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  3. is this for real ?

    The Danny Racchi trestle table
  4. is this for real ?

    I've noticed The Richie Allen Moor on the road to Rochdale
  5. Signings and Losses from each conference club

    Absolute snake. Claimed to have no interest in the role on Monday. Spoke to the chairman at 1pm today about this weekends game before the chairman flew off on a family holiday (delayed until the season as his son was in hospital in pre season.) Rang the chairman at 6:30pm once he landed to tell him he was quitting. Appointed Darlington manager 7:30pm. cock. 
  6. is this for real ?

    The Rainford rat fans stand.
  7. continuation of word association

  8. gone full time

    Strange to go full time during the season. You would have thought it would have been after this season.
  9. Life of Brian

  10. is this for real ?

    The imminent club shop stand 
  11. Runcorn (A) Saturday 28th October 2017

    Unavailable, away for the weekend. 
  12. is this for real ?

    The  scott McManus 1-0 stand.
  13. Simulation

    At least the ref was right for a change (oh, wait a minute !!!)
  14. Life of Brian

    Bwian, Wodger & Woderick.
  15. Simulation

    It’s a typically half arsed FA initiative. Obvious examples of a player being touched in the slightest, tiniest way and chucking themselves to the ground and the FA say no case to answer. The Watford lad “fouled” by Bellerin for a start. But a nice easy League 2 target and the FA get stuck in Absolute w*nkers
  16. Signings and Losses from each conference club

    You're about to find out. He's buggered off to Darlo.
  17. Simulation Does this apply in our league? If so, there must have been many such examples
  18. Life of Brian

    Brian is dying out as a name.
  19. is this for real ?

    The Paddy Roach crocus (only comes out twice a year) garden.
  20. It's not about town.

    It's all about Town!
  21. Life of Brian

    Abigail was the best. Should have quit while they were ahead. 
  22. Life of Brian

  23. is this for real ?

    The Skircoat toilets the Harban Suite
  24. is this for real ?

    Or the Phil Senior Bench.
  25. is this for real ?

    Or the Rainford stand.
  26. is this for real ?

    It's like us naming the South Stand The Moyo Stand.
  27. is this for real ?

    Salford naming a stand The Seddon Stand ? didn't even know he'd died !
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