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  1. Fylde appear to be losing again. A certain player has picked up another yellow, suspended before the end of the month?
  2. He was still waiting for IKEA to deliver the flat-pack.
  3. Angus


    Wouldn`t wish him on any club. Signed King, but didn`t play him. Signed Lenighen and did. Says it all.
  4. Oh, a 2000E. Sure it`s not beneath you slumming it on here with us plebs? And thats before you start on the RS2000 wheels. SNOB!
  5. We need better if we are serious about improving so I have no problem with this
  6. Thanks for that. Seems a straightforward enough guy, no `pyramids of emotion` or spring in steps` maybe, but used odd phrases like `the fans pay their money to be entertained`!! What planet is this man from????
  7. Having just read Wild`s interview in the `Worrier`, it only further serves to illustrate what a dour, negative bullshitter he predecessor was. More information and positivity in one brief chat than during the Scottish charaltan`s entire tenure. Talk about a weight lifted off the club!
  8. Ey-up Diane Abbott posts on here
  9. He can’t win with some folk First ticket prices are too high so no one wants them, so reduce the price then get hammered for losing the club revenue. if you’re not happy with the situation, suggest a viable alternative
  10. When did we last get 90 minutes of entertainment? Mr B`s pie and peas can stay in the freezer.
  11. Angus


    "At this moment I`ve had no approach" Get over yourself, sunshine. If you want to be considered for the job, apply like everyone else. The likelihood of DB coming cap in hand and on bended knee is pretty remote, methinks.
  12. If he’s got any sense he’d keep quiet about his football management career
  13. Well, Fullarton did get something right:- the fans now have a spring in their step. OK, so its about 8 months later, but it still counts. The man was a catastrophe. No ideas, no clue, no contacts, no plans, no charisma and no humility. I can`t wish him well, as I wouldn`t want to this imbecile to ruin any other club. Billy Heath certainly wasn`t my favorite, but he did a job. Kelly was a disaster, but this was offset somewhat by him unwittingly bringing in his successor, who at least gave us a day out, something to cheer, and flowing football which got the fans animated. Onwards and upwards. we may not have a manager and any players, but bloody hell, I feel more optimistic than I did this time yesterday.
  14. No matter what the circumstances, best news I’ve had today
  15. Angus


    If we have sold 600 season tickets I`d consider that quite an achievement. Fact is, we aren`t funded by a `sugar daddy`, we are surrounded by loads of clubs playing at mostly a higher and better standard (with some tempting deals to be had in recent years to `new` supporters), and sadly the last three years have provided the supporters with zero excitement and entertainment. The boring, tedious, defensive, formulaic garbage served up has alienated many, many fans who have turned their back on the club. They don`t expect to see a `winning side` - this is Halifax Town for Gods sake - but the dross on display started with Billy Heath and then got worse and has continued to do so. People get out of the habit of going, and it`s hard to tempt them back. Sad to say I attended less games last season than at any time during the last 50 years, and now have little inclination to waste any of whats left of my life watching the turgid uninspiring rubbish I endured last season. When asked if I am going to a game, my response is likely to be "Christ, no!". I miss not going, miss the craic I used to have with the other long-standing supporters who have also turned their backs on the club, and feel that it is time, after decades of appeals, bucket collections, crisis meetings etc, etc to say `enough is enough`. Give the public something to watch and they will turn up. Similarly, if footballers enjoy playing the game it is fully understandable that they wouldn`t want to sign if they are treated like automatons and have any flair and self-expression coached out of them.
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