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  1. Tranmere thread

    He actually bollocked  the players after one game for not going straight over to the home fans after one of the games.
  2. Macca - final call?

    Give him the armband on Saturday.
  3. Today’s non league paper

  4. Today’s non league paper

    Played and scored on one loan appearance for us?
  5. Player of the season

    Another thing about Browny, off the pitch, he's a brilliant club captain. Friendly, approachable and has time for the fans. Also doesn't accept poor performances or make excuses, for himself or the team. Top bloke.
  6. Heath to Chester

    Alan Little, Mark Lillis? Bracewell? Kelly!
  7. Player of the season

    Brown, Wilde, Garner, Johnson all been immense.
  8. Potential signings for next season

    Reuben Noble-Lazarus without a club. Worth offering a trial at the very least.
  9. Potential signings for next season

    Plus FCUM on £1000 per goal scored by him!
  10. Money

    Where is this money coming from?
  11. Safe. Well done Jamie and the boys.

    I'm not bulling him up, I'm stating a fact. You can't deny that.  I have no loyalty to him and I thought he should have been sacked a few matches earlier actually. However, that run at the start of the season that saw us sitting second was an important part of the season. Yes, the wheels came of terribly and for that he lost his job, but at least give the man some credit for the points accrued early on.  
  12. Safe. Well done Jamie and the boys.

    Take away the points won whilst he was manager then=relegation. Fact.
  13. Safe. Well done Jamie and the boys.

    I'd like to see a couple of under 19s in the next two match day squads now too. Although not to the detriment of their cup final.
  14. Safe. Well done Jamie and the boys.

    Indeed, thanks Billy and Mark for the solid start. Always remember the sensational 3-0 win vs Leyton Orient.  
  15. Safe. Well done Jamie and the boys.

    Now we're mathematically safe, I'd like to extend my congratulations to the players and management. Looking forward to the summer recruitment.