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  1. 1 game left

    Saturday is definitely 'El Sackico'. Both sides will view the other as there for the taking given poor form, and either manager could go if their respective side loses.
  2. Hartlepool team

    That's the case for every manager, it isn't just a Heath thing. Don't think I remember the last time a manager resigned as opposed to being sacked and getting a large sum of money.
  3. Hartlepool v Town

    Hartlepool 2-1 Town Garner 2981
  4. Woking

    Played once after signing for them permanently but got released in February last year due to fitness and weight problems. If he can get himself sorted out, I certainly wouldn't be opposed to signing him.
  5. Sutton United vs Town 18/11/2017

    Sutton 2-0 Halifax 2089
  6. Woking

    So where do we belong then? Continuously bringing up that we haven't been above League 1 makes it sound like you think we should be in the Championship.
  7. Woking

    Trust me I'd love nothing more than to be back in the Football League, but you have to be realistic - we're just an average midtable part time Conference team, not the massive team that should be in the Championship that you're building us up to be.
  8. Woking

    So you think we're too big for League 1 then, and that we belong in the Championship? Deary me.
  9. Woking

    We won't miss you.
  10. Woking

    And then who do we go for? I highly doubt we'll be able to find someone who 1. Plays attractive football and 2. Delivers constant success (that you'd be happy with). No doubt you'd immediately be on the back of whoever would end up replacing Heath anyway.
  11. Woking

    Every post from you I become more and more convinced that you support someone else and only post on here to try and get a reaction. Back under your bridge you go.
  12. Liam King

    Signed for Gainsborough for an undisclosed fee.
  13. New Signing

    Hibbs possibly? Can't think of who else it could be if it isn't Clarke and King.
  14. Town vs Woking 11/11/2017

    Halifax 1-2 Woking Batty 1641
  15. Briggus v Trafford

    They're very lucky that a. there's only one relegation place this year and b. Goole are even worse than them, otherwise they'd definitely be going down.