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  1. Flea AWOL

    Fleas not gone anywhere, he's just blocked so many people he doesn't see any posts and comments. Still see him stood looking all 'important' at the Shay watching the game through his mobile phone camera.
  2. C'mon Solihull

    3-2 down in extra time
  3. FA Cup Schools & Junior Football Clubs Offer

    yes exactly what I'm saying, isn't the schools initiative just for the Wimbledon game or is that for the foreseeable not just the Wimbledon game? if there saying under 16s free for Wimbledon game and also any school footballers under 16 free just for the Wimbledon game then its pointless as under 16s would be free regardless of being a school footballer?   Mark totally agree under 12s should always be free.
  4. FA Cup Schools & Junior Football Clubs Offer

    Admission prices have been agreed as the follows: Adults £15 Senior Concessions £12.00 12-17 years olds – £5 Under 12s – FREE
  5. FA Cup Schools & Junior Football Clubs Offer

    Think you will find it's you whom is wrong.
  6. FA Cup Schools & Junior Football Clubs Offer

    Correct me if I'm wrong but standard admission for under 12s is free. But if your under 12 and play for a school football side your admission is free? The offer is pointless. A nice gesture but not well thought out, maybe football players under 16 would have possibly been better.
  7. Morecambe

    In other news big Tommy Denton smashed a hatrick against billershitty 
  8. Morecambe

    The passion showed by Matty brown at full time summed up that performance, every single player out there gave there absolute all, hats off to all players and management tonight, that first half was like going back to begining of season. Now time to push on next few games will really show if these lot including management have what it takes
  9. Johnson press

    Been bought out so courier going nowhere 
  10. Samnni Odelusi

    looked decent but lacked confidence in the final third, when in and around goal seemed to panic and make wrong choices and / or give the ball away too easily, that said it was definatley an improvement and some confidence and he could certainly become a handful
  11. Admission Prices.

    I also wondered why Burton would be such an inflated price, even if we drew Sunderland away not many would pay 35.00 for the morecombe replay
  12. Billy and Tom

    Given there probable quite close relationship and the fact he lives in golcar probably just tagging along due to being at a lose end tonight and possibly catch up with a few of his ex team mates, brown kossy etc 
  13. FA Cup Draw

    gash draw
  14. Fylde Tuesday

  15. Fylde Tuesday

    we can wish, it would seem the purse is completely empty.