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  2. Cinema at the shay

    Pitch remedial works start at end of May so immaterial.
  3. Hartlepool v Town 19/4/19

    Hartlepool 1-2 Town Rodney Duku 3126
  4. Cinema at the shay

    Fecking original was bad enough.......
  5. Random image of the day

    I stand corrected.  I was going off my failing memory !!!
  6. Shay Hotel?

    I hope it happens. So many recent schemes in Halifax seem to have fallen through recently. Hopefully any redevelopment will include an area for spectators, even if it means a capacity smaller than the current Skircoat Stand. 
  7. Cinema at the shay

    what impact will it have on the pitch?
  8. Cinema at the shay

    Got my tickets a few weeks back, I understand 700+ have been sold thus far.
  9. Cinema at the shay

    Just seen this, anyone interested?    
  10. Shay Hotel?

    good positive vibes indeed and whether it be hotels or apartments - ie Leyton Orient- it could fully utilise the Shay Estate for it's true commercial value which would be a long term benefit to both clubs and the town as a whole. 
  11. Hartlepool v Town 19/4/19

    Hartlepools 2 fcht 0 3418
  12. Hartlepool v Town 19/4/19

    Hartlepool  2   Halifax Town  2 Rodney, Kosylo Att.  3,491
  13. Shay Hotel?

    The Council report is possibly the most positive one I have ever read with regards the Shay. The finally seem to be understanding its potential rather than viewing it as a financial noose. They just need to maximise this potential.
  14. Today
  15. Shay Hotel? "It is likely that in the next couple of years the (Skircoat) stand could be condemned."
  16. Retained list for next season

    That, and generally turning sh1te when signed permanent...
  17. Retained list for next season

    If we signed one of Duku or Rodney we are all aware they'll be hit by the 'Halifax Town' curse don't we? Season ending injuries? 
  18. Retained list for next season

    Unless you are Cambridge and can feign injuries and get a keeper from Leicester fro the play-offs!
  19. City v Spurs

    Great game and result for football.Couldn't do with them plastic cheats winning the big 4.Would love it if all they have to show is a league cup win on pens....
  20. City v Spurs

    Aye can you imagine Mourinho being as gracious given the circumstances? He'd probably have sent his assistant out to face the media while taking every opportunity over the following 12 months to moan about the result. 
  21. City v Spurs

    How gracious in defeat was Gaudiola? The man was absolutely gutted but came out to face the media with dignity and grace. A world class coach and a top human being. Feel deep respect for him.
  22. Can anyone smell that? Goes with cow
  23. City v Spurs

    One of the best games I’ve seen in years, wouldn’t mind a few games like that at The Shay
  24. City v Spurs

    Enjoyable game, even the VAR made it interesting 
  25. City v Spurs

    Two crap defences. Town would have ground out a no score draw against either of them.
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