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  1. Head thread (tonight’s match thread)

    No be can run around a paddock really fast.
  2. Pliny Harris

    I have no bloody idea what you lot are talking about.  Think i will go back to bed.
  3. Head thread (tonight’s match thread)

    Rick he won again by 6 lengths.  He was up against some really good dogs, i should have called him Willie Carlin, my favourite player of all time.
  4. Head thread (tonight’s match thread)

    Rick he drawn out wide in box eight, the dog in box seven has won his last three races so he will have to be on good form.  He will be in with a chance, he comes home really fast.
  5. Head thread (tonight’s match thread)

    Story is the Canberra Labor/Greens Government has banned greyhound racing in Canberra, for no good reason.  So called him Community Values, during the races the announcer calls him the peoples dog.  His proper name is Nugget.
  6. Head thread (tonight’s match thread)

    Community Values Running in Canberra Sunday.  
  7. Head thread (tonight’s match thread)

    More than happy at the moment, a couple of wins for the Shaymen and my greyhound has won his last two races.  Hopefully a win on Saturday and my dog wins on Sunday night, what a weekend that would be.
  8. Advice required

    Is Websters brewery still going?
  9. Sutton thread

    What a fantastic result, things have really changed over the past couple of months.  The spirit in the club must be sky hight, keep it going lads.
  10. Advice required

    Support both.  Last time i was in Sheffield was to play rugby (union).  Had a great day out and then got pissed on Websters because it was free.  Never could get used to that beer.
  11. Team Vs Boreham Wood

    Glad it wasn't on my floor, you would be on the free transfer list bloody pronto.
  12. Todays goals

    Thanks Flea, really appreciate your clips.
  13. Season tickets

    Been using the card system in Canberra since 1994.  Just swipe your card going through the turnstile quick and i don't think it would cost more than a book of tickets.
  14. Town vs Fylde 30/03/2018

    And when did players stop wearing black boots and the goalkeeper wearing a green jumper.
  15. Jamie Fullarton

    What if you cannot attend every home game, not much point getting a season ticket if you have three kids.  Prefer the idea of under 12s paying a quid.