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  2. A certain prime minister had a saying the lady is not for turning and can think of a manager will do that Saturday so no need to buy a programme.
  3. I managed to get hold of a shirt today for my little mate who will love it when I surprise her with it. It was nice to see Cam King, Williams and Staunton there handing them out and the faces on some of the kids having photos took was a pleasure, to see their excitement of meeting real life footballers was good. Im beginning to have a lot of time for Josh Staunton who always seems to offer his presence and services for gigs like today, the podcasts, singing in the car! I've spoke to him a few times now and he's a really decent fella who I think gives his all on the pitch. He might have had a dip in form lately but I've every confidence that he'll rediscover it. Thank you to all concerned.
  4. They've won their last two beating Eastleigh and Solihull obviously hit a bit of form, just our luck. I wanted to go to Wembley again next year.
  5. Anyone else watch The Apprentice on TV, I would love to go back 40 years go on with a can't fail business plan. Pull a face and stick my tongue out at sour faced Karen Brady, call Claude a tosser and tell Lord Sugar to stick his £250,000 up his arse. Am I on my own?
  6. Shall we name the team now we all know what its going to be. Working anyway. Hopefully we turn a corner and get some confidence. Will only happen if we play the right striker/s mind.
  7. We had no interest in attacking last season. None of our strikers deserved judging based on last season. This season we have a decent attack. The forefront of it is Sho Silva. We need better quality. We have better quality.
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  9. Shaymus

    Jim Smith

    What a team, and no goalkeeper in sight! Unless, of course, he was taking the photo (everybody smiling before he dropped the camera).
  10. Shaymus

    Jim Smith

    He was there in March 2008, probably as a director, with Archie Taylor. I had a quick word with him after the game. Oxford won 3-0.
  11. Like I said before, their biggest game of the season, loves scoring against town and winding his mates up who still stand on the terraces but over a season I am not sure he’s better than what we have.
  12. Put the tin lid on it for me.
  13. I appreciate that but he showed no appetite for work from day one.
  14. Jmc

    Toby SS

    You know we’re getting desperate when it’s the fans fault for not singing songs about players ! Quigley scores agonist Wrexham and ran over to their fans apologising !
  15. Because he is playing for a team that attacks, even away from home, always getting chances, when he was with us it was totally different.
  16. Definitely. He’s the 3rd top scorer in the league and has helped his team to be top of the table.
  17. Decided on the day, club announced it when they put out the pricing
  18. O was just wondering if it's a draw after 90 mins is the tie decided on tj day or is it a replay? Yours in Sport Erik Everhard.
  19. He ran our entire team ragged last night and scored a very good goal.
  20. The point I was making is that our attitude as a crowd possibly helped his decision to move on. And now he is knocking them in for fun.Our loss maybe.
  21. He’s good, but I feel no different or better to what we have.
  22. Quigley is 6'4" or more and still won few headers, Silva at least tries hard the former appeared to put in little effort from day one of his loan.
  23. Neither is it’s Sho Silvas but nobody cheers him
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