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  1. Fylde Tuesday

    Just hope we win tonight.  My brother who very rarely visits the Shay is coming down from the Dales for the game with his next door neighbour.  His neighbour is from Fylde so they visit the Shay and then attend the Fylde game. Hopefully if we win they will attend the Shay more often.
  2. Music

    John the days are still great.  Still got the same song and the kids love it, the crowd is brilliant when they all stand and do the Viking clap as the players come out of the tunnel. 15,000 doing the clap echoes around the ground, great atmosphere.    You should come home and witness it for yourself.
  3. HRLFC

    Stats Just to let you know that what we call the A-League are expanding with two extra teams.  A syndicate from Canberra have put forward a proposal for a team to come from Canberra.  We already have a stadium, support from a large Chinese company who are prepared to put a couple of million in for us, a local Government who have promised $1.5m dollars a year for 10 years and and ties with a couple of English clubs.   We are a sports mad town with 15 thousand attending rugby league, 12 thousand attending rugby union, our ice hockey team has just won the nation championship, we have a top basket ball team.  The only thing we need is a football team.  Once every now and then an A-League game is held in Canberra, the last one was Perth v Central Coast.  Perth is a four hour flight away and CC a 6 hour drive, 6000 Canberrans turned up for the game, not many from Perth or CC.   Canberra has a population of just under 300,000, yet we can support all our sporting teams.  Also my three grandsons and myself all have Halifax Town shirts, funny how people come up to us and say oh Halifax Town shirt, Doh because it says Halifax Town on the shirt. If we are successful in get an A-League team in Canberra there will be at least four Halifax shirts in the crowd.
  4. HRLFC

    When people all over Australia ask me where i come from i say Halifax, their answer is always, "they have a Rugby League team there".  Never once has anyone said, the home of Halifax Town. 
  5. Music

    Yes we have our own song that plays before and during the game.  Very catchy song that the young kids all sing along to.  Called the Big and Mean Green Machine, get the whole crowd going.
  6. Music

    Nah  The Canberra Raiders Viking clap gets everyone going.
  7. Fans Panel in't Worrier

    C'mon Steve compared to some of my friends in Illingworth i did feel posh.   Dad always got the Green, thought the Pink was the Bradford paper.
  8. Season tickets

    Fully agree with you Roy, this bloke really has a problem.  All mouth and no action when fronted.
  9. Today's poor attendance.

    Your opinion seeing that i suppose you have been to many other countries.
  10. Today's poor attendance.

    So you are not boycotting the game because of SL, its because you didn't get a discount on your season ticket.  PS i love Norway, one of the most beautiful countries in the world.
  11. Today's poor attendance.

    Are you now unemployed
  12. We're on the telly

    I think i shall also stop attending games while SL is playing.  Oh but then i don't attend any games either, is anyone else on this board in the same position as me.
  13. Two new signings

    Chrisbo, i think you have had your head down too many drains.  The fumes have affected your head, and not the one you want the vaseline for.
  14. Lenighan's contract

    God does not have to be a figure in the shape of a human.  I used to attend AA meetings, one bloke used to catch a train that took an hour to get to his AA meeting.  To him that train was God.  To some people on this forum Vardy was God, depends on what you want as your God.
  15. Time to move on.

    Has SL signed a long term contract?