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  1. resignations

    Rumour that they are playing at Keighley next season.
  2. Bromley Thread

    Just home after celebrating in Town for an hour or two, fabulous to see The Shaymen having to dig so deep and battle so hard for a thoroughly deserved three points. Some outstanding performances but Kosylo was out of this world. Great spirit that will take us into the play offs. 20th? We are more likely to finish top as long as we can keep all the players until the end of the season. Not one stand out team in this division, it is wide open and The Shaymen have a great chance.  
  3. Tomorrows Game - Weather

    Pitch will be perfectly playable tomorrow at 3:00.p.m. Nice sunny day has been forecast on Calendar and 3 points for Town forecast by me.
  4. Mark Sampson

      The Witchfinder General
  5. Mark Sampson

    So he has been dismissed without a hearing?
  6. Mark Sampson

    £80,000 in hush money paid by FA earlier in the saga. Perhaps some members of the FA need the boot.
  7. Mark Sampson

    It came to light he was cleared, FA did their sums, 1+1=3
  8. Mark Sampson

    He was cleared of that at the time. So cleared two times then sacked. Witch-hunt.
  9. Mark Sampson

    The striker said unfavourable treatment from FA staff began in February 2014, a month after Sampson was appointed head coach. She said that in video analysis from one match, a coach on the touchline says: 'Her [Aluko's] fitness results are good,' to which another one replies: 'Yeah but she is lazy as f***.' Both were wearing microphones. In another instance, the complaint said a coach could be heard saying: 'F*** off Eni' after she lost possession. The replay analysis is said to have been available to all players. In the complaint Aluko added: 'It is inevitable that such damaging behaviour… has influenced… staff and teammates to be empowered to also attempt to undermine and belittle. I submit that this is the basis of a culture of bullying and harassment. 'I am concerned that this culture of behaviour could be extended to current players or England players in the future.'    Every Coach in England could be under threat if allegations like these lead to such action.
  10. Ronnie Lane...Shayman

    And the Shay fans sang him a song that he mentioned to Michael Parkinson on his Saturday night show.  
  11. Midfield

    Not very often.
  12. Dagenham match thread

    Someone posted a picture of a waterlogged pitch on fchalifaxtown facebook. It is actually St James Park, Exeter. Has someone got lost? 
  13. Ronnie Lane...Shayman

    Brian Ferry and Roxy Music came more than once to Halifax if I remember right and I don't mean to the Vic, you young uns will have to get your older relatives for that info if you never heard of him/them.
  14. Dagenham match thread

    This fixture will be much, much harder than the Orient, this will be a true yardstick as to where The Shaymen are at. A Victory and we are true contenders, even a draw, a loss not the end of the world as two points from the two away fixtures this week would have been acceptable and we already have three points. Heath must field the same positive formation and not revert back and play the invisible man. I do not believe he will and those tactics are a thing of the past...........where they belong.

    It is more amazing how people like you keep bringing up the subject. Heath does not now get much criticism because he is doing what most fans were crying out for, changing that awful style and not playing Denton up front with the invisible man. Enter Adam Morgan who some fans knew was being wasted while warming  the bench, Denton providing for other forwards instead of knocking balls forward that the invisible man could never finish.