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  2. Today’s game Hartlepool

    To me big Sam is in the the top 3 - 4 keepers  in our division,  but I agree  t J sams distribution is poor but it has improved a little and will keep improving, he’s a young keeper with a lot to  learn so I’d hang on to him.
  3. Town vs Wrexham 22/04/2019

    Shaymen 1 Wrexham 2 Rodney Att 2,245
  4. Town Vs Wrexham

    I've just nipped into Leeds to buy some bread and milk and, as someone has posted, there are indeed so.e Wrexham fans out in Leeds tonight. There must be a few attending tomorrow after all. I'm going for a 0-0 draw. You can always tell a Wrexham fan because they talk a bit like a Scouser.
  5. Disappointing

    Is Odalusi contract up I would expect him also to go ,When you get the likes of Clarke who wants to stay and Brown still under contract for another 12 months they won’t come cheap you peanuts for poor quality players 
  6. Disappointing

    I would think that Brown and Clarke will be up there. The experience of Clarke won't come cheap.  It wouldn't surprise me if both Odelusi and Southwell are on decent money.
  7. Disappointing

  8. Disappointing

    Erik are you thinking of Southwell ? he has got another 12 months on his contract he will not renegotiate unless it's in his favour and why should he?        Papa are you thinking off Edwards? I Reckon Preston will also be going too.
  9. Disappointing

    Well one of them will be on his way 
  10. Random image of the day

    We can't all be posh like you Woody.
  11. Random image of the day

    Looks like my outside log store....
  12. Today’s game Hartlepool

    Part of the difficulty is the lack of accurate and quick distribution from the back. The centre halves are very good and Staunton does a great job in front of them. But I'm losing count of how many times Town will win possession in their final third and then punt the ball aimlessly into the opposition half. Skarz has been awful in the last few weeks when it comes to passing from defence. Hanson will get forward but often finds himself stranded up the pitch as a result. Brown actually had a better game on friday and played a couple of quality long balls but, in general, it just isn't good enough. King plays his best when he gets the ball early and doesn't have the time to overthink stuff.  They're far too cautious when in possession in the opposition's final third. The ball will go out wide and rather than a quick cross, we get triangles for four or five passes, allowing the other team to get players back and mark up in the box. I don't know whether it's a lack of confidence or something that's being coached but it's hugely frustrating to watch. There's not enough movement. Hartlepool seemed to have people moving and looking for space particularly in the second half.  After a lively first ten minutes or so for Hartlepool, Town looked like they had the beating of them but played so cautiously they let the home team take control.  Decent trip out for me and the eldest despite the result. Bloke behind the goal was comedy gold with his 'interesting' observations on their keeper.....
  13. Disappointing

    December 1982.
  14. Today’s game Hartlepool

    I'm surprised ISIS didn't try and sign JF up when they were trying to defend the cities they'd taken. They'd still be there now.
  15. Today’s game Hartlepool

    It was the flogging and stoning of infidels for putting their feet on the seats that put her off. Apparently, Green Team Leader is far stricter than ISIS, and other Islamic terrorists groups. 
  16. Today’s game Hartlepool

    All the good news is in the ticket price
  17. Today’s game Hartlepool

    I was a fool. I fell for the propaganda and  bought a season ticket.i never realised how truly awful it would be. After the horrors I have witnessed please let me return to the Caliphate.......
  18. Disappointing

    Think it was 83/84I think we got beaten 2-3 with them scoring the winner in the last minute .
  19. Disappointing

    83/84 season?
  20. Disappointing

    It was actually Ron Atkinson when he was at ManUtd who said Mickey Bullock had the hardest job in Football,Bullock and Atkinson were teammates at Oxford Utd,Shortly after Atkinson said that he would sent a team to the Shay for a friendly everyone thought that Atkinson was going to send a decent team and it was there reserves which included a certain Peter Beardsley who was on loan from Vancouver Whitecaps.
  21. Today’s game Hartlepool

    "You are cordially invited to attend Jamie's Jalfrezi night in the East Stand Bar." Yours sincerely and death to the West (Stand) Iotolah Bosomworth
  22. Disappointing

    I would say that Burnley FC has more of an effect on our attendances than Bradford. Once you're past Mytholmroyd they're pretty much all Clarets.
  23. Today’s game Hartlepool

    I’ve gone Brown, Clarke, Johnson. All 3 could well have won it in my eyes.
  24. Today’s game Hartlepool

    Spot on. The only reason Sam didn’t get my vote for player of the season is the form of Clarke and Brown. Essential that we start with all three. 
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