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  1. Bolton match thread

    Just been confirmed to me that the new trialist centre back is definitely Mark Roberts
  2. England v Sweden

    I don't get what your problem with that is? The more people interested in football the better, and like the above post says it might even inspire a few more to come watch us.
  3. Stockport Match Thread

    Doubt it's Angol, he's still got another year on his contract at Mansfield
  4. Stockport Match Thread

    Number 7 seems to be called Leon
  5. Stockport Match Thread

    Liking the look of this number 7 so far - anyone know who he is?
  6. Ryan Sellers

    Also signs for the club according to Tom Scargill. Left back that was at Wealdstone last season, was invited to the V9 Academy this pre-season as well
  7. England v Sweden

    Completely disagree with you there, Henderson's been superb for us this tournament. Look at how much we missed him when he went off for Dier for example - it's honestly got to the point that Henderson might well be the most underrated player of all time.
  8. New Signings

    Heard that we might be in for Moussa Diarra from Barrow, massive centre back (6ft 6 I think?). Has the same agent as Odelusi so it would make sense in that regard 
  9. Jamie’s jalfrezi

    Not quite sure which Football League side Duckworth will have left for. Morecambe maybe? As for Hibbs, I can imagine quite a few Conference North teams will have been after him.
  10. Fondop-Talom

    Rumours are suggesting that he's on his way to Wrexham.
  11. Cameron King

    Been sent a video of him by a King's Lynn fan of King scoring twice against Slough, both are cracking efforts. Goals are at 2:52 and 5:00. www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZsnvjJVRTQ
  12. Michael Collins

    It's an interesting one. Everyone says we should follow the method that's used in countries like Spain and Germany of promoting from within in order to give young coaches a chance, yet when an English club actually follows that method it's apparently a 'shocking appointment'.  All the beat to Collins anyway, if he works as hard as he did for us as a player then I'm sure he'll be a massive success as Bradford manager.
  13. Sanmi Odelusi

    It's a problem with most newspaper websites nowadays - it isn't a problem exclusive to the Courier.
  14. Still waiting

    If you don't include the games that Morgan's been out for (either through injury or suspension), he's not scored in nine games. If that was Denton, you'd be crucifying him.
  15. Still waiting

    Jacob Blyth? Seem to remember his name being mentioned on here not too long ago...