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  1. No different from Sat,bare patches and ruts all over a rock hard pitch.
  2. AGB

    Darlington game

    UPDATE! Original post on Darlingtons site has been removed and are now advertising the game again .Perhaps Town are trying to play the game elsewhere?
  3. https://darlingtonfc.co.uk/news/halifax-away-friendly-postponed
  4. Wonder if "Scot" could throw any light on his reasons for departure?
  5. Remember in the 70s as a league club we took part in a round robin competition for lower division clubs.The final match we had to play was a dead rubber ,played in a midweek afternoon( at short notice, i think because of the miners strike).I could not go because of work but the local rag reported the gate as "approx 50". Can anybody put any more detail to this fixture? Realise not a league match but was a first team fixture.
  6. Thanks for the info,looking forward to lift in the golf buggy up to the ground again!
  7. AGB


    Went.Both Josh Staunton and our new man Tobi Silva were spotted.Prices reduced from our visit last year.
  8. AGB

    Jamie Allen

    Is that a tattoo on his left leg or some kind of support?
  9. What a stupid post.All the new players start in my mind with a clean sheet.Give them some slack and support them.
  10. Think it's time Tom Scargill did some investigative journalism and asked questions of the board/manager,this is the least fans deserve.
  11. WB, your prayers have been answered https://www.coventrytelegraph.net/sport/football/transfer-news/available-go-mark-robins-tells-16543931
  12. AGB


  13. Could they ground share with Toronto?
  14. AGB

    New manager

    Darren Peacock and Trevor Sinclair have left Lancaster today.
  15. AGB

    New manager

    The Courier's report on the FA youth cup game last night has a comment from a reader that he met the new manager at the game!
  16. Just wondered if CB could be Luke Oliver.
  17. Just got back.A top performance from the Shaymen and well worth the long journey.Hope the young town fan who took a bad fall down the stairs at the ground was not too badly injured.
  18. I would disown him and never let him darken my doorstep again.As for your last question words fail me if you liken his attack to decent human behaviour.
  19. Just wonder if you would have the same thoughts if your girlfriend/wife had been subjected to this attack by this depraved individual?
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