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  1. Ben Tomlinson

    They did what they could considering what they had to work with
  2. Ebbsfleet’s keeper

    No Morecambe, Ebbsfleet or Barnet
  3. Morecambe

    Why would we need to imagine a reality, John Lennon will be laughing his socks ( did he ever wear socks ? ) off . Imagine Morecambe don't bother turning up to face a bunch of village idiots that are still debating Brexit, it's easy if you try
  4. Mj85

    Good to see that he's employed JGN1 as his publicist
  5. Morecambe

    JF goes for Plan I  Did not see that
  6. Morecambe

    Thatcher was the last prime minister now it's all done by the backroom boys straight out of Oxbridge that you never see nor hear . Might as well have Morecambe and Wise in charge just to keep this thread on topic
  7. Morecambe

    I'm all for a dictatorship with The Queen running the show
  8. Morecambe

    Every election relies in the votes of the people v the lies of the politicians
  9. Ben Tomlinson

    If you've watched the live operations thing on telly you'll know that major knee surgery involves virtually removing the lower leg and stitching in back on ( or so I'm informed by someone less squeamish than me)
  10. Ebbsfleet’s keeper

    Norris or Kerrigan ? Both could score goals in an otherwise rubbish team
  11. Morecambe

    But the bigger picture would be, how bad is this League this season ?
  12. Morecambe

    Sorry, I wasn't aware, it's safe to say that I know nothing and never look at the scores or fixtures of other teams unless I'm planning my Saturday excursion
  13. Morecambe

    Not 12th after all then ?
  14. Morecambe

  15. Ebbsfleet’s keeper

    Calling someone a nonce would appear to have sexual inference, we'll probably never really know if any of the sledging was racist