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  1. Boys against men today. They old manned us. We need some experience in the middle of the park. Brown Rusty, and his pal Redshaw is being played way too deep. The only way we’re gunna get any joy today was someone speedy out wide. Sadly it didn’t happen.
  2. Not sure if Harry Gregg was linked with the Town managers job back in 60s/70s. apologies if I’m way off the mark.
  3. Great find. My late dad (with a whole lot of others) helped clear the pitch to get the game on. Our finest run in the FA Cup on film...great stuff.
  4. The dire performance on Saturday has somewhat soured Pete’s CV when he points to his victory over Fulham in the FA Cup with Oldham.........”.Yes but you yourself were turned over by a team two leagues below”. Not Good. A combination of everyone having a collective piss poor day combined with over confidence. Time to move on, but for fans who have witnessed the same against the likes of Marine, Whitby, North Sheilds and the old Wigan....it takes some getting over.
  5. Far too many collectively had absolute shocking games. When Cam King don’t play well, we as a team don’t seem to play well. In any form of football if your playing a team 2 leagues below you, over confidence can get in you head. Take the rough with the smooth Town. You owe us one after that display. So move onto the league
  6. I suppose the drawback of winning and a great run at the moment, maybe the players win bonuses. Thus I would hope the crowd improves certainly beyond the break even figure. We might have to adopt a supporters crowd fund to keep the likes of Redshaw and Rodney. Oh dear the price of success !!
  7. Crying out for an old head midfield man...especially when the opposition are reduced to ten. (Appreciate they don’t come cheap) Josh not at his best today and even he played far too deep when playing against 10. Full credit to the lads for hanging on though. Second atrocious Referee in the space of a week.
  8. A magical night despite the defeat. Getting a 1-1 draw down a Stoke was a magnificent achievement. We were the better side down at the Victoria ground, and were unlucky not to have won it. Back at the Shay replay, Terry Conroy was the difference. He was a classy striker Back in his day. 25,000 packed into the Shay, and the then speedway track had to be used for extra viewing with only a rope separating the fans from the pitch. In my humble opinion, Drawing away at Stoke ranks only behind beating Man U in the Watney Cup, and Man City in the FA Cup. Superb memories.
  9. Vardy football royalty......just like Arry.....he does what his Mrs tells him to do
  10. Fine point Shaymen. Take a bow
  11. If we fail to secure Redshaw, we may inadvertently might alert Stockport to his services. They’ve got the crowds and certainly the the cash to take the risk on him. Redshaw is local to the Manchester area, and might have helped himself to a hatrick yesterday with all the chances County had
  12. I wouldn’t be too bothered about off loading three, cashing in today’s gate receipts, putting them in a brown bag, and sliding them into Redshaws back pocket to secure a contact. The lad is a born goal scorer and has a football brain. He’s lasted two full 90 minutes recently, surely he’s worth a punt despite some question marks over his longtime fitness.
  13. A good dozen of this squad are not Conference standard. Perhaps they are too young but they are not learning, and coupled with having a rookie manager ( despite a great start) we are simply not good enough. I appreciate experience comes at a price, but we’re certainly lacking a couple of old heads further up the field in midfield and attack. As for the defence Clarke is injured you cannot legislate for that
  14. Hoping as Town fans we get a cracking remaining three festive results........avoiding the pantomime defending of last Saturday against Ye olde Notts County.
  15. The media side of this club has made giant strides.
  16. Superb footballer, who “ghosted” into the box for many of his fine goals. Thanks for the Memories Martin, especially that 1966 one. RIP.
  17. Never put County under any sort of pressure. They deserved their win, their number 11 was a constant menace, and our defence were diabolical in the second half. Now at must win game at Stockport
  18. On the subject of loans, has Young Dayle been busting the net at Boston ?
  19. RIP JIM. Part of the first ever Town team I watched back in the 60s. You don’t forget stuff like that. Thanks for the memories Jim.
  20. Coopers not bad, but I’d prefer an older more experienced head in midfield. I think we’re crying out for one now, but accept they don’t come cheap. . Obviously Not Collins now, but someone of that Ilk. Thought we missed out on Craig Clay (now at Orient) when we didn’t choose to take him on a few seasons back. Here’s hoping a like player might become available.
  21. Dropping a couple who think they have a Devine right to start every game might have the desired effect for certain individuals and the team. I’m afraid I’d put Tobi and McAlinden in that category at present. It they are anywhere near fit then start with Mc Coulsky and Redshaw. A bit of a gamble that failed when tried by Aspin against the same opposition in the same competition years back. But hey hoe.... we MUST WIN on Saturday. Cam King in for me every time whether he’s 50/60/70 per cent fit or not. Clarke back in, releasing Josh into midfield.
  22. Duckworth for me. Staunton ? No doubting the lads a good player, but had he had the use of his left foot we’d have secured three points at Harrogate the other night. Grant it the Harrogate lad was a mile offside but Get Josh back in midfield as soon as Clarke returns.
  23. Tricky draw but they should bring a few
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