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Today’s Game Town v Torquay

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I did say last season that I couldn`t understand the Wild love-in. Was clueless then (but inexperienced), and clueless now and will remain so until he learns to adapt. I know he`s loved by many as he

If the defence is to be continually under pressure they will crack eventually, the problem is further forward, midfieldn lose the ball too cheaply No coincidence there is no cohesion or link up play w

Disappointed Earing not starting

Somebody once said "4-4-fucking-two" - dunno why that comes to mind right now. On a positive note, the pitch looks pretty good considering how much crap it gets. 

Torquay are nothing special on first half evidence, it is absolutely possible to turn them over, even being a goal behind, but Town need to put plan B into action. If we have one. 

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Where do we go from here. We are now in a situation where the manager refuses to believe he is wrong and sticking to it regardless. 

I said on Tuesday when we scored that it would pull the wool over his eyes and it has. 

We will not will not win games playing this formation. So he neee sacking. What's going to change with him in charge? He is actively sticking to something that isnt working 

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These are wilds players and tactics. Sick of the excuses and the maybe next time it will click.  He puts this team out and the football is slow, boring and the same week after week. 
if he only has one tactic and doesn’t know how to change when it’s clearly not working maybe he needs to be replaced by someone who can 

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29 minutes ago, Hoddie said:

It is absolutely dire. Town had a throw in, a chance to compete for the ball in Torquay's half. And we set up to defend it knowing full well the throw would come straight back. And it did. Going forward we look so lethargic it's laughable. Free kick into the box and it doesn't beat the first man. We need to be better than this because these performances will not keep us in the league, and no amount of wishful thinking will save us. 

But you expected us to lose so what’s your problem?

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