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  1. The game tonight: Maidstone

    Lose on Saturday and tonights result will all be for nothing.
  2. Eric Harrison

    Eric is the player who got me hooked on Town.  Came to my school (JH Whitley) to coach us for a day and he just got us hooked.   Eric, Frank Large both gone but never forgotten. RIP mate.
  3. Next 4 games

    We had better stay up.  I am coming over in September - October and i don't want to be watching North football.
  4. Match offer for Aldershot

    This is the modern game, either rugby or football should be a family day out.   Kids should be free get their faces painted in the club colour and wave their flags.  Make it a family day out and maybe you will discourage the idiots who throw fireworks at games. I take my grandchildren to the rugby and they love the atmosphere and are now mad Canberra Raiders supporters.   Live in the dark ages and you are only going to get the over 50s and the young idiots.
  5. FC Halifax Town European PR Consultant

    Then you must read a lot of crap
  6. FC Halifax Town European PR Consultant

    Thought is was about me until i read European.
  7. Oops Mr Fullarton

    It is a poor do when your tracker comes second to the goalkeeper.
  8. What to do Today

    Got two Matons, one Gibson, one Cole Clark, one Art Lutherie, one banjo, one uke, six cigar box guitars and to top it off two didgies. 
  9. What to do Today

    Got to rewire a guitar then going to watch the cricket test Aust v Sri Lanka.   Have to put sun screen on, 35 today.
  10. Meeting with DB

    Oi get off my patch.
  11. Meeting with DB

    Wish you would, sick of you taking over every bloody thread.  Get back to your successful business, make millions and buy some gym equipment for the team.
  12. Salford Highlights (DJ Funky)

    Thanks mate really appreciated,  On that display cannot believe we are struggling, i can see the goals coming soon.
  13. Karma?

    Hope one of them is in September/October when i shall be visiting
  14. Was it a penalty today?

    Couldn't see it see it from where i was.
  15. Karma?

    Love that his name is Hardy.