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  1. Town vs Fylde 25/09/2018

    Town 0-3 Fylde 1289
  2. Fylde Tuesday

    I imagine Harry Freedman might end up on the bench tomorrow, as could Ousman Cham (he doesn't seem to have been in the Brighouse squad recently - anyone know if we've already recalled him?)
  3. Collins

    He did that last season when he came into the team at Aldershot (a) after not kicking a ball in months and immediately had a positive effect. If (and at this point it's beginning to look like a pretty big if) he comes back, I have no doubt that he'd have the same effect as he did last season.
  4. Town vs Hartlepool United 22/09/2018

    Town 1-3 Hartlepool Kosylo 2220
  5. Maidenhead United vs Town 15/09/2018

    Maidenhead 1-3 Town Southwell Edwards Clarke 1194
  6. Striker ????

    Welcome back to Halifax Town, Danny Hattersley!
  7. Orient at Home

    Can't say I agree with that in the slightest. Had a poor game, and was very lucky to not give away a penalty. Should have been him that came off for Maher, not Southwell.
  8. Town v Leyton Orient

    Town 1-1 Orient Kosylo 2099
  9. Wrexham Match Thread

    Very good point in the end, though in all honesty we had a couple of good chances that we should have done something with. Still no idea why our goal was disallowed though. Have to admit though I'm completely baffled by Fullarton's decision not to bring McLeod on. The game was crying out for someone with pace him, something that he certainly has.
  10. Michael Collins

    Can guarantee you we won't have been every player's first choice during summer. Players such as Berrett and Duckworth will only be here because a FL club didn't come in for them
  11. Michael Collins

    I mean you basically proved WB's point earlier in the thread  
  12. Michael Collins

    Didn't know the league was ending after eight games this year, full credit to Fullarton for getting us into the playoffs after a tough and gruelling campaign.
  13. Michael Collins

    Can you blame him for taking a once in a lifetime opportunity? Not every day that a League 1 club that have a lot of potential ask you to be their manager.
  14. Michael Collins

    Using that same logic you mustn't rate the likes of Johnson, Brown and Kosylo seeing as they were in the same team as Collins last season, right?
  15. Michael Collins

    Wow, how dare we talk about the possibility of bringing in someone who would help boost our chances of winning tomorrow?