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The new erection will be put in hand at once

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Innocent days :)

From the Courier, 22 Sept 1911.

Plans for a grandstand for the Halifax Town club were before the Improvement Committee of the Halifax Corporation this week, and were duly passed. These came before the directors, last evening, at a specially convened meeting, and tenders from local firms were likewise considered. The matter was fully gone into, and it was decided to proceed at once with the erection of a stand on the Sandhall-lane enclosure. The tender of Messrs. H Bancroft and Son, joiners, Back Clarence-street, Halifax, was accepted. Messrs. Medley Hall and Son, Harrison-road, Halifax, are the architects. The stand will be a wooden structure, and will be placed facing the centre of the field on the side of the ground that abuts on Sandhall-lane. In all, there will be 13 tiers of seats, with accommodation on each tier for 39 persons. Roughly, it will be seen that 500 persons can be seated on the proposed structure. A portion in the centre of the stand will be railed off and reserved for directors and committees, both of the home club and visitors. The new club are to be congratulated on their enterprise, and they are certainly showing that they mean to leave no stone unturned to capture the patronage of the public. This latest venture should prove a valuable asset to the Town club. The new erection will be put in hand at once.

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