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  1. Yeah noticed that. Club statement says Centre Forward.
  2. Tahvon Campbell on loan from Cheltenham until the end of the season. Striker.
  3. He's taking the mick out of TJAshton, who suggested it.
  4. I'm in two minds whether to get a crowdfunding started. Just based on the replies on here I can't imagine we'd get anywhere near £10k, assuming the likelihood that the council wouldn't contribute (and in all honesty in the current times I wouldn't want to even approach them) nor the rugby club.
  5. When I was chatting to Os on Facebook I asked about covers specifically for the south of the pitch and he said roughly £10k.
  6. So you're trolling then. Glad we got to the bottom of that.
  7. Supposing the council say no (especially given the current financial pressure they are under). Would we have any chance of raising £10k between the fans?
  8. Do the rugby club have many postponements through this problem? Might affect their views.
  9. Some people have asked for a refund and received it swiftly.
  10. Os has suggested that better covers on front of the South Stand would make big difference on the number of winter postponements we have. They would cost around £10k. What do we think the interest in crowd funding this would be? I imagine apethetic as most people might say the club should pay, but thought I'd ask the question.
  11. How much boiling water would be needed? Would you have 100 kettles on the go or 1000? Or 10,000? Would the water penetrate deep enough into the ice? How long would it take for that water to freeze in -3 temperatures? Not to mention adding to the water on an already saturated pitch. You trolling or just being stupid? It's difficult to tell.
  12. Os's comments kind of make this post look even more daft than it first did. And that's saying something. Sure pouring some hot water on it would have done the trick...
  13. From Os "The pitch was totally playable at 3pm the Hartlepool manager was here and happy with the pitch . What we forget is the pitch was frozen rock solid from the 29th of December until late on the 11th . It was sheet ice and waterlogged on the 11th amazingly when I arrived at 7.45 am I could not believe the transformation from when I left Monday. But I new the temps were going to drop at around 4 pm . The south end never gets any sun in winter and is notoriously cold with less grass coverage . It was -2c when I left in the east car park so might of been -3c in the south end of the pitc
  14. The covers we have aren't dedicated frost covers.
  15. If it's the area in front of the South Stand which is the problem (as it often is) can we not just invest in covers for that smaller area? That would be much cheaper than a full pitch cover. Wouldn't be hugely expensive from what I've seen. I'm no expert, just asking questions. Wonder if Oz can answer.
  16. I have to believe this was sarcasm. Otherwise it's gonna be one of those things that randomly pops into my head when I sit on a train and makes me laugh uncontrollably.
  17. Midfield and defence are solid. But we need more from the wide players and creative midfielders. Hyde is working off scraps. Our final ball is lacking in quality. It's not a million miles away. We show signs of promise. We're often the better team on balance of play. We don't concede many. We get into good positions. But without better quality into the box we're going to continue to struggle to win games. That said, we had 3 or 4 very good chances today. We should have won the game.
  18. Mccoulsky? Did he get injured when he was with us? Can't say I remember! Although last December was a bit of a blur of crap football so I probably wasn't paying attention!
  19. He was out of favour at Solihull last season and ended up on loan. Can't find anything which suggests he has had any significant injuries for 3 seasons (since he came back from his really bad injury).
  20. Correct. He doesn't have a chequered history. It's just something people are trotting out for some reason.
  21. Why? He had one bad injury 5 years ago and has had 3 injury free seasons since then. He suffered a freak injury on Tuesday which could have happened to anyone.
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