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  2. Highlights vs Dover Athletic

    Nobody is saying Morgan isn't a good player, more his attitude. Denton isn't awful either, 1 goal in 4 games doesn't sound great, but if he keeps that ratio over a season it's about 12 goals, which is about what you'd expect from a bang average conference striker. I would expect Morgan to be given a run of games soon, especially if we aren't scoring many goals. Every player in the squad deserves a run of 3/4/5 games to show what they can do. I thought our best period of play on Tuesday came with Morgan and Denton linking up, so I'd expect them to be starting at least one of the next 2 games together.
  3. Dover match thread

    As do Barrow, Gateshead and Dagenham.
  4. Dover match thread

    Bosomworth has shed loads of money but it seems his ambition is to be the richest man in the graveyard. 
  5. Dover match thread

    Fylde, Ebbsfleet and Eastleigh have a shed load more money than us Trev. What they don't have is a fan base like ours that can triple or quadruple in size when big games come along. If we had both then we'd take some stopping.
  6. Billy Zero loses again This  time to Torquay
  7. Dover match thread

    I think this is a fantastic post and never a truer word spoken. Well said.
  8. Dover match thread

    Right, but budget dictates expectation and realistic goals, so what im saying is we can be the biggest club in the world in.terms of where we 'should' be and stature,but because of budget those expectations have to be lower. In terms of the manager and.players we can attract too. And where we are likely to.finish
  9. Dover match thread

    If you're talking budget we are about mid table that's it, but please don't equate the size and history of a club based on a budget, Billericay bigger than most teams in league 1 and 2 on that basis 
  10. Gainsborough Chairman

    Clubs buying 'success ', nothing new, it's been like that in the premier league for the last couple of decades. Only a matter of time before it percolated down the leagues as the money required to buy success at a higher level is now the preserve of massive corporations, so the hobby millionaires will have to make do with the minnows to massage their egos.
  11. Dover match thread

    Like I've said, much.more about budget now. 
  12. Dover match thread

    Most forwards would've been very proud to score such a good goal!
  13. Dover match thread

    Win the race to be first managerial casulaty this season..
  14. Dover match thread

    .....not many football players are.....
  15. Highlights vs Dover Athletic

    Adds a.different dimension to the game.
  16. Dover match thread

    The only teams traditionally and historically I would have us below are orient Wrexham hartlepool ,tranmere , on a par with Chester and Torquay, 
  17. Dover match thread

    Not sure about Macclesfield and Dagenham. Still, whatever people think.about our 'size' that all becomes irrelevant when budget comes into play.  We have a smaller budget, and are still only part time in comparison to lots of clubs. That has to come into play,especially when talking about potential.
  18. Solihull Moors vs Town 19/08/2017

    Solihull 0 - 2 Town Denton Kosylo 777
  19. Highlights vs Dover Athletic

    .....that's some signs of a decent player.....and what we'd like to hear.....
  20. Dover match thread

    Fylde, Barrow, Boreham Wood, Bromley,Dagenham, Dover, Eastleigh, Ebbsfleet, Gateshead,Guiseley, Macclesfield, Maidenhead, Maidstone, Solihull, Sutton and Woking. More potential than this lot above. Puts us higher than you state,
  21. Today
  22. Dover match thread

    You have a good point there. I do think there's a few of them.
  23. Dover match thread

    But not in this division. I'd put as about lower mid table in terms of 'size' and stature.
  24. Dover match thread

    Compared to most of the teams we have played in the pub leagues we are Massive. Massive potential compared to them at least.
  25. Highlights vs Dover Athletic

    I thought Morgs did well when came on. His cut back minutes after coming on, with his weaker foot to Kosylo was excellent, but as per usual, Kosylo's finish wasn't. His movement and runs were good too, made the job a little harder for Dover CBs rather than just the food and drink heading high balls back.
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