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  1. Seen it comment , not seen it don’t!

    I'm lucky that I'm only 75miles from the shay and can get to 10 games a season over the last 5 years , its difficult when running a business [ a hotel] and getting time to drive over to Halifax,but I always make sure I have staff working in between 3pm and 5pm on a Saturday and same again on a Tuesday night. however I'm bringing 7 of my regulars on Saturday to swell the crowd against Solihull, up the shaymen
  2. Town Vs Solihull 24/03/2018

    2-1 to the shaymen kosylo macmanus att 1778 [ including 8 from kirkbymoorside ]
  3. Guiseley vs Town 17/03/18

    2-0 to the shaymen kosylo, denton att 1285
  4. Town Vs Dagenham 13/03/2018

    2-0 to the shaymen kosylo and thompson att 1585
  5. Town Vs Dagenham 13/03/2018

    I take you can only have one go at this is the original date for the forcasts null and void?
  6. Woking Thread

    bbc radio surrey commentators say Halifax are here for the taking  ,hmm, we shall see
  7. Woking vs Town 10/03/2018

    2-0 to the shaymen kosylo tuton att 1655
  8. Radcliffe Borough 3-2 Town

    i recall the Radcliffe chairman going berserk when the third goal went in, a certain  mr Bernard manning junior
  9. Town Vs Sutton 03/03/2018

    1-1 kosylo att1695
  10. Eastleigh vs Town 24/02/2018

    2-1 to the shaymen kosylo,tuton att 1611
  11. Town v Hartlepool 20.2.18

    2-0 to the shaymen kosylo,garner att  1668
  12. Town Vs Ebbsfleet 17/02/18

    2-0 to the shaymen kosylo, tuton att 1633
  13. Wrexham vs Town 10/02/2018

    1-1 denton att 5331
  14. Town Vs Dagenham 03/02/2018

    2-0 to the shaymen kosylo,thompson att 1585
  15. Billy The Kids Last Stand

    fraid not ,we nearly set off last Saturday though, ended up at bootham crescent instead