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  1. Air Ambulance Charity Shop

    I don't recognise this, Hoddie. Where did you get it from?
  2. Air Ambulance Charity Shop

    Paul Gowland.
  3. Halifax Gala..

    Shame about the weather, but our "big screen" showing clips from last season and advertising season tickets looked really professional. Above everything else, we attend to remind the good people of Halifax that we are their team. The value of marketing can always be questioned, but I reckon anyone seeing the presentation would have been impressed!
  4. Notts County Article£35m-my-wife-is-not-happy/ar-AABxOa8?li=AAnZ9Ug
  5. Bolton

    It's a long time since I read so much about bolton.
  6. Halifax v Wrexham programme wanted

    If you're still looking, give me a call on 07708 016040. I've finished reading mine, so it's free to a good home.
  7. Obscure Day Jobs.

    I think you'll find it was his dad Olly who was the actor.
  8. John also told me the same thing. To be more exact, he said the 2 teams that always voted against us were Udders and Liverpool. For obvious reasons, he could see why Udders did this, but he could never understand what the Scousers had against us. Weird.
  9. £199

    I don't recall being particularly critical of pricing, but if I have, I take it all back!
  10. Barometer of multi colours

    The only thing I've ever seen cause you high blood pressure was when you said you were an "ex-Duke", and Andrew Marney thought you'd been a speedway rider!
  11. Colwyn Bay

    When the "national" Welsh league was set up, I seem to recall that Colwyn Bay and Merthyr Tydfil refused to join it, and were then forced to play their home matches in England. The Welsh league obviously wanted them involved at that time.
  12. I actually thought we'd done better recently because we've at last realised that six defending doesn't leave a lot of scope for attacking. From the above comments, it would appear that it's a complete co-incidence that playing with more men forward results in us scoring more goals. Next we'll be hearing a striker's job isn't to score goals.....
  13. Meeting with Mr B

    I'm still waiting for my e-mail reply, so can't help.
  14. Things are getting funky at Blackpool...

    No response from DJ Funky? I fear for his health......
  15. 18th Jan 1969 - Bradford City vs Halifax Town

    2 seasons out, I'm afraid. Fair play league was 1970-71.