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  1. AJS

    Kieran Green

    Hope so. I was speaking with a Hartlepool fan and they said they didn’t really need him. They are overloaded with midfielders. So makes more sense him coming to us
  2. Just seen this... doesn’t sound promising
  3. As long as we have the majority of the squad in place for the first friendly
  4. Montel Gibson signing for Grimsby by the sounds of it
  5. AJS

    Kieran Green

    A higher division team. Us and Hartlepool I’ve seen rumoured
  6. If they keep him fit and play him in the right system, they’ve got a cracking player
  7. I would suggest the tweet that has just come out about the sponsor for the home shirt might be the ‘good news’
  8. Good news if true. Very good impact sub. All seems very odd. Surely the friendlies can’t have been the ‘good news’ they were referring to. That’s just standard practice
  9. There’s one who gets a lot right in all fairness. But I’d tend to agree
  10. I wonder if there’s been a miscommunication and we are playing their newly formed ‘B’ team. That would make a lot more sense
  11. AJS


    I’d say I feel sorry for the fans but they celebrated like they’d won the league when they relegated us in a completely insignificant game for them. Karma comes to mind
  12. Still 2 to be confirmed but it’s a fair point. Doubt we’ll play anyone from EFL as there seasons will have started by then
  13. Oh that account. The same one that said Leighton McIntosh was coming to us and signed for Cove Rangers a day later. Also reckoned Beck was coming here when I’m pretty sure he’s under contract and Fylde were going to sign Johnson
  14. Can’t seem to find it anywhere. Presume the tweet has been taken down
  15. Don't think they specified when. Just said this week. Based on rumours going around though it could be Kieran Green
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