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  1. coalville saturday

    it would be good if we had a fair following going to coalville on Saturday . to show our appreciation of macca's contribution to the shaymen over the last few years Kirkbymoorside branch will be in attendance ,hope to see a fair few more
  2. Dayle Southwell

    one guiseley fan stating , can see him wanting to stay in national league ,but why at a club who are already doomed next season. hell  hath no fury like a lion scorned !!!!
  3. Club To Revert Back To Historic Name And Badge

    Darlington fc went back to their old name from Darlington 1883 in a very short space of time
  4. In Whitby yesterday

    no , we went to scarborough instead
  5. Where is Morgan.

    scored the goal at home to Rochdale in front of 17000  to get us promoted to division 3
  6. George Mulhall.

    sad to here the news , rest in peace George, a true shay hero.
  7. Maidstone Vs Town 28/04/2018

    well done tnv catch you next year
  8. Maidstone Vs Town 28/04/2018

    2-1 to the shaymen kosylo,mike FT ATT 2307
  9. Town Vs Tranmere 21/04/2017

    2-1 to the shaymen kosylo,mike FT ATT 3122
  10. 20/04/1998 Northwich Victoria away

    2 coaches came from the Cheshire branch that night 103 from the dog at peover, 22 is the largest contingent from Kirkby for the trip to wembley
  11. up from the north

    now we are virtually certain of national football next season, who would you think will join us from national north Salford should go up automatically , then Harrogate through the play-offs, stockport have a put a decent run together recently and have a chance ,spennymoor would bring a decent following and Kidderminster will be thereabouts I just hope to god it isn't BRACKLEY
  12. Torquay United vs Town 14/04/2018

    1-1 kosylo att 1831
  13. Play Offs

    tranmere and Aldershot in final, tranmere to bottle it in the final so ,one southern  club replaces another
  14. Town v Gateshead

    1-0 to the shaymen mike  F T ATT 1305
  15. Sutton thread

    fantastic result for the shaymen, similar type of outcomes last 2 games, with town scoring first , opponents equalising but we have the desire to finish the job and take all 6 points against two of the top clubs, would that have happened 10 games ago , doubt it