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  1. Pitch held up well. Barely noticed any difference come full time. 1100 announced but looked more like 700-800
  2. Rugby have just tweeted saying match off due to unplayable pitch
  3. Yes, but it would put them at a disadvantage fitness wise and could make pitch worse if say town played Tuesday, and they play Wednesday. I hope it’s off for the sake of the pitch. It could ruin towns chance of promotion if we get a fixture backlog. But it will come at a big cost for the rugby if it is. Lose-lose scenario for someone like me who supports both.
  4. Rugby just tweeted saying Game On tommorow. As a fan of both clubs, not good from a football perspective. Could cause long term pitch issues. However, Fax are already a game behind and can't really afford another to be called off as there's not many free weekends to rearrange games.
  5. See that Harrogate are 2-0 up. Solihull also winning 1-0. Results not going our way tonight
  6. That was horrendous. Their keeper didn’t have to make a save all game. Playoffs an absolute minimum now to make up for it. Fair play to Halesowen. They didn’t outplay us but they wanted it way more than us. Desire won them the game.
  7. Noisy bunch. One of the biggest away followings all season too
  8. AJS

    Lois Maynard

    Signs for Stockport on a 2.5 year deal. Very good signing for them
  9. Surely Southwell and Earing leaving has left room in the budget. We’ve only a 19 man squad currently. Leaves us very short numbers wise.
  10. Agree with the points regarding Nolan. Not his biggest fan but put in two good shifts today and against Dover off the bench. Maybe a break from the team is what he needed
  11. Rodney suits our system much better. He's the better player too. Stockport didn't get the best out of him purely because they played him out of position
  12. Made hard work of it but the win is all that matters
  13. Johnson has got to come and claim that. Shame. Was a good half bar that.
  14. Allen deserves to start after Tuesday. Would like Brown back sooner rather than later
  15. Notice a few fringe players are being released from football league clubs to allow them to sign elsewhere. Maybe one might end up with us?
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