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  1. gone full time

    Doesn't matter if Parkin's funding it.
  2. Signings and Losses from each conference club

    That looks a good appointment.
  3. FA Cup Draw Monday?

    There's a message to Billy Heath from Jake Hibbs there too...
  4. Barrow

    Moore was assistant who stepped up,so probably not.
  5. Barrow

    And lost to Shaw Lane in cup.
  6. Barrow

    Paul Cox and now Mickey Moore.We should have won up there,but seemed a decent point at time.
  7. Player Signs

    Hope that's not the case with our recruitment process.
  8. Dominic Marie.....

    Pretty obvious what the board think of him by the contract and Ham's pre-season commentary.
  9. Tranmere today

    were you already on the ignore list ?
  10. Player Signs

    Excellent.Hope we're in the process of extending all mainstays beyond next May.
  11. Dominic Marie.....

    Absolutely.Midfield is a real achilles heel for Heath.
  12. No new signings ?.

    Would be nice,never replaced him.
  13. No new signings ?.

    That's why we need to sign a midfielder URGENTLY.
  14. No new signings ?.

    Spot on Dave.Upgraded dogshite for semblence of ability in his case.
  15. No new signings ?.

    Lost 3 at Ebbsfleet when the only midfielder we have currently playing for the club with a semblence of ability had to leave the field.