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  1. Weather

    If it carries on with this rain could the game be in doubt? 
  2. Fylde Match Thread

    I wasn't even watching haha
  3. Fylde Match Thread

  4. Fylde Match Thread

    What a win! Showed tremendous character today after going 1-0 down at the start of the second half, special mentions to Macdonald, Brown and of course the BFG! Anyone see what the red card was for? 
  5. Fylde Match Thread

    2-0 Town, Morgan and Tomlinson Come on Shaymen!
  6. Gateshead today

    I felt we could've got the win and maybe should've done but after kosylo's second yellow a point is a good point. I personally didn't think it was worthy of a second yellow card and their player got him sent off! On another day we would've won that game, like others have said if Gateshead are in the play offs then we have absolutely nothing to fear! Defence is unpenetrable currently and long may it continue. Thought everyone had a solid game apart from Oliver who I thought was below par
  7. Today's game guisley

    They are all bigger than Josh.....
  8. Today's game guisley

    You kidding me? Falls over when it's windy!
  9. Today's game guisley

    Josh McDonald has not IMO improved since we signed him, I keep saying the same thing each season saying this is the year for him, I hope it is this season he shines. The one obvious drawback for me is his strength, I feel if he bulked up we would have one heck of a player on our hands!
  10. Gateshead today

    Would take a draw but we can beat them today, hoping for a good following come on shay men!!
  11. Solihull game

    Town subs: McManus, Tomlinson, Dixon, Charles, Nicholson
  12. Solihull game

    #fcht team v #solihull: Johnson, Moyo, Brown, Riley, Wilde, Kosylo, Lynch, Oliver, Macdonald, Denton, Morgan.
  13. Dover match thread

  14. Dover match thread

    Punished again, we didn't deserve a point though tonight outplayed. 
  15. Dover match thread

    Yeah to Dover...