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  1. I was there that night but I was one of the lucky ones that stayed but I did think of getting out of the ground before the end of the game.parking was horrendous around the ground and it was obvious that it would be a nightmare to get away after the final whistle.I standing in front of the only stand in the ground next to a mother and her son and said I was thinking of going . I can't remember what made me change my mind to stay but at the end of the game the lady turned to me and said bet you are glad that u changed your mind now.never forget that night.
  2. managers report says duckworths season could be over.hope hes wrong.not a total disaster we have hanson as cover.
  3. That's a b could be well drunk by 7.45 on st Patrick's day.wont be in a fit state for a footy match.
  4. a little concerned that we have signed another striker.we now have macalinden,tobi,redshaw and mccoulsky. is this signing because we are not going to see redshaw playing any time soon. hope that this is not the case. i dont mind 4 centre forwards 2 up front and 1 on each wing ( dont reply to this me trying to be sarcastic)
  5. hope the pitch is in better nick than it was for the pre season friendly.
  6. Don't know u personally but well done and thank you for all your hard work.
  7. A bit underwhelming won't improve season ticket sales.But he is what we have been given.Really hope it works for the sake of the team.up the shaymen.
  8. Ben looks very much the number 3 yesterday.if not he has a twin.worth signing.
  9. Def thought the left back worth persevering with.hanson looked good early on don't what went on last season but a defo in the team even on right wing.
  10. Not enough players.need a few by 20th July.
  11. Well that news will sell a lot of season tickets.
  12. Great news.made my day.
  13. U wouldn't want to sit down there today the wind and rain blew in there all game.did they treat u for hypothermia after game.
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