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  2. Don't worry we will HOWEVER for now we're only doing the four (Clarke, Wild, Shaymus, Steve Nichol) just see how it goes and how popular they turn out to be make sure to feedback your thoughts on it directly to the club!
  3. 2001/02? Hull won the league and beat us 3-0 away. We were relegated. That evening - Germany 1-5 England (1st September 2001).
  4. I've thoroughly enjoyed them so far bud. Please keep them coming and a big well done to all those involved.
  5. I'll be over the moon with 4 points.
  6. My mate got a fine for not paying. He was late paying because he wasn't well and he's even told them he hadn't been well. So on top of him not being well they still fined the poor bloke. I think he paid every week for his licence and he was about four weeks behind. So now, if he doesn't pay his £6 a week or. Time they text him to tell him to pay. Meanwhile there's ruddy loads of people that don't pay anything and get away with it. I still get letters saying they'll come and visit my house because I've not got a licence. I'm supposed to her in touch with the and register that I haven't got a licence . I did once because I was sick of getting the threatening letters warning me of fines for watching telly without a licence when I don't even have one (you couldn't make it up.) So now I don't bother registering to tell them I don't have one. I know what the pointless envelope looks like so it goes straight in the bin. There is no way I'll waste anymore of my time telling them I don't have a telly. World's gone mad.
  7. monk


    It's time the license fee was scrapped , £150 for watching BBC is a joke , TV has moved on from black and white and 3 channels , I tell my grandson that at one time you had to get out of your chair and press a button to change a channel , he doesn't believe me . Wife watches EastEnders , I rarely watch MoTD these days , Country file , Antiques Roadshow is your prime time viewing on a Sunday night absolute shite unless your a 70 year old farmer , they have the odd good drama occasionally but apart from that you can count on one hand how many decent programs are on , it's wall to wall shite. It winds me up giving them £150 every year for what ? Where does it go ? I haven't done the maths but apart from pensioners everybody in the country giving them £150 annually is a massive amount of cash.
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  9. Always an edge at football in them days , police had no idea about crowd control., wasn't until CCTV came in it quietened down . It was a free for all , you had to be hard as nails or a fast runner in them days.
  10. I honestly don't miss it at all bud. I go round to my mates most days and if I'm honest it annoys me when his is on and I ask him to turn it down. I think coming up to Christmas time I sometimes think shall I get one but then I'll have a look through the listings at my mates and I think is that it? But yes, definitely glad I don't own one mate and definitely glad I don't pay the rip off fee.
  11. Pyramid of emotions for Nile Maher.
  12. monk


    His wife was on celebrity big brother , being the speaker of the house's wife makes you a celebrity how? You don't have to do much now to be a celebrity , just appear on a reality TV program . I bet your glad you don't own a TV Erik , save your license fee , it's Shite anyway .
  13. Stockport weren't officially given the Skircoat. They filled the away end and then were allowed to go in the Skircoat by the police. The police then put us on the Hunger Hill terracing which was supposed to be unsafe. So the second half was spent on an unsafe terrace with fat gobshite Stockport fans giving it the big un. Oh, and I'm pretty sure we lost. Was it 2-1? Not the best home game.
  14. Stockport ? Recall them in the Skircoat . Could have been Split . Pitch invasion on full time , I think they went up.
  15. Ruddy he'll Chadders that joke sphinx.
  16. I blame his attitude on the fact his wife's a slapper and she's nobbibg half of London while he's at work. She shafts blokes while he's at work and then he shafts the population while he's at work. There's a lot of shafting going on.
  17. Councillor for Northowram (which gives you a clue) Resigned the Tory Whip and stood as an independent conservative narrowly lost to official Tory candidate
  18. Seem to remember had we beat Stoke City in the replay back in 1969 we would have drawn Chelsea in the next round !!!
  19. monk


    That personalised parking bay would have cost him a Bob or two .
  20. I´m assured he did chris obviously a case of ego over brain.
  21. Only in fun Chris, whereas I think he is pompous enough to do that I would have thought he is not stupid engough.
  22. I went to Hull for an away game , David Ellery was ref , that's all I can recall , we lost but that was a few years after so they must have been relegated again .
  23. Definitely a Friday night game , maybe we played them again , I don't remember the score , I think we won though . The two games we swopped ends were Burnley and Sheff U .
  24. He can't seem to put a foot wrong in football management Wilder . Vardy playing for England was a fairytale , Wilder managing England would top that , Wild taking us back into the football league would top both of them .
  25. Funny how the memory plays tricks. I seem to recall a sunny afternoon, with Emlyn Hughes as player-manager and Town playing well but losing 2-1. And I seem to remember watching from the away end. But I'll bow to your better recall.
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