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  1. Connor Oliver Returns

    That's Gateshead for promotion then
  2. Free match highlights??

    Been 'a work in progress' for as long as it has existed and which end of the pitch the ball's at is part of the challenge
  3. Salford splashing the cash again

    I was forgetting the application of the science of Heaths Law
  4. Salford splashing the cash again

    Graham Alexander the best manager in the league ? Based upon what ?
  5. Free match highlights??

    Really not that fussed, I've had trouble finding the ball on the highlights that I've watched recently and the Billy Heath interview that Alfreton put out showed how little I was missing by not seeing interviews
  6. Port Vale thread

    Good idea, how many days a week are you sharing breakfast ?  
  7. Breakfast with the boss

    Are they putting on a special bus service to get people safely to this event ?
  8. Coalville

    Either that or he was educated at Shelf and Queensbury
  9. Breakfast with the boss

    He'll want his Springsteen back catalogue signing
  10. Coalville

    Will you be hogging the middle lane ?
  11. Breakfast with the boss

    The lack of provenance associated with their Aberdeen Angus Steak nights would be more blindingly obvious, I do hope all their bacon is fully traceable
  12. Breakfast with the boss

    Am I missing something by not entering their establishments ?
  13. Breakfast with the boss

    If you have a breakfast at 11.30 it's still a breakfast, some cafe's even provide all day breakfast - I've yet to find an all day brunch
  14. Breakfast with the boss

    Every morning for me
  15. Port Vale thread

    Peter Jackson was one of the slowest CBs we've ever had and I don't remember him heading the ball that much but he was probably the best CB to ever wear an Halifax shirt See Ollies 'McNulty review' for the answer to why that was