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  1. Kosylo not sure where his future lies

    Wilder bollox mentioned him above, shall I repost it for you, it is there above my answer to it, Have you just woke up or just plain thick? 
  2. Tranmere thread

    Aye as someone once said, ," you can't win owt with kids"
  3. Kosylo not sure where his future lies

    Kosylo's football career took a step back playing under that Numpty Heath who was anti-football. He turned footballers into f@rt and burp Sunday League players. No apologies for mentioning the Numpty again but as long as anyone brings his name up I'll be giving you a reminder.  
  4. Wenger

    He did not sign them, The Chairman did, Sir Cheap as Chips Keswick.
  5. Sat crowd

  7. Potential signings for next season

    Nothing wrong with the reply. Look at the list in the first post.
  8. Heath to Chester

    Not in the National League, he was completely out of his depth. National North down to Shroggs Park on a Sunday Morning is his true level.
  9. Heath to Chester

    Your thoughts are clouded by last seasons promotion from the pub league, this added to your obvious bias against anything I post. This season is the season in question regarding Heath being the worst ever manager, explained in former post. He went from Hero to Zero. Never before have I seen fans turn and look at each other in sheer bewilderment during a game at The Shay baffled at what was on show on the pitch and decisions made by Heath. Now fans are extremists when pointing out the obvious. Thank heaven for Fullarton. 
  10. Heath to Chester

    As most fans realise, this fact make his actions more baffling as the season went on. After that result up to the day he was sacked never in over 50 years have I left The Shay after so many games absolutely bewildered at witnessing the sh1t on show. He abandoned the one successful strike partnership, his team selections ; substitutions, tactics and attitude were that of a man who had totally lost the plot, Stop making excuses for the man and admit what most fans realise. Be thankful Fullarton came along and prevented what would have been inevitable if the Numpty had stayed. 
  11. Tonights games

    Before a crowd of 311.
  12. Heath to Chester

    Yes, of you Heath lovers.
  13. Heath to Chester

    No, Billy Heath.
  14. Heath to Chester

    From a pub league and he made hard work of that, completely out of his depth this season, totally clueless. 
  15. Player of the season

    Things were seriously wrong, that is why the problem was sacked.