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  1. Dartford 1-2 Town 14th Dec 2013

    Any level of overachievment would be play offs at the very least
  2. Kosylo implications??

    Sounds to me like a serious injury
  3. Macc tuesday

    Doubt we'll move up the table on Tuesday 
  4. Kosylo implications??

    Shouldn't we be trying to sign Kaikai ?
  5. Game off

    Second half at Shaw Lane was one of the coldest games I've suffered
  6. Game off

    Cutting up quite a bit here at Sheerien Park
  7. Game off

    Bit hasty ?
  8. Macclesfield match.

    Looks like you inadvertently smuggled all the good English cricketers back with you
  9. Town vs Macclesfield 16/12/17

    FCHT 1 Macclesfield 0 Brown 876
  10. Macclesfield match.

    Where did you go   Australia ?
  11. Time to bite the bullet

    Rather stating the obvious, they aren't as big as tits on the Manchester United notifications
  12. Time to bite the bullet

    I've had to upgrade because my old platform was no longer working and the new platform is rubbish ( plus they keep giving me Manchester United notifications)
  13. Macclesfield match.

    Game on,  Oz will be getting his sprinklers out for the boys
  14. Dartford 1-2 Town 14th Dec 2013

    Did you eat it battered or poached ?
  15. Dartford 1-2 Town 14th Dec 2013

    Has Aspin ? How many managers have (in say the last 50 years) got teams promoted or won a cup final (at Conference level and above) ? What gauge should be used to qualify success ? The problem isn't that Heath hasn't done anything at this level, but that those that dislike him or his brand of football are scared shittless that he might have some success at this level .