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  2. Many away fans that have stood in the North Stand have described it as one of the best away ends.
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    Old threads

    They seem to just disappear, digital scoreboard etc, Jordan shirts, any ideas why
  4. True. most of the rest of them were on bricks...either that or he was paying the McDonagh's protection money.
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  6. That's Donald Trump for you. Turning out to be there worst president ever. Even worse than Nixon.
  7. I’ve watched the first couple of episodes and noticed one of the Scottish lads was a Suter and It got me wondering if he was any relation to the Bob Suter who turned out for the Shaymen. Over to you Statto....
  8. 17500 new cases in the USA. Wow.
  9. All of the figures being given out seem to be underestimates of what the frontline staff are reporting. When out walking the dog this morning we bumped into a neighbour whose daughter-in-law is a senior nurse in Leeds working on the Covid-19 ward. They said she had had a traumatic day yesterday with 12 people dying on the ward. Yet, the figures put out today say there were only 3 deaths from the virus in Leeds. On today's press conference from No 10, the same question was asked by a reporter, and the answer was that there is a delay in reporting deaths as they had to confirm they had died of the virus, why else would they be in a ward set up specifically for people who been tested as positive, and that they had to inform the next of kin. Something somewhere does not add up.....
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    This is the official guidance we have been given at Post Offices. A bit vague, unfortunately. Q: Is it safe to handle mail and documents from customers? A: Public Health England has advised that there is no perceived increase in risk of contracting the new coronavirus for handling post or freight from specified areas. From experience with other coronaviruses, we know these types of viruses don’t survive long on objects, such as letters, parcels or identity documents. This complements the highly publicised guidance from PHE for people to wash their hands more often than usual using soap and hot water.
  11. And just think of all the people that have it that haven't been tested. You can times that figure by ten easily.
  12. We buy 80 percent of our medical supplies from China. Once this virus started two Chinese developers in Sydney sent Chinese people all over the country and bought 62 tons of medical supplies and sent them back to China. Now our hospitals can’t get enough for themselves. And eating cats rats and bats is not good for human consumption.
  13. I watched a little promo video for Calderdale and she was in it. She said she fell in love with Calderdale and moved here. Maybe she has a place in London and one near Hebden.
  14. Went into the weavers after the game where Disco Dave got the MOTM award.
  15. Used to have his name down the side of his car. I don’t think anyone ever touched that car and on Ovenden Way that was a miracle.
  16. His Daughter went to the same church as my in laws.
  17. Great times indeed, ain't it great to be old. Got a VHS video of Del Shannon a live concert the week before he killed himself, was better than he was in the 60's brilliant guitarist which I never knew.
  18. Cheltenham was the last home game, Southport was Easter Monday. Might be wrong but there might have been another one before that. The stand had to be completed for April 1st(which it was). I think there might have been a game between the 1st and Easter, for some reason I’m thinking, Woking.
  19. I was in there for the Cheltenham game, can't remember if that was before or after Southport.
  20. I think your right about the North Stands debut game, was it easter Monday? About 4500 crowd there aswell.
  21. Really enjoying it , always liked Mike in Breaking Bad , great banter between the two of them over the parking stickers . Watching the English Game on Netflix , not much has changed , teams who spent the most had most success and Blackburn and Darwen fans fighting on the newly installed terracing .
  22. 29 cases in calderdale now , nearly doubled in one day . 60 in Huddersfield
  23. I agree. Saul is a bit one dimensional in Breaking Bad but really good in this.
  24. Not sure if it was the first time the North Stand (without cover) was opened but the Southport game was the first time I stood on it. It looked enormous at the time!
  25. It was a match for all seasons, rain sleet snow sunshine! My original memory was watching teletext updates and going apeshit when we won! Then when the video arrived I think that and the R&D performances at the shay were my favorite watch.. absolutely brilliant!
  26. Cannot see any news of that. In the meantime, Heathrow airport is as busy as ever although it seems flights from New York are cancelled.
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