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  2. Salford splashing the cash again

    They won't though. Because if somehow they fail this season, they'll just throw more money at it next season. Between the Class of 92 and Peter Lim, they have a bottomless pit at this level. It's sad watching league standard players whore themselves out to play Conference football, but this is the state of the game now. Even at non league level, it's a money game. 
  3. Coalville

    ...and I don't know if I'm ever coming home...
  4. Coalville

    Take the last train to Coalville And I'll meet you at the station You can be here by four-thirty 'Cause I've made your reservation, don't be slow Oh, no, no, no Oh, no, no, no
  5. coalville saturday

    We haven't had a drop of rain for four months. Don't even have brown grass, just dust. I hope Saturday is a raging success, Macca deserves a great day out.
  6. Coalville

    The season we got to the FA Trophy Final we had Torquay away at the dead of the season. Pretty much EVERY junction we needed to be on was closed on the way back and it was detour after detour through every bloody town, village and hamlet imaginable. Think I recall it just creeping past 3AM when everyone in the car let out a cheer as we past Nantwich's ground.  I can't wait for similar stuff this season. The motorways after 10PM are a joke.
  7. Coalville

    Many thanks to my backroom staff Erik and Shaymandy for pointing out the obvious due to my lack of sleep.
  8. Coalville

    Along with many others WB Q/S,last night I was in  Shelf for my granddaughters graduation gig and left at 11 30 and got home at 2 30 thanks to the useless closures on the M62 M60 which left me trying to find a way out of Manchester with two other slip roads closed so the moral of this story is when you ring and ask any closures tonight and the idiot on the line says none planned tonight mate just shows the idiots have took over the asylum.So glad I past my genes on WB.
  9. Free match highlights??

    Or you could just go for nitty gritty action instead of articles
  10. Connor Oliver Returns

    That's Gateshead for promotion then
  11. Free match highlights??

    Been 'a work in progress' for as long as it has existed and which end of the pitch the ball's at is part of the challenge
  12. Breakfast with the boss

    Bloody Nissan cars, they don’t make them like they used to.
  13. Salford splashing the cash again

    I was forgetting the application of the science of Heaths Law
  14. Free match highlights??

    With us having 5 trialists that must be the most confusing thing to listen to. “Trialist, passes to Trialist, who looks for trialist in behind, who crosses to trialist, who knods down to trialist, who... puts it into row z”
  15. Free match highlights??

    At least the ‘trialist’ stuff will be sorted soon !
  16. Free match highlights??

    Oh don’t worry, the commentary usually gets even worse when it comes to the normal season. Doesn’t work half the time and when it does it’s the most dull, uninspiring commentary there is. Would also help if they didn’t get the player names wrong all the time and actually talk you through what’s going on in the game instead of confusing you.
  17. Free match highlights??

    The Danny Holland interviews were entertaining back in the day. And Neil Aspin always made a good interviewee. 
  18. Today
  19. Salford splashing the cash again

    It’s alright because once Salford pass through we will get the comedy show that is Billericay, although I’m quite looking forward to the washed up (both on and off the pitch) former Premier League players showing up with the never ending joke that is Glenn Tamplin.  Then of course you have South Shields who are throwing plenty of money around and climbing their way through the pyramid. 
  20. Connor Oliver Returns

    You took the words tight out of my mouth. They are foooked. 
  21. Salford splashing the cash again

    I'm getting worried because there doesn't seem to be another Lancashire town or city non league football team that's being bankrolled to become a football league club on the horizon.
  22. Connor Oliver Returns

    Signs are at least one team will finish below ius then
  23. Salford splashing the cash again

    BBC site reporting Salford have signed a player from Aberdeen @ £4k a week, Aberdeen couldn't compete. What chance have the majority of National clubs got faced with that financial clout. Hope they fall flat on their faces.
  24. Free match highlights??

    I’m not sure where the issues come from with the service. Once you’d gotten a half decent camera and someone to operate it then job it’s a good’un. The initial cost might be a smallish amount but barring any glitches that really is it. Obviously there’s the time that goes into editing the highlights but at present that is just a case of cropping things down. Brighouse’s highlights, obviously barring a few slightly dodgy angles really did upstage ours and would not be too difficult to do.  With the students we’ve had I don’t think any have come close to the first batch that we had, and I get that the service does tend to increase over the course of the year, but when you’re paying for a service you do want the best. Worse still you’re paying for a service that is run by people working for free. 
  25. Salford splashing the cash again

    Based on the fact that he has never managed in this league. 
  26. Free match highlights??

    It is ! Just making the point that I’m glad it is .. cos it’s ... a work in progress  not saying commentary is easy but it is hard to grasp what end of the pitch the ball is at most of the time 
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