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  1. Don’t listen to ‘West Yorkshire Sport’ on Radio Leeds as it nothing of the sort. Used to have it on first thing (before I was furloughed) as Richard Stead Is good (up to about 9.00am), after that it total garbage with the most inane bunch of presenters on the planet. Fortunately I can get BBC Radio Scouse from Junction 22 right across to Cheshire which (apart from the fact they are all typical chip-on-both-shoulders scousers) is pretty good and don’t just bury their sport coverage in the spot where every is eating their tea or watching Calendar. So yes, Radio Leeds can do one. Bunch of twots.
  2. I would love to see us promoted, the club (which I believe is on the whole properly run) and it’s supporters deserve it after years of struggles and disappointment. However, I can’t help thinking there is an awful lot of misplaced optimism brought about by inactivity. Looking at the criticisms and weaknesses that have been levelled at the side earlier in the season, how many have been cured by a three month layoff? Have our central defenders suddenly discovered some extra pace? Do we now have a creative midfielder that can play multiple games in a short space of time? Has TSS developed into a prolific goalscorer? Has Pete Wild managed to devise plan than doesn’t make us look a plodding one-dimensional team with no idea on how to change a game? I hope we don’t end up spending money chasing the gold at the end of the rainbow when the money may have been better spent preparing for next season. It could be that the clubs not competing in the playoffs will have a significant advantage over those that do but don’t succeed. Lots of questions, be interesting to see the answers.
  3. Angus

    Deluded Darren

    Could never decide if Harvey was trying to stitch Deluded Darren up, or if he just decided DD was so far from being competent he would have been flogging the proverbial dead nag.
  4. Angus


    If there is only one spot available in Division Two for next season then IMO it has to be Barrow on merit. Wild suggests in the Worrier that the top seven should play off for the spot which is both ludicrous and a prime example of straw-clutching. Statistically, even Dagenham and Redbridge who are currently in 18th place could amass enough points to finish top, so they could make a case for being included in any play-off. Hopefully, some form of common-sense will prevail and clubs will decide to put the credibility of the league ahead of their individual desires. I know it`s unlikely, but you can only hope there is someone, somewhere grown up enough to sort it out.
  5. Not a chance IMO. DB isn`t that sort of bloke, and the sort of money available at the club wouldn`t pay for the coffee machines in the showrooms.
  6. It’s the middle of the night, I’m furloughed so not working and can’t sleep as my body clock is all over the place, still at least I’m still alive and kicking and you all are as well. Anyway, as a bit of a change from the ‘favourite player’ sort of thing I started to think about the lads we let go, we’ve discarded etc. Not the ones we sold on (Vardy, Holden etc) or loaners that were never really ours in the first place. Thought I’d kick off (!) with Jonathan Gould who wasn’t deemed worthy of a regular spot so went to play for Coventry on the top flight, then Celtic and Scotland . And Scott Hogan, never got much of a chance but has been in the Championship for a good few seasons with the likes of Villa and Brentford Thinking caps on chaps!
  7. You forgot number 6 - having a BOD that haven`t run up massive debts chasing the dream
  8. Absolutely. It will be brutal, but probably neccessary. The £240K a week `earned`(!!!) by like likes of Ozil cannot be realistically justified in this, or any other, universe. High level football in this country isn`t a sport, and hasn`t been for a long, long time. It`s a business, and like thousands of other busineses in the UK it will either cut it`s cloth to survive, or go to the wall. TBH, if of the top 40 or so biggest clubs went tits-up the `sport` be healthier than it has been for a long time. Fuse lit, wait for the fall-out.
  9. Cracking interview. Can`t remember `Killer` ever breaking sweat, his brain gave him 2 yards start on the opposition strikers. Class is class, but you can`t make comparisons on players from different generations. Sir Stanley Matthews wouldn`t get a kick against a division 2 side today, but that shouldn`t lessen how good he was in his day.
  10. Angus

    Ricky Moir

    Didn`t remember the name, but recognised the face - and the haircut!! RIP. Another one bites the dust, sadly.
  11. I think it`s unlikely that people `don`t like you`, they probably just don`t agree with your points of view and as we all know there are many, many people who become abusive and nasty when hiding behind a keyboard. Take comfort that even the gobby and obnoxious are in the main decent human beings at heart and are unlikely to wish you nothing but the best for your treatment and eventual outcome. It`s a sad fact of life that it takes adversity on either a personal or national/international level before petty differences are put aside and we all pull together, but that`s just the way society seems to be - maybe we`ll all learn a little from the current situation. Anyway, keep your pecker up, there will be more positive wishes for your recovery that you will know.
  12. I think the supporters would give Wild a lot more leeway if he tried a plan B, C, D or even Z during a game where we were viably second best- even if it wasn’t successful. What frustrates the hell out of people is when (like yesterday) we were being shown up by a side that barely broke sweat, and Wild does diddly squat- he may as well have been sat in the bar having a beer for the influence he has on a game- then spouts crap after the game which suggests he probably was sat in a bar not watching the game. He ain’t going anywhere soon, and neither are we sadly.
  13. I think he is fit, actually! According to the Chesterfield lot he was `unfit` all last season, so this is probably as good as it gets. He acts more like a 50-a-day 70 year old smoker than a footballer.
  14. Anyone thinking that this lot could achieve promotion are utterly deluded. Flat, clueless, devoid of passion. And thats just the manager. Never mind, TSS is coming to save the day............
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