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  2. Exactly why we will require another thread later I should think.
  3. Anybody know what time this kicks off tomorrow ? Or is this thread now slightly misleading
  4. Today
  5. Reckon a decent win today! feels like the season starts here, and looking forward to seeing the line up more than usual
  6. Yesterday
  7. That's a b could be well drunk by 7.45 on st Patrick's day.wont be in a fit state for a footy match.
  8. Believe it was Dover that caused the delay, not us. And as has been said it doesn't matter
  9. As long as it gets sorted what’s the problem?
  10. Dover were in the cup so potential replays to account for, then the Christmas period, then the FA Trophy and any replays. The game is still going to be played and we had plenty of notice, what’s the issue?
  11. So Boreham Wood in conjunction with us can rearrange a game within 5 days of the postponement. Yet it took us 6 /7 weeks to rearrange the Dover game.
  12. Glad it's not tomorrow as that might cause some confusion
  13. Swap J King for Cooper and I agree with that. We all want tobi to do well or atleast I do anyway. If he starts tomorrow good luck and let’s hope he plays well like he did last week. The last 3/4 months he has not deserved a place in the starting 11. I also expect Rodney to start with Redshaw
  14. If Wild has asperations on getting to the play offs. Then Rodney has to start. Simple as...
  15. Time is of the essence and it's important to get the two R's forming a decent partnership ASAP.
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