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  1. So what was the toys and pram analogy about?
  2. WTF you on about. How is it the same.
  3. You have no clue do you. It is only the incredibly flawed auto camera that will be disconnected - all the other equipment is standard stuff - video cameras, mixers etc that is always used.
  4. Yet again - a smaller club than us with a whole stream set up that is streets ahead of the poor offering from the Shay. makes us look so tinpot.
  5. He missed that game due to personal reasons. Not that he wasn't selected
  6. Allen at fault twice today with his selfish play
  7. Absolutely pathetic Town. Switched off completely
  8. Rubbish selfish play from Allen
  9. I believe it's in the player's contracts. Not allowed in a Town shirt.
  10. I'm getting grief off the media team on twitter for saying it's poor.
  11. Careful - you'll upset the media team
  12. I said it wasn't from a corner. Living in Lancashire has addled his brain. Allen scored from a Jeff King pass.
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