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  1. Bosomworth

    Doesn't he.....whatever we think of Fullarton he's identified 15 targets that haven't happened..FFS what chance has he...Lidl here we come again.
  2. Bosomworth

    Depends on the wording in your will.
  3. Bosomworth

    Not the only reason.I want to own it,don't want to sell it ever,and find it attractive.
  4. The club tweets about lack of signings

    We'll know when it matters-pointless bickering about it now.
  5. Bosomworth

    Yes it's a gamble and we may well regret the day he leaves-but i want more from my club than stagnation in the worst league in the country so three rich men can have a hobbyhorse that costs them nothing to entertain their corporate clientelle.  
  6. Twitter Quiz Question 1

    Nearly...Bean squad juniors....
  7. From memory 380 adult 75 junior-but 800 adults last time they were on offer.
  8. Twitter Quiz Question 1

    Better question who can name the 4 fans pictured ?
  9. Jon Stead - Harrogate Town

  10. one adult and one teenage yob purchased today....
  11. 19/20 player rumours

    Hope that's 'imminent' in Bosomworth language...
  12. Ryan Sellars article

    We have to get better than left backs who either can't defend or don't pose any threat upfield-which is where we were last season.
  13. Random image of the day

  14. Pre Season

    Me too Reebok stadia.....