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  1. Dover match thread

    Win the race to be first managerial casulaty this season..
  2. Dover match thread

    Heath's judgement is the one and only reason.
  3. Dover match thread

    Was tried regular in preseason and was still cr@p.
  4. Dover match thread

    Valid point but stats can be misleading,working on a weekly basis for 2 years with someone should give you a proper judgement.If a conference club came in for Hibbsy their fans would say what we signed this sh!te for can't even get in a poor Halifax sides 16 but it could be a very decent judgement call.
  5. Dover match thread

    Talking Ferriby dud's did Danny Hone get another club or did he go to the WWE.
  6. Dover match thread

    If so what an epic waste of judgement.
  7. Dover match thread

    You may well be right Steve but Tomlinson is renowed for his wage demands.No sure big Dave will be liking the current teamsheet.
  8. Dover match thread

    I'd go with Tomlinson,Denton and Morgan all starting.
  9. Dover match thread

    Do we even have a scout....?  another Heath legacy....
  10. Dover match thread

    Though Tomlinson was brought in to play the Peniket role on the left and looked decent there in pre-season trials.Played deep right in his appearances in league and got dropped.Quite probably on the biggest contract here and needs to be given the opportunity to justify it.
  11. Dover match thread

    A strange sense of predictive text there.
  12. Goal machine

    TBF hard to envisage his striking prowess on what we saw.
  13. Still time

    Indeed we ended up on top of George Square toilets with union jacks for winning Lekky cup !
  14. Goal machine

    Jimmy Glass
  15. Still time

    Calder & Hebble special to Rovram,epic night.