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  2. It will have been a different virus that you had in December. I've spoke to the people that had it then too and have now found themselves with COVID 19. A woman from Leeds I spoke to said the bug she had in December isn't in the same league as how she felt with COVID 19. She has now made a full recovery but still feels tired. That's how hard it can hit you. They are trying to roll out a test that shows if you've developed antibodies in your blood that show your body has fought COVID 19. I think the fact we're still waiting for the flecking chemicals for the preliminary test to see if you have the virus speaks volumes and the test you mention, which is important, will pro ably be available after the pandemic is over.
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  4. I'd really love to have one of these tests that can apparently tell if you have already had the virus or not. Late December I was knocked on my arse for a few days with what I felt was a really bad cold / bit of flu. All the hallmarks of what people are saying is this virus. It left me aching, tired and shaky for a few days. I do think its quite possible I may have had a slight version of it if it is true that a strain of it was going around before the turn of the year. On a personal POV, if it turned out I had had it, and it was then proven re-infection was rare/not possible, it would make me a lot happier going out in it all the time - and would mean I'd be able to help those that have to isolate. It could be a game changer if we had a section of people whom we know are "safe" from being infected (again) as they could then be a sort of lifeline for those that need goods or someone to talk to etc..
  5. Very interesting discussion on Newsnight regarding the fiasco around testing for NHS staff, after Mr. Gove explained on the Daily Update from No.10, that the number of tests conducted on a daily basis had not yet risen above 8,000 was because we did not have sufficient reagent chemicals to do more than this, after we were told by BoJo the week before that this would be ramped up to 25,000 per day. The Chief Executive of the NHS Providers group stated that some testing of NHS frontline staff had been carried out over the weekend, and although it was only a small sample, the early indications were that of the staff who were self isolating at home only 15% of them had tested positive. This means that 85% of them were fit to return to work, which is a really large number of doctors and nurses who are currently sat doing nothing. Again, according to the Daily Mail, we have at least one British company who makes the testing kits, who have had no contact from the NHS Supply Chain, so they sold all of their stock to other countries. What also baffles me is that on the No 10 press conference it was said by the Medical experts that Spain had suffered more because their testing was flawed whereas ours was better. If the South Koreans were so successful with their control of the virus through the use of testing, testing testing, would you not think that all countries throughout the world would use the same testing regime that had been shown to have a very high accuracy rate?
  6. I hope PW is taking notes.
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  8. I’ve only put about 700hrs into the game so far, still managing Halifax. Wage bill of £3.3 million a week. Currently in season 2033/34. Bout to play a champions league group game at shay. 4-2-3-1 controlled possession my formation of choice. If I can remember that far back. Earing and Jamie Allan were decent players to have. Early on make sure to find a senior affiliate, and also search U23 premier league squads and get season long loans.
  9. A gay footballer is going to turn up and play football. Just like a straight footballer does. You won't be exposed to anything other than what you normally watch and that's a game of football. When you've watched tennis players in the past like Billy Jean King and Martina Navratilova, it was just a game of tennis played between gay women. It didn't descend into a sexual encounter. Neither would a game of football. The only thing different about it is you'd know that a particar player is gay. Your escape from a working week would still be the same and you can go and have a pint in exactly the same way too.
  10. I've watched footballers kissing each other for decades, that is as far as it must go.
  11. After 2 nights of game play I finally played my first league game tonight. Won 4-1 away at Chorley with TSS netting 2 and the MOM. Make of that what you will.
  12. It still is and always will be. If a player you are watching is openly gay it wouldn't impact on your enjoyment of the game. Would it?
  13. That is not what I meant. When I go to The Shay I go to get away from everyday life, it was always an escape in the past, it should be kept that way.
  14. It's too late. It's already there and it's been there since the dawn of time.
  15. The NHS are onto the effects of 5G and reporting it to Government officials and secretary of defence. You might need good reading glasses, I did not know how to enlarge it.
  16. People are saying how much cleaner the air is without cars and planes but are totally blind to the fact that mobile phone companies have pumped up their signals to meet the increased demand and that this is much more dangerous than exhaust fumes
  17. Just wait until the 5G rolls out, that is when the deaths will rise.
  18. 17.11.07. A thunderous goal from Simon Heslop that day and the away fans sang incessantly during that second half. Three in seven minutes from Stamp (51), Heslop (53) and Jon Shaw (58). Kearney sent off on 55 minutes. One of the great away games.
  19. When I googled to see if they were pro or semi-pro there was an article from the Guardian in 2018 about teams trying to get back into the Superleague. In it it stated that Halifax only had 1 full-time and 2 part time non-playing members of staff, everyone else were volunteers.
  20. Watched this again earlier today and it still makes me chuckle.....I hope you enjoy it too
  21. They wouldn't accept it and that's where the problem is. With people living in the past. What we need is a society that doesn't bat an eyelid at someone that is openly gay. To get to that stage we need people to come out and talk about it and that includes footballers. Then eventually there will be no homopbobia.
  22. Oddly on the news they are saying we are seeing a decline and its a tiny sliver of a hope. Yet deaths are just under 400 and as Hoddie says, a lot of people infected are not being counted in the figures. This is going to rumble for months and months.
  23. But no reason for this desperation for someone to come out. Its media driven so they can run some story digging up his past. Watching the Robbie Lyle programme last night about racism on the football terraces and on social media leads me to believe that a certain section of football fans wouldn't accept it.
  24. We know that the announced number of infected is much lower than the true figure. We know that most tests are being administered on those who are hospitalised, therefore there are thousands, perhaps even millions in the UK who have the virus but haven't felt the need to visit a hospital, and are thus not counted in the official stats. Anecdotally, two of my cousins have experienced the loss of taste/smell symptom so are assumed to have the virus. They are otherwise fine. This means the death rate is far lower in percentage terms than the official stats would have us believe. That's not to say that the numbers dying aren't high. Clearly the NHS is experiencing a surge in demand and is expecting this surge to increase far beyond anything seen from seasonal flu, hence the scramble to increase capacity by 10,000s of intensive care beds (as the early stats from Spain and Italy said we would need to do). It's emerged that the official death count includes anyone dying in a hospital who was confirmed as infected by the virus. This seemingly means that even those dying of other ailments are being included in the figure, though the virus could have accelerated the death by some time - frankly we'll never know. It's also emerged today that many deaths that are possibly attributable to the virus are not being included in the official count, because they have occurred away from hospital in care homes, hospices and family homes, and no test was ever administered. Some of these may be included in the figures at a later point but many will not. In fact, it has emerged today that some patients presenting with the symptoms are being given the option to return home in order to die in comfortable surroundings, surrounded by family rather than alone in hospital with a tube down the throat. Those claiming this policy exists say the option is given to those who clearly aren't going to survive, the very elderly, those with fatal underlying conditions, etc., and that if they choose this option they are given drugs in order to self-administer some sort of palliative care as the end draws near. In such cases no test is administered and some/all of these deaths will not be included in the announced figures. So people can offer up conspiracy theory, alternative facts, strong evidence-backed opinions until they're blue in the face. Does it really matter? People are getting infected by this. People are dying. The authorities are so scared that they've jeopardised the very future of the country. Those working in the healthcare industry are scared. They risk everything just by going to work. They risk catching the virus themselves (55 doctors in Italy have died to date), and even if they survive, they risk being hit with PTSD when they come out the other end. The UK - hell, the world - is going to be a different place in 6 months time. Whether that's because of Covid-19 or because there's a Chinese conspiracy to triumph over the west. Frankly, it doesn't matter. It's already happening. We're living through a pivotal moment in history, and the last time this happened was after WW2. We thought Brexit was gonna be a rollercoaster.
  25. Erm, no. The prime minister has said you're allowed to exercise.
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