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  1. Fylde Tuesday

  2. Fylde Tuesday

    we can wish, it would seem the purse is completely empty.
  3. Robbie Weir

    Truly terrible last few seasons, sign him up he will fit in well here...
  4. Nearly halfway to safety

    50 points is safety. I'm wondering if poster is looking at last spot which has historically been around 40pts. Should read; Nearly Half way to not finishing rock bottom. Up fullartons barmy army 
  5. Gateshead match thread

    Grow up.
  6. Lee gregory

    Would imagine it would be the old Loan until window opens with a pre arranged deal for January. However in all honesty cannot see it happening 
  7. Club statement regarding lenighan signing

    Absolutely fair play, he's still a **** footballer tho.
  8. Lee gregory

    The buying club would pay the full fee then the recieving club would distribute the sell ons as agreed to whatever club so I guess it doesn't really matter who the buying club is, I imagine it would be negotiated as part of the total transfer.
  9. Lee gregory

    I have done it a couple of times on football manager if that counts, and yes it reduced the outlay by whatever the percentage agreed was.
  10. Signings So Far Part 3

    Light at the back, otherwise looking like it could be an interesting / decent season
  11. New Signings

    Let to believe he was offered a contract but has chosen wrectum instead.
  12. Jacob Blyth - Barrow

    Josh kay, also linked here signed for barrow
  13. Squad 2018/19

    Ah yes very true. No bloody idea then
  14. Squad 2018/19

    Iirc Moyo works as an NHS physio so wouldn't be able to commit to full time, if my memory serves me correctly
  15. Josh MacDonald

    When did we re sign James Bolton then?