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  2. Dover

    I might be a bit ugly but I’m not a troll. And it’s all about different opinions. It makes the world go round. 
  3. Ben Tomlinson

    Any week now...
  4. Today
  5. Morecambe

    Woking had a solid 33 points this time last season and look what happened to them. Shrimps like water so let’s hope this rain stops. We’re all doomed.  
  6. Morecambe

    One reason among many yes! Its all been done to death so im now just waiting with a big shovel to help clear up the mess.
  7. Morecambe

    So it is for purely selfish reasons you hold these views. I am not like you.
  8. Ben Tomlinson

    Hoping to be, have just signed up on the Ross Clegg Rehabilitation Programme.
  9. south stand for tuesday night

      Would still need a doctor present for the players so would not save that much my fact dodging amigo.
  10. Ben Tomlinson

    Indeed I had a transplant with Micky Flanagan, nerd I say more.  
  11. Morecambe

    As patronising as ever.
  12. Dover

    Being a troll who gets just about everyone's backs up.
  13. Town vs Morecambe 20/11/2018

    Town 1-2 Morecambe Kosylo 1488
  14. Ben Tomlinson

    They did what they could considering what they had to work with
  15. Ebbsfleet’s keeper

    No Morecambe, Ebbsfleet or Barnet
  16. Morecambe

    Why would we need to imagine a reality, John Lennon will be laughing his socks ( did he ever wear socks ? ) off . Imagine Morecambe don't bother turning up to face a bunch of village idiots that are still debating Brexit, it's easy if you try
  17. Morecambe

    And the West Riding and FA Trophy to come. 
  18. yesterday
  19. Morecambe

    Imagine if we don't win tomorrow. Still 13th and still to be knocked out of the FA Cup by a minnow. 
  20. Ebbsfleet’s keeper

  21. Morecambe

    Imagine if we win tomorrow. Solid 13th and in the second round of the FA Cup. 
  22. Morecambe

    Democracy does not exist in this world sadly Trev. 
  23. Morecambe

    You’re not the only one with sources
  24. Morecambe

    Oh really? The extention he last signed wasn’t for the season. 
  25. Morecambe

    That’s the attitude. We need this win so the more the merrier. Come on Shaymen. Refreshing to read some positivity for a change 
  26. Morecambe

    Massive game tomorrow and not to be underestimated, the potential cash cow it can release is huge.  I'm well up for it and quite a few Brooksbank six formers are on it.  **** Huddersfield Town the Shaymen represent Elland. 
  27. Ben Tomlinson

    Glad this went well, sad the humour transplant was unsuccessful when your body rejected it
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