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  2. continuation of word association

    J R Hartley  

    Some peoples memories are shorter than a Yorkshiremans arms we've even got some of the staunchest Heath outers saying we should have played route one on Saturday
  4. Seen it comment , not seen it don’t!

    For me there are always a couple of posters who give good views on the match  I look forward to reading those  many just say things that support their views  heath in aspin out etc  nick 
  5. Today
  6. Seen it comment , not seen it don’t!

    I have only attended four games in the past 10 years.  The reason being that not only is it a long way to travel but it also cost me approximately 1500 quid per game.  I do get up at five in the morning to listen to some games though.  Does that give me approval to comment on a game? May not get to many games but i still consider myself as a Halifax Town nut. And where is Flea with his video clips, i miss them.  Must also say i love reading the Travel Reports on the club site.

    People used to constantly question Aspin even when we were winning.

    Had quite a few cold ones this season, Saturdays was warm by comparison
  9. Happy St. Patrick's Day

    A guy called billy said it.
  10. Happy St. Patrick's Day

    Kieran Sadlier for Cork
  11. Happy St. Patrick's Day

    Bring back Morgan
  12. Happy St. Patrick's Day

  13. Happy St. Patrick's Day

    Think the game was called off.
  14. Happy St. Patrick's Day

    Good to see our man who headed off to Sligo bagging again tonight!
  15. Blackpool (A) Friday 30th March

    Available to sub.
  16. continuation of word association

  17. Man City (A) Saturday 24th March 2018

    Unavailable. Working. 

    no rossendale trumps everthing for cold
  19. Seen it comment , not seen it don’t!

    It certainly does hunsworthhound and I do not believe anyone is knocking them but there are also others who film the games for their private collection, where they should or not is another matter.
  20. Seen it comment , not seen it don’t!

    For everyone information.                                     Our games home and away are filmed by our own media team headed by Kelly and supported by students from Huddersfield University these are the source of all the highlites on shaymen tv and when its a home game BT sport. The away team usually film it as well.  When we are away the Bt footage will be from the home teams media team.  The students are all doing media study courses at Huddersfield university . I know this because my mate who sits with me at the Shay is their tutor at the University. Its worked this way since the new club was formed 10 years ago.  If you look at the footage you will often find the coverage gets better as the season goes on as they get more experienced in operating the camera.
  21. Town 5-1 Morecambe

    Don't think he scored that season. Think Jack Haymer mentions it in commentary when he hits the bar in one of the matches I've uploaded previously 
  22. Accrington Stanley.

    Didn't need to be sat in the stand, you could here him on the away terrace behind the goal !!
  23. Town 5-1 Morecambe

    I can't remember if Jon Brown ever did score for town but he certainly played a big part in us getting promotion.
  24. Accrington Stanley.

    I remember watching town at Southport when he was their manager, we were sat in the stands up behind the dugouts and to say his language was industrial was an understatement.
  25. Not Town related so apologies if boring

    Come on , hasn't mj suffered enough having had to put up with BH  related threads/posts on these boards without wishing it on him at Nuneaton too.
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