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  1. Signings for next season

    Roof Worka joining from Evostik,can go higher i'm told.
  2. What's going on?

    Totally agree,even after 1st July players can change their minds...Danny Maguire for instance.On the other hand i totally agree with saying nothing until a contract's signed to avoid the David Brooks to Chesterfield scenario.
  3. Glastonbury

    Good shout.Son saw them in Leeds in April and said they were excellent.
  4. Shane Smeltz

    They got two Finished 5-2 to sweaties
  5. Season tickets. & signings.

    How do you rate him Mike ? didn't Peterborough recall him early ?
  6. I fear next season.

    Struggle with almost everything Heath does but he's delivered big time.Not sure how long i'd trust him if we start poorly this season....
  7. Season tickets. & signings.

    Danny Newton was signed from the Vardy academy not changed his mind while on holiday and he's only 26.There's obviously quite a few we've missed out on.
  8. Season tickets. & signings.

    Getting on a bit now is Bill.
  9. Season tickets. & signings.

  10. Season tickets. & signings.

    Think their judgement could be slightly clouded don't you..
  11. Rumour mill

    What ground was the picture taken--anyone ?
  12. Season tickets. & signings.

    As of today just shy of 500 season tickets sold.
  13. Season tickets. & signings.

    Nah,not now we've re-signed collossos Cliff..
  14. Season tickets. & signings.

    That's how we got player 52...
  15. Season tickets. & signings.

    What does that mean Gordan Chinn was scouting for us ?