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  1. I never EXPECT anything,as far as Salford go-not sure them throwing money about stops at players
  2. People often throw realism about when talking about winning football matches,it's football-not swimming the atlantic
  3. Can't see it,They're a Football League club you know
  4. 100% agree,I never understand any supporter in any division being happy with anything less than challenging for promotion/Title
  5. Our near neighbours.......bless em


    Just in time to score against us
  7. I can't make this game,but wouldn't be too happy with a draw either,Aldershot is a tough place to go,but to be a success-we need to be attacking teams and winning games,success is promotion,failure is not
  8. 9 out of 12 points is a decent start,Tuesday night was not good enough,Cameron King and Sam Johnson had decent a decent game,Jamie Allen always looks dangerous on the ball,but sometimes ignores the easier ball to try and get a cross in,not the greatest corner taker either,But that said-good player


    Darren Kelly expressed his delight at Town being relegated,I'm not keen on him tbh lol
  10. I take people as I find them,but if I'm called a white bastard and I call them a black bastard-why am I the one that's racist,love & respect everyone......til they give you a reason not to
  11. As soon as I saw that fixture-I said it's not often you expect trouble at a Football League trophy game,that game is 100%

    Selby town

    What's with all this petty arguing on this forum day in & day out,I come on here to find out any latest news-as the official site has just released That Mickey Bullock's been sacked
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