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  1. Carlisle match

    Dion Charles is at The Shay according to his Instagram story, wonder what for... 
  2. Happened during his time with us as well...
  3. Bratfud City

    Doubt the club could have done much about it tbh.
  4. Rochdale

    Dixon clearly has something about him based off of yesterday, but he's nowhere near ready to be dubbed 'better than Sinnott' yet.
  5. Rochdale

    Not a chance, the reason he came to us is that he wanted to go part time to have more time to do his coaching badges (I believe?). So if he's still doing his badges then there's not a chance of him going full time again.
  6. Lee Gregory

    Don't need a striker though given that they've already got Sharp and Evans.
  7. Alfreton

    It's never nice to lose, but you have to factor in a few things here. 1. We've had just one day's rest since Thursday night. 2. Alfreton have recruited fairly well this summer. 3. Every goal we've conceded this pre-season has been with Nicholson in goal, so if we keep Johnson fit then we should be ok. 4. It's only pre-season, much more bothered about the fitness of players rather than results. So overall, I'm not too concerned about today.
  8. Gainsborough (a)

    Oh boy. Anyone that thinks we don't have goalscorers in our team at the moment will really end up not liking Ben Tomlinson if we sign him. Really gone off the boil since leaving Lincoln - 4 goals in 47 appearances since leaving them suggests he's lost his touch. You'd also think that he'd want quite a lot to play for us, since wasn't the reason we couldn't sign him from Lincoln down to money? Plus with no guarantee that he'd actually start I'm not sure it'd be worth going for him from a financial side of things.
  9. Signings for next season

    Don't get carried away, he wants to be closer to the midlands as a result of his wife's 'unexpected pregnancy'.
  10. New Signings

    Interesting that we announced the PPS sponsorship at 3:00am...
  11. First Last Christmas

    Boreham Wood (a) opening day Ebbsfleet (h) last day Solihull over Christmas
  12. Connor Oliver

    'Cracking player, looks like a tit with a man bun. Oozes class, a little injury prone though' - the review from the Ferriby fan I'm in a Facebook group with. Looks like we're in for something good then.
  13. Connor Oliver

    Johnson and Macca were part of a relegated team as well, really don't get people who don't rate players just because they got relegated.
  14. Mark roberts

    20th or above works for me, then build on that for future seasons.
  15. Golf Day

    I just hope we're on par for a good season