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  2. Somebody better let Wrexham know they’re not needed today!!!
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  4. 1-1 (Halifax win on penalties ) McAlinden Att1200
  5. If, buy the effects of the weather and the game is called off, what could possibly be a new date
  6. Yesterday
  7. Short format no good 3 rounds needed 6 rounds would have won that , cracking effort
  8. I read in the Guardian online that a wealthy European family have just bought a £65m house in London after last night's election result. The £ is at a 19 month high against the $. Let's hope the fridge magnet attracts the oil magnates.
  9. Emily Thornberry to take over for me. Need to get rid of the Marxists and start the rebirth. Another extremist and Labour might never come back.
  10. I wish him well but his Dad can't stand Town. He's a rugby fan.
  11. Won 1st fight through to next round
  12. Unfortunately yes, but the team we deployed at Farsley was never going to win . Too often Halifax Town don't have the winning mentality (much to the frustration of us long suffering fans)
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