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  1. A true footballer

    The days of Tommy Smith and Norman Hunter are long gone, todays prima donnas would not come out of the changing rooms.
  2. Leyton Orient match.

    What a bunch of pathetic individuals on this forum.  Just for once can we have a thread that discusses Halifax Town without it turning into a mudslinging contest.  If your opinion is different so what, that is what the forum is for. Quite frankly i don't care if JGN, Hoddie, Rocket and some others never post again.  We then might get back to football topics.
  3. The Shayman who won the Victoria Cross

    Another picture that should be on the Halifax Town Wall of Fame.  When will this happen and get some of our great players on display.  My grandfather was in the Dukes, he was gassed while fighting in Ypres.  Came home but was very ill and died at a young age.
  4. Random image of the day

    Not sure about the advisory board but the Chairman - Rod Thomas was a fantastic bloke who just loved the Shaymen.  Rod also played prop for Bradford Northern and was a career policeman.   Jack Haymer was Mr Halifax Town, two great men who unfortunately have now passed away.
  5. Maidenhead today

    Went out last night with my wife to watch a Queen tribute band and the tickets were quite expensive.  Left at the interval because the sound was crap, the musicians just stood there and didn't show any interest and the singer couldn't hold  note. Why did we leave at the interval, because the entertainment was crap and the band didn't show any enthusiasm. Sound a bit like the football at the Shay.
  6. Random image of the day

    How would you compare the team agains York to the team today.
  7. Barnet

    Not in Aus, any time is good for a barbie and a beer.  As Alan Jackson said, Its Five O'clock Somewhere.
  8. Barnet

    Chrisbo Great result, i am now going to throw that shrimp on the barbie with a big steak and washed down with a cold beer.    
  9. its funny who you meet on a flight ?

    You two are just wasting your time in your current jobs.   But then i have no idea what other employment you both would be suitable for. In other words shut up.
  10. The game tonight: Maidstone

    Lose on Saturday and tonights result will all be for nothing.
  11. Eric Harrison

    Eric is the player who got me hooked on Town.  Came to my school (JH Whitley) to coach us for a day and he just got us hooked.   Eric, Frank Large both gone but never forgotten. RIP mate.
  12. Next 4 games

    We had better stay up.  I am coming over in September - October and i don't want to be watching North football.
  13. Match offer for Aldershot

    This is the modern game, either rugby or football should be a family day out.   Kids should be free get their faces painted in the club colour and wave their flags.  Make it a family day out and maybe you will discourage the idiots who throw fireworks at games. I take my grandchildren to the rugby and they love the atmosphere and are now mad Canberra Raiders supporters.   Live in the dark ages and you are only going to get the over 50s and the young idiots.
  14. FC Halifax Town European PR Consultant

    Then you must read a lot of crap
  15. FC Halifax Town European PR Consultant

    Thought is was about me until i read European.