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  1. Seen it comment , not seen it don’t!

    Don't forget the lucky hat....

    Apparently playable at moment,but could be a much different story tomorrow.
  3. U19's 2017/18

    I will my inspiration.
  4. U19's 2017/18

    Could be a right battle there...
  5. U19's 2017/18

    Do you know other 2 teams ? don't fancy going there more than once a season...
  6. Now to the end if the season

    Well said momentum is key.
  7. U19's 2017/18

    Won 4-0 Think we should try and support em in semis..
  8. U19's 2017/18

    HT Dartford 0 Town 2 Chap by the name of Sunderland with the 2nd(obviously more of a Alan than a Terry)
  9. Michael Collins

    Agree 100% and now he's got the right manager(ex midfielder himself) to prosper.
  10. U19's 2017/18

    Good luck to lads in cup quarter final at Dartford this aft 2pm and fair play to those who travel...
  11. Woking Thread

    Don't see the issue.Tuton was 17th man who travels in case of last minute pullouts and Josh travelled as often injured players do to take part in light workouts and/or support his mates.
  12. Woking Thread

    Hey don't diss Ian B's-although the description is scarily accurate
  13. Dagenham Tuesday.

    Surprising how good pitch was on Sunday was expecting near waterlogged when Bradford City was off Saturday.Groundstaff done a remarkable job and can't see an issue tonight.  
  14. Woking Thread

    I really hope Denton plays at Guiseley,just to prove that if the tactics/setup are correct by a competent manager he can be an asset to the club.
  15. Woking Thread

    Is the loan/parent club fixture a mandotory no these days ?