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  1. Football in the UK is a bankrupt institution. Any other industry where companies are turning over billions and can’t show a profit would have either died or be in their last throws. Clubs run by a few money men may thrive in the short term but end up doing a Blackburn when the benefactor leaves. The entire structure is built on sand. The current model will ultimately prove to be unsustainable IMO. There may well be top supporter owned clubs across Europe, but we are in England where I can’t recall any top supporter owned clubs, especially any with a ludicrously oversized stadium that b
  2. If that did happen, in all likelihood many of us wouldn`t be around to see the new club get back to where we are now. With the core support getting older would there be the support or enthusiasm to support the club? Of course, we could end up with a supporters-run club then the sky really would be the limit. Anyone else read Animal Farm?
  3. Can’t get my head around people expecting individuals to pour huge sums into football clubs, very often to be ones complaining about the cost of admission, programmes, parking et al. Football clubs (certainly pro and semi-pro) are businesses not charities. First thing we were taught when doing a professional qualification 40 years ago was the primary reason for a business was to make a profit- anything else was a bonus. Anyone running a football club as a vanity project is an idiot, albeit one loved by supporters in most cases. At some point, the **** will hit the fan and reality will kic
  4. Christ, why would anyone go to Barrow??
  5. I reckon if we had that squad today we`d be doing better than OK.
  6. I met Peter back in the early eighties. We sponsored a home game (think it was against Millwall) when Peter was the old head amongst Eddie Gray`s bunch of kids. In those days the alcohol flowed freely before, during (even in the fancy boxes in view of the pitch) and after the game. Being sponsors, we were allowed in the players lounge afterwards and Peter was slumped in chair, relaxing with a pint. My boss (who was utterly pissed - as we all were) approached Peter and slurred "I know you, I remember you from when you were good!" The look on Peter`s face remains etched in my memory.
  7. Waiting for Wild to get his increase before we start playing?
  8. Managers have to cut their cloth according to what is available. If the money isn`t there, it isn`t there, so it`s only right that Wild makes the decision rather than have one imposed from above and go bleating to the press again.
  9. Just a thought........... If PW wants a substantial increase how should it be funded? We have a manager, fitness and goalkeeping coaches, a respected scout, do we need an assistant manager? Previous incumbents have managed without such an array of backroom staff, so if a fixed percentage of the (hoped for) budget is allocated for management and backroom staff who will be sacrificed? Any suggestion that the playing budget is reduced as a percentage to pay for management wage increases is an absolute no-no for me. Tell Wild what the budget is for him and his backroom staff and let him
  10. DB may have gotten Wild and Milly `on the cheap`, if so then so what? They were out of work, inexperienced, achieved nowt and Wild hadn`t even played the professional game. In other words, he took a punt and gave them a job when probably their only option was driving an Amazon delivery van. It`s not like we had to fight for their signatures. They have been given far more latitude in bringing in fitness trainers and backroom staff than any other management team I can remember, and now McClelland is back as well. Up to date they still have won nowt, managed to bin any hope of cup runs for t
  11. Spot on! I heard we almost signed a player from pub team Stocksbridge Park Steels once -what a farce that would have been! Oh, hang about.........
  12. Out of contract so a free agent
  13. If the Dover chairman has decided to take action to secure the long-term future of the club then more power to him. No doubt there will be lots of folk who will criticize him but they aren`t the ones putting their hands in their pockets with the big sums involved, and would be the same ones slating him if he didn`t do anything and they went to the wall. No fun running a small club at the moment.
  14. Can`t help thinking a lot of disappointment and outrage about last nights limp capitulation is self-inflicted. I acknowledge there is always the blind loyalty which colours ones judgement, but the fact is many people have built the side up to be something they`re not. A couple of weeks hovering near the play-off spots was down having played more games than many sides, now things are becoming more even we see where we are in reality - bottom half of the table . We aren`t a strong, powerful side, we don`t have a settled line-up, we don`t have any strength in depth and we don`t have an
  15. I can`t understand why more clubs that are in the mire don`t take advantage of the flexible furlough arrangements? I`ve been on `flexy furlough` since September. I get 80% of my salary when I`m not working, but the company pay me 100% when I`m working. Clubs could furlough players and then pay them on the days they turn out to play. Maybe not ideal, but makes more sense than the Maidstone "toys out of the pram" attaitude which makes a mockery of the league, their players and their supporters.
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