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  2. Gateshead

    There is no prize money in this league  nine point deduction is the standard punishment for going into administration 
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  4. continuation of word association

  5. Parallel universe

    They did it more recently too Steve. Something like 15-20 years ago.  They were basically bankrolled by th Spanish government because as Hoddie says, they bring so much money into the economy.
  6. 19/20 player rumours

    Impressed with your knowledge of this player’s ability and potential.
  7. Maurice Bamford

    I got to know Maurice quite well when I was on the Cricket committee at Brighouse. Dave Parker brought Maurice to the sports club to help with fundraising. The fundraising meetings with Maurice  were brilliant. He was very thorough, if you were tasked to do something Maurice would be on the phone to you before 10 am the following morning to see if you were on it. The other side of the meetings was Maurice had a brilliant sense of humour, his stories mainly about his time in Rugby League were hilarious. I used to look forward to the fundraising meetings just to listen to Maurice. I still have a couple of his books he gave me, I've only read one I will have to dig them out and read the other. Last time I saw him he was speaking at a sporting do at the new Brighouse Sports Club about 10 years ago. Lovely man will be sadly missed. RIP
  8. Gateshead

    That thought crossed my mind too.
  9. McCallum, Wright, Blissett and Yussuf?! They would all probably walk into our team yet some of them will only be on the bench for Solihull. Just shows how money talks
  10. Maurice Bamford

    Remember him well at Thrum Hall, took Second Division Halifax to a Yorkshire Cup Final, then to the semi-finals of the Challenge Cup, defeating First Division Wakefield on the way, 1979-80. Great days back then. 
  11. It will all end tears for Solihull,Once the owners have had enough like Gateshead it will be back to playing Dog and Duck.
  12. Solihull are now on the verge of Signing Ex Eastleigh player Paul McCallum. What a signing that would be for them. 
  13. Gateshead

    Can only assume reduced prize money, but don't know if clubs get payments based on finishing position. Completely bizarre.
  14. Gateshead

    So what’s the point of a Nine point deduction to a club that’s been kicked out of the national league anyway!? hillarious FA at it again feel sorry for the fans, as always 
  15. Gateshead

    Apparently Havant threw in the towel when they were relegated  and played kids etc , lesson learned for future seasons 
  16. Gateshead

    Don’t tell Moody that 
  17. 19/20 player rumours

    Not usually the type of person to write off a player before he signs for us, but surely Donnellan isn't the type of player we'd be going for? Barely had a kick for Maidstone since signing for them in February, and he's only really had proper first team football on loan at the likes of Hendon and Hayes when he was at Dagenham.
  18. 19/20 player rumours

    It’s happened a fair few times in the past. Wouldn’t rule anything out
  19. 19/20 player rumours

    Roll on next season please....people are so bored they believe anyone who follows us on Twitter is about to sign! 
  20. JLR know a billion ways to lose money
  21. Gateshead

    More pissed off for our fans who have to travel to Aldershot and lose a weekender in Newcastle.
  22. Maurice Bamford

    A reminder that once upon a time they had their own ground 
  23. 19/20 player rumours

    Good (Dave) Carnel knowledge
  24. continuation of word association

  25. 19/20 player rumours

    I was told by a reliable source that it is due to what happened a few years back with that keeper from Hyde (name escapes me) who agreed to sign, we announced it and then he changed his mind and it made us look daft. Then there was also the Ben Futcher and Dan Maguire situations Heard from another source it is due to legal reasons with contracts. If you announce them before their contract is officially up with another team, there can be issues. This is particularly with players that have been offered a new contract by their current team but choose to leave is what I'm led to believe.
  26. Maurice Bamford

    My brother in law played for Halifax during his tenure. He was a bit of a rebel and rather than turn up for an away game with the blazer shirt and tie, my brother in law turned up wearing a t shirt and jeans. Maurice Bamford told him to get off the coach and to not get back on until he was wearing a tie. My brother in law asked one of his team mates for their tie before they boarded the coach. Once all the players were on, he got on the coach with the tie tied round his forehead. Bamford went ballistic and told him he'd never play for them again. A key figure in rugby league as a whole and he was one of the games stalwarts when I was younger and following both club's. RIP.
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