JIM Brown had a bit of an agenda with Hulme after he took exception to Peter Butler calling the players who had come up "pub team players" and used the incident to get him out of the club.
  7. Only if we had a striker

    Denton was on the bench and came on near the end, didn't he score in the last round for Chesterfield ?.
  8. Best Game you ever saw !!

    That was the game that Barry Holmes scored with a header, great picture of it in the courier.
  9. Best Game you ever saw !!

    Not the best I have seen us play but one of the most entertaining was Bishop Auckland away in the FA Cup. A snow covered pitch and us playing for a replay. During the second half we did little other than kick the ball as far into the cricket pitch (that bordered most of one side)  as they could. The snow must have been about a foot deep and their players had to wade through it. There was very little time added on in those days if any at all, if there had been there would have been about half of that half to add on.
  10. Best Game you ever saw !!

    I think it was Pearson who put the center in for Johnson. I was right in line behind the net when he smashed it in.
  11. Goole tonight

    The disturbing thing is that he didn't use Odelusi last night, leaving me to think he is maybe planning to start him on Saturday.
  12. Goole tonight

    He's 42.
  13. The Media Team

    I doubt very much that they will be expected to do it at their own expense.
  14. Morcambe

  15. Edwards

    I thought the figure mentioned was far more than that?.