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  1. Echo other’s thoughts. Wrexham awful to watch and no intent to the win the game. We just lacked a touch of intensity and better final ball but good to get a clean sheet. Win on Saturday and we are in a good position
  2. Not been a bad half but both teams lacking the final ball. Campbell been a lot better today. Really need to punish Wrexham on those cheap fouls. Letting them off the hook with set pieces
  3. Big game tonight. Think we are playing them at a good time. There is a lot of unrest at Wrexham at the moment. I think we can win this one but would take a point. It would be a better result for us than Wrexham
  4. I know someone who works in rugby league and they were told all along it would be loans by the DCMS
  5. I was very relieved when Coulson wasn’t in their line up. Absolutely killed us in the home game last season
  6. If we get Wild tied down as well as the majority of the players I really think we could be onto something. To make the playoffs last season under the circumstances was pretty much a miracle and if we were to do it again with pretty much a whole new team this season it would also be a very good achievement. This summer has the potential to be one of the first off seasons ever in recent times where we only need to get rid of a few players and only bring a few in to slightly fine tune the squad.
  7. Very good win and I don’t even think we were at our best. Happy with that
  8. Other than winning the penalty, Campbell has been shocking. We’ve nothing on the bench to change things though. I’d be tempted to give Tear a go. Caught them a few times on the break
  9. Scrappy game this. Definitely a red card likely. Campbell looking the likely candidate
  10. Shocking keeping but didn’t think it was a pen
  11. Shocking clearance that led to the pen then clumsy from Green. Another cheap goal as per
  12. Guessing Woods and Mansell have picked up knocks. Down to bare numbers atm
  13. Let’s try and enjoy this one. Anything could happen between now and Wrexham on Tuesday. If it ends up being the last game let’s go out on a high
  14. Seems to basically suggest that if the DCMS don’t do a U-turn then the season will stop. Can’t see how our league found continue if North/South didn’t. What would be the point for the teams at the bottom?
  15. The latest reports going around on Twitter suggest we are buggered. Suspect tommorows game will be the last for the foreseeable future
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