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  1. BBC

    I Do not watch BBC or Premier Prima Donna Football.
  2. Lionesses

    Jodie Taylor will do, get her signed
  3. BBC

    ..Flea loves Scottish Football.
  4. Lionesses

    But The Shaymen should be looking to sign and play the first woman in their team or at least a Gender free player, just think of all the publicity. Our pussy whipped male supporters would lap it up and pink pussy hat sales would go through the roof.
  5. BBC

    Jelly Babies are my favourite, I love the Black ones best.  
  6. BBC

    Or when you pay the BBC licence fee under threat of prison.
  7. BBC

    If you knew anything you would know of his tax dodging reported not many moons ago. Gary Winston Lineker, check him out at Companies House. The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other peoples money.Who said that? Lineker will not run out of money though as he is a Champagne Socialist, something completely different, no matter how much of his loose change he donates to The British Red Cross.    
  8. BBC

    Che Guevara, er sorry, I mean Gary Lineker, mate of Pliny earns  £1,750,000 – £1,799,999. Champagne Socialism Keep paying that licence. 
  9. Jake Hibbs

    I can hear the South Stand Loyals We're goin to finish 15th We're goin to finish 15th And now they're gonna believe us And now they're gonna believe us And now they're gonna beleeeeeeeve us We're goin to finish 15th
  10. Rochdale

    Super Adam Morgan, a footballer, not a headless chicken.  
  11. Jake Hibbs

    Hibbs should hang around and collect the cash he is entitled to, he isn't the first player to be treated like this by Heath. Heath has a good chance of being out of the door before he is so he lives in hope. Good luck to the lad.
  12. Gainsborough (a)

    Yes, someone to partner the magnificent Adam Morgan.
  13. Ebworth Developments

    The clue might be in the spelling, Ebdon, Ebden. This will ensure a free flow of players from our feeder club.  
  14. Gainsborough (a)

    Scoring goals is like shelling peas for Super Adam Morgan.
  15. Town V Brighouse

    Biggest disappointment of the day for you lot must have been Adam Morgan scoring a blinder. He certainly knows where the goal is while you lot would not know a goalscorer if he fired one up your @ss.