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  1. Ebbsfleet at Home

    Carter USM
  2. Ebbsfleet at Home

    Just Kosylo getting attacked by a Bush ! Both teams cancelled each other out and we were a bit too predictable
  3. Ebbsfleet at Home

    Ebbsfleet are slightly edging it at the moment - Duku and Rodney aren't quite getting the rub of the green
  4. Ebbsfleet at Home

     get your facts straight before try your hand at abusive posts 
  5. Ebbsfleet at Home

    Perhaps you know f'all about how football works ? Our second half tactics were spot on !!!
  6. Ebbsfleet at Home

    No Staunton was covering the CBs to counter their ariel threat and Maher slightly advanced to break up their midfield runners
  7. Town vs Ebbsfleet United 26/03/2019

    1-0 Rodney 1234
  8. Online Courier

    My options are normally accept or **** off  is there a no option ?
  9. Scotty McManus

    Some fans expect new players to be either superior to their predecessors or exact clones . Every player has different strengths and weaknesses
  10. Online Courier

    Probably the cookies  nasty little things
  11. town v solihull

    Is Kirkbymoorsidesteve due some crowd points ?
  12. Scotty McManus

    Must have missed something, I was thinking it was his choice to leave regardless of if we were part time or full time
  13. Ebbsfleet at Home

    Will Duku have recovered in time ? Hope for a more attackive midfield but here's where we miss Hardy and Ferry
  14. Denton

    Not a new series of 'Touch of Frost' then 
  15. Online Courier

    All newspaper site are loaded with spam and, just like their journalists, in the gutter