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  1. When will there be an announcement?

    He probably struggles with a pen
  2. Team v Darlington

    Some of us might be more interest in getting acquainted with other people than a two day old friendly against Darlington
  3. Bought ! Oh why oh why, now we'll appoint an arrogant I know best as manager !
  4. Director Resignation

    It's not about going all out for promotion, it's about putting a team on the field that want to win games
  5. Team v Darlington

    But you didn't like a dating thread that some of us might have had an interest in 
  6. Rubbish Thread - Are There Any normal

    Can we start a petition to bring back the missing thread
  7. Still interviewing today

    Are yours ready for eating yet ?
  8. Still interviewing today

    Wouldn't be an hotdog if it didn't have real dog in it  and a meatball without meat 

    Nobody available to scoop up the meatballs
  10. Director Resignation

    Only you that's said that  sometimes better to say nothing  saves me asking around 
  11. Still interviewing today

    Lost on me, never stepped into IKEA in my life
  12. Shuddersfield's new kit

    You normally get the chance to play us on your way down
  13. Aspin

    I liked potty mouth Taylor tbh . Anyway, I've an interview with The Yorkshire Post, I'll tell them how interested in the job I am and that I haven't applied and they haven't approached me but I've always had a good relationship with MrB
  14. Director Resignation

    Any new director (buying into the club) would want power and would probably bring some of his own people into the boardroom to increase his power advantage The question is; has Peacock resigned because Bosomworth is considering this investment ? Or has he resigned because Bosomworth has rejected this approach ?
  15. Director Resignation

    65 this year, I believe