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  1. JRW


    Released by Salford
  2. She actually died of a heart attack and NOT the virus https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/27/chloe-middleton-death-21-year-old-not-recorded-nhs-covid-19-related
  3. Football will not be allowed to be shown in pubs if the ban goes ahead
  4. I believe that the club (manager) decides on pitch watering and not the groundstaff. I have queried this with Oz once before.
  5. You saying no to me Chadders. I believe it was true - popped out in training
  6. Dislocated shoulder. Apparently also popped out in mid-week
  7. Will you be changing it again for post match comments on Sunday? just asking............
  8. FA Trophy game at home to Chelmsford City
  9. I remember singing He scores when he wants when he scored two in a game. I'm sure someone will remind me which game
  10. JRW

    Notts County

    Because some fans were still trying to defend that performance and accused those criticising of not getting behind the team
  11. JRW

    Toby SS

    He been injured - that's why he not been playing.
  12. Still waiting for the punch line...................
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