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  2. They have done in agreement with clubs and FA.
  3. Does the National League Chiefs have to sanction this switch?
  4. common sense move by both clubs , well done
  5. As far as I am aware, he has `offered` to pay, but it`s irrelevant as there is no mechanism in this country to buy the vaccine anyway. If, as was suggested, he is in Dubai that is different. Apparently you can go there, get a jab, and then stay there until the second one is administered. Immoral? Well, it`s less pressure on the NHS and moves us all up the list. And if you had a spare £40K in the turn-ups of your trousers (what it allegedly costs for the package) I`d find it hard to make a valid argument not based upon jealousy. It`s not a fair world, but being a martyr wouldn`t make
  6. Moses was available but DB declined the price of the tablets #feckapple
  7. 70million US voters didn't think Biden or his party were the answer, hope the UK Biden lovers including the fawning media think he is the saviour in twelve months time, he is no friend of the UK thats for sure.
  8. Think pools are still in 2nd gear and with forever be in this division..Tinpot.
  9. They come on board as they think we are still a big club!!!!
  10. There is a problem if his paying for the vaccine pushes others further down the list. There is a precedence laid out for a reason, stick to it.
  11. Might Gannon one day be Halifax manager?
  12. I'd love to see Leicester take the title again. Great little club, and of course it would be nice to see Jamie Vardy get another title winning medal. As far as the coverage of Biden is concerned, I look at it like this. Liberal Left broadcasters like the BBC hated Brexit and they hated Trump. They lost the Brexit issue, so they are now celebrating like mad that they have at least won the Trump issue. The amount of broadcast hours on this is over the top, and the pro Biden anti Trump bias is often plain to see in the tone of quite a few of the reporters. Problem is, yes Biden at 78 i
  13. It could become the Holy Grail of football, to play a match on the sacred ground that is the Shay. A once in a lifetime experience........the hartlepool players have had theirs.
  14. He was interviewed on breakfast TV this week about it. Curiously he was in Dubai at the time. Obviously business as I’m sure he is in it with the rest of us and wouldn’t risk travelling otherwise....
  15. Plenty high profile out of work managers available doubt PW will be on their radar not for lack of managerial ability but they will want to make a statement of intent, whoever it is will already be signed up.
  16. I did read that he wasn`t going to "dismiss" anyone. He just wants all his employees to have the jabs - which he has said he would pay for - for the safety of his employees and his customers. Can`t see anything wrong with that, and if I had to choose between a company with that attitude and one of the many who don`t care (and there appears to be no shortage of those) I know where my money would go. What he has said is he won`t give the ones who won`t have the jabs any work. Seems reasonable enough to me. Personally, I`ve had a gutful of this virus, the lockdowns and all the crap that com
  17. I think you'll find that most owners of multi million pound businesses are pillocks . They wouldn't have a multi million pound business if they weren't . But I can't see any reason for anybody to not get the Covid vaccination regardless of if it is eventually proven to be ineffective . These are probably the same people that are too dumb to realise that they've got to abide by lock down rules even if they claim that they don't believe in lock down
  18. Long may our pitch stay unplayable. You can't play us, you can't play us, you can't play us any week!
  19. The Government gave out grants because clubs had no income coming in from spectators at the ground. That situation is still the case, and it is because the Government have instructed there can be no fans. So I believe the Government should still be providing grants, that is only fair. If they didn't like the idea of Central Government paying money to allow football to be played, they shouldn't have started that money in the first place . For the Government to try changing horses in mid stream now is wrong. I believe the National League should be asking each club for a breakdown of al
  20. Dont think so mate, and his multi million pound business both here and in Spain says so. I've seen interviews with him many times and he's well tuned in.
  21. It's a pretty interesting title race, and the competition for the top 6 is particularly intriguing with Everton, Southampton and West Ham being quietly impressive amidst the so-called big teams. Sadly I think Man City are going to Usain Bolt the rest of it from here on in. They're keeping clean sheets as if it's a detergent commercial. It would be great if Leicester can get a Champions League spot at least though. I quite like that striker of theirs, though his name escapes me. Cheeky fella. Very wirey and fast and scores a lot of goals. Once fed a dog a can of Special Brew and it di
  22. Today
  23. We probably don't and if we did I suspect we would be far more polite. We do get the odd one or two who come on and add to the topics with sensible and knowledgeable input, and then we get others like Steveonaroll and Chedale Bell End.
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