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  2. Jack Earing

    Has anyone done this lad's CRB yet? Holding off judgement till I've seen the deets. Welcome to the club young man. 
  3. Next New Signing.

    Let hope there are a few affordable decent ones amongst them.
  4. Next New Signing.

    Doubt it’s Mustafa might be Mafuta though. 
  5. Next New Signing.

    I’m sure you’ll get one right sooner or later galvar.
  6. Next New Signing.

    We will have about 12 players for tomorrow training session. Gonna be a pre season of trialists who are leftovers that no one wanted. Clarke was a good trialist though 
  7. Next New Signing.

    I was told at the gala, we’ve signed a player from Salford. Now looking at who has left them. It’s got to be Rodney. Or mustafa. Nailed on 100000% it’s one of them 
  8. Next New Signing.

    I heard last night that we will have 17 trialists at the first training session,
  9. Next New Signing.

    Not really. Not like some claim on here but I think we will be seeing one tomorrow or Thursday. It’s what you get told isn’t it really.  Unlike Gavlar
  10. Next New Signing.

    I hope so, are you ITK ?.  
  11. Next New Signing.

    Poor lads put his whole monthly wage of us SIGNING Rodney
  12. Jack Earing

    I like Maher. Breaks up play, does the hard work that goes unnoticed and don’t mind him.  Gus Mafuta in there would be perfect I think, has played regular first team football in a good team, and is a similar player to your Pearson/Maynard type.  I know we’re after Greg Olley who sounds decent but don’t know if we will be getting him.  
  13. Jack Earing

    I know he's only in his mid-twenties, but what do you think to Niall Maher being that experience? I know exactly the type of player you mean though.  I know Maher divides opinion, but what's yours and other's thoughts? 
  14. Next New Signing.

    He was only 1000% sure-so obviously wasn't posting with any degree of certainty.....
  15. Next New Signing.

    Where’s the signing of Hardy and Agnew then Gav? 
  16. Jack Earing

    Still looks promising. Better than Odelusi and Lenighan I hope.  Its just worrying the amount of players we’re missing out on and the one we do get is a 20 yr old desperate for 1st team football. Hopefully we get some experience somewhere in midfield. 
  17. Jack Earing

    Academy is pretty much touch and pass with the odd bits of running with the ball (often unchallenged) , National League is an whole different ball game and some players just can't make the transition, let's hope that Earing can  Just found that spellchecker changes Earing to Eating, should be an interesting season 
  18. Next New Signing.

    Sometimes it’s the left over ones who turn out to be the gems. Something too prove etc. AND. More importantly, they come with a lighter pay packet. 
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  20. Graham Barnett

    Sad loss. Remember him for an unfortunate injury when he took the full blow of the football below the belt and had to retire injured.  Seen many injuries on the football field but not one in similar circumstances.
  21. Next New Signing.

    This season the signing of our striker is massive. Southwell won’t be able to do it on his own as proved last time with Edwards. Get Rodney with him and we will do alright. But it’s highly unlikely we will get him but just hope we can.  Still another 7/8 signings to get announced. More than likely we will notice them In friendlies as I’m thinking we will be left with the left overs who are looking for a club. 
  22. 19/20 player rumours

    Think we were after him. 
  23. Jack Earing

    Junior football? You must be watching someone else as there are a couple of academy videos of him on there. And he looks decent so I’m hoping he is decent for us. 
  24. 19/20 player rumours

    Andy Bond signs for York. I'd have looked at him personally
  25. Next New Signing.

    We did change our system slightly to coincide with better strikers . We sacrificed a defensive midfielder for a slightly more fluid midfield . We need to have fluidity in midfield, full backs that can get up and down the line and our 'wide' players supporting the forward/s rather than spending 85 minutes doubling up in defence . This may not happen on Fullartons watch .
  26. Jack Earing

    Hope his attitude is right and he grasps this opportunity, we want players that are willing to make themselves undroppable . The biggest difference he'll notice is the physical aspect if this league and his main skill will be managing his mental strength
  27. Next New Signing.

    Doubt it. Hope I'm proven wrong though
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