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  1. Mekhi McLeod

    Yes, probably left here totally demoralised and lacking in confidence, he isn't the first and wont be the last.
  2. Fax on Sky

    Att: 2090
  3. Fax on Sky

    Beryl Burton would do, then we could say "on yer bike"
  4. Could be worse !

    But didn't he lead them into battle against The English? Braveheart Nationalism is what the SNP lot spout now, of course he is eligible.
  5. Could be worse !

    Where's Mel Gibson when you need him?
  6. Shay Pitch

    Time will prove me correct, as always.
  7. Shay Pitch

    The only thing that spoils that picture of The Shay (well done to the Groundsman) are those awful posts. 
  8. Shay Pitch

    They did say  at least  that one of the reasons for the terrible state of the pitch was HRLFC playing on it.
  9. Dover game

    In other words, back to square one. The building a team quotes are rubbish.
  10. Dover game

    We are now relying on loan players to finish the season. More than one full time player will leave at the end of the season. Fullarton will be back to square one at the start of next season. He has built very little for the future so far on the field.
  11. Dover game

    BTM also had a problem with the wind.
  12. Ousman Cham

    Ousman Cham scored for Frickley today. They still lost 1-3 to Ossett Utd.
  13. Shay Pitch

    Women's HRLFC due down there soon.
  14. Dover game

    Dover drop into bottom four at the moment, Havant 1 up against Chesterfield who look in danger again.
  15. Dover game

    Chrisbo is one of them.