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  1. Shay Hotel?

    Well his oppos back.....
  2. Cinema at the shay

    Fecking original was bad enough.......
  3. City v Spurs

    Great game and result for football.Couldn't do with them plastic cheats winning the big 4.Would love it if all they have to show is a league cup win on pens....
  4. Obscure Day Jobs.

    Adam Smith-TK Max accountant.
  5. Injury Update

    Whatever the reason it's not acceptable.
  6. Leyton Orient match.

    Wouldn't be a time consuming excersise.
  7. Leyton Orient match.

    A favourable ratio to usual to signify the positive performance...
  8. Well Done To The Lads

    Mark Shaw ?
  9. Agent Fees

    75k i was told by a reputable..
  10. Adam Johnson

    Thought it was going to say speedo with the 's' not visible......like his mates
  11. Other News Tonight

    Orient lost 6-1 at Bromley last season then lost 3-0 at home to us......good omens..
  12. 2019/20 Season Tickets figures

  13. 2019/20 Season Tickets figures

    Correct attitude.Put me down for 2-son has to suffer too....
  14. Duku and Rodney

    Be pleasantly surprised if DB stumps up funds for signings we don't need at this stage.......
  15. John Welsh

    The devisivness Lenighan caused almost cost JF his job.Only a complete fool would make the same mistake again.