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  1. JRW

    Man City

    A Man City fan walks into a travel agency and asks where they recommend he goes on holiday. The travel agent replies that you can't beat the Canaries at this time of year.
  2. Elliott and I were there.
  3. 30 goals in 42 games last season. Not that impressive - you're hard to please aren't you!! We also watched him loads of times. Far better than you give him credit for.
  4. JRW

    403 errors

    I'm tempted to ask if some can be unable to post
  5. Just ordered 2 adult tickets - me and Lewis
  6. He most certainly did - and wanted questions approved before the media team asked them to him.
  7. It's not the system - we can hear the calls for Green Team leader etc. clearly enough. George and the microphone is the problem.
  8. JRW


    1s 6d and a bag of washers.
  9. But Dan Maguire has gone to York - for now!!
  10. On my plate it's rare only.
  11. We only do medium rare if that's OK - shame to overcook a good steak!
  12. We will be there - 3 of us.
  13. JRW

    Maidenhead today

    I made the point about season ticket sales as we walked out and nearly got into punch-op with a d**khead who took exception to that point.
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