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  1. Away kit

    No2  would have 1. As a third kit. Both excellent.  oh and get shut of the STID on the back . It’s naff. 
  2. Kosy

    He is going. End of. Just when 
  3. Tomorrow’s ref

    Daniel Middleton.... home banker. 
  4. Scarf

    Wish I still had my tangerine and blue scarf
  5. Best Game you ever saw !!

    So many .. Kidderminster wasn’t bad if I recall ! Super Geoff and Jamie. Ice station Gateshead in FA Trophy year...last minute goals.. ET...then Brownies Pen.  Brackley play off final. Lincoln away.. Middleton’s last minute goal.  stayed up Man U Watney Cup  Town 1 City 0 FA Cup. Probably the most underated giant killing that seems to gets overlooked by the media. But following Town thru the decades of darkness has to be the win at Wembley. brought tears to grown men. Not the greatest of games but for emotion can’t and probably won’t be beat         
  6. It’s the system stupid

    Macc are coming straight back down 
  7. Super Geoffrey Horsfield
  8. Darren Kelly

    Strange choice by. FCUM. Hyde hovering above relegation zone. Must be desperate. 
  9. Collins

    Collins wants to come back. Fullerton doesn’t want him. 
  10. Wrexham highlights

    Ref got colours wrong way round. Only pushing involving keeper is him pushing Preston. 
  11. Today's second goal - name the scorer

    Clarke’s all day long! First last and anytime 

    Braintree for Kids