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Your First Game

Your first game  

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  1. 1. When did you attend your first game at the Shay?

    • 1950s or earlier
    • 1960s
    • 1970s
    • 1980s
    • 1990s
    • 2000s
    • 2010s
  2. 2. What made you attend for the first time? (can select more than one)

    • Talked into it by friends or family
    • Coverage of the club in the Evening Courier or other newspaper
    • Free tickets or due to other HXTFC community events
    • Some sort of sponsorship of the club
    • For a big game (relegation or promotion decider, cup game, etc)
    • As a school kid taking part in half-time entertainment, ball boy or similar
    • Worked for the club or played for the club's youth and/or reserve team(s)
    • Other

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27 January 1968 F.A.Cup match against Birmingham City.


Unfortunately we lost 4-2 but hook, line and sinker Town caught me and have been on board since. 

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My Dad is a life long Town supporter so I don't even remember the first time I went to the Shay but to be honest I didn't watch the football. More interested in watching the Buses going in and out of the bus garage. But the game I became a Town fan was in 1976. My Dad took me to an away game at Feethams, Darlington. I can still remember the atmosphere, the smell of cigarettes, the chanting it was brilliant. The game finished 0-0 but I didn't care I was hooked


I often wondered why my Dad chose that game to go to. I've asked him but he didn't remember. It was only when I got Johnny Meynell's brilliant book that I saw we had beaten Doncaster 6-0 in the previous home game. It also explains why the atmosphere was so great in the away end. 

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first game 1982 v rochdale,cant remember owt as i was 5.

More regularly on my tod with mates 87 onwards.


the good old days,longhurst,mcphillips,watson,allinson,thornber etc etc

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Was talking to my grandad the other day, and he said his first game was against Sunderland (in 1953 I think) as a 7 year old. Told me the story on the way to brackley, which made seeing his face at 4:55 that day an image that will stay with me for the rest of my life. The pride on his face after all the ups and downs made the whole day worthwhile and a moment I will treasure forever. Knowing he's been going nearly 60 years makes me want to emulate this feat!

beautiful. where's that bloody "like" button i asked for?

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