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  1. This match screams a draw to me. Not sure why. Both teams need a win and it would be typical for a draw to do neither side a favour
  2. Interesting run in for us. We seem to play quite a mix of current play off teams, the chasing pack and teams towards the bottom. The two Chesterfield games and the Wrexham game could be huge.
  3. Must win game. Can’t afford to drop many points against teams at the bottom at this point. Got a feeling we will win but make hard work of it. I’ll say 2-1 Town
  4. AJS

    Micah Obiero

    When everyone is fully fit, I'd have a midfield of Summerfield, Green and Earing. I do feel Woods is a good option to bring on when in the lead. Like you say, he slows play down but at least he will keep possession. Too many times on Saturday we went long to Hyde and Chadwick after Earing went off. Needed an experienced, calm head in there
  5. AJS

    Micah Obiero

    Need to ease Summerfield back in. Last thing we need is him out for the season. Woods seems to miss the occassional game with knocks or long covid issues. Just feel we need another option in there personally
  6. AJS

    Micah Obiero

    The only other position i could see us needing/wanting is a right wing back as cover for King as Wild clearly doesn't think Tear is ready for more than the odd sub apperance. Another midfielder and i would agree we are in a really good position to challenge for the playoffs
  7. AJS

    Micah Obiero

    Suspect Wild felt we needed another option up front with Campbell being out and Hyde inevitably picking up another injury in the run in. Really feel we need a midfielder more than anything. Hope should we get the second loan signing Wild hinted at, it's a midfielder to give us another option besides Green and Woods
  8. This is exactly what i would have done. Sutton were struggling to contain us in the 4231. Fair enough if Earing felt like he needed to come off but why change the system. The change to the 532 made us drop deeper and invite presure. Spence was worth a go in the Earing role and Hyde could have come on a bit later for a tiring Chadwick or maybe Williams/King with Chadwick moving to the wing. It was a very bad tactical change and i hope Wild has learnt a lesson from it.
  9. We'll have to agree to disagree. We were completely winning the midfield battle until the change in formation. It allowed Sutton to do the aerial bombardment with ease as we dropped off and let them dictate the game.
  10. Sutto definitely upped the intensity but we did our usual trick of dropping off when on top. Fair play for taking advance but got Sutton have got away with murder there
  11. Wild has got to take the blame for that one. Awful tactical change at 2-0 up. Earing was absolutely tearing them apart and we stupidly switched formation. In the 4231 we were winning the midfield battle, won every second ball. The change to 532 just made us drop deeper and invited pressure. Feels like a loss that. Big 2 points dropped that could cost us.
  12. Anyone got a clue what formation we are lining up with? Very bizarre lineup
  13. We can’t really stop our players going on international duty. It’s a dream for a lot of them especially at non league level
  14. This will be a tough game. Sutton top of the league and unbeaten in 12 i believe. Add to the equation we are once again down to almost bare bones i'm not feeling too optomisitic on this one. I'd take a point already. Based on PW comments in the courier earlier this week there was potentially a couple of new signings coming in. Are we going to do our trick of announcing them at 2pm so the opposition won't know about them etc. Given Hyde is 50/50, Allen on international duty and Campbell out for a while i could see one of them being a striker. The other i could see being a central midf
  15. Bizarre one that. Can understand the County one as they will want to be title contenders but Bromley are realistically play off contenders at best and that’s where they currently sit in 7th
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