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  1. Didn’t know the historical details, but at least the squatters remain true to their ethos
  2. Angus


    Sack Graham Alexander after leading them into L2, and they are 5th and currently unbeaten in the league. Nice people. Paul Scholes takes over now the hard work is done.
  3. We’re obviously lulling the rest of the league into a false sense of security, they’ll all think we’re crap and then....oh, hang on.
  4. As much as I sympathise with anyone with any sort of addiction I don’t agree with banning certain sectors from advertising their products, however heinous they may be. Banning the likes of McDonalds from advertising their rubbish isn’t going to stop morbid obese people from stuffing their faces with it. i have yet to see an advert that has made me think that I had to go and blow any cash on the product or service because it was on the back is someone’s shirt, on TV or on a billboard. We can’t ban everything because it adversely affects a small minority. If you’re an alcoholic do you
  5. Angus


    More than likely, but at least they won`t be in it for the money or the real estate.
  6. When I first started swilling ale pubs shut at 10.30. If you wanted a couple of swift ones you nipped out at 10, if you wanting get pissed you just altered your timing accordingly. Can’t see where the problem lies, and pubs will save on heating and lighting
  7. Angus


    Interesting to read Browns posting which gives a different perspective to that pedalled by Wild, but really we’re no closer to what has really transpired. On the contract side, MB was part way through a contract but if it stipulated the number of training days MB may have been fully entitled to expect to be paid for doing more. We don’t know, and it is possible that MB has been ‘engineered’ out of the door via that route. If his post is to be believed then there appears to be much more than one day a week (3-4 hrs?) training. Regarding the new contract PW gave him, that looks to have been
  8. Peter Hand was a top bloke ( I must have been there before you as female teachers were still a fantasy). In the upper sixth some of my ‘mates’ decided to ‘hide’ my motorbike by taking upstairs to the library I school house, apparently Mr Hand walked past as if it was an everyday occurrence. Deffo one of the good guys along with John Bunch, Denis Morton and Paul Keenan
  9. We actually had a football team earlier (73-74) at Heath, not endorsed by the school. First game was against Crossleys on the moor on a frozen snowy pitch which was drawn if memory serves. The next two heater played a few other schools, youth clubs etc. Had to laugh, as we were unbeaten, but many of the players wouldn’t play rugby but opted for the unofficial football. Monday morning in assembly rugby results were read out (they were getting stuffed frequently) but we were disowned If you didn’t play cricket and rugby you weren’t a Heathen, so it isn’t surprising there is no mention of
  10. Parts of the stadium are like a morgue on match day anyway, would anyone notice the difference?
  11. Lots of assumptions here. We don’t know what is in either of their contracts so the sticking points may be of the clubs making not the individuals. If they have signed contracts saying they train three days a week and the club want to up it to four they can refuse. The club either accept the status quo or make them redundant- the latter would be paying up the contracts. Whatever, anyone in their right mind can see it needs resolving for the sake of everyone involved
  12. I’m sure we’ve had mixed full-time and part-time squads in the past. It seems Wild has a fixed idea of where he wants to go, and it’s his way or the highway, which will be fine if it works. I’ve yet to see anything to put him in the ‘messiah’ category which many on here have done, nice guy yes, but tactically naive and so far incapable of changing a gameplan once a ball is kicked. Being intransigent has bitten many people in the arse. Surely better to keep the two outcasts involved and fit ‘ just in case’ when you don’t have a big squad - you will struggle to even loan out an unfit porker
  13. Did he play for us? He seems to have forgotten......
  14. And you said you weren’t going to insult me! I’ m hurt. Very much so. Doubt if sleep is an option now. Anyway, sleep tight. Sheds don’t sell themselves Actually, I’m a little bit worried about you thinking about my private parts, my mum told me about men like you.
  15. Thought you’d gone to bed? Are you Shay the Shed Seller by any chance?
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