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  1. Scot

    I agree to a point, that point being that a large percentage of fans see all games through a pair of beer goggles. 
  2. Director Resignation

    Andy Gilchrist goes abroad a lot.
  3. Available managers

    Did it especially for you because you are a Moron with a capital  'M'.
  4. Available managers

    Because you are a Moron.
  5. Aspin

    Fell out with players and played several loan players in FA Trophy changing a winning team which was the start of his downfall. 26 games without a win  Failed at Port Vale. Completely lost the plot. Give your head a shake if you think he is the answer.  
  6. Scot

    Exactly, he was the main reason some fans did not attend every game. Remember the drop in attendance after the Aldershot debacle?
  7. Available managers

    Fickle my ass. 26 games without a win, totally lost the plot. Failed at Port Vale yet some people still salivate over him. Do not live on past glories especially when it is Pub League success.
  8. Available managers

    If Aspin returned I'd want my ST brass back.
  9. Scot

    Yes, most fans are in agreement at a certain point in time when they can see no progress at all with the current manager. At any club, 90% of the time they are correct.
  10. Scot

    Not a fan of Heath. Aspin has proved since how good he is, so has Heath, cannot see Fullarton doing much either.  
  11. Scot

    And blew it.
  12. Scot

    Heath did well in The North. Shite in The National. He is back where he belongs, would not have took us or anyone else any higher.
  13. Se You There

    Thought they were home to Wigan. Must have been reserves at BPA.
  14. Se You There

    If we don't sign Tonto we can have a new song, (Hi Ho Silver lining, Geoff Beck) Shay songwriter can change the words around a bit.
  15. After a long time on the edge I have finally lost my sanity. ST ordered.