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  1. Fylde Tuesday

    That is being kind.
  2. Fylde Tuesday

    Will not be many over 1000, if that.
  3. Crowds at home

    And from The South Stand The East Stand looked empty and you could hear a pin drop.
  4. Fylde Tuesday

    We have not enough players to fill the bench, signings are imperative.
  5. Fylde Tuesday

    If they do not delve into the transfer market or at least the loan market for players very soon they'll be questioning Dithering Dave.
  6. Gateshead prices

    Whatever your opinion is the crowd size tomorrow is going to be abysmal.
  7. Credit to The Shaymen

    Oh sorry, seems you already saw it.
  8. Credit to The Shaymen

    Just before the penalty on the NL highlights there is a Hartlepool free kick sent into the box, a player attempts a diving header and after he ends up on the floor Matty Brown is alleged to have stamped on him which is total b0ll0x. I missed it first time I watched it. Accidental at the most.
  9. HRLFC

    Same circumstances has not stopped other clubs, Accrington for instance. Was looking good for us some weeks ago until Tommo got injured and now it looks like things have gone t1ts up.
  10. Hartlepool

    No wonder I missed it, a none event. Bent ref.
  11. Hartlepool

    Where have you seen the sending off, it is not on the highlights?
  12. HRLFC

  13. Hartlepool

    We were not at the races even before the sending off of Brown, coupled with the most appalling referee ever, he should be investigated by The FA. More strange substitutions by Fullarton who will soon be addressed as Fullarsh1t if things do not improve. Bosomworth must help bring some players in urgently, they are desperately needed.  Suspensions and Injuries are going to seriously deplete and chances of progress. Over to you Dave.
  14. Hartlepool

    The ref has lost the plot or had a bet, Fullarton?
  15. Hartlepool

    If they survive Brighouse they will survive anywhere.