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  2. Same question I’m asking Steve
  3. We don´t need a L wingback. Why trial one?
  4. With a week to go before the season starts have we seen our starting 11 playing together in any shape or form? Surprised we are still playing trialists at this stage unless there is a superstar amongst them.
  5. The trialist is a left wing back. Jeff King is playing right wing back with Maher, Byrne and Bradbury as the 3 centre halves.
  6. Yes he is I know and the trialist playing is a defender poss playing RB with Maher CB
  7. Cain Tailford- youth player
  8. Watched the game. Cant understand how the ref added on more time to the added time. Typical lucky Manure. Saved by the woodwork 4 times and outplayed. Brighton denied a good penalty by VAR.
  9. Anyone know who the first player out of the tunnel on the clubs Twitter feed?
  10. Well done Lammie, spot on mate!!
  11. No I asked Curzon yesterday.
  12. rdj


    A question that needs answering !
  13. Today
  14. Hebble Brook at bottom of town
  15. Is there a stream somewhere?
  16. Is the trialist defender Adam Henley?
  17. Yes, at what point can the ref not award a penalty after the final whistle? When they've left the field of play? When they're left the dressing room? When they're back home? After the end of the season? After they've retired?! The whistle had gone...the game was over!
  18. Didn't he come out of retirement to play for us though? Let's be honest, he only joined as it was his hometown club. Not saying it's impossible to sign a good free agent striker last minute, but it's unlikely. Probably the hardest position to sign a good player, particularly at the last minute. Like i said before, happy to be proven wrong though
  19. Yeah, I agree it should be treated like any other incident. But once the whistle goes that is that. They should have told him to hold off on the final whistle if there was any doubt.
  20. Greggs


    I get what your saying it looks bad. However the incident took place during the game so is to be reviewed like any other penalty Incident during the game. Just because the ref has blown the whistle doesnt mean he should have got away with a handball in my view anyway.
  21. Wrexham play in the National League not in the league of Wales.
  22. Michael Collins was a free agent up until December and it's fair to say he worked out alright
  23. Greggs


    I haven't seen the game I was just calling it based on the video I have seen.
  24. Yes, just like Wrexham do
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