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  1. Air Ambulance Charity Shop

    Thanks for all your help. They don't get any NHS funding and rely totally on donations as far as I know.  I'll post the items to the Elland address
  2. Air Ambulance Charity Shop

    I live in Derbyshire and I'm packing things to move homes. I've got some old town shirts and some programmes and Sandall to the Shay book. I normally give things to the Air Ambulance but not sure Town items are going to be much use to them in this area. Is there an Air Ambulance or other worthy charity in or near Halifax I could post them too? Appreciate your help. Richard
  3. Orange Shirt

    Clearing out an old wardrobe and have found an orange Town shirt with Holland Decorators sponsorship - what year was this ?
  4. Management Style

    I'm probably wrong but here goes I think Fullerton is too much a theorist. It's almost  like he's playing Football Manager and tweaking every little factor about every player and then trying to combine the results and produce a winning team. This GPS stuff sums is up really, if you don't run far enough in training then you don't get picked - regardless of how good you might actually be.. When he first arrived and we got good results he'd not had time to muck about with the squad so they played to the "best" of their own abilities. Now he's trying to manage his perceived abilities which don't match up to what the players can actually do. In short he's over-complicated things. Look at Man U now (sorry!!) - manager lets them play on the deck to a basic shape - after that it's up to the team on the pitch to play to their strengths. Not a complicated game unless you make it so
  5. Other Fans Views

    I can't remember reading any after match report on opposition fan's forum that ever said we are a good team. Just outplayed Salford but their forum says we were rubbish. I find this on all other boards. Can anyone remember when another team said we were good ?
  6. BT Sport Money

    How much will we be paid by BT sport for the Wimbledon game ? Also, is the FA cup 2nd round money of £36,000 paid to both cubs or just the winning club.?
  7. Best Game you ever saw !!

    For me, Aston Villa away in 1970's. Can still see Dave Chadwick's goal in my dreams
  8. Fullarton out now

    Get Collins in as player manager
  9. Manager Interviews

    Why do chairmen interview for the manager post if they know little or nothing about how to run a team? If I were chairman I would get another manager to interview candidates with me and sit in to see if I could work with therm. Does that not make sense ?
  10. Tactics

    This is Fullerton's first real job but he sets up team tactics like he's an expert. Don't think the players know what their roles are but all footballers know good old 4 4 2. Why don't he play what both he and the team might understand ?
  11. Poor from top to bottom

    The problem with having directors who know little or nothing about football is that they sign managers who are the same who then sign players who can't play. Staring relegation the the face and signs from the squad is that all is not well
  12. Concerned - you bet !

    First season I can recall where we have no clue who all our players are. No squad numbers released, positions (especially full backs) not filled, still playing trialists less than one week to go - just don't get it and I don't think the manager has players lined up. Just looking around this league - lots of clubs are signing players and it is public. Think Town are in for a very poor season and give poor pre-season ticket sales I think many others agree