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  1. Alfreton

    Team News | Johnson, Moyo, Wilde, Oliver, Garner, Riley, MacDonald, Hotte, Denton, Morgan and Tomlinson Sus: Nicholson, Barrows, Hibbs, Brown, King, Lynch, Dixon, Kosylo, Khan and Basic

  3. Carlisle & Rochdale friendly prices

    Yeah I think the same, they'll say it's due to increased stewarding and police costs...
  4. http://fchalifaxtown.com/news/rochdalecarlisle-admission-prices/ too much for a friendly!
  5. Callum Hassan

    He was not quick!! No quicker than Denton, he won't be playing at Gainsborough 
  6. Callum Hassan

    Yeah fair enough he may have had no service but from what I saw he is not good enough for conference level football, he looked so unfit as well he could hardly run, no pace at all, if those are the kind of trialists we are looking at its going to be a long long season 
  7. Callum Hassan

    Mate he's not good enough at all, end of 
  8. Callum Hassan

    He could hardly run! I'm sorry but if people think he had a good game then they need to open their eyes. He is no where near good enough, looks more like a rugby player! 
  9. Signings for next season

    No rumours from me! But that strike force IMO is not good enough and would have no pace at all
  10. Signings for next season

    Rhead is 33, doubt we will get him personally but I don't think he's the type of player we should be signing, even if he does drop to part time he will be wanting a decent wage as I would've thought he won't have more than a couple of more seasons in him. Also, Rhead, Denton and Morgan strike force has absolutely no pace! Denton would have to leave for me if Rhead signed.
  11. Bohan Dixon.

    The negativity on here is unbelievable! If we signed messi people would still find something to moan about. very good signing IMO
  12. Trophy Final

    Macc haven't took many at all!
  13. Our retained list.

    Don't think we even release one 
  14. I fear next season.

    Totally agree, he's a match winner end of