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  1. Solihull v Blackpool

    barnet v stockport ,  means 2 teams in the draw
  2. Town vs AFC Wimbledon 01/12/2018

    1-0 to the shaymen kosylo att 2057
  3. Best ever FC Halifax Town game

    whitby away , I know it was postponed , but to take 10,000 fans was a truly remarkable achievement
  4. Ebbsfleet v Halifax Town 24.11.18

    2-1 to the shaymen kosylo,clarke att 1264
  5. Morecambe

    spot on, definitely more than 1500 tonight,including the Kirkbymoorside seven
  6. Town vs Morecambe 20/11/2018

    2-1 to the shaymen clarke , kosylo att 1601
  7. south stand for tuesday night

    Kirkbymoorside branch coming, south stand here we come
  8. Town v Dover 17/11/2018

    3-1 to the shaymen kosylo,brown,southwell att 1388
  9. On to Morecambe

    2 football league clubs at home to non-league opposition, dont think so, hartlepool home to gillingham and of course ,auntie beebs favourite salford at home to shrewsbury would be obvious choice
  10. On to Morecambe

    just thinking , the replay could be a televised game if the beeb and bt sport are weighing up a possible giant killing , and therefor the game might not be played on a Tuesday night will have to see how todays matches pan out
  11. On to Morecambe

    the defence looks solid enough' lets go for a replay
  12. Morecambe vs Town 10/11/2018

    1-1 edwards 1441
  13. Best Game you ever saw !!

    stoke city 4th round of the cup we actually DID take 10,000 to stoke and nearly won the tie ,when we hit the bar in the last few seconds,with Gordon banks left stranded the replay saw us well beaten 3-0 but the crowd was the largest I ever saw at the shay,just short of 26,000
  14. Havant And Waterlooville 03/11/18

    3-2 to the shaymen southwell,brown,kosylo att  1222
  15. Solihull v Town 30.10.18

    1-1 southwell att 775