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  2. Jeez Hoddie, any excuse to have a pop at the BOD, sometimes its justified but come on they can hardly act on every suggestion can they?
  3. That must have been the worlds slowest dropping penny
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  5. Your help and support is greatly appreciated by all at AFC Halifax and I know the same at FCHT and om behalf of both can I say thank you very much.
  6. Hoddie, interestingly I did not read the post until after it had been edited, your response shed's some light on things. I have participated in all fund raising efforts put forward, since I became re-attached to the club. I make suggestions and put ideas forward, just as many others have, in the hope that some of these ideas may be of use to either the Club or the various supporters organisations out there. I am not, and I stress the word NOT, criticising the Club or the S/C in any shape or form. I have repeatedly stated that I understand the need for the the Club and the S/C + AFC Halifax to concentrate on the big ticket items, but there is a life after these playoffs. The recent comment on "I wonder how well the Goalometer does" is just that an innocent enquiry and not a barbed hidden criticism of the way it is run. To be honest I have just done some quick sums on the info in the programme and it is clear that it is a nice little money earner, with very little overheads in terms of administration. Hence the comment suggesting we should try to increase the participation levels if it gives a sound return. I have now applied to join the Supporters Club, and hope that my application is accepted, along with a few suggestions on how funds could be raised. These ideas are aimed at post Project Playoffs. For now I will take my ideas and keep them to one side, until the dust has settled on Project Playoffs and the Club and S/C may have more time to consider the merits of any suggestions I may have. Needless, to say I have enjoyed working with the boys from AFC Halifax on the football cards, they are very proactive, and I will for now expend my energies in assisting them further if needed.
  7. Nick

    Face in the crowd

    Bloody hell it must be the same for the carbonate cut out too worry that boredom wood will charge an admission charge for town cardboard supporters
  8. People are offering ideas but everyone who's already involved is getting super defensive, and the usual "well why don't you offer some time" nonsense hasn't worked this time because someone did offer their time... I wonder what happened there. Let me guess, "we'll be in touch." This is the difference between Halifax Town FC and FC Halifax Town. The former would have been grateful for all ideas, all volunteers and all donations. The current club belongs to one man and his select circle, and woe betide anyone who tries to encroach on it. Look at Flea's virtual ticket idea, an incredibly simple thing that's ended up raiding a few thousand? I bet the club expected to shift a couple of dozen at most. If there's a good reason why - other than the lack of the free 30 seconds it would take to set up a "buy a pie for a quid" - then explain rather than slag the person off. The club and the current volunteers do not have a monopoly on good ideas. But to see all the defensive reactions, it would appear they seem to think that.
  9. Flea

    Face in the crowd

    Any flags would need to be out for at least 72 hours before the game due to Covid restrictions.
  10. Got to streamline fundraising as much as possible or people will grow wise (weary) and stop giving . During a normal playing season the 50/50 draw and other current initiatives are sufficient (could have more uptake) to keep us amused
  11. I think you have hit the nail on the head there. One off things like raising money for these play-offs is relatively easy but persuading us to participate in season long initiatives is a different matter. After all many of us are Yorkshiremen / Yorkshirewomen! (Had to do an edit there!) Having something specific to focus on concentrates the mind rather than general fundraising.
  12. Steve just trying to get an estimate of how well it does overall. Probably Roger will know. It would also be interesting know how many supporters take part and how we can then look to maybe increase participation.
  13. Really do not know I paid a £1 per goal I think I paid about £50.
  14. That was just Billy Heath.
  15. What is the amount this raises for the Supporters Club each season? If as SSA says maybe we could focus on this more in the run up to next season, with a target to raise a certain amount, as we all seem to love a target at present.
  16. The pay per goal is in existence during the season SSA it was settled early due to season finishing and I have put to the club for the POs I offered £10 per goal.
  17. One I wondered about, probably for next season rather than for the play-offs, is a revival of Tony Thwaites' old Goalmeter. It used to appear in the programme late 70s, early 80s. Possibly something for the Supporters Club?
  18. Just made the payment online so should be in your account very soon
  19. and to make more brass for doing nothing.
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