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    David Lynch

    Appointed player manager at Clitheroe https://nonleaguedaily.com/lynch-becomes-clitheroe-player-boss/#utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=lynch-becomes-clitheroe-player-boss
  2. https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/sport/football/non-league-football-crisis-yorkshire-clubs-fear-financial-ruin-2848491
  3. Centre back Jimmy Willis, part of that title winning Northern Intermediate team .Went on to be sold by Darlington for £250k to Leicester.At the same time we kept Bobby Barr who played the same position but was slow and overweight and not a patch on his brother.
  4. Now to lower the tone! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9u6wnyqL30
  5. http://www.ccfpa.co.uk/?p=54820
  6. Going down the plastic route https://www.pulse1.co.uk/news/local/bradford-park-avenues-3g-pitch-plans-approved/
  7. AGB

    Danny Hone

    Relax, he is not one of the new signings! https://www.lincolnshirelive.co.uk/news/local-news/ex-lincoln-city-gainsborough-trinity-3934592
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    Manny Duku

    Leaves Torquay and returns to Holland. https://www.devonlive.com/sport/football/torquay-uniteds-mid-season-shuffle-3622819
  12. AGB

    Pete Wild

    Never seen a Halifax manager react the way he did on Sat,lost the plot at least 3 times in the match kicking the advertising hoardings on one occasion.Rightly got booked .Not the same person we had early season. Its a shame because he always has time for fans at the away games.My point is his asst.who i think is also a personal friend could do more to support him and help him keep the "lid on".
  13. Even if they only go to occasional matches i still call them supporters.The ones who really get up up my **** .are our prolific contributors who never go to ANY games yet know how to set up the team ,judge the players etc and seem to spend their entire day filling this forum with shite.
  14. Having been to the match i was not going to bother posting,it was so bad.However, having read the Pete Wild comments in the Courier just cannot believe i was at the same match.If that's his sincere interpretation of the play god help us. We were second best for 75 mins and that against a weakened starting 11 ,who only had 4 subs on the bench and down to 10 players after after 9 mins. As bad as the play was bad it was certainly mirrored by the antics of the manager in front of the dugout , showing he has serious anger issues.He lost the plot at least 3 times and can count himself lucky not to have been sent to the stand.Perhaps if he had he would have seen the game WE were watching! And to cap the day off "GUIDO" has to mention the name Lennigan in his comments earlier on this thread!
  15. Been to Leamington v Guiseley,ended all square 2-2. Full coach of Guiseley fans to the game! How is it with their fan base they can do this, yet more often than not our coach is often cancelled through lack of interested.?
  16. Another view of playing on the Harrogate pitch https://www.portsmouth.co.uk/sport/football/portsmouth-fc/harrogate-s-artificial-pitch-was-a-nightmare-now-ryan-williams-is-relishing-portsmouth-home-fa-cup-comforts-1-9157347
  17. Just got back.Woking goalie left the pitch after 96mins without a mark on his kit and and not a hair out of place,not a single save to make in the entire game.Pleased with the point but we had little impact on the game, apart from first 5 mins.
  18. https://www.southendstandard.co.uk/news/18023629.former-billericay-town-owner-glenn-tamplin-talks-numerous-clget-back-game/ubs-itching- Hope this chap has not approached Mr B.
  19. Digressing a bit can anyone remember the wooden hut on the opposite side,selling sweets,pop etc? Also used to be a young lad walking round on what later was the speedway track selling kids sweets.
  20. The last time i can remember using the old turnstiles off Huddersfield road was for the league cup match against Tottenham Hotspurs .think it was 1984.No lighting,some of the steps were worn always thought there was an accident waiting to happen.
  21. Last week at Sutton the "gents "(enclosed brick wall) , which had no drainage reminded me of those "golden" years.
  22. Fantastic atmosphere that night,start delayed by 1/2 hour to allow all town fans to get in.Seem to remember we had a .midfield loanee from Huddersfield starting for us who met the team for the first time when he boarded the coach! Not totally sure but think his name was Hirst. Viewing at the old ground really poor,unless you managed to get a seat in the old stand.
  23. Mistakenly sat with the home supporters the first half,then made a hasty retreat at half time. https://www.grimsby-townfc.co.uk/news/2019/october/on-this-day-town-7-0-halifax/
  24. AGB

    Jonny Edwards

    Made available for transfer https://www.kentonline.co.uk/maidstone/sport/stones-put-five-on-list-213821/
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