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  1. This time next year we could be in the football league
  2. Probably both. great signing , the assault on the playoffs begins today ! Rodnaldo and Redshaw up top will be a force to be reckoned with. Great work to all involved.
  3. Curva Sud

    Notts County

    Shocking today. Lacklustre and lazy. TSS gets a lot of stick and rightly so but they all deserve stick. Duckworth and Hanson don’t get forward enough. How many overlaps did they provide today ? Zero. Spiralling downhill fast unfortunately. Missing out on Rodney will cost us dearly.
  4. Good luck to Josh. Would be nice for him to win the tournament and make a name for himself s and earn a few quid on the way
  5. I often wonder what fans of other teams think of Halifax fans when the venture on here, and 99 times out of 100 I conclude they must think we are all wierdo’s. That 92 page thread certainly does us no favours.
  6. I’d personally love to qualify for this cup. Some very good away days to be had.
  7. Fined a grand too. Ouch
  8. Sit where you want ignore your ticket end of.
  9. Thought the drum was there Saturday ?
  10. Quality stuff today. In the end I think Fyld€ were scared to attack us as our counter attacks were tearing them apart. Great unity between the south stand and the players/manager after the final whistle. Pete Wild looked like he enjoyed it too. Any day trippers in attendance today will certainly come back.
  11. Curva Sud


    Did well for us in his short spell here and scored some important goals for us helping our survival. Very much a confidence player, and the south stand really took to him. Wish him all the best.
  12. How did the meeting with the club go ? What topics were discussed ?
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