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  1. Don’t know what people see in Cooper. Yes, he puts the odd good tackle in (generally after making an error I may add) but he is incapable of passing an accurate pass forward. All he does is pass backwards and sideways with no urgency. Nolan is no better either. The game just bypasses him. He offers nothing in either attack or defence. The moment I saw those two lined up together I was worried. We desperately need a Collins type player to take the ball off the defence and drive us forward quicker. We need another centre back too. JBW is too much of a liability defensively if Brown is injured.
  2. It’s the same 2 culprits for that. Both started today. Isn’t hard to figure out. Cant just rely at teams coming at us and scoring on the counter. That’s our only strength so teams are playing more defensive to cancel it out.
  3. How we are so far up in the league is a miracle. All you need to do to beat us is park the bus and be clinical. We’ve been figured out. There’s 4 players for me that played today who aren’t good enough for playoff aspirations. Maybe not even this league at all!
  4. Midfielder and a centre back for me. We are lacking options in midfield and personally feel there is room for improvement there anyway. Centre back the only two options we have should Brown get injured again is moving Staunton back, leaving us even lighter in midfield or JBW who doesn't fill you with confidence. Wild hinted a week or two ago he wanted a midfielder and a left wing back as cover for Williams. Don't see the point in a wing back as you've got JBW who can cover there. As for people mentioning a striker, we've already got 4. No way we'd sign another unless we somehow offloaded one.
  5. Notts County just gone ahead. Bugger
  6. Been saying this for months about MacDonald. Not saying he should start but he should be on the bench. He's a great option to bring on if we are chasing the game or need a goal. For example, Wild should have reverted to 4 at the back at some point yesterday and that's when MacDonald could have been introduced. Most games he plays, he's got the beating off his man. Admiteddly, some games he can go missing after a rough tackle or two. You can't knock his assist tally though. Would like to see him add a few goals to his game. Sadly, I think he will end up leaving at the end of the season which is a shame as he had the potential to end up in the football league before his awful injury.
  7. AJS


    Brown and Clarke poor today. Hoof ball tactics against 2 Giants. Got bullied in midfield. Just a really poor day. 10 cup finals now.
  8. I noticed that too. Very clever from Maher. Typical that the ref didn't see several Sutton players trying to push him off it to dig the penalty spot up.
  9. That’s probably the easiest clean sheet we’ve had all season. Can only think of one shot straight at Johnson in second half
  10. AJS

    Foul and goal

    Redshaw against Chesterfield springs to mind
  11. Indeed. Could be a big win that.
  12. Didn’t think it was going to be our night. Sutton came to spoil the game. Love winning those sort of games.
  13. You get the feeling it’s going to be 0-0 or 0-1 from a set piece. Sutton and the ref allowing no flow of the game.
  14. Guessing King has a slight niggle. Can’t be a tactical decision to play Sho-Silva over him surely.
  15. AJS

    Dan Gardner

    Think it will be a box to box than a playmaker. Said it was to effectively replace Maher since he is now at centre back.
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