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  1. Do the forum members ever watch JFs players?

    I left Halifax when i was 16 now nearly 70.  Last time i went to the Shay cost me almost 2,000 quid and i only got to see 2 games. Does that mean i am not a fan. BTW it is clever being old, i got there and bloody proud of it.
  2. FA Cup

    Lanzo Where you will be going you will have fire and smoke long after the cremation.
  3. Shut Down This Site

    I like to read what is on this site, have done for many years.  I agree it has gone down the drain a bit since the old Shaymenonline where some great discussions used to be held.  However, there is very little info on the official Town website, so i will keep reading this one. But  i do agree there are some keyboard warriors who would absolutely crap themselves, if they had to say some of the things face to face.
  4. Lenighan gone !!

    The way Town are playing we will be replaced by BPA next season.  Who said BPA had a manager not good enough for this club.
  5. West Riding Cup

    And you bashing everyone who makes a comment you don't agree with.  Agree change the record.
  6. West Riding Cup

    I like Trophy Bitter
  7. Scarf

    What is the name of the pub?   Lived in Gib for three years, went with no kids and came home with two.  The border was closed at the time and nothing much else to do other than drink.
  8. Morecambe

    I was there for that game and got the DVD.
  9. Relegation form

    Away days you just beat me by 20.
  10. £2 voucher

    They probably were true supporters but have just had enough.
  11. Warrington on Saturday

    I think after being a supporter for most of his life, travelled thousands of miles to support his team, spent hundreds if not thousand of pounds on this team he has a right to be angry. What have you done?
  12. Flea

    Must be a big mug
  13. Flea

    This thread confirms why don't come on this site as much as i used to.  What ever happened to discussions about football.
  14. Nike

    And you will say the Yorkshire Ripper should be given another chance.
  15. Fan names

    My name is Col and i live in Canberra.  In my younger days i was called Twiggy because i was a skinny little fella.  Now i am a fat pig, funny but people now think i am a pig.