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  1. Video panel

    The sports you mention also by their own nature have more natural phases and breaks in play to allow the use of TV replays etc. Football is unique in that not only are there not natural breaks in play it also has within in it lots and lots of contentious moments of decision and in some cases opinions that wont change if you look at an incident 1,000 times on a screen.   
  2. Video panel

    I seriously hope, having the seen what we have over last week or so that you change your mind. Football is football because it is football.....................once you start with this crap there will be no end to it and football will no longer be football and the game will be dead. The scenes last night Ger V Cam were diabolical. Goal line technology is where is should start an end. 
  3. Golf Day

    Boo Weekly - its all you get on this forum
  4. Golf Day

  5. Golf Day

    your out of bounds Pliny - see you in the club house
  6. I fear next season.

    David would not give a mini egg away never mind a car!!  Can see Ham and Peacock lurking in the bushes as the ball drops onto the green - any danger of a hole in one they would run out and kick the ball into the bunker
  7. I fear next season.

    who won the Golf?
  8. Golf Day

     you should not bite!
  9. Golf Day

    I imagine there are lots of fannies on the green today
  10. Golf Day

    I hope it rains and the event abandoned 
  11. I fear next season.

    Bemused by Moyo signing.  Heath has always said that 'its not about players' so from that perspective then perhaps keeping Clifford on fits in with this. Is the signing actually a silent message to the board - ie get your hands in your pocket Mr Chairman? 
  12. Sinnot & new signings

    Completely Neutral towards losing Sinnot to be honest. Has a streak of ability, but not as much as he thinks he has, also lacks pace, power and fitness and work rate. He stood out last season for his ability but I think that was largely inflated due to the bunch of industrial machinery that he had around him. We have as much chance of picking up a better replacement during the summer as we would have done keeping him on and expecting him to be able to handle the Conference National. Strange signing for Chesterfield, and speaking to my man there, who raved to me about Matty Brown (When fit) and was proved right in the end he says that ultimately Dan Gardner was not cut out for League 1, could have done OK in League 2 but not too sad to see him go. My response to that was that in my view Sinnot is a very poor mans version of Gardner so if thats the level of scouting and signings that the Chesterfield are looking to base a promotion assault on then it could be a long season. He himself fears for Chesterfield, its been a gradual decline, the Ched Evans controversy, string of poor managerial appointments, relegation's and some money concerns behind the scenes.   
  13. League AGM

    Not sure overall I agree with this top 7 business but from our point of view and clubs similar to us that just simply can not get out of this league without being full time then it just opens up that window ever so slightly more and if nothing else keeps the season interesting if your hovering around 10th place all season. Suits FCHT imo. 
  14. Signings for next season

  15. Signings for next season

    Micheal Oxhard rumor wont wilt