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  2. continuation of word association

    Garlic Bread
  3. Signings for next season

    Some on here may quite like the Swede Nil Patience
  4. Video panel

    Yeah that's a fair point, the ref may just give more decisions. In theory I'm all for video refs provided as I say they can find a way to integrate it into the game without spoiling it. 
  5. Shane Smeltz

    Having looked into it further, he was the first ever NZ A-League player to score in a World Cup finals. Both the scorers against Scotland were playing in Australia. Incidentally they were both born in England.
  6. Shane Smeltz

    Oh well, they had no idea, so I guess I got away with it. I felt sure that I'd read that his goal was their first in the finals.
  7. "Bad Boys Eleven"

    Mick Norbury Vardy
  8. Video panel

    It would probably lead to more penalties being given initially by the ref when he knows he can have it reviewed and one good thing is it would deter the divers especially if the video ref was to adjudicate that the player dived.
  9. Video panel

    I agree and work needs to be done to ensure it can be integrated into football seamlessly without affecting that.  For example - if a player goes down in the box but the referee decides it wasn't a foul, then the other team could be up the other end and score on a counter attack 30 seconds later. That's the great thing about football and that can't change. If the referee referred all decisions like that to a video ref then it would totally change the game as he would stop play.  A solution might be to allow teams to appeal decisions which the referee has actually given, so the game has already stopped. So if the referee awards a penalty then the defending team can appeal it. Play has already stopped so if it turns out that it was the wrong decision then no harm done, play restarts with a free kick to the defending team. However if a referee waves away a penalty appeal then that can't be appealed - play continues.  Its not perfect and means there will still be plenty of contentious decisions to debate down the pub after, but it bridges the gap a little and will result in more correct decisions. 
  10. Video panel

    I think I was thinking more from the angle that football has always prided itself on the fact that it is fundamentally the same game on both levels. With this technology it isn't. But I agree it's not enough of a reason not to have it at the top level because time has moved on. 
  11. "Bad Boys Eleven"

  12. "Bad Boys Eleven"

    We´ve had a lot of those at the Shay 
  13. "Bad Boys Eleven"

    Subs: Joey Barton, Tony Adams, Peter Storey and Mickey "50k a week footballer until the police found his printing machine" Thomas   
  14. continuation of word association

  15. "Bad Boys Eleven"

    12 Godfrey Obebo, impersonating a footballer.
  16. Golf Day

    Chadders has grown his hair since I last saw him. The female Thunderbirds outfit does nothing for him though.
  17. Glastonbury

    When you think about how many songs The Bee Gees wrote and then Nile Rogers on straight after Barry Gibb, and the amount of tracks he wrote for himself and other artists and the amount he produced , the legends spot really did live up to it's name. Watched the whole thing at my mates and absolutely loved it. Also, I never knew he wrote Islands In The Stream. You learn something new everyday, as they say.
  18. Glastonbury

  19. continuation of word association

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