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  1. Town vs Hartlepool United 22/09/2018

    Double points I made the same error
  2. Hartlepool

    His head was at knee height so contact was surely unavoidable and didn't he play on after treatment ? 
  3. Bromley Away

    Let's take Fylde  at home first 
  4. Collins

    Not sure Collins is the answer now, but we do need to act fast to improve our midfield
  5. Hartlepool

    Midfield needs to be something different , I thought Lenighan and Berrett had their best games today but two in midfield will never work in this league . We need to go full time and work on team shape
  6. Hartlepool

  7. Collins

    Hit those drums Big Phil
  8. Fans

    Really sums up what we're up against when they left in droves at 2-0, never have and never would . I wouldn't blame the BoD for our glass half full
  9. Kosylo

    Why didn't the ref get a straight red for losing it (from the 'foul on sellers onward) ?  Silly by Kosylo but amateurish from Fullarton in bringing off Southwell ahead of Kosylo
  10. Route One Show this week

    Unfortunately not, we try, but it's just another thing that we aren't very good at
  11. Hartlepool

    Have you given them directions to The Dual Seal Stadia
  12. Maidstone

    Did he get them promoted ?
  13. Town vs Hartlepool United 22/09/2018

    2-2 Kosylo Brown 2109
  14. Do we need a new striker and midfielder(s) ?

    I preferred his early work, his latest album was a bit pedestrian
  15. Hartlepool

    Pliny must have a phD by now ! He won't let us down