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  2. Cliff Moyo

    they only want to make as much brass as they can, nowt wrong with that! 
  3. Denton

    surprised us all two seasons ago! 
  4. Denton

    That’s what I mean “signing the players from his previous club” I certainly don’t think it will work I reckon he’ll get a top half finish with them but certainly won’t go up. 
  5. Denton

    Twice if you count the amount that won promotion with NF, albeit he recurited from there.
  6. Denton

    It’s worked once with Heath signing players from his old club doesn’t mean it’ll happen again. 
  7. Denton

    Did a job for us, particularly in that league. Good luck to him.
  8. Denton

    Good luck Dents
  9. Denton

    Completely agree, on both counts.
  10. Denton

    I expect a few more to follow. Its not pretty but it works, so who can blame them.
  11. Denton

    Signs for Alfreton.... No surprise there!
  12. Josh Kay

    only ones that know nothing about football. 
  13. banners

    you dont half talk some ****! 
  14. banners

    everything you say is proof! duh! 
  15. Today
  16. banners

    Hope that Kalgeri Plan and Barcelona Declaration are as good as their agents say they are
  17. World Cup.

    England to win the World Cup at a canter! Will breeze through winning most games by 3 or 4 goals with lightiningly quick counter attacking football. May get a few goals against due to gunho approach but will surprise and dominate the completion from start to finish which makes me so happy and proud I think i’ll have a beer to celebrate!  COME ON!!  If you don’t have a dream how you gonna make a dream come true!? 

    You should have posted this as the company owner rather than pretending to be someone not connected to Twin Valley. 

    I have been on the coach a few times this past two years, apart from not turning up once everything has been fine, even won the scratch card on one occasion that paid my fare. George does ok with the job as far as I'm concerned, I might use it a couple of times next season depending on where we are playing and if it is better to go by train for the ale stops.

    There is no problem with the Twin Valley coaches, and Night Owl's arrogant statement about them is verging on libel! There have been a few issues over the last few years with one coach not turning up and another breaking down; however, neither were belongiong to Twin Valley, but had been brought in on loan by them when their own coaches were already booked elsewhere. Twin Valley have numerous clients throughout Halifax, most of whom are repeat clients who have absolutely no qualms about using their services, so Night Owl, do be careful about the things you write about other peoples' businesses, because your ill-thought comments may result in legal action being taken against you! George works hard to try and facilitate the away travel arrangements and Twin Valley coaches have always been willing to provide that service when George has seen fit to use them. In addition, they are used throughout the rugby league season by HRLFC, without any adverse comments from clients. Therefore, kindly cease making comments publicly that are intended to damage the reputation of an honest hard-working firm, because that is tantamount to libel and may be treated accordingly!
  21. banners

    Yet you cannot provide facts so it is not a factual description, duh!
  22. Josh Kay

    Same could be said about Sinnott. Pretty much been told he can leave Chesterfield, yet we seem to have several on here that would welcome him back. 
  23. Cliff Moyo

    Moyo seemed a nice enough lad, but the fact that he has an agent to me shows how mad the game has become. His "natural level" in all truth is probably below the Conference National. He's a North/South player at best, yet he has an agent - and won't be the only one at that level, where probably most will have them now. Its bloody madness.
  24. banners

    you jest my freind, intelectual is the last thing that **** is, and if your not adult enough to cope with insults stay out of it!  ps calling trev bigot, racist or whatever is not an insult its a factual description. 
  25. banners

    The irony of the liberal left being aggressive and insulting in their replies in here, whilst trying to take the moral high ground of being caring and "better than you" should not be lost on anyone. It should also be noted that the thread starter here is the one that turned this into politics and is the only person to have descended into insults and actual bigotry in his replies.  I don't agree with Trev's political stance, however I respect his right to his views and opinions and he does manage to put across some valid arguments, albeit not ones that I feel personally would justify my vote for any party that leans further to the right.  For as much as I find those with far right leanings (Note I am not saying anyone here has them) to be bigoted in their views and sometimes struggling with tunnel vision when certain topics come up, the same can be said for the leftists - and in this thread its been very clear that a couple of posters here who are on the more liberal side have shown what hypocrites they are in their responses. The same sort of wet lettuces that would have Corbyn down as the saviour of this country whilst ignoring all his terrorist sympathising bullshit or ideals of scrapping trident.
  26. banners

    Happens when the FCHT fans forum degenerates into politics and the like of which 99% of us on here don't give a F### about.
  27. banners

    Never thought i'd see that in same sentence..
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