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  1. Appointment urgently needed

    Mr B reminds me of a builder I worked with decades ago, he told me the pay is not good but I was guaranteed a good nights sleep.
  2. Guiseley Manager

    Hate him? Never even heard of him.
  3. Board

    Halifax Town AFC were a Football League team for most of its life. FC Halifax Town were born a Pub team and still are a Pub team. In the pub league.
  4. Ebsfleet

    Just got in from drowning my sorrows in Town after the game. We were looking good until McDonald got injured, he was brilliant, no longer the underweight wimp being knocked off the ball, skillful and quick, can cross a good ball too, certainly a player of the future, hopefully with us. Sorry to say his team mates lost the plot after he left the field. It is not looking good at the moment. Sack Heath and stick with the same formation and tactics at home against an average side? Get a new man in and be quick about it, Young has no ideas of his own.  No blame whatsoever should be aimed at Tuton, he cannot be expected to deliver when the midfield is totally sh1te and devoid of any idea. Most of the team are out of their depth and should return to the pub league where they belong.  Too much is expected from Denton, he started the game up front alone yet got blamed by team mates for the second goal.  Hopefully the new man is a miracle worker 'cos a miracle is what we need to avoid the drop.
  5. Heath to Gainsborough?

    As I have said before, the Stockport Chairman is happy where they are, coining it in. Heath will keep them there,
  6. Rugby

    Summer Rugby eh?
  7. Today's Game

    Total nonsense about Morgan and the six yard box, you obviously are another who watches games through beer goggles, as for Denton he missed two clear chances from a couple of yards, one with his feet, not surprising as he has two left feet, one with his head which was surprising as he is good with that.
  8. Gary Mills isn't the manager

    Bosomworth was saving his penny piles for someone with more idea. He knew it would be like flushing it down the toilet giving it to Heath.
  9. Today's Game

    No more Pub League Managers.
  10. Today's Game

    But drive the manager out with a pitchfork if he is leading us on a downward spiral.
  11. Rugby

    If they play on that it will be ruined for the rest of the season.
  12. Today's Game

    AFC and Erik still lamenting over their poor Billy, oh so poor scapegoat Billy. There was an extra spring in the step of all the players yesterday, Heath was a weight on their shoulders. Get over it.
  13. Today's Game

    Changes the mood of the fans but more importantly the team too.
  14. Today's Game

    1-1 Great result Solihull, Guiseley and Chester lost, Torquay won. Not a bad day.
  15. Today's Game

    You should change your name to Total Bollox.