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  1. Highlights vs Dover Athletic

    He will play in the Football League within next 2 years. 
  2. Still time

    We did win up there 0-3 around that time yes.  What a funny team that was. Had a 35 goal striker in the bottom five, most games were crap but then every 5th game or so somebody would bang in a hatrick or we would score 5 away from home. Bizzare team.   
  3. Dover match thread

    Your f***kng broadband hopefully! 
  4. Dover match thread

  5. Dover match thread

    The last thing this team needs is him!
  6. Dover match thread

    Could not agree with you more.  I've often and still do see the game different to you, but thats football. But your right, the atmosphere at the moment at the Shay is vile.  I still think the majority support Heath, some of them perhaps through gritted teeth but the minority is too big now and too noisy and is causing damage.  If somebody is not being constructive on the terraces then I urge everybody to tell the individual to shut the F up. 
  7. Dover match thread

    Billy Heath should set his teams up in line with how he thinks it should be done and in line what has brought him success. He inst good enough, clever enough nor does he have the pool of players to do it any other way.  He will only do well for us if he is allowed to do it his way. I or the man next to me may not like the way he does it but will give the guy more respect for sticking to it.  People wont like this but he needs to close ranks and do it his way, 100% uglier than before. I get the sense, the way this squad has been balanced that he has tried to appease one or two perhaps above him or on the terraces. Bohan Dixon for instance - is not a Billy Heath player.  Chalk is trying to play with cheese in respect of player selection. Heath is all chalk. Let him do it his way, or sack him. But whilst he is here get behind him.  Stick to you guns Billy - your the manager.
  8. Dover match thread

    Tough times. Im not going to write an essay on why we are where we are as im sure most of you will know what id say. All I can say is that Billy Heath has been employed to do a job and he is trying to do it his way. He is the best that can be afforded given the structure and ownership in place, as are his players. Ill say no more on that. The late equaliser would have been a real boost, players, fans etc would have walked away with something to carry forward into the next match. Its just typical of the way things are going that Dover would go down other end and the best young keeper in the league would make a fumble of it.  I have a revolutionary idea. Stick together - do something that this manager and his team have never properly enjoyed -100% backing and support no matter what.  I have got to be honest, be in on this forum, down the pub or at the ground, I have never known a period of time in 30 years where such a large proportion of the fan base are offering absolutely zero support. There will always be and always has been pockets of support, no matter how well things are going or what manager is in charge that will have a pop and give the abuse, however the extent we are seeing it to now is just making the Shay a dismal place and almost impossible place for a manager and his players to get results. There can not be a worse place to play your football at the moment that the Shay.  We need another 10-15% out of this manager and his players to stand any chance we can all see that and its going to be a long tough season by the looks of it............................................but from where im standing the fans who cant do anything that shout resign Heath this and get Denton off that need to change the way they offer their support 100%.  The manager and his players do not stand a chance in the current environment. 
  9. Goal machine

    Micky Norbury was a centre forward that could do a job at the back - a reverse situation. I also remember Micheal Trotter playing 3 or 4 games as an emergency striker! To anybody who thinks what they are seeing at the Shay at the moment is poor - you cant have been around in the mid 90's infront of 600 trying to compete in the Conference with Trotter up front. Kind of puts Billys Heathiopians into perspectrive
  10. Goal machine

    It's unbelievable mate. Of all the players you would think could do something like this - it's not Aingey. He should be retiring not banging them in like Zlatan! Amazing story and chuffed to bits for him as he was a true genuine pro and great servant to us. 
  11. Dover match thread

    You what you what you what???!  
  12. Dover notes

    How come Macca has to fill in at Right back? Because he is the better player?  Same team as you but Lynch on for Hotte 
  13. Dover match thread

    3-0 Denton Hatrick and this place will be absolute vintage gold on here tonight.  Come on big Dents!!! 
  14. Scott Hogan

    For those that wanted him sacked yes and the clowns that sacked him.  No hindsight applies to me and the other Aspin loyalists -  We knew wouldn't get a better manager. 
  15. Chester FC - our next opponents

    Ignore. Quote button knackered