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  1. Darlington

    fair do's, but didn't we play a team from a lower league last season and lose [stockport] lets hope it doesn't have the reverse effect
  2. York City

    regardless of the cost and the state of the old and new ground , im afraid they will average more than us next season. they attract from a large area,kirkbymoorside is nearly 30 miles away,but they have a good 20 fans from here every home match
  3. Kosylo

    with a bit of luck ,he will see red when he plays against us!!
  4. Frickley

    we played livingstone and Hamilton,not so long ago,in Scotland ,i went to the Hamilton game ,having been 2-0 down after 20 minutes ,we came back to win 3-2
  5. Random image of the day

  6. Random image of the day

    3 out of 4 aint bad
  7. Random image of the day

    so which 4 teams don't exist as far as their name goes?
  8. How long have you suffered (Tongue in Cheek)

    can remember aldershot away 0-0 in 1964
  9. Season ticket counter... only post when you have bought one

    I think the next count by the club will be june the 1st
  10. North/South playoffs

    saw spenny at York last season , I know a lot closer to York than at the shay,but they took over 500 and made more noise than the minstermen in a 2-2 draw
  11. pre season friendlies

    salford at home , and thanking them for a season long loan of dave !!
  12. On the Cusp

    this isn't a quote from when harry met sally is it ?

    trying to witness the buzz on salford and fyldes websites , salford have a few posts about the 23 coaches booked and 4 thousand tickets sold at Wembley, and fylde ,not having a fan forum are giving fans instructions on twitter as to when their 7 coaches are departing. got the feeling its going to be one of the smallest play-off gates you never know ,it could be us next year
  14. Season ticket counter... only post when you have bought one

    if we've sold just over 500 by the 1st of may,i'd be a tad disappointed that we only sold another 300 in 13 weeks, we have to be looking in excess of a 1000 for the chairman to repeat the incentive the following year, I think 1200 would be a good effort
  15. Random image of the day

    yes the great escape season 72/73, town won their last four games, with walsall  the last game of the season , rotherham were relegated by the margin of 4 goals shaymen  for and against 43-53 rotherham 51-65 both on 41 points