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  1. Macclesfield match.

    Go indoors then but watch out for cocoons.
  2. Time to bite the bullet

    Should be attracting the good part time players ourselves in the first place if they can..................
  3. Jason St.Juste.....

    Adkins wants to see all his squad which is understandable.Don't want either back now.Duckworth fit and the 5 mids who played Saturday are potentially playing for 2 places if and when Josh/Kossy feature together again.
  4. Breaking news

    Much as i enjoyed Saturday,we can't set up like that for a home game.
  5. FCUM 7 years ago today

    Was good but doesn't touch the 3gs Garforth/Grimsby and Gateshead.
  6. What about the game

    Indeed.Comprehensive and 100% accurate. Certainly not a game for the Heath Outers,despite the best efforts of Conrad,Peppa Pig and Skelator....
  7. Gagged

    Rewind ten years before we went bust. I recall being told by the current board that they wanted to take over the club, keep us in the Conference and that we could stay full time. Thats with 2m+ debts saddled to the club. The club then goes bust, reforms and has a period of ‘success’ to engage itself with a new fan base. We also have the 2m debt wiped out. This season we have seen teams like Guiseley turn full time, whilst we are still part time and taking kids from Hull when selling players. The question I’d ask is how ten years ago with 2M debt did Bossomworth and co think we could remain full time at this level, yet ten years later with no debt, why we cant afford it? Going full time seems to be further away than ever. Not going to criticise the board who I feel have been very good in keeping finance in check but at the same time we can’t keep being fed bullshit that the aim is to return to the football league, because as a part time team it simply isnt going to happen.   The above unashameably stolen from our facebook page but is spot on.
  8. Gagged

    Not in the preferred direction....
  9. Gagged

    Thought Heath's continued references to finance would bring something to a head eventually.
  10. This week was the perfect time for Heath to go

    Would agree entirely but fear Kossy may not play again this season for anyone.
  11. End of the road, no further words

    Not necessarily,the relegation has been done to death many times,if DB presides over another then he should be finished.
  12. End of the road, no further words

    We have Harvey to thank for Wembley-got us there with the resources he inherited.
  13. End of the road, no further words

    His worthy attitude got us relegated and he's on par to repeat it with is bundle of usual excuses.The bigger picture is we can't afford to be relegated again.
  14. End of the road, no further words

    Pointless,never says anything of interest(as you would probably expect) and uses the word budget 4 times each sentence.
  15. Grimsby February 2016

    And played a dead ball midfielder who could find the net as opposed to endangering runners at Spring Hall.