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Xmas Doo 20Th Of December

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Right then lads its that time of year again!

Afc have a game in the morning against Bury. We shall play that, then go up to the Sportsman for our usual £5 christmas carvery and pudding for a quid! If we get lifts from some drivers, or get a taxi to the pub, you can leave kit bags either in one of the lads cars or at the pub, if your leaving at the pub they need to be collected by 8pm on Sunday.Theyll be some drinks deals for us up there.

Then taxis down to the shay to watch the shaymen.

After this we'll go to the Salvation for one, and get taxis back up to the Sportsman for the night.

There, we shall play 7 heads with 7 heads master Robbo, then a quiz with quiz master Bobbins, im reliably informed there shall be a music round with working cd player! After this, we'll move into tbe family room for the gig, im informed its a Motown gig so the music will be songs weve heard, the band are 30ish and decent.

Those who then want to go to town, can go to town.

Its Christmas jumpers all day too! Heavy fines at the pub for no xmas jumpers with no excuses!

Please can I have a list of names, so we know for catering and quizing reasons! Underage are welcome, if they are responsible, and any people with walking issues can be accommodated for!

Cheers lads!

All day



Marcus and his wallet

Martin Probets









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