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  1. Scot, Scot, where are thousest Scot.

    Pushed Kossy away too,would rather have Douglas Barder taking next one.
  2. Away kit

    Has to be number two-smart and well done to all for this idea.Will resist the temptation to have the playing number on the front though....
  3. Forthcoming week

    We resign.
  4. Mike Fondop-Talom

    Wrexham liked Quigley-how about a swap..
  5. Things are getting funky at Blackpool...

    Good luck to 'em and their long suffering fans and hope they attract the tinpot plastics away from Fylde...
  6. Solihull Moors beware grammar police

    Tinpot shitole with no fans.Just shows what can be achieved with a decent manager and a board that can reasonably finance you.
  7. Never to be forgotten

    Hardly likely to when's it's the only thread on the forum....
  8. Well Done Eggers On The Result

    The coach claimed it was punched...
  9. Well Done Eggers On The Result

    Lives a bit too close to you for name calling......
  10. Well Done Eggers On The Result

    No just the Leythers....
  11. Ask Away................

    General maintenance IS a landlord's responsibility under the terms of the contact being paid.
  12. Injury update

    Odeluisi got injured in pre-season..... who'd have thought.......
  13. Meeting with Mr B

    I was invited but had the courtesy to inform the club i wasn't attending.
  14. Halifax announce £175 season ticket

    Is there a 'hospital' section ? That be you and Greg sorted.....
  15. Chesterfield Tickets

    Should always be a cash option at this level-what happens if the scanning shite fails at 2pm and no tickets can be issued ?