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  1. National league, you’re having a laugh chants and deservedly so. Absolutely abysmal half. Could easily be 2 or 3 down. Get it sorted Wild
  2. This has been absolutely dreadful. Williams the only one who looks bothered. Everyone else looks like they can’t be arsed
  3. Probably a fair result. Still adamant we need to improve on set pieces. We are awful at them
  4. We need to improve from set pieces. Both offensively and defensively. How many times do we win a corner or free kick and waste them. Defensive wise, every game we seem to leave a man with a free header and fortunately they are missing. Both teams had chances, could go either way this. I'd take a point.
  5. Mixed feelings dropping Gold. Yes, he's missed some sitters. However, we have no outlet in Allen and Gevaro. When we have to go long ball, we need to at least get on the second ball and play off that. Stream awful for me even after refreshing. Had no problems with any of the others one so internet not the issue.
  6. Can’t see anything past another draw. Don’t think it will be a high scoring affair unless we suddenly find our shooting boots. 0-0 or 1-1
  7. Definitely 2 points dropped that. Should have been 3 up at half time. Woods should have doubled the lead pretty much straight after the opener and Omatayo took far too long on that rebound. Overall, a solid performance but we got what we deserved. You don’t take your chances, you don’t win games. Yeovil will probably feel they could have knicked it too but the game should have been dead and buried at half time. We desperately need Hyde and Stenson back
  8. Jeff King been fantastic. Deserved his goal. For all the possession Yeovil are having they’ve created next to nothing. We really should be 2/3 up. Woods should have done better with his chance and Gold took far too long on that rebound. Need to kill this off
  9. Scarborough paper reporting we’ve signed him and loaned him straight back out to them. Sounds like a win/win for all parties. York were supposedly planning on doing the same thing but couldn’t due to covid regulations so decided against signing him. Bizarre
  10. I’ll finally go for a win this time around. Yeovil seem to be struggling and our performances make me think we can edge it. 1-0 I’ll go for.
  11. Good point that. BW will be in and around the playoffs. No doubt about it. Fair result. Only slight concern was bringing Woods on for Gold. Very negative sub that but overall pretty pleased.
  12. I’d say we edged that half. BW had more of the ball but we look the more dangerous team when attacking. Could have had a couple from set pieces and Ashmore made a cracking save onto the woodwork. This ref loves to the centre of attention. Not allowing any flow to the game. So whistle happy. Missed two blatant foul throws. 1 from each team and is so petulant on every throw in. At least he’s consistent for both teams.
  13. I must have jinxed us. Got home from another commitment around 65th minute and heard from several people we deserved minimum a point. Whilst i watched it wasn’t too great but glad to hear it was decent otherwise. Need at least a point Saturday
  14. Despite Stockport losing yesterday. This will be a much tougher game. Yesterday’s performance makes me think we are capable of a point though which I’d be happy with
  15. Based on the highlight packages we’ve got 3 good penalty takers in Summerfield, Woods and Hyde
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