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  2. Great effort , maybe we should run a similar initiative every pre season , maybe buy a new player etc
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  4. Are you posting your song for the day mate?
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    I was interested to read on the Barrow Supporters Trust website tonight that they have had to launch an appeal to raise £65,000 by May next year in order to pay into the football club so they can maintain their 10% share in the club. This is on top of the nearly £20,000 they have donated to the club this season towards ground repairs. This was brought about by the fact that the club has made an £850,000 loss this season and the shareholders are being asked to cover this loss between them rather than take on any debt. At least we only have to worry about getting through the playoffs....
  7. Early bird are cheaper than the actual tickets we would buy
  8. All 100 legends have now been sold, we will be chasing all outstanding monies over the next couple of days. Thankyou to all contributors and good luck in the draw, date and time will be revealed when all payments are in.
  9. Papa, it is my birthday soon so I will take it and get my sons to pay for it.
  10. Bazza, like you my roots are in the typesetting game, and I still prefer to have a "real" book and a newspaper to read. However, we are now in the realms of those of us who still like/want the traditional style programme, you cannot beat the pleasure of finding some old programme in the back of a drawer in or in a box in the loft to bring back memories, and the younger generation who want it now and preferably on social media. Part of the reason for posting the article was also the germ of an idea for next season, where for those fans who cannot get to the Shay on a regular basis such as Nick or maybe some of the Shaymen Down South brigade, there might be a demand for a digital version of the match day programme, so they could still feel part of the experience. It would not be too big a task to scan and convert a copy of the programme into a pdf format etc, which could be distributed via email or by secure access to a cloud based storage platform. This could be purchased from the club shop in advance or potentially be included in the Supporters Club subscription, for those who take up the possible 100 Club (or higher) membership. Either way if you wanted a paper copy you could always print out your own copy at your leisure at home. This is only me thinking out loud and is in no way any part of any official club roadmap. Alternatively, there could be a small surcharge on the cost of entry to a game but this would enable free access to the same digital version, I presume it could be formatted in a way that is more suitable for a phone rather than a laptop or tablet. It would also do away with the situation we sometimes face when the physical copies are all sold out. The design costs would be pretty similar and there would be no print costs, so this would mitigate the set up of a suitable distribution platform. If we do get back into the EFL then we will have to undertake a major change with the move to electronic turnstiles, online tickets only and the general move to a cashless society, so we should get ahead of the game and look to embrace new forms of enhancing the matchday experience where possible.
  11. We are down to the last LEGEND...who is going to take double promotion winner Liam Hogan? He is feeling very lonely now.
  12. Paid with reference. Not sure if it will go in straight away or whether it will be monday. Any issues let me know. Cheers again.
  13. Thanks, ITMAN. Being "old skool" I prefer the printed version. However as a former printer I know that small quantities puts the unit price up a lot so for lower league clubs where programme sales would be in the hundreds rather than the thousands it probably makes sense
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