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  1. Well, according to Wild we had "full control from start to finish"!!!!!! Presumably we planned to lose then.
  2. Paying furlough makes more sense, however clubs would still bankrupt themselves by paying the remainder of the players entitlements in many cases. Lots of companies aren’t entitled to grants and will either go to the wall or survive by cutting staff and relying on loans. Can’t see why professional football should be any different. Those clubs who survive won’t have learned anything from this and will continue to live beyond their means. This is probably the only way in which they should be considered ‘special’..
  3. He might as well ring the council and get them down with one of their gritter wagons. 20 tonnes of rock salt will soon have it melted Ozzie won`t have to worry about getting cold as he won`t have any grass to worry about.
  4. Shouldn`t be giving the Hartlepool idiots too much stick when our own on here are giving them a run for their money.
  5. Though we were full-time, or as near as dammit? Alty are part-timers, they have also played 2 games in 3 days but had us on the ropes for the last 30 minutes as we had run out of legs. Happy with the three points, but for all the fitness/conditioning coaching we seem to spend a lot of time struggling late on in games. Are our lads doing `the extra mile` before they get to the game?
  6. I know football is a game of opinions, but is there anyone (other than Wild) that thinks Danns even resembles a footballer?
  7. Mahler in defence? Will he be calling the tunes?
  8. A very merry Christmas to all, let’s hope for a happy and healthy New Year and open terraces.
  9. Much as I like Sam, even a comparative midget like Drench was more commanding in his box than Sam is. A guy of his physique should should rule the penalty area, not be almost apologetic when he comes for the ball.
  10. But at least they will turn up and give it a go.
  11. Be interesting to see how this plays out. Wild (who is `A Nice Guy`, but I don`t - and never have - rated) has pretty much painted himself into a corner. If he sticks with his tried and failed line-up and set up and we lose again he will get slaughtered, if he changes to 4-4-2 and puts square pegs into square holes and we win he will get pounded by everyone who has said he was clueless all along. Similarly if we play 4-4-2 and lose he won`t get any sympathy anyway. I thinks he`s in for a rough ride whatever which gives me no pleasure as I`d much rather we play well and get points on the b
  12. Which begs the question as to why he doesn`t start?
  13. Don`t like VAR in any form, and don`t think I ever will but I think we are stuck with it. If it has to be used, why not take the referee out of the equation? Make it a bit like tennis, where the player can appeal a decision (is it a couple of times per set?), appeal to be made by team captain, say once each half? It might cover a really bad decision being missed, but stop the VAR being used every time any remotely contentious decision is made by the officials? Like I said, preferably just junk it, but I can`t see that happening, sadly.
  14. Got it one! If Wild admitted to the performances not being good enough, the systems not working and side being on the back foot and being outplayed he would, I’m sure, be given a deal of latitude. Treating the supporters as idiots and spouting the same bullshit week after week isn’t acceptable, and are the floundering of a deluded and desperate man. As for comparisons between Wild and Wilder, the only thing they have in common is the first four letters of their name. Any other comparison is risible.
  15. I’d settle for the Chuckle Brothers and one of them is dead
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