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  1. Salford splashing the cash again

    Flat on faces.
  2. Salford splashing the cash again

    From The Posh Forum: Do you think him leaving is going to make our season worse? His first touch is no better than a hungover Sunday League defender.
  3. Bolton match thread

    At £20 a throw I hope you are all completely wrong , The Shay could be a very lonely place if you are right but you never are so no worries.
  4. Absolutely Choked

    He will be in London today with that crowd of miscreants chanting obscenities against The Donald.
  5. Absolutely Choked

    Obviously you were not watching and have been caught up in all the hype, you only have any knowledge of pub football and that is limited. Go watch your hero Heath at Alfreton, you will be much more suited there.
  6. Absolutely Choked

    You are a pub team supporter who will even find it difficult when The Shaymen kick off the season under Fullerton. You are so used to the f@rt and burp  hoof stuff you will need to stand or sit alongside someone to explain what is going on, either that or go down to Alfreton to see your hero Heath.
  7. Absolutely Choked

    Nonsense, pure nonsense. At half time there wasn't an Englishman alive that would have predicted Croatia coming back to win. They were in complete check in the first half but it seemed Southgate thought one goal would be enough. England, unlike in the first half allowed them to play by playing deeper and sending long hopeless balls, Heath style, up to the supposed world class players we had up front, 'supposed' being the key word here. It was the best chance of a World Cup Final lost. Oh we will do it next time, doubt it. 
  8. Absolutely Choked

    Obviously third world countries do not have a hope in hell, stop embarrassing yourself like the pipsqueak does.
  9. Absolutely Choked

    Quite simple really, I can understand the pipsqueak mocking this as a factor (one of many) but I thought you had more sense, what price Faroe Islands or San Marino next time around. 
  10. Absolutely Choked

    You can crawl back into your hole now England are out of the World Cup with the rest of the plastic patriots. Go back to your main pastime of slagging off anyone who shows an ounce of patriotism, Jeremy could be in number 10 soon, you'll love that.
  11. Absolutely Choked

    Exactly, second half was like watching a National North team who had just had a half time team team talk from Billy Heath.
  12. England v Croatia

    We blew it, stop making excuses, blew it big time. Amazing how those who spent the last two years slagging England off on these boards are now sounding  the exact opposite.
  13. Absolutely Choked

    Happy losing to a country with a population 14 times smaller than ours, not me. Blew it big time.
  14. Absolutely Choked

    No danger in the first half, clearly superior, half time team talk must have blown it, looked like a pub team with all those long balls.
  15. Mike fondom talom

    They are Welsh so will not be bothered.