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  1. Town vs Fylde 25/09/2018

    1-0 to the shaymen southwell att  1312
  2. Town vs Hartlepool United 22/09/2018

    3-2 to the shaymen kosylo,southwell,clarke att  2177
  3. Music

    fanfare/elp gets my vote
  4. Maidenhead United vs Town 15/09/2018

    2-0 to the shaymen southwell,clarke att  1310
  5. Town v Leyton Orient

    1-0 to the shaymen kosylo att   2188
  6. Wrexham v Town

    2-0 to the shaymen southwell,kosylo att  5115 should take at least 400 shaymen  to this one
  7. 4th Sept 1998 Halifax vs Hartlepool (Full Match)

    denny ingram is now player/assistant manager of pickering town
  8. Sutton Vs Town 01/09/18

    2-1 to the shaymen southwell,kosylo att 1824
  9. Town Vs Gateshead 27/08/2018

    1-0 to the shaymen kosylo att 1711
  10. Boramwood Vs Town 25/08/2017

    2-1 to the shaymen southwell, clarke att  672
  11. sutton and borehamwood

    try the first post ,kit
  12. We're on the telly

    I think you need the cricket forum, for a good story on boycotting boycott
  13. sutton and borehamwood

    amazing to think that the national league will not have a full programme on the 8th of September due to the Scottish Irn  brew cup 2nd round ,with the above teams taking part as the highest placed teams not promoted from last season, they qualify don't think a trip to albion rovers etc would be ideal at this stage of the season when we are putting healthy points on the board would you fancy a trip to Scotland in early September or rather concentrate on the task at hand I know what id rather be doing  regardless of another new ground  
  14. Today's poor attendance.

    yes the calder and hebble, I had that pub for 6 years leaving it in 1991 when Vaux brewery took over from Tetley due to the monopolies commission. took many coach trips from the calder and was the base for a good few town fans at the time. it got pulled down in 1994 , when the Halifax wanted a fly over to join the by-pass from the new computer center at copley never happened ,cost was too much,so ended up with just traffic lights ,which is how it stands today
  15. Town vs Dagenham & Redbridge 18/08/2018

    3-1 to the shaymen southwell,edwards,clark att 1747