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  1. so

    An old one!
  2. Heslop signs

    For Eastleigh!
  3. 2 minutes silence

    Can't believe we have a three page thread about a two minute silence being slightly oddly observed.
  4. 2 minutes silence

    What do you mean?
  5. Bottom Line

    Paul Bracewell, Alan Little. Dreadful under those two. Remember relegation Redfearn too.
  6. Woking

    Woking played exactly the same way as us. Tried to keep hoofing to their big man. It's okay when other teams do. There's a difference with long ball and being direct, we're direct. Some decent wide play today from Town too, just poor deliveries, if we had Kosylo playing things would have been.different.
  7. Woking

    Indeed, we're hardly used to total football. Not sure where this snobbery has come from.
  8. Woking

    Yep, three chances for Tom today. First one was weird, almost had too much time. The other two were fairly routine headers that to fair to him, he usually snaffles no problem.
  9. 2 minutes silence

    Seemed okay to me. They observed the silence after the bit of audio.  
  10. Points watch

    Half way to safety, that's how I see it.
  11. Woking

    Though we were much better today. Very impressed with Batty, he looks a very good signing.  Played like a proper number 10, Middleton was good too, really creative. Just a shame Morgan wasn't involved to feed off the intelligent play.
  12. New Signing

    Went to Newsome high. Think he still holds the record for being the youngest player to play in football league. At 15 and 3 months. Was injured, but be worth a tentative enquiry.  
  13. New Signing

    Reuben Noble Lazarus is the man, be a coup if we got him. Pace to burn and so so much potential.
  14. New Signing

    Could do a lot worse than looking at Reuben Noble-Lazarus. Free agent, rapid, eye for goal, local lad and looking to rebuild career.
  15. Liam King

    So that's a fee for King, a fee for Lynch. Pennies rolling in!