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  1. Tbh if he put a gun to my pregnant girlfriends stomach.. Then yes
  2. I thought it was a tribute to the police lol, George Floyd was scum... Not a hero


    And of course the 4 very soft goals that Torquay gave them-both of them being relegated would be very satisfying,Torquay will probably come back-not so sure about Guiseley tho


    And they've got a retractable roof


    Is this game likely to be postponed due to weather ? Just wondered as I don't live locally,UP THE SHAYMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. That's fare enough-don't blame him tbh
  7. I'd like to see Steve Nichol given a chance till end of season
  8. I didn't go tonight-for financial reasons only,but listening to commentary-I'm sure that mix are meant to be doing commentary for FCHT,but they sounded very excited every time Hartlepool scored SAVE THE MONKEY
  9. Any new signings will probably happen similar to our substitutions-late,however I predicted top 2 at the start of the season and not seen anything to suggest that's not possible
  10. We matched supposedly 1 of the best teams in the league for the majority of the game,we was unlucky to lose,if Sam hadn't rushed off his line-if Connor Olivers shot hadn't been saved(small margins) we could have won,time to move on-Barrow here we come P.S Never a penalty
  11. 1800 isn't too bad at all tbf-obviously we'd love the final to be at home,BUT would much rather Kiddy go up(if we can't) than the other 2,good luck against Chorley(I think lol)
  12. Been to most games this season,can't go on Wednesday(not got a ticket and couldn't afford a season ticket) was looking forward to play-offs,but time to move on and stop slagging each other off,nothing's gonna change,let's just hope we are still in the tie after Wednesday-beat em down The Shay and get the feck out of this league,and also hope Chorley do us a favour at the same time-or all this is gonna start again next week
  13. Only games I've ever not been able to get tickets for are play-off games in this fecking awful division(Guiseley and Brackley) is the only place to listen to the game on Shaymen player ? maybe they could do the game free as a one off goodwill gesture
  14. And the parking is a fecking nightmare-hope we smash em
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