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  1. Leeds

    It is easier to fight amongst ourselves.
  2. Budgets, misery and silence?

    The budget was only a small reason for last seasons dross. The managers tactics were the main reason, especially at home against clubs near the bottom. Bosomworth should be going all out to sign Rodney, then have a word in Fullartons ear. 
  3. 02/08/2019

    Fewer fans attend night games, Saturday afternoons please.

    We need Rodney or someone of the same quality, if not, forget it.
  5. Bolton

    You have to speculate to accumulate.
  6. Bolton

    About 10 grand. Only had 5 goals in 61 games before us. Has only really shone in his time at The Shay. Salford will probably want £250,000.
  7. Bolton

    £15,000,000. How much TV money have they been getting each year?
  8. Matty Warburton - Northampton Town

    Long term injury.
  9. Bolton

    More likely much to do with criminality than living within your means.
  10. Released List

    If you would give him any contract at all you are a fool. It was said sometime before he signed for two years, if that is the case we are stuck with a Dud.
  11. Playoffs

    I said nothing about Cottaging Chris, not something I partake in.
  12. Released List

    Morgan scored more goals in one game than Edwards did all season.
  13. Released List

    Halifax Town are not a benevolent society, he is nowhere near good enough, never will be, get rid.
  14. Playoffs

    Should have one at The Shay.
  15. Not a cat in hell chance of getting that many newbies.