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  1. FA Cup Draw Monday?

    Thanks Garth!  You make football sound so simple 
  2. No new signings ?.

    I don't even think Cliff could deal with that Hat!
  3. FA Cup Draw Monday?

    Very unpopular with his players this guy..........................................clearly.  this forum needs re-naming to Utter dross and drivel from start to finish
  4. No new signings ?.

    He is abysmal. Worst ive seen at the Shay in 30 years
  5. No new signings ?.

    True - but there are better right backs out there than Moyo. He is on a direct par with Harban. Just not up to it
  6. No new signings ?.

    But that is what the people demanded - sign some men Aspin sign some men.  So he signs them, plays them, we lose one game...............................................then Armageddon!  Good old football fans, as clueless as they are loyal in general.  I stand by a philosophy of only signing players that will improve the squad in the long term. 
  7. No new signings ?.

    Sign some bloody men! I dont care who they are, just names on paper will do............................just please sign some men. The people demand signings.
  8. Fleet thread

  9. Some Highlights vs Wrexham.....

  10. Wrexham game thread

    Absolutely. On paper was/is Wrexhams best squad indeed Wrexhams fans seem to believe the same - hence my comment about it being a really tough game.  I think two factors are that they are no where near as good as they think (ive certainly seen better Wrexham performances the Shay), the other factor is that we played well and matched them in every single department.  Trust this clarifies and I thank-you for your continued interest in me.  Regards 
  11. Garner

  12. Town merchandise

    Lol - only you could make not being charged to go into a shop for a look round as a selling point!! You are the spin doctor sir, no doubt about it!
  13. Town merchandise

    He is still a complete Dean Keates Swifty lad irrespective
  14. Wrexham game thread

    Doing a cracking job
  15. Town merchandise

    It will be signposted 'The St Mirren Range' and will be in the basement