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  1. And now we have over 50,000 covid related deaths in this country! What a ****ing disgrace this government is! Just seen on the news they voted down testing for nhs staff and carers! Unbeleivable.
  2. Pack it in mate! Or are you and TJ competing for position of village idiot! Ps, you are both neck and neck!
  3. I cant wait to get back to watching football!
  4. If you dont know, there is literally no hope for you!
  5. Nothing offensive? Shake your head silly boy!
  6. Sign of the times Steve! Your neighbors are eating rabbit stew every night!
  7. Just leave some dry cat food out your back door!
  8. How did you come to that conclusion?
  9. I think it's probably more to do with the fact he saw the error of his ways, and set his life on a diferent path!
  10. Well done! I love an opponent that's willing to do some homework! You learn something every day!
  11. He wasnt a slave trader, he was a sailor, clergyman and abolitionist!
  12. I suggest you do some research into Newton. It will avoid looking even more of a clown in future!
  13. Not really though! Only those that display racism!
  14. It's because you are upside down! It's going to be cracking the flags here!
  15. I get the distinct impression ashy 66 is a racist, and for that reason it's a 'no' from me!
  16. No, just the catylist! Get your head out of the daily mail!
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