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Face in the crowd final number

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2 hours ago, Nick said:

110 supporters going to borehamwood Harrogate then Wembley 

the lucky ones 



That’s about as many as Boreham Wood get for a normal match!

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7 hours ago, ITMAN said:

Hopefully, it will be possible to add more as we go along? By the time we get to Wembley there might be 300 or more

If we get to Wembley I think you'll be able to stick another nought on that. 

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3 hours ago, steve lumb said:


See new Tweets


Flexed biceps
2:55 PM · Jul 16, 2020·Zoho Social

So far I've spotted Vince Mcmahon of WWE,  referee Philip Don and John McCririck. Any more famous faces?

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40 minutes ago, Macam blue said:

I hope there are more photo's coming Steve? plenty of the 110 missing in that one :)

Haven't a clue, this was posted on twitter today so just copied it. 

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