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  1. Like others have said we’ve been figured out. Certainly at home anyway. Struggling against teams who sit back or have 5 at the back. We are far too slow and predictable on the ball against these sort of teams. Most frustrating thing for me yesterday was why we refused to put any crosses in. Every time we got in a good wide position, we’d cut in and lose possession. Set pieces were absolutely dreadful too. Our system doesn’t suit home games. I’d be pretty confident on our away record being better throughout the season. We are best when teams attack us and then we hit them on the break. Doesn’t look like that will happen at home anymore but it will away. Need to try something different at home. 4231 won’t work against 5 at the back. I’d be tempted to try 352. Maher, Clarke and Staunton as the back 3 with wing backs. Try TSS and McAlinden up front together with King just behind. Use Allen as an impact sub. Failing that at least go 442 to give TSS some support. Going to need something miraculous to get the win next week. Harrogate will know exactly how to beat us. Hopefully PW tries something different.
  2. Southwell very poor. Will let him off a bit though. First start in a long time playing as a lone striker against 10 men behind the ball was always going to be difficult. Poor hold up and link up play though. Messed up a few potentially good openings. Think he will be lucky to get another start Saturday.
  3. Got to learn how to play defensive minded teams. Twice in recent weeks now we’ve failed to score. Chorley made Fullarton football look half decent. So so negative
  4. Why isn’t Cameron King starting? This game is crying out for some creativity. Southwell very isolated feeding off scraps. Chorley organised defensively but nothing troubling us bar the odd hit and hope
  5. Talk about a perfect opportunity. Get a second and kill this game off now
  6. Cracking win but makes you wonder why King didn’t start against Harrogate. Agree that we are missing Brown at the back. Staunton looks shaky and I’d like him back in midfield with Cooper personally. Be interesting to see what Wild does midfield wise when everyone is fit. Very pleased with the result considering we are missing some key players.
  7. Really poor tonight. TSS probably had his worst game for us. Rarely held the ball and was bullied. We were too laboured in everything tonight. Needed to up the intensity another gear but it never happened. On a positive note, thought Cooper was very good and even thought the ref was good for a change. Hope Brown and Allen are back for Saturday, feel like we missed them both tonight. Need a result from Dover otherwise form will start to look poor
  8. Very poor half. Harrogate should be leading. We are losing every second ball and TSS is struggling today. Game is crying out for someone to take control of the game in midfield. Cameron King time for me
  9. Refreshing interview from an opposition manager for a change. Fair play to him
  10. Pleasantly surprised. Especially since a couple of players were passengers at times. We really need Brown back and Staunton in midfield. Both areas looking suspect. Thought Danny Williams had a very good game. Sho-Silva worked hard as always, took his second goal well. McAlinden looked dangerous but prefer him on the wing personally.
  11. Well I was wrong about goals but right about the defence. Both goals so avoidable. Especially the second.
  12. Not convinced with that team. Looks suspect defensively, lack of creativity and lack of pace. Hope I’m proven wrong
  13. Desperately need a win today. With having such a young team we can’t afford for confidence to be low
  14. Like others have said, second half in particular abysmal. Midfield was absolutely non existent. Might as well have not been on the pitch. Staunton not a centre half. Much better in the holding midfield role and we are missing his presence there. Clarke badly missing Brown. Two poor games in a row from him. Wild got his substitutions badly wrong. Why take off your only creative player and top scorer? Two games in a row I’ve questioned his subs and timing of them. Need a win badly next week. Could be the start of a rut if we are not careful.
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