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  1. How to..... Play football

    Not even if that team was FC Halifax Town ?
  2. How to..... Play football

    And us playing with 6 defenders in a pyramid of emotions against a team that have come to park the bus and battling out a 0-0 draw in the adversity of blind pressure is good for football ? Manchester City didn't do anything fancy or over exert themselves, they let the ball do the work, made the right decisions and did the basics right . It wasn't a swashbuckling show of riches, it was simple football played the way any team could play if they could get their heads out of trying to over complicate everything
  3. 22/04/2019 Player of The Year Awards

    And always did them in the Bosomworth years up until the untimely death of Debbie Charlton . Possibly the organising of the event stirred painful memories of her hard work . This coupled with one or two drunken incidents and a growing disrespect for a popular event that allowed players, fans, management and the board to freely mingle
  4. Who cares ...

    Long journey from Nova Scotia to Odsal
  5. Leeds

    Wtf does that even mean ? I'm having a bath to see how much scum I'm harbouring and going to the Acca to celebrate
  6. Leeds

    I'm not as daft as I think I am
  7. How to..... Play football

    Doesn't cost billions for 11 players to do the basics right
  8. How to..... Play football

    Not a City fan but that was a lesson in how to play football . Should be a coaching manuel in its own right
  9. How long have you suffered (Tongue in Cheek)

    Or Mitch as we (well none of us) know him
  10. 22/04/2019 Player of The Year Awards

    Maybe pub league players are more grateful than football league players ?
  11. 19/20 player rumours

    Westminster Bridge to North Bridge (via the biggest bridge in Yeovil)  That's what you call a book title Jamie Vardy !
  12. Fan Brazilian here

    Either it's always April 1st somewhere in the world or you deserve a Sainthood
  13. How long have you suffered (Tongue in Cheek)

    200 years of DJ Funky will take some beating ! Think Steve Lanzo is lagging well behind on 199 years
  14. Leeds

    I've always know the filthy froth that gathers on top of water to be scum because that's what it is and my opinion would be that it pre dates the Southampton and Clyde shipping union though it wouldn't surprise me if it had its roots in Scotland or Norway
  15. Pitch Renovation

    Going to call it 'Badger Recipe' and will feature Chris Packham and The Hairy Bikers with Michaela Strachan making a guest appearance as a squirrel