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  1. Promotion watch.

    We are certainly universally challenged at the moment
  2. Solihull Moors notes

    Siht ground no fans would have sufficed
  3. Welcome to the Shay

    She sounds easily pleased
  4. Dover match thread

    I'm right behind Heath ( having heard who is waiting to succeed him )
  5. Goal machine

    Kenny Burns played both And Of course John Charles  
  6. Dover notes

    Execution ?
  7. Dover notes

    Wishful thinking 
  8. Dover match thread

    Not outplayed in the second half
  9. Scott Hogan

    Just remind how many fans were saying they weren't going to venture to The Shay again whilst Aspin was in charge ?
  10. Dover match thread

    Bit of a surprising half time scoreline
  11. Town vs Dover 15/08/2017

    FCHT 1 Dover 0 Dixon 1466
  12. Dover notes

    Correction when we win tonight !!!
  13. Scott Hogan

    I'll believe this hype when he carries Gatehead into the Football League  
  14. Dover notes

    If Macca (our most naturally fit player) is unfit, we might as well accept relegation now 
  15. Dover notes

    Talk to the hand 'cause listening Heath isn't