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  1. JRW

    No fans

    Absolutely relevant because if the the Tories had lost - Corbyn would still be leader and Prime Minster and Starmer would still be a Brexit hating nobody.
  2. JRW

    No fans

    and Corbyn/Abbott would have been better!! Really?
  3. Clitheroe didn't - it was Red Rose radio.
  4. Gina Miller has proved in the outcome from her court case where she tried to scupper Brexit that actually the Government have broken no laws. Try looking at the actual evidence rather than listening to the crap coming from a Remain supporting media.
  5. JRW


    On the website - home first game - two teams to beat - Dagenham and Redbridge.
  6. So you think they have made a mess of it - but can't say what you think they should have done differently. What a clown!
  7. You think Corbyn and his gang would have handled it better. Pray tell me - what would you have done differently?
  8. No food. Two allowed in bar at a time to be served. Drinks taken outside. Requests for social distancing on tanoy. Generally people complied.
  9. BPA installing 4G pitch
  10. Just over 12 months ago - the Harrogate No 25 Aaron Martin was banging them in (30+) for Brighouse Town. Never even featured on our radar as far as I'm aware.
  11. JRW


    Released by Salford
  12. She actually died of a heart attack and NOT the virus https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/27/chloe-middleton-death-21-year-old-not-recorded-nhs-covid-19-related
  13. Football will not be allowed to be shown in pubs if the ban goes ahead
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