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  2. Wrexham, Chesterfield and Torquay losing. All helps us
  3. Have Alty ever been in football league?
  4. Come on town let’s get another goal and go in 2-0 up at half time.
  5. If it wasn't for the pitch our set pieces would be devastating.
  6. Not from what I have seen up to press, quite happy if it is a requirement he uses it.
  7. Will there commentators stop saying there losing and playing crap because of the pitch u play every other week on it we don't so even harder for us
  8. No, Bromley are 1 up too against Daggers
  9. Is there summat up with the pitch? Nobody told me!
  10. Corners up to usual standard.
  11. Can’t criticise our commentators after listening to these two
  12. Stockport 2-0 Wrexham now. Only that game and ours with a goal in them at the moment, all other games in our league 0-0.
  13. Clarke a one man object lesson in the art of defending at the moment.
  14. Just trying to cover for the drying paint action on it!
  15. Commentators are obsessed with the state of the pitch.
  16. Would like a second here to before half time with no reply
  17. they are certainly using it as an excuse as to how not very good they are! Lol
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