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  1. is this for real ?

    I've noticed The Richie Allen Moor on the road to Rochdale
  2. Simulation

    At least the ref was right for a change (oh, wait a minute !!!)
  3. is this for real ?

    The Skircoat toilets the Harban Suite
  4. is this for real ?

    Salford naming a stand The Seddon Stand ? didn't even know he'd died !
  5. gone full time

    Parkin has multi millions in his bank account and he's probably starting to accept that he'll never own Leeds United
  6. gone full time

    Apparently Guiseley have as of last Monday 
  7. More good to news.....

    And the return of Neil Ross will answer Steve Lanzarote's prayers
  8. barrow [home]

    Doubt Barrow would fall for that one (and we'd probably conspire to do a Stalybridge)
  9. Leicester City

    She's history
  10. Tranmere today

    Can't argue with that
  11. Leicester City

    The gift that keeps giving when he's the answer to a question on The Chase
  12. A stroll across Beacon Hill

    Halifax and Torquay are probably two of the hilliest places in England so it's no big surprise that both have a Beacon Hill
  13. Barrow

    Barrow train at Rochdale so aren't all that North West, they still have a rich American backer but he's spending all his money clearing their debts and keeping the ground fit for purpose . They are having player problems and Sundays team included a number of young loanees . They also had a player receive his second straight red of the season, their problems are mounting
  14. Tranmere today

    I'm delighted that I don't have to think about a trip to Peterborough
  15. No new signings ?.

    Was that a Jilly Cooper quote or Jackie Collins ?