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  1. Colorizing Old Photos using

    Fantastic photographs, Willie Carlin my all time favourite.  Do you have the player names for the team photo?
  2. Missed Out

    Who is Dave Tarpey and why is he a good signing?
  3. Darlington

    Winning comes from hard work.  May not be the glamour team but hard work can beat any prima donna team.
  4. The club tweets about lack of signings

    That was always me, but i don't think anyone felt sorry for me.  I was always one of the first for the rugby league team.
  5. England Women

    Aussie girls triumph again.  Sam Kerr leading goal scorer in the cup, how about we sign her.
  6. The club tweets about lack of signings

    Don't panic.   I will be there in September for a week and will be available for selection, can someone please lend me a pair of boots. Lanzo and DJ are you free for the afternoon.    
  7. England Women

    Aussie girls for the cup, just beat Brazil after being 2-0 down.
  8. 75 Years on

    Also remember those young men and women today who are serving their country overseas in places like Afghanistan.  These people are also heroes who deserve respect.
  9. Challenge cup

    Great result Fax, and if i want to make a comment on RL on this forum then i bloody well will.  If you can make political comments then what is wrong about making a comment on a team from Halifax no matter what the sport is.
  10. Josh Macdonald

    which one, spends more time on his back than the Unknown Soldier.
  11. A true footballer

    The days of Tommy Smith and Norman Hunter are long gone, todays prima donnas would not come out of the changing rooms.
  12. Leyton Orient match.

    What a bunch of pathetic individuals on this forum.  Just for once can we have a thread that discusses Halifax Town without it turning into a mudslinging contest.  If your opinion is different so what, that is what the forum is for. Quite frankly i don't care if JGN, Hoddie, Rocket and some others never post again.  We then might get back to football topics.
  13. The Shayman who won the Victoria Cross

    Another picture that should be on the Halifax Town Wall of Fame.  When will this happen and get some of our great players on display.  My grandfather was in the Dukes, he was gassed while fighting in Ypres.  Came home but was very ill and died at a young age.
  14. Random image of the day

    Not sure about the advisory board but the Chairman - Rod Thomas was a fantastic bloke who just loved the Shaymen.  Rod also played prop for Bradford Northern and was a career policeman.   Jack Haymer was Mr Halifax Town, two great men who unfortunately have now passed away.
  15. Maidenhead today

    Went out last night with my wife to watch a Queen tribute band and the tickets were quite expensive.  Left at the interval because the sound was crap, the musicians just stood there and didn't show any interest and the singer couldn't hold  note. Why did we leave at the interval, because the entertainment was crap and the band didn't show any enthusiasm. Sound a bit like the football at the Shay.