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  1. Michael Collins

    Spoke to Michael on Friday. Says there has been no contact at all.
  2. Robbie Weir

    I hope we have. Boy's got talent. He's been a free agent too long and someone I've been touting around for a while.
  3. Music

    I always found 'Know your Enemy' by Foo Fighters quite rousing. We had that for a while I think.
  4. Edwards - 'I nearly do everything'

    Is that how much it was? How know?
  5. Wrexham Match Thread

    Looking ominous, I agree.
  6. Wrexham Match Thread

    Were they mid week games?
  7. Wrexham Match Thread

    Seen off big mike. Now go for the win. Hope MFT got a decent reception from the town fans?
  8. Loan signings

    Rainford was class on loan, **** when signed. Nicky Wroe too.
  9. Bloody marvelous

    Still looking at 50 points first. Once that is in the bag I'll start looking upwards.
  10. Joe Skarz

    How does someone know if someone else's legs have gone. Might have lost a few yards of pace but I'm sure he'll be a great signing. Duckworth looking really awkward as a makeshift left back.
  11. More to come ??

    Shay Trev in humour shocker
  12. Joe Skarz

    That's a belting signing. I bet Nathan Clarke was instrumental in the move too, they played together at Huddersfield.
  13. Two new signings

    Berrett a good call. Reuben Noble Lazarus for me though.
  14. Two new signings

    I know, he's the cog in their machine. However, if we're genuinely ambitious to push at the top end of the table, he's the type of signing we need.
  15. Two new signings

    We're a defensive midfielder short. I'd be getting Lewis Montrose in. Think he's the perfect fit.