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  2. Hartlepool

    Number of tackles yesterday - 0 (one booking that was a yellow any day of the week).  Pssses completed - 8/11 (all backwards or sideways)  Interceptions - 3 (1 quite good block in the second half). 
  3. Fans

    I'd we were getting 4 and 5000 every week as Wrexham do at The Shay atmosphere would never be mentioned cos it'd have one. Anything over 2000 home supporters down The Shay and the atmosphere is usually pretty good 
  4. Today
  5. Hartlepool

    The appeal is worth a try. We have had blatant ones knocked back in the past so a difficult one to judge might come back in our favour.  
  6. Town vs Hartlepool United 22/09/2018

    Double points I made the same error
  7. Hartlepool

    His head was at knee height so contact was surely unavoidable and didn't he play on after treatment ? 
  8. yesterday
  9. Ben Tomlinson

    Even more reason to ban these stupid pitches. I really don't like the idea of them at all. Football should be played on grass, end of.
  10. Ben Tomlinson

    He said today that it was the artificial pitch that was ‘like Velcro’ that caused his injury at Sutton. He has torn his ACL and there is damage to the meniscus, too.
  11. 12 Months On

    Fair comment Luke. I wasn't aware they'd got there the day before and trained down there. That is poor.
  12. Hartlepool

    If he catches the guys head we’ve no chance of winning an appeal imo. we’d have to be able to prove there was an error - footage filmed from 70 yards away in the east stand isn’t going to show if was accidental or intentional.
  13. Hartlepool

    He 100% made contact with his head, it's if it was intentional that was the issue 
  14. Hartlepool

    Brown was following the ball and could not stamp on his head because he did not see where his head was when you watch the footage .
  15. Hartlepool

    That’s nothing on the numbers that travelled to Morecambe in ‘98 and significantly fewer than the #Whitby10000. Very poor.
  16. Bromley Away

    I'd blummin forgot about them. Oh deary me. 3 games in 8 days is not what we need at the moment. I will settle for a point out if he next two now. Get the suspensions out of the way and get Ducky and Staunts back and then try and regroup and put another run together. Losing Tomlinson is blummin massive. Preston needs to step up now.
  17. Hartlepool

    I agree that the ref was at the heart of it. But once Kosylo was booked, he's the kind of player that all that f***ing around for the celebration would have wound up. And, true to form, he goes in hard and late. Add to that the reaction to it from Noble that should have had marks for technical ability and it was only going to end one way.  Be interested to see any footage of the Brown incident. Pretty sure it was a linesman's call as it seemed to take an age for the ref to get over there and then to give the decision. 
  18. Hartlepool

    Problem is, we walked straight into the second red thanks to the bollocks decision of the first. The Brown sending off was such a farce it got Kosylo booked for protesting it. Its a stupid booking from Kosylo, but then that first decision has then had an impact on the second sending off. Had the ref not sent Brown off, Kosylo gets a yellow for that challenge. 
  19. Hartlepool

    Early stages followed a similar pattern. Away team exert pressure and Town chase the game. And then they get going, start to string some passes together and come back into it. The difference today was the ref decided to put his mark on the game as they did so. I go to The Shay as I take my daughter who, God bless her, at age 8 last season, decided she wanted to watch her local team. Season ticket holders this year and I genuinely enjoy it. As much as I've developed a soft spot for Town, I'm not a 'fan' in the truest sense. Losses annoy me but they don't ruin the week as they do for loyal fan. I say all that because, given that degree of 'impartiality', I can comment on how utterly f***Ing bent that ref was. The difference in approach to everything, from tackles to backchat, was staggering. I'd seen Hartlepool's 'mob' running round town earlier in the day and wondered if they'd collared him at some point.  At halftime I genuinely thought the game was wide open with Hartlepool edging it. The penalty and then the sendings off changed all that.  It wasn't all bad though. Hanson was a standout even when it started to go wrong. I love watching Clarke work with him. You see it from the warm-up and right through the match, talking and working together. Preston impressed too. Puts a shift in which is what anyone wants to see from their players. I described Edwards as a player who will frustrate but excite in equal measure when I first saw him through pre-season and the start of the league. Well folks, we're in for an exciting end to the campaign as he's clearly getting the frustrating ones out of the way early. Not good enough I'm afraid and his poor touch and finishing cost Town today.  I heard that Tomlinson is out for 10 months. He was very badly missed. I'm not sure why King and McLeod appear to be completely out of the manager's plans. King has always looked a creative player and McLeod has shown he can run at players and cause problems. Not convinced by Berrett at all. Lenighan gets a lot of stick, some of it deserved. He frustrates other teams I think, but can frustrate fans in the same way. It's his lack of creativity for me that means he's not the answer of Town want to even dream of a play-off place. But I don't see anything in what Berrett does. He came into the game more after the dismissals but in a sense he had to. As I say, not sure how either of them start when King is on the bench.  Once Town were down to 9 it was only going to end one way. I pray that whatever happens in terms of promotion, Hartlepool miss out. One of the most refreshing things I've noticed in this league is the comparative lack of diving and general histrionics. I thought Noble had been f***ing shot at one point. Or at the very least wired up to the bloody floodlights. But what really got me was his goal celebration. Completely OTT and it only added to an increasingly ugly atmosphere on the pitch. Can't help thinking it played a part in Kosylo's challenge and sending off. It looked late to me. He gave the fourth official and their bench a gob full on the way off and kicked the yellow railings. I suspect he kept going, walked straight out of the main entrance, marched up Union Street and chinned the first bloke taller than him that he met..... Fans get angry. They shouldn't, but we're human and it matters. Their keeper wants to remember that. I'm sure coming off to a handful of people shouting at you isn't great, but you're a professional. You need to rise above. Shouting and gesturing back at them just makes you look a bit of a t*t. Noble was no better but no surprise there. Tuesday will be a real test of where this team are and where they can go. I remain optimistic but hope some enforced changes mean we get to see if alternatives might work.    
  20. Fans

    So why is our away support so good at making noise? Surely if your theory about SL was correct then we wouldn’t make any noise home or away. Also, the atmosphere was piss poor last year and we didn’t have Lenighan then. I’m not a big fan of SL but I think it’s very unnecessary to try to pin the lack of atmosphere at the shay on him. It just seems like a desperate attempt to back up your stance on the situation regarding SL. 
  21. Hartlepool

    He doesn’t bring on fresh legs and have a go with 11 players on the pitch so couldn’t imagine with 9 he would have a go. 
  22. Hartlepool

    It’s important NOT to panic. We are having a sticky patch that has involved three credible draws and two defeats. I think now is time to manage the expectations. What did everybody seriously expect from this season? We won’t go down. So where should we be? 
  23. Bromley Away

    Let's take Fylde  at home first 
  24. Bromley Away

    If Staunton and Duckworth are still unavailable then Maher will have to play centre half. Then McLeod will have to fill the place of Kossy and Preston on the other side but I hope he gives King a run in the middle. He can always give Edwards a try in the second half. Our squad is looking very small and I really do hope we can come through the next few games injury and suspension free. I'm wondering how long Sammi's contract is because if he's not up to it he should be shipped out. I know it's early days and he hasn't really had a chance but wtf. What's the betting that he's one of the highest earners due to his experience in the FL. I'm not panicking but we are due some ruddy good luck on the injury front and I'm also hoping a few gems come along who are looking for a club or we sign a couple of belters on loan.
  25. Hartlepool

    Still no Scott.
  26. Collins

    Collins has retired. He is no longer up for consideration. I'm not sure he would want to put himself back into the position he was in last season with us. 
  27. Collins

    He won't need paying when he gets paid his 2 year contract from Bradford,and the money we got from the Hartlepool fans today will pay for it
  28. Hartlepool

    It’s the actions of the ref that were the most bizarre. He obviously didn’t see the stamp, even though Fullarton says it was the refs decision.  The ref played on for an good few seconds as we broke up the pitch. My guess and it’s a guess is that the linesman is the man who saw something and him and the linesman were probably also influenced by the little prick that is Liam noble. I can’t imagine the ref or linesman would have been able to see anything that resembled any sort of intent from brown as they were both so far from the play. But considering how chirpy the game had become and the fact browny had already been booked for dissent for the sellars incident, meant the ref was already assuming intent based on browny already being wound up. As for Kossy, he won ball fair and square, it was the follow through that got him a second yellow. I’m just glad the tackle was on noble. Saying that though, would love to have noble on our team. One of those players you hate as a opposing fan, but love if he was one of yours.
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