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  2. Game off

    Short sleeved shirt weather in hudds at minute 
  3. Chester (H) Saturday 23rd December 2017

  4. Game off

    The game is off why? Just took my dog up to 4 Fields and they are marking out the rugby pitch for the Rugby lads the pitch is covered in snow and ice!! Pathetic a bit of ice and all hell brakes lose, soft sods!
  5. Game off

    But at least will know who we play on the way to Wembley Part 2.
  6. Today
  7. Game off

    Doesn't matter what competition it Is, however crap your team may be playing, a postponement always spoils my Saturday 
  8. Game off

    Makes sense 
  9. Game off

    Hopefully it would now be a good idea to agree with Macclesfield to finish the game on Tuesday,neither team wants a replay with all the Christmas games coming up 
  10. Town vs Macclesfield 16/12/17

    I forecast a postponement. Crowd nil.
  11. Game off

    Or better still a draw today 
  12. Game off

    Let's hope Chester game off too so they face a replay in mid week.
  13. Game off

  14. Game off

    Now Tuesday at 7.45pm.
  15. Game off

    Today's game is off 
  16. Town vs Macclesfield 16/12/17

    2  -  2    DENTON  HIBBS  ATT 1102
  17. Richard Marshall

    The two could only be confused in mood lighting. 
  18. Macclesfield match.

    bastards wouldnt get out of my hand luggage! 
  19. Macclesfield match.

    Looks like you inadvertently smuggled all the good English cricketers back with you
  20. Time to bite the bullet

    8-10 hours tactical training , 4 hours strength conditioning , bespoke speed training sessions,  24/7 medical facilities , would imagine this is what being full time in this league looks like 
  21. Time to bite the bullet

    I see on Twitter town are holding sessions for young players released from professional clubs. If you look at the time spent on tactics, conditioning, strength etc that’s incorporated into the programme you get some idea how much of an advantage full time teams have if they structure their weeks similarly. Would imagine this time of year plus injuries we hardly get to train properly 
  22. Town vs Macclesfield 16/12/17

    FCHT 1 Macclesfield 0 Brown 876
  23. Macclesfield match.

    yes! back now though. 
  24. Macclesfield match.

    Where did you go   Australia ?
  25. yesterday
  26. Macclesfield match.

    Bit harsh on Chadders
  27. Macclesfield match.

    ive been out and its getting warmer! 
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