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  1. Josh Clackstone

    Thats where Billy scouts from (Humber) Bridge
  2. Josh Clackstone

    rightly so not getting a kick, not good enough for L2, not even good enough for our league, although he possibly would add something to us at the moment which kind of sums up the predicament we are in - A relegation battle
  3. New Signing

    Hs is clearly a ' hold over' player and is 193cm tall, although due to age his spine has naturally curved with age so now stacks up at 191cm tall
  4. Josh Clackstone

    Billy casting his net far and wide i see!  
  5. New Signing

    Serious alarm bells ringing if this signing turns out to be true
  6. One for Royals...

    The best opposition scouting reports are the ones with brief but key information, set pieces being a particularly important focus, not a plethora of irreverent facts and stats. If you put a 75 page dossier infront of most managers, particularly at this level., giving inside leg measurements , toilet regularity and how many times a player has exhaled in the first 20 mins then it would most probably end up in the bin. It would take Billy Heath longer to read a Royals report than it would time he gets to spend with his players on the training pitch! :-) Regards  Peter Taylor
  7. You would want everybody sacked after 45 mins of first game if 1-0 down at half time 
  8. Training

    Well if the great unwashed would shut the F up and just keep it to football then we would be fine.  What do we want? Everything for Free................When do we want it? NOW
  9. Woking at Home..Heaths last stand?

    A complete DH - would rather have James Dugdeon
  10. Woking at Home..Heaths last stand?

  11. Woking at Home..Heaths last stand?

    In some way shape or form - this has been the general cycle of debate and opinion since I started following the club in the mid 80's.
  12. Has Billy boy lost the dressing room?

    I remember the days when the term ' has he lost the dressing room' was only banded about after 18 months perhaps 2 years into a job. A decade or so ago it became 10-20 games, these days its on an almost 90 mins basis. Football has got stupid and most fans sadly have followed suit.  We have gone from Heath Out to Denton Out, to Heath In, Heath out and Denton in - all in the space of 4 weeks. Its absurd. I've never known a more clueless set of fans in all my time following the Shaymen.
  13. Interest in Kossy!

    Before he moves up a level he needs to get two things in order - his temperament and his intelligence. He has to accept that you cant for 90 mins tear it up and crack them into the top corner all the time. If he learns to get his head up and play an early ball, nice clip into the box then he can play higher. Also needs to accept that no matter what the provocation, no matter how poor the performance around you, or no matter how tough your finding things on the day - its no good to anybody if your sent off. Sometimes you have to wait for that moment, show some patience and take your chance when it comes. Wrexham at home springs to mind. A frustrating night for him but, he was handed a chance to win the game on a plate...........he blew it with a combination of poor temperament and calmness. Wasted so much energy in the previous 15 mins by getting involved in things he shouldn't have done. Best way of responding to the hassle he comes by on the pitch is to keep your head, slot in the winner and then rub it in.  Once he learns when to press the gas and when to ease off then he will be a hell of a player - he has imporved with us. How much more improvement there is, not sure but as said above by somebody else. Not ready for Championship football. No chance.  
  14. FA Cup Draw Monday?

    Thanks Garth!  You make football sound so simple 
  15. No new signings ?.

    I don't even think Cliff could deal with that Hat!