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  1. Video panel

    We've had video refs at The Shay all the years I've known aka the crowd
  2. Hopson signs

    For Blyth hope his geographics are in tune with Maguire
  3. Glastonbury

    Any updates on Hebden Ed ? I really couldn't be bothered and didn't tune in .
  4. Video panel

    Not at all sure about this was that really a red card ?
  5. What's going on?

    Wait until the shelves are fully stocked and never go shopping with an empty stomach and a full wallet
  6. What's going on?

    Were we able to do any meaningful work on the South Stand goalmouth ?
  7. Glastonbury

    Be more cosmopolitan than F......Grovers
  8. What's going on?

     Don't mix brown with electric blue and always wear socks
  9. Away prices

    Many are based upon last seasons prices this seasons may be lower ...   Or higher !!!
  10. What's going on?

    Two hours of one song that Thom Yorke didn't know the lyrics to ? 
  11. What's going on?

    Keeping their moaning toned up ready for the new campaign
  12. I fear next season.

    The unfortunate facts are, that an abnormally high volume of our regular crowd are in the silver surfer demographic . To continue to allow concessions would be admirable, but would also mean having to increase prices for adults and juveniles . It's all about financing the Club and making ends meet . The season ticket option makes pricing reasonable across all ages and even allows you the luxury of missing a few games whilst your enjoying you winter break in the Mediterranean sun .
  13. Golf Day

    Yuk !!!!!!
  14. Golf Day

     Big boots for you to fill
  15. Golf Day

    won't you be busy next season at Brighouse ? Think I've just read that you're their new goalie !