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  1. I still struggle to see the link between the premiership and football. It's like the sporting equivalent of ITV, I can't remember when I last watched that either. It's just not very exciting.
  2. The previous games teacher left his wife to be with one of the girls in the upper sixth.
  3. It was Crossleys pre merger, don't think Fleming came from Heath. I loved fives but I think they knocked the court down, which seems a big shame.
  4. I should have put a timer on that comment!
  5. We did actually persuade them to let us a run a football team at one point but we only had a few friendly games. Fleming didn't get anywhere near, the 'coach' was a maths teacher. This earlier than you Hoddie, around 77 up to 83. Gilly played in goals for us, am sure Skakey will have something to say about that!
  6. It's basically that thing about.. You can please some of the people all of the time etc. I once had a friend who complained about getting too many blow jobs, he is the only person I ever remember saying it but it was still his opinion.
  7. This is a hard one, football hasn't felt that important at times over the last six months. Over the next six that might be the same and quite possibly more so. It's simple, do what you can afford, nobody should expect to be slagged off for not having enough brass in times like these.
  8. Betting is essentially abou losing money to criminals, you should bet at least a thousand and also use terms like 16s. Do you want to come to the bingo with me?
  9. Notts County without the parachute payment... I expect they might do a Wrexham and be one of those who end up with a new manager early doors. Stockport have the cash but not the manager. Something points me to Hartlepool as the team to watch. Yeovil are naturally non league because they are an outpost of football. Borehamwood will hopefully go bust and end up in the Isthmian league where they belong, no place for teams like that in proper football. Chesterfield need to go bust, it's a broken club. Solihull need some fans, although that didn't stop Harrogate. Daggers?? WTF? We need to ask TJ
  10. I might buy three for the fun of it.
  11. Erik, its not like you to get sucked in to disputes. You ok lad?
  12. Same challenge for me WB re the need to get behind the club we love. There is a bit of me that expects cash we put in now through tickets is more like a donation. Covid restrictions are likely to come and go well into next spring. I almost wonder if we go into the Flea and ITman suggested route of a supporters subscription. 10 to 20 pound per month donation under the banner of 'STID - sticking together'. A thousand of us doing that for 7 or 8 months, funding behind closed doors games. Donations would be better than buying live streams from a tax perspective. All games could be free to ai
  13. At a club like ours I don't get the 'I will only buy a season ticket if we sign....' Right now the club needs our support more than most other moments. To be honest, if you follow the Shay expecting to win something, and that's the only reason, you might need some professional help. Keep it simple, stand up and be counted when it matters. STID
  14. How can you be TT and support Town!!!
  15. It sums up football that the oldest professional club in the world have a play off game against a team who's ground capacity is lower than County's average attendance. That only happens because Notts are the epitomy of a mismanaged football club. Years of clown like behaviour have got them here. They should win of course but they are a team of overpaid journeymen versus a team of overpaid non leaguers. It will be tight, and it will be a sad day for the league if Harrogate pull it off. The least followed hobbyist club of league history. They would make teams like Crawley and Forest Green lo
  16. I was at Tamworth and Alsager, I was just glad we existed in some form or other. I also remember Alfreton and Gemmo eating pie and chips before the game. However, I paid around 60 quid towards this play off lark and now want a refund dating back to the days of Dorryl Proffitt, bloody garbage town.
  17. Its getting to the point where half the National League are actually proper teams. Would be ideal to lose a hobbyist club this time around.
  18. Used to love those games, a quick skive off work for the afternoon ones but more so the cold tuesday night in February with 80 or so other anoraks!
  19. It was a mid afternoon reserve game against Forest, I remember a very young Gary Charles playing for them and he looked about 15.
  20. I remember a young David Platt scoring for Crewe against and seeing Archie Gemmil playing in a reserves game against us, I always thought he was the epitomy of a hardworking footballer.
  21. I went primary school with Vic, what happened to him?
  22. Read your own posts and those of your lad, you don't seem to get it. The assertions you made were either completely thoughtless, which is possible, or your ideas are simply 20 years out of date. To try and create a link between an act of terrorism and the questionable actions of an EDL type was quite offensive. To suggest that a terrorist incident was buried in news perhaps says most about the news sources you choose. I'm still reading about the Reading deaths, it remains prominent in a range of news sources. Think for a moment what the world is actually like for some folk based on skin colour
  23. No, not at all, am saying that the lads with the least amount upstairs constantly seem to know the best. Bit of reasoned, informed debate on the other hand is a pretty useful aspect of a forum.
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