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  1. I think it`s unlikely that people `don`t like you`, they probably just don`t agree with your points of view and as we all know there are many, many people who become abusive and nasty when hiding behind a keyboard. Take comfort that even the gobby and obnoxious are in the main decent human beings at heart and are unlikely to wish you nothing but the best for your treatment and eventual outcome. It`s a sad fact of life that it takes adversity on either a personal or national/international level before petty differences are put aside and we all pull together, but that`s just the way society seems to be - maybe we`ll all learn a little from the current situation. Anyway, keep your pecker up, there will be more positive wishes for your recovery that you will know.
  2. I think the supporters would give Wild a lot more leeway if he tried a plan B, C, D or even Z during a game where we were viably second best- even if it wasn’t successful. What frustrates the hell out of people is when (like yesterday) we were being shown up by a side that barely broke sweat, and Wild does diddly squat- he may as well have been sat in the bar having a beer for the influence he has on a game- then spouts crap after the game which suggests he probably was sat in a bar not watching the game. He ain’t going anywhere soon, and neither are we sadly.
  3. I think he is fit, actually! According to the Chesterfield lot he was `unfit` all last season, so this is probably as good as it gets. He acts more like a 50-a-day 70 year old smoker than a footballer.
  4. Anyone thinking that this lot could achieve promotion are utterly deluded. Flat, clueless, devoid of passion. And thats just the manager. Never mind, TSS is coming to save the day............
  5. Having not seen Josh Mac for the best part of two years I find it difficult to make a case for his inclusion. Prior to his injury he showed `promise`, as he had done ever since he first joined us. Sadly, he was proven to be too lightweight and not having the stomach for any physicality in the game - as has been pointed out earlier. He could put a cross in (which makes his inclusion in a side incapable of heading a ball in the opposition box totally unnecessary), but other than getting to the by-line to cross to no-one there is absolutely no other end product to his game. The club have been more than fair to him, and if he has any sense he would ask the club to release him so he can get a few games in - at any level - and earn a contract somewhere for next year. I`ve never seen anything in him to suggest he is either a match-winner of game-changer at this level, so it would be best for all parties for him to leave amicably and with our best wishes.
  6. Well done to the 135 who have travelled down there. With the time, effort and money it has cost them, it`s a little disrespectful for us not to be playing our strongest side. Just can`t see the point of unenforced changes to a winning formula.
  7. It`s only off `cos some of the fat feckers can`t swim.
  8. That’s a little unfair. Proper rugby (union) is worth watching if there is nowt else to do, but the Shiite stuff they play whilst ruining our pitch is barely one step removed from the touch rugby played in the school playground. Joke ‘sport’ doing everything it can to prevent it dying out away from village levels. It’s just a matter of time, really.
  9. I`ve just developed brain fade......... Ignore me. The wife does..................
  10. Known on the terraces ‘Doris’
  11. Time to ship out Josh Mac and Southwell, as they aren`t in the managers plans as this selection has proven, even if we have to pay a proportion of their wages. Should free off enough brass to get a midfielder in, and they get a chance to earn contracts for next season somewhere.
  12. I think 2500 season tickets is wildly optimistic. There simply isn`t the desire in the town for a successful football club. You can`t argue with the enthusiasm of the loyal few, but if we were promoted we would still be way, way down the pecking order in terms of budget, and relying on picking up scraps. Without sizeable investment we would be scratting around the basement of the division, and it`s proven people in the area won`t turn out to watch a side struggling every week.
  13. Yep, Courier is on form today, you can add this balls-up the following headlines that have been on all day:- "These security measures and victor attractions are being installed at Shibden Hall" Vauxhall Victors? And:- "Worlds strongest man steps up to Scammonden challenege in support of......." Not even primary school standard, I`m afraid.
  14. Angus


    Could we throw TSS in for a `buy one get one free` deal?
  15. What about the Leeds keepers distribution? Best I`ve seen from a keeper, anywhere, anytime, pinging inch-perfect 40-50 yard passes. Can we sign him for midfield?
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