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  1. Summer Recruitment

    The players always gave their all, just the opposition worked out our system (as they will with Fullarton and then the long knives with come out of the woodwork)
  2. Seen it comment , not seen it don’t!

    Nowt wrong with general comment but in-depth knowledge of something you were 100s of miles away from ?
  3. Seen it comment , not seen it don’t!

    The point in the OP was about commenting gospel truths about things you haven't seen and not about general comments
  4. Summer Recruitment

    One thing that Heath demanded was 100% from every player
  5. commentary

    Brownie was acting as interpreter for Rooney, Macca loves a scrap .
  6. Adam Morgan

    Obviously out of touch with the modern English game, you'll be happy to know that the only thing Physio's seem to use is magic water (the colder the better)

    Finally ! An answer to a question I asked weeks ago, guess you oldies need plenty of thinking time
  8. Team Vs Solihull

    Would have Mike ahead of Tomlinson
  9. Team Vs Solihull

    And Moyo, is he on International leave or injured ? Why doesn't Heath keep us informed ? Barrows, Khan, Basic, forgotten footballers...........
  10. Team Vs Solihull

    Garner will be back available, where have Reilly and Wilde disappeared to ? We suddenly seem to have too many players . Will MacDonald be back and what happened to that Clarke chap ?
  11. Adam Morgan

    As a lone striker your main job is to occupy defenders, hold up the ball and eat up time (attributes that Morgan doesn't possess) goals can come from anywhere in the team, it's a bonus if the lone striker also scores . Morgan is more of a two up front player and us old fashioned football fans are probably more comfortable with the old 4 4 2 rather than this 'new fangled' 4 2 3 1

    Thought young Flowers looked impressive for them, would have liked to have seen how he handled pace,  Tuton was maybe a wasted option . Did Guiseley settle for a draw or was that us ? ps; these corners are bloody awful viewing

    Thomson drifted in and out of the game but was probably one of our few bright spots

    Into the wind first half and never got going, we'll walk it second half
  15. commentary

    No, something kicked off off the ball and confusion followed . Strangely they got a free kick from it