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  1. banners

    Happens when the FCHT fans forum degenerates into politics and the like of which 99% of us on here don't give a F### about.
  2. banners

    Never thought i'd see that in same sentence..
  3. World Cup.

    Think he's overrated and was embarrassingly poor at euros.Deserves a place in a front 2 but in a one i'd have Vardy anyday.Yes he scored 10 more than Vardy in prem but from 200% more chances.Personal opinion but still hope he's lifting world cup and golden boot come July https://www.facebook.com/DarrenFarleyImpressions/videos/1257149657749335/
  4. Barrows and Khan

    If we can atrract the right quality then the odd one or two at 19 should be good enough for the firsts.
  5. World Cup.

    While i agree i'm more bothered that it virtually guarantees his place throughout.
  6. 10 years ago. Death of a Club

    The love of hopeless causes spreads further than the Shaymen.
  7. World Cup.

    Not happy about slavvachops being made captain especially if we run with one up front.
  8. banners

    Another thread turned into a fecking yawn fest.
  9. Macca

    I know nothing about politics but someone at the ground is offended by any reference however loosely to Che Guevara.
  10. Barrows and Khan

    Well Shiraz Khan has....
  11. Macca

    YES. BTW. rugby have had this flag depicting your mate banned from the Shay....
  12. Jon stead

    They've released 11,so could be something there to attract JF.
  13. Franny Firth

    Think you're missing a stage there-not good for a DJ...
  14. Macca

    We always have a least one game against some nonsense.Unless JF considers all our friendlies have to be against better opposition it would be rude to not go to Coalville.
  15. Macca

    You really think that playing Coalville as opposed to say Frickley,Matlock Brighouse would make an aipeth of difference.