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  1. banners

    Hope that Kalgeri Plan and Barcelona Declaration are as good as their agents say they are
  2. banners

    You've lost me somewhere between God said 'let there be light' and 'there was light'
  3. 10 years ago. Death of a Club

    I like that you've added a Bradford connection into the mix 
  4. Barrows and Khan

    Strict monitoring is in place for all youngsters that are sent out on loan with MrB, Steve Nichol and others in the program very involved in their progression
  5. 10 years ago. Death of a Club

    Old model, new model and now another model . My attic is overflowing with all these models
  6. Macca

    You've obviously never stood behind him errrr !
  7. banners

    It's their lack of 3D paper that's the problem, it's as if pop out books were never invented
  8. Macca

    He'll be on a cricketing holiday, you'll have more luck sending Chadders a PM 
  9. Macca

    If you don't mind working a ten day week !
  10. Piece Hall

    One of my all time favourites and their performance of "Springtime" at The North Bridge Leisure Centre is one my favourite live gigs moments
  11. Piece Hall

    Saturday 31st August 1991 Saturday 5th September 1992 ??? I would be at both, not sure if Pulp were at the New FADS one ?
  12. Cliff Moyo

    First thing I learnt about football, any fool can play right back
  13. Piece Hall

    That's the one I went to, don't remember going to the other one but honestly don't know why I wouldn't have as New FADS were a big favourite and I loved the Wonkies
  14. Piece Hall

    My brain is getting frazzled ! Have you the line ups for the other year(s) that The Return did Piece Hall ?
  15. Jon stead

    Pretty much confirmed then, welcome to Halifax Jon Stead .