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  1. Chadders

    BTM I cannot understand what you have written.  Now write 100 times, My English is Crap.
  2. England v Sweden

    Times when i wish you would all go to bed for a few days.   Why does a good thread always turn into a shitfight because of a couple of idiots.
  3. on the move

    DJ we could make a song out of that.
  4. England v Sweden

    i shall be in my lounge room at around 3am, freezing my nuts off.  It will be about -3, think i will have to put the heating on.
  5. Away kit

    The Canberra Raiders play in green, when the ground is full it looks brilliant. The Big and Mean Green Machine.  Unfortunately we keep losing.
  6. The Ultimate Hard Question

    If Australia can give them a fright any of the remaining teams can top them
  7. Niall Maher interview

    Packet in you lot, we cannot have friendly banter on this forum
  8. Helli

    Helli has lots of mates
  9. Matt Jansen

    why not
  10. Shaun Rowley

    Put ya money on my dog (greyhound), he has won his last three races.  His name is Community Values, next race is in Nowra NSW.
  11. Denmark v Peru

    On a sad note, we Australia got done by those French.  I see what some people mean on this board about these prima donnas diving and faking injury.  That bloke Hernandez is an utter cheat and a disgrace.
  12. Dayle Southwell

    I pay around 15quid to see the Canberra Raiders.  I LOVE RUGBY LEAGUE.  I also love golf, football and boxing, played them all and loved every minute of it.
  13. Like pulling teeth

    How come there are so many experts on pensioners, baby boomers, never had it so good, all own there own homes, born in the 60s all took LSD.   Especially from people who were not there in the 60s and are not on a pension, but probably on welfare. Normally if you buy in bulk, even in a supermarket you get it cheaper.  If you have Sky/Fox TV with your internet and phone etc, you get it cheaper when under the same plan. Therefore if you buy a season ticket you should get it cheaper no matter what your age is or your financial situation.
  14. Still waiting

    I would rather read Fleas posts and watch his video clips than have anything to do with the likes of ewalsh and some others on this board.
  15. Still waiting

    Are you American, that is not Yorkshire talk.