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  2. In theory and going by our assumptions this is pretty much as good a deal as could have possibly been expected. Also, it does seem to have been kept behind closed doors by the club and no fan/s have claimed to have known anything about it.
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    Pretty much this. I would assume (Note, I don't know, its an assumption) that the reason he couldn't agree a deal with Boston was due to the wage they wished to offer him. Kings Lynn however can offer more - and are spending a fair bit in truth, so become more attractive. Hypothetically, Town could have been looking for £10,000 for Southwell, whilst paying him £1,200 a week. Kings Lynn may well have been willing to match or get close to Southwell's deal here, enough to make Dayle show interest. However, to make the deal happen, they needed our club to budge on what they wanted for his services. Our club then have to weigh up if they want to hold out for a fee for Southwell, whilst paying him each week, or to "cut their losses" and say he can go for free. In this scenario, the club lose out on the £10,000 they wanted in a fee, however the 20 weeks at £1,200 they were contractually obliged to pay Dayle is now off the books, saving £24Kish. That £24k saving in wages can then be re-spent trying to bring someone in. The other option was turn down the offer to let Dayle move for free, but then still have to pay a player deemed surplus to requirements. This deal looks to be a win/win/win for Town/Dayle and Kings Lynn. All three parties seem to benefit from it. We get him off the wage bill, Dayle gets a move to a club that want him and gets a good long deal and Kings Lynn get a player they want.
  5. 3. 1 - Conf North 2- Evostik Premier (FCUM etc), Southern Central Prem (Tamworth, Nuneaton) 3- Evostik Div 1 (Brighouse, Ossett), Southern Central 1 (Halesowen)
  6. I watched Nuneaton there 2 or 3 years ago in the FA cup, had a cracking day out in some proper traditional Black Country boozers, and their fans in the ground seemed sound. Would fully expect 300 from them at The Shay in a few weeks. Decent club, decent ground for the level and a shame to see them in the league below, whilst the likes of Peterborough Sports and Needham Market are in the Premier Central
  7. Confident the East Stand boys will be able to sort out a few Southern bad boys and lets face it they will have to contend with the might of the GREEN TEAM LEADER and her magnificent team so were all in safe hands.
  8. Oh great!! Looks like we've been drawn against a right bunch. I wish Maidenhead had won now.
  9. TSS will see us get through.
  10. Friends of mine who saw Leiston play there last season, when Halesowen were relegated from The Southern League Premier Central, said their fans and the atmosphere there were among the worst in the league. Objects were thrown at some players, and others received verbal abuse, some of it racist in nature.
  11. Chadders. Granty has used this 2 posts above.
  12. Expecting a win 0-2 Rodney C. King 1600
  13. Amazing support to say there was only 275 at the game ,they will be playing their 8th round when they play us, would expect 400 to 500 for what would be their cup final in a fantastic run at their level. Will need to take them very seriously
  14. If they're getting crowds of 4000 then in theory they should be able to pay somewhere in the region of what we pay. This is such a cracking deal for all concerned.
  15. Last time Lloyd played against us at the Shay our defence had him tied up with a pink ribbon if I remember correctly.
  16. He's not that much better bud. Seen Lloyd play for Stockport on a few occasions and although I rate Lloyd and said on numerous occasions that he was the type of player that Denton needed alongside him I still think Liam has a better first touch. I think attitude wide Lloyd seems to be ahead. Despite both of them having ability, I have a funny feeling that neither will really make it and will end up no bing around National League with the odd season above and below. I wouldn't swap either for a fully fit and in form Jack Redshaw.
  17. 100% lloyd is better than Liam, not even a contest. Class player is lloyd. I really believe mcalinden is no loss at all for us
  18. Doubt that would not be any Benefit in doing so, we have let him go for free and his got a 2.5 year deal.
  19. I hope they get their just deserts.
  20. More like a Bunn fight.
  21. Unused sub at Park Avenue, was struggling to get in the team but their fans like him
  22. How about getting the Wembley feeling in the Play Off final instead, when Rodders will be there?
  23. Got player of the month for them did Barrows
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