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  2. BT Season Review : Were we really that awful?

    The off hasn't been the issue infact the off has given us the buffer we have needed for our what seems annual september to january slump. The concern i have is once we have been worked out can Fullarton develop another tactic or form of play to keep the results coming in. Boring someone elses strikeforce has had to be the saving grace 2 seasons in a row. I am hopeful though and strangly opptimistic
  3. How to..... Play football

    Vincent Kompany has joined Anderlecht next season. He'll be a big loss for them.
  4. BT Season Review : Were we really that awful?

    3 losses into wins and 3 draws into wins and we wish have been up there. It just shows how tight things were and what a poor league we are in. Nothing to fear in this league. I hope JF can sign a couple of decent forwards and let's get at it from the off.
  5. BT Season Review : Were we really that awful?

    Makes sense to me. The end stats in the end read Won 13  Drew 20  Lost 13.  With a +1 goal difference.  More draws than any other team.  Probably near the top for 0-0 drawn games.  We literally couldn't have skipped the entire season and posted a more non descript set of stats   
  6. BT Season Review : Were we really that awful?

    Well it has been a rather nondescript season. Ultimately, we attained mid table mediocrity with the most talked about event being the signing of a midfielder with a dubious past. 
  7. Squad 2019/20

    Josh Mac
  8. I know we endured a dire season, but I've just watched the BT Review of the National League Season and we barely got a mention (despite topping the table earlier on). Everyone else got a decent mention, we got a sentence and no footage. If you've recorded it, don't waste your time watching it.
  9. FA Trophy Final

    42K, 4000 from Fylde. Commentator said that Danny Rowe has got a burning desire to play FL, really? Pretty sure he has had many offers 
  10. FA Trophy Final

    Orient have got exactly what they wanted just like Grimsby did.
  11. FA Trophy Final

    Cheers mate. What was the attendance? It didn't show the crowd on the result page I looked at.
  12. FA Trophy Final

    Hardy was a unused sub. Both evenly matched game was split between the 2 halves, apart from Orient coming out in the second half creating lots more chances and being the  better team. They even had a goal cleared off the line by their own player  Jordan Maguire Drew was there stand out player. 
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  14. James Hardy

    Can’t see it. He’ll either be a squad player at Salford or go to a Wrexham, Chesterfield etc
  15. FA Trophy Final

    Orient are denied a league and cup double as Fylde won the trophy 1-0, Danny Rowe the scorer. To the Shaymen that watched the game, was it a good game? Did Hardy play etc etc.
  16. James Hardy

    No idea? ;-) 
  17. Home or Away On Boxing Day?

    We've also been away on the last day of the season for the last 3 seasons so i'm hoping that will change next season too. As for the question. Doesnt really bother me. Maybe we are due a home game though 
  18. 19/20 player rumours

    It's almost certain every name mentioned on this thread won't sign for us. It always seems to be players we've never heard of or duds
  19. James Hardy

    Do you think we could go for lois maynard ?
  20. James Hardy

    That's the least he deserves. Maybe with them being in the trophy they haven't had discussions with anyone yet
  21. James Hardy

    Way to lightweight for this league. Put them in a midfield 3 with Lois Maynard and you could be talking 
  22. How to..... Play football

    Terrible thread. Man City are a stain on modern day football. One of the best moments ever of watching live football was being in the City end and witnessing them lose to Spurs in the Champions League 
  23. Home or Away On Boxing Day?

    Personally I like an awayday on Boxing Day 
  24. Home or Away On Boxing Day?

    Without checking I think it would have been Gainsborough in the first conference north season.  And yes I think it’s about time we had a Boxing Day home game.
  25. James Hardy

    He'll then be ours  !!!!!
  26. Maybe someone more “Tech Savvy” could do me a fans poll asking whether we would prefer to be at home or Away On Boxing Day? I have tried and failed to set one up! We haven’t been at home On Boxing Day since when?
  27. 19/20 player rumours

    Was highly rated at FC Utd also
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