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  1. People here thinking a multimillionaire is entitled to not pay for his toy out of his own pocket whilst at the same time saying that NHS workers are lucky to have suffered the sh*te of the last year, risking their lives and working to the point of collapse, and then receive a 'pay rise' that barely matches the inflation rate. I have a plan. How about we just clap from our doorstep? That'll get rid of the 400 grand loan!
  2. Wow, so many pliant people here. If the loan was there for the chairman to take, then he's going to take it. I don't think the UK economy is going to lose sleep over an extra 400k of private debt though. But, Hoddie and Bubba are right, he absolutely could cover at least some if not all of this cost. We all love this club, but it's not *our* club, it belongs to the directors who have much more money than us. That was their decision. We are not liable for any debts that the club owes. They should have considered that when they decided to let the old club die on the condition that they cou
  3. Certainly had more of a thunderbastard quality to it, I'll give you that, but the Barnet goal still wins in my book.
  4. They did score the best goal I've seen in any match we've played this season though.
  5. Can't believe 4 round journeys down the A1 didn't leave them weak enough for us to easily finish them. Ah well, it was fun to troll Jeff Stellung and co. while it lasted.
  6. Left? Right? The only important thing is gerrin' it forward!
  7. Very impressive. Loads of facts up his sleeve and very fluent. This lad will go far!
  8. I know, I know. Although the discussion above shows a few signs of where the directors' rigid control and sterile manner of management has really ruined the magic at some key points. They've done an alright job over the last 5 years and started some good initiatives. The season ticket offer from a couple of seasons ago in particular was excellent, and the media coverage this season has been great too, especially compared to most other teams.
  9. Yeah, I sure am glad we don't have to deal with any of that at our club
  10. For me, S is for Stoneman and Scooby. T is for Tully.
  11. Could well be. If that is the case though then he'll soon adapt to whatever new techniques and elements he's incorporating into his play and they will become more instinctual. All players have their adjustment phases when new tactics or ways of playing are introduced. It could also be that he needs his trusty mop of hair to keep his bonce at an ideal warmth for processing it all. though we don't want him going the way of Joe Hart, focusing on hair products and losing his head before sitting on the bench for a no-name team like Tottenham Hotspur.
  12. I've got the perfect soundtrack to accompany this spot.
  13. He's had a very good career after cutting his teeth at the time of our imminent takeover. His only two competitive career goals came for the Shaymen, and I'm sure we can all remember a certain one of them.
  14. It was great to re-watch this. Our response after going 2-1 down was absolutely first class.
  15. The famous photo of seven Shaymen fans could have easily been used as a public health advert for keeping your distance whilst Covid is going around. Such a brilliant photograph, there is so much to it.
  16. You need all reinforcements imaginable when taking on the mighty Wolfsberger AC.
  17. I'm with you and all of us on that. I just wanted to practice my Dickens. First, did King clumsily upend their player intentionally? No, to me it looked like they clashed when contending for the same space in the box and both going for the ball. Second, was the ball considered to be in contention? Was there any chance of either of them reaching it if it weren't for the foul? Also no. I don't know what the current rules are exactly on the second point, but these two factors should give considerable doubt for the referee to point to the spot.
  18. It was the best of King, it was the worst of King...
  19. It's reasonable to doubt us this season, but I don't think we're far off being promotion candidates and our injury list has taken its toll. On the days when we don't turn up it's not like we're whipping boys. We're always in with a chance. As PapaLazarou pointed out in the match thread, the way we overcame Torquay's dominant periods and then had a plan of how to threaten them on the counter was highly encouraging. I hope this win does our confidence what it should, because there'll be a few more occasions where we're under the cosh like that. If we know we can defend like that and still
  20. We're doing alright when we're on telly as of late, aren't we?
  21. Wow, winning away at the league leaders after going behind. That's some bottle! Brilliant. Love this team, love this town. Clogs are on, it's dancing time!
  22. Have to say, Torquay have been poor this half, but welll done to us for actually taking the game to them and sticking to the plan (despite two ridiculously soft penalties) . Just hold on Town, come on!
  23. That miss aside, Campbell has done well in his involvement, holding the ball up, winning free kicks, bringing wingers into play. Can only hope that Hyde gets a chance to score like he did.
  24. Jesus, chance that for Campbell! great play in the build up and all.
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