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  1. What I am trying to understand is why we do not have separate medical facilities for Covid-19 patients only. Leeds used to have an infectious diseases hospital, Seacroft, where anything out of the ordinary, back then it was tropical diseases etc, could be treated away from the normal patient activity. Maybe this is where they should have focused the "Nightingale Hospitals" in order to create this type of air gap. THey could still do that today, as Seacroft is not a mainstream site anymore but could be locked down if required. Obviously, this is harder in Halifax where you only have a sing
  2. What is most frightening for me at present is the number of deaths being reported where the person who has died went into hospital for a broken leg or after a fall, in other words a perfectly normal injury. Yet, while in hospital they contract Covid-19 and then die with complications. In this case one would presume they would have recovered and been discharged in the normal course of events. If I injure myself for any reason other than a life threatening one then I will do my best to avoid turning up at the hospital. Having said this, I did watch a piece on how patients arriving at I
  3. Kit is there a target in mind? Where else has the fund been "advertised", so I can point it out to people who may not be members or visitors to this forum?
  4. The £58k black hole in the budget for next season is a major concern. That would be the equivalent of losing just short of three hundred season ticket holders, if the Early Bird offer was repeated. What else will be missing, wil all of the current sponsors be in a financial position to continue with their support of the club?
  5. cold showers and a 5 mile run each morning should be the order of the day.....
  6. It came about due to local government reorganisation, ostensibly to be more efficient and to remove duplication of standard services across a number of smaller boroughs. Alas, with it cam the loss of identity for the smaller towns such as Brighouse and Todmorden etc. Now we are all lumped into an unrecognisable mass known as Calderdale. It has little or no relevance to the majority of people who live in the physical town of Halifax as it does not run through the centre of the town such as the River Wharfe in Ilkley, Otley, Wetherby Tadcaster etc.
  7. Reading through this topic one thing is obvious, we know there will come a time that Mr B will want to call time on his involvement at the same level as he currently has. In terms of how that is managed is done to Mr B and none of us can change that as he owns 100% of the shares. If the supporters of the club want to influence and shape the future of the club then I would expect that for a business man such as Mr. B that a discussion with a body such as the Supporters Club, in the first instance, to agree what the scope would be for a suitable Exit Strategy might be a first step. This wou
  8. Just to bring this topic back to the first page of the forum so we do not forget it is still going on.
  9. But this flies in the face of statements made at the time of the panic buying. We were told not to worry because all of the supermarkets had ample stocks it was just a logistics problem. So why is a logistics problem forcing prices up. Yes, I fully understand market forces an supply and demand blah blah blah, but if they already had the stock in the warehouse and the supply chain was functioning as we were told then we should not be seeing such large increases in costs. I remember there used to be a stat that came out every week/month about the cost of the average shopping basket I wonder
  10. I would bet none of it comes my way then I have just done a "big shop" for me and my wife plus some for the 80plus in-laws at Tesco. Each time it comes in around £90. I estimate that my total shopping costs have gone up by approx. 25% compared to pre-virus. Most of this is due to the removal of any BOGOFF or buy 2 for £2 etc incentives. On top of this everything in terms of fruit and veg has gone up. I refusr to pay the price they are asking for bog rolls. All in all the profit margins for our "poor" under pressure big supermarkets must be looking much healthier than they were at Chr
  11. ITMAN


    With all this global warming maybe the time for optimum seed germination has been brought forward....
  12. Makes sense. While I fume quietly at the likes of Premier League clubs doing this I see no reason why clubs in the National League, who have full time staff, should not share the same benefits as the rest of the entertainment industry. I am assuming they will be able to backdate it to the 19th March. The day after the Ebbsfleet game, as up to that game they would have been classed as working, although that might be open to interpretation..
  13. Steve, no, this one
  14. As DB seems to be a clued up business man then I would expect he will have a contingency or "succession plan" in the bottom drawer.
  15. Add in that both of the directors are in the "at risk" category, do we have a Plan B, or C?
  16. I have 2 granddaughters and the 2.5 year old is banana's for it. When we were in Spain last September it even featured in the Karaoke lists so got played nearly every night..no escape.
  17. I prefer the original one from Pink Fong.
  18. I would also like to see the song "After All" used as a song for the South Stand - The Frank and Walters. The lyrics quite accurately describe the feeling Town fans have for their team.
  19. Found this on You Tube
  20. ITMAN


    No defender likes a big strapping C/F with elbows all over the place. That's why Steve Bull was so successful. Most of these continental centre backs can't head a ball and do not like physical contact. The only exception was the Italians who did like physical contact but not always of the legal type.
  21. Steve, yes I think it was Peter Kavanah, what was the group? I can then see if I can find it in the imb database of contestants for Opp Knocks.
  22. ITMAN


    I still have a DVD player in the garage but I do not think it has been used in the last 5 years. With streaming services such as Netflix etc and the use of Spotify, even the boxes of CD's we have never see the light of day anymore. That reminds me I must get rid of those cassettes from the 70's as I have nothing to play them on now......
  23. The best excuse rolled out by the PFA was that cutting the players wages would result in lost revenue for the NHS as they would be paying less tax. Do they honestly think any of us are stupid enough to not think that the majority of foreign players in the Premier League are probably paid through an offshore arrangement and that very little of their huge salaries ever goes anywhere near HMRC, never mind the NHS.
  24. I used to work with someone, when I was still at school doing summer jobs, who was in a group from Halifax that appeared on Opportunity Knocks, but for the life of me I cannot remember the name of them. Anyone out there who was part of the "pop" scene back in the late 60's/early 70's have any idea? All I can remember was he was called Peter, had gone to Crossley's and was then working as a fireman. I worked with him and his mate as window cleaners during their off days. They also had a contract to do Websters pub signs, as well as Kosset Carpets and a number of shops and offices in town.
  25. ITMAN


    Maybe you should go straight to the "Cloud" for storing them and then sharing instead of going to DVD.
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