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  1. Town vs Bromley 13/04/2019

    Town 1-1 Bromley Rodney 1389
  2. Obscure Day Jobs.

    Darren Kelly - clown
  3. Leyton Orient vs Town 06/04/2019

    Orient 3-0 Town 4830
  4. Another Announcement?

    Certain the contract he signed was a two year one.
  5. Another Announcement?

    Johnson or Clarke new contract (potentially even both?) imo. Failing that, it'll be a sponsorship deal for the home kit.
  6. Maidenhead today

    There never was any truth to that Brentford rumour from last season, and there still isn't. 
  7. Maidenhead today

    But at the same time, it looked like it wouldn't have been the end of the world for them if we didn't win. 
  8. Maidenhead today

    A frustrating afternoon nonetheless, but one I hope is down to us having nothing to play for. Fingers crossed next season is a little more exciting. 
  9. Town vs Maidenhead United 30/03/2019

    Town 2-1 Maidenhead Rodney, Duku 1301
  10. Duku and Rodney

    On the topic of Ferry, he's just signed for Woking.
  11. Town vs Ebbsfleet United 26/03/2019

    Town 2-2 Ebbsfleet Rodney Duku 1273
  12. town v solihull

    Town 1-2 Solihull Duku 1401
  13. Dover game

    Good point, I wonder why the injury updates have stopped all of a sudden?
  14. Dover Athletic vs Town 16/03/2019

    Dover 1-2 Town Rodney Duku 911
  15. Barnet (A)

    Wonder whether that's actually the case or if it's damage control from the club...