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  1. He lives in London, how did he get to Durham?
  2. Yep, take off those rose tinted specs! Also it's not that easy for the average man to pursue court cases since the tories abolished legal aid! Hey ho!
  3. Do you think so? Personally I think it's harder to lie, in part because all aspects of our lives are computerised, from our shopping to our bill payments! Interesting point about litigation though, sadly it's the case that this country seems to take everything crap from america.
  4. If we beat boreham wood, then we are up!
  5. Come on shaymen! L2 here we come!
  6. Hey you could end up being as good as me!
  7. They were actually just nipping in for dough nuts!
  8. I think I understand!
  9. chrisbo61

    how much?

    It could be like the start of a new season where the lads come out like young bulls! Come on Shaymen!
  10. Personally, and I may be being naive here, but I dont think that would really be the case, I think most people are generally honest.
  11. No, the fraud office costs more to run than the actual fraud! Think I read somewhere that fraud due to over payments etc costs around 2% of total budget! Yes that's a lot of money, but it does mean that 98% of benefits are legit!
  12. Yes, you are right, but like the above post says, it is actually so little that actually running the benefit fraud office cost more than any fraud!
  13. It's the same with so called 'health tourism' it actually costs less than missed appointments do! But if you read the mail, express, sun etc. Youd think it was the biggest drain on the economy there is!
  14. chrisbo61

    how much?

    I think given the right circumstances, player fitness, availability etc we can beat any of the teams in play off positions! Come on Shaymen!
  15. It's a voucher system, and the point is that during the lockdown the poorest in society are now, in general even poorer, due to either being furloughed on 80% of their wages, or have simply lost their jobs!
  16. There is simply no need for the amount we spend on defence, when you have a country where hard working families rely on food banks, ex servicemen are sleeping on the streets, and house prices are so high the average young family cant afford to buy a home! Sweden has less of an alcohol problem than this country!
  17. It's all about priorities, we can spend trillions on defence, billions on bailing out banks, surely feeding the poorest in society is a no brainer! Strange that the countries that consistently come top on the quality of life/standard of living tables all have relatively high tax and spending on infrastructure/investment etc!
  18. What's not to like! Baxter, electro and a french girlie chorus!
  19. I dont think you could get a more politically charged thread, this vile excuse for a government thought they could get away with leaving approx 1.3 million children without food! Wrong! We cant have that! Plus you have to remember this is the government that refused the EU child poverty grant, doing so would have admitted the 6th largest economy in the world had a problem! It does, the economy only works for the very well off, yet here we are.
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