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  1. Hi with a lad called Gareth on 07934447865 who needs a ticket. Just met him on train, got hit by a car and recovering from horrendous leg injury could you make contact and see if seat is suitable. Cheers

  2. Overall Afc Halifax Goals - Since 2006

    9 - but 9 bloody thunderbastard belters, at least thats how I remember them
  3. .......... word disassociation

  4. .......... word disassociation

    Nigel Blinkhorn
  5. Can you do the same for me, Aide and Stuart please
  6. Robbo

    Especially when JT but his 'member' in your face whilst you and I were sat on the couch eagerly awaiting the Town score to come through on the vidi printer Difficult to smile in these situations but JT was a real character. Possibly the most enthusiastic 5 a side player ive ever seen - a tall, athletic type but who was worse than Bambi on ice at football. His surging runs from the back with his clumsy size 12's stamping on the floor and shouts of 'YES PUT ME THROUGH, GIVE IT' and nobody would ever pass to him as we would all know the outcome yet 5 mins later he would be making the same run again.
  7. Robbo

    I was shell shocked when I heard about this terrible accident. I was introduced to Quinny and Jon at a young age when I worked with Robbo and as a threesome they were the absolute life and soul when they were together. First class lads. I can imagine how exited they would all be about a weekends racing in Germany which is right up their street and for it to end like this is just awful How one gets over something like this is anybodys guess but in Robbo's case there are alot of Shaymen who think alot about him and I send my best wishes to him along with Quinny. To Jon RIP big fella, one of lifes gentle giants and my thoughts are with your family at this time. xxx
  8. .......... word disassociation

    Heavy Duty Roof rack