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  2. Selby Town

    At last, a game that you can't lose (unless it's another bloody draw  )
  3. continuation of word association

  4. Selby Town

    You will all be hop skipping and jumping to The Three Pigs after the game on Saturday. Believe me 
  5. yesterday
  6. Selby Town

    Can't beat a bit of Devo
  7. Selby Town

    Whip it good
  8. Selby Town

    Having nun of that
  9. Lee Gregory

    I’ll take that!
  10. Moderators.

    Technology has a mind of its own, robots will take over the world if we let them . Reckon we could put out 11 robots that are way superior to any 11 robots in this league
  11. Selby Town

    Thrashings are a habit!
  12. Selby Town

    We thrashed Selby, how many thrashings do you think we are capable of ? 
  13. Selby Town

    Ha Ha nearly choked having my muesli but JGN going to give you a chance to make some money Halifax to win 4 0 100/1 or 100/30 just the win Bet 365 still having a laugh.
  14. Community news

    Glad you've drawn a line under making such comments.
  15. Selby Town

    Indeed Salford Millionaires Club built their football model on Selby Town
  16. Moderators.

    Have you tried switching it off and on again?
  17. Community news

    Some good work there, well done. mr B
  18. Selby Town

    4-0. I O Shaymen. 
  19. Community news
  20. Selby Town

    We are above Salford in the form table over the last 6 games
  21. Selby Town

    Oh for a minute I thought you meant we would thrash someone as that won’t happen at all. I was expecting it against Braintree but we didn’t even score 1   erm yeh Salford might smash someone very soon though. Very soon 
  22. Community news

    Well, nobody else has mentioned it - regular updates this week
  23. Selby Town

    Somebody is due a thrashing. Why not Salford? 
  24. Selby Town

    Erm total different opposition  but I like your optimism. 
  25. Selby Town

    I think Salford might have just a bit more quality than Selby! I’d still prefer Selby though!
  26. Selby Town

    Well Done lads. Let’s take the scoring form into the game against Salford 
  27. Selby Town

    Be back to usual Saturday 
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