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  1. On the basis of one out one in....

    Yeah, noticed Newport had released him.
  2. Maidenhead Details

    Nah. League has to be #1 priority, made that mistake two seasons ago.
  3. Adam Morgan

    Am I too. The lad was a class player on his day no doubt. You don't play in the Europa League for Liverpool if you're no good. Clearly, by the number of clubs Adam has been at and still only 24 he's obviously had his problems. Saying that, I did think he was treated a bit unfairly at the back end of last season and the past few games, but we don't see training sessions or interact with him on a daily basis. He always gave his best for the club and scored some important goals. I'll always remember his contribution in the 4-2 Salford comeback last season at home. Best of luck Morgs.
  4. Adam Morgan

    Confirmed to Sligo
  5. Macclesfield.

    Spot on really. No way our make shift 11 could compete with Macc. Our first choice 11 however would have likely got a positive result. Very disappointed in Charles, seemed like he was in CBA mode.
  6. Halifax Town 3-1 Yeovil Town

    It wasn't just the football Town played with the ball that season, it was their pressing, endeavour, passion that was brilliant to watch too. We all knew how good Super Geoff was then, but looking back at the tapes, he was basically unplayable.
  7. Turning out to be a strange league

    No sure about the Horsfield days. Wasn't a particularly strong division then, most teams were part time.
  8. Eric Harrison

    Brilliant man.  I've been lucky enough to share a few hours with him talking football. Richly deserved.
  9. 30/08/1997

    Quality. Sublime finish from an impossible angle by JP.
  10. Adam Morgan

    On the pitch is great. 2 wins in 2. Scored 5 conceded 0 Whatever could you mean?
  11. Michael Collins

    He made some absolutely crucial touches and interceptions. The way he keeps the ball moving is great, but he marshalling and vocality is amazing. He is constantly talking, he helps players make the correct decision or pass at the correct time. Revelation.
  12. New Manager or New Forward?

    We made that mistake in the relegation season. I'd still trade Wembley for staying up.
  13. New Manager or New Forward?

    Couldn't give a rat's behind about the Trophy game.  League has to 100%  focus. 
  14. Lets Not Get Carried Away

    I thought refs were promoted/demoted to through the leagues based on performances. Some referees can only line at certain levels, and some can only referee at certain levels depending on their level?
  15. What about the game

    Sounds great. Collins a great addition, experienced head but bags of quality. Also LOVE the fact he's a Halifax born lad too, gives it another dimension.